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STOP Sourcing From China! | Best Alternatives To AliExpress For Dropshipping 2023

Published on: December 21 2022 by Yash Shah

- The ongoing trade war between China and the US has led to an increase in tariffs and sourcing difficulties for dropshippers.

- As a result, it is important for dropshippers to explore alternatives to AliExpress and Chinese suppliers.

- This article will provide a list of the best alternatives for dropshippers to consider in 2023.

Alternatives to AliExpress for Dropshipping:

1. India

- Offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices

- Has a large English-speaking population for easier communication

- May have longer shipping times compared to China

2. Turkey

- Known for producing high-quality textiles, home decor, and jewelry

- Offers faster shipping times to Europe and the Middle East

- Prices may be higher compared to China

3. Vietnam

- Has a growing manufacturing industry with competitive prices

- Offers faster shipping times to the US and Australia

- May have language barriers for communication

4. Thailand

- Offers a diverse range of products such as clothing, jewelry, and electronics

- Has a strong tourism industry, making it easier to visit and establish relationships with suppliers

- May have limited product options compared to China

5. Mexico

- Offers a range of products including textiles, home decor, and handicrafts

- Has a close proximity to the US, making shipping times faster

- Prices may be higher compared to China

- There are several alternatives to AliExpress and Chinese suppliers for dropshippers to consider in 2023.

- Each alternative has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important for dropshippers to do their research and determine which option is best for their business needs.

STOP Sourcing From China! | Best Alternatives To AliExpress For Dropshipping 2023

In this video, Josh discusses the sustainability of drop shipping using Aliexpress in 2020. He explains the drop shipping process, where the customer places an order and the supplier processes and sends the product directly to the consumer. Josh emphasizes the importance of micro branding and customer satisfaction in building a long-term and sustainable business. He suggests that revisiting customers and building a community is crucial to achieving this.

Josh shares some characteristics and drawbacks of using Aliexpress, such as long shipping times, poor communication, and incorrect tracking numbers. However, he offers some solutions to adapt and modify the process to make it more convenient and customer-centric. One way to achieve this is to toggle up to the filter and choose to ship from the United States, which has shorter shipping times. Josh also suggests communicating with the supplier to negotiate the cost per unit or shipping price and seek out other options.

Additionally, Josh introduces other drop shipping options like CJ Drop Shipping and YouDropII. He explains their features, including one-click import, SKU numbers, request new products, product finder, one-click order management and fulfillment, and personalized ECOM manager.

In conclusion, Josh encourages drop shippers to weigh out their options, get out of their comfort zones, and adopt and pivot their business to make it overall better in terms of deliverability and response to the consumer. He invites questions and comments and promotes his free Facebook group, ECOM Masterminds, as well as his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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