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Stop Using Paid Ads For Your Business.. Do THIS Instead!

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

Stop Using Paid Ads For Your Business.. Do THIS Instead!

Stop Using Paid Ads For Your Business.. Do THIS Instead!

hey buddy ho family my name is isabella
i am the owner of two six figure online
businesses and today i'm going to be
telling you guys why i think buying ads
for your business is extremely damaging
i knew i had to make this video because
i saw no one toking about this and this
is another one of those things that i
think goofers find it extremely easy to
teach because they don't really know how
to market the products themselves which
is why they teach you guys this method
because they actually don't know
themselves so this is the only method
that they know that's available to them
that they can teach you so that is an
honest reason of why i think people
think that facebook ads is the best and
only way to market your business online
is because of these gurus spreading this
information i know you guys have seen
people all over the internet flexing how
much they've made on their shopify store
but a lot of them especially the ones
that are honest will tell you that their
profit margin is not that high this is
because they do rely on facebook ads to
make this money so even if you see
somebody that made five hundred thousand
dollars in one year from their shopify
store it doesn't mean that they made
that much if they dumped it into ads and
again you guys know that shopify
analytiks can be manipulated that is why
i wanted to make this video is really to
advocate that you guys do not have to do
it the ways that other people are
teaching you to do it and you guys also
know i do not recommend shopify for
beginners because again it costs a lot
of money monthly and as a beginner
without you seeing profit i don't find
it necessary for you to dump money into
a website that you're not even making
money with yet if you guys watch my
channel you guys know that i have a
whole entire step placed up playlist
tutorial of how to start your website
for zero dollars zero dollars monthly as
a beginner how to market your business
for free and so many other videos you
guys know that i have grown both of our
businesses to six figure earning
businesses in less than a year by just
posting tiktoks and mastering content
creation which i also show you guys how
to do on my youtube channel so you guys
will not have to feel like the only way
is to dump money into facebook ads
another huge reason why i disagree with
facebook ads is because imagine if you
start making money from an ad and the ad
is successful so great but the thing is
is that you're now going to rely on
purchasing ads with your business every
time you need to make sales there's
times where i hadn't made videos for
like a whole month like i maybe posted
two videos in one month but my sales
were still consistent because the tik
tok algorithm shows your videos even
when they're a year old i'm still
actually getting views on my videos from
last year and now that instagram has the
feature called reels reels is also has a
similar algorithm like tiktok to
where you can just recycle your tik
toks post them on your instagram reels
and they will also be seen and sometimes
i've been getting more views on my
instagram reels than i actually have
gotten on my tiktoks the biggest
thing that you want to do when you have
your business is you want to build a
community around your brand by just
throwing facebook ads and not having an
instagram not having to take tok or not
having any social media for your
business this is so damaging for your
long-term business model i promise there
is a way to promote just about anything
just from making tiktok videos and
content not only that but you could then
get paid for the views on your content
as well and that's another passive
stream of income that we have and that
other people that have mastered tik
tok also have not only does tiktok
pay for views but instagram also offers
money in exchange for views and now
pinterest has actually just announced
that pinterest is going to be releasing
a monetization program similar like tik
tok so if you start using pinterest to
market your brand as well and just
recycling your tiktoks to pinterest
not only will you generate sales but to
me with this new announcement it looks
like you will also get paid for your
views that's all the more reason why you
can then take that passive income and
reinvest it into your business and the
best part about it is it's passive and
you're not paying for anything so you
guys know that i have never paid for an
ad and i grew my two six figure
businesses in less than a year you guys
know i would tell you if i recommended
ads i would just say go buy ads but i
care about your pockets and i just don't
think it's necessary you guys have to
realize that a lot of these gurus on
youtube they do not care about how much
money you're spending and putting into
the business initially they could really
care less that's why i not only was i
seen it being taught wrong but i just
feel like so many of what people are
telling you to do is so unnecessary
which is why i wanted to make this video
today i feel like facebook ads is just
like a way that people are just dumping
money because they're lazy to learn how
to create content once you guys realize
how to create content you are going to
actually you may even have other ideas
of how you can start making money and
making passive income from other things
in your life not just for business and
the way that this world is going the
more you get good at using tiknology
and learning how to make videos and
everything like this the more that you
are going to make money throughout your
life because everything with social
media and everything online is growing
so yes it's going to take you more time
to learn how to make effective content
for tiktok to learn the algorithm of
tiktok to learn how to post but
that's why i'm here for you guys and
that's why i post everything for free so
you guys have all of these free
resources all you guys have to do is
just take your own time to learn and
even if you try and fail it's better
than not trying at all because every
time you try and fail you wind up
learning more so you will have a more
chance of being effective the next plan
that you have to execute so these are
the reasons why i don't recommend buying
facebook ads for your business not only
will it lower the profit margin
you will then begin to rely on those ads
to make sales if you don't have the
facebook ads are you really growing an
audience are you really growing a
community around your brand and company
these are the things that you guys have
to think about when wanting to purchase
ads for your online store and this goes
for drop shippers too this is not just
for e-commerce stores that buy and bulk
like we do and if you guys want to know
how you can start drop shipping for zero
dollars i have a video about that on my
youtube channel as well that i know will
help you guys i just have a different
perspective than a lot of people have on
youtube that teach drop shipping that
teach online business but this is just
from my own experience and i know how it
would feel to be stressed out paying for
facebook ads paying for a website
monthly and having so many different
things when you are not even making
money yet it's one thing to be like
kylie jenner with a billion dollar
company and paying for facebook ads
because they already are making so much
money so they have that extra money that
they can use to try out and put towards
facebook ads but just starting off i
just feel like facebook ads is so
unnecessary because you need to focus on
building your brand i've also actually
heard a lot of bad stories about
facebook ads i've actually had viewers
actually comment and say i've purchased
facebook ads before or other ads and i'm
toking about all ads i'm toking about
ads on tiktok i'm toking about ads
on instagram i'm toking about facebook
ads this video is including all ads do
not buy ads for your business it's so
unnecessary in these times but i have
had people commenting and telling me
that they purchase ads for their
business and their shop got reported it
was just like a huge mess and if you
think about it guys facebook ads too
from what i've seen is another thing
that you have to learn how to use and
i've actually seen people that sell
courses on how to manage facebook ads
and how to create the best facebook ads
and i'm just like oh my gosh people are
dumping so much money before they even
start making money in these businesses
on courses because people are selling
this dream that i don't even know if
these people are actually making this
money that are selling most of these
courses so you can't always believe what
you hear especially if they're trying to
sell you something people that are real
entrepreneurs are not going to sell you
things so you can't always believe what
you hear if their intention is just to
sell you a program or to sell you a
course again a lot of people that write
these courses they've never actually had
a business which is why the information
in these courses aren't as good as
someone that has actually done it has
actually been through it and knows the
feeling of stress when you know you have
to pay for ads or pay for things why
should we shell out money when we can
promote ourselves for free on tiktok
instagram pinterest facebook there's so
many ways we can promote ourselves for
free and not only is it beneficial to
build your platform to make sales but
people will build a trust with you as
well if you're showing behind the scenes
and you're showing other things that you
wouldn't show in a facebook ad because
remember you guys we want these
businesses to be lasting as long term
you want to build a strong business
model so this business can last you a
long time i really do believe that so
many businesses fail because of these
things i mentioned in this video people
dump way too much money where it's not
needed only because they think that if
they can just dump money into it that
they'll get a return and that's just
simply not true i hope this video helped
you to gain more knowledge and to have a
different perspective on paid ads if
this video helped you make sure you
thumbs up this video and make sure you
subscribe to my youtube channel so
you'll be notified every time i post a
new video i have so much more content
coming soon to you guys that are going
to help you guys make money online and
become financially free so make sure you
guys hit that notification bell as well
so you'll be notified when i post thank
you guys so much for watching and i'll
see you guys in my next video bye
hold me close till i get up
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