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Published on: August 3 2023 by pipiads

Hey there! I'm Amanda Sagi, a global product manager for Waze Ads. I'm thrilled to be here to talk to you about our targeting solutions. In this article, we'll cover the different types of segmentations available to our advertisers and agencies. But before we dive in, don't forget to subscribe to this channel and share this content with your teams. Ready? Let's get started!

Audience Framework:

Let's start by exploring our audience framework, which is divided into three main buckets:

1. Advanced demographics: This includes segmentation based on device type, carrier, language, age, gender, and more.

2. Driving interests and behaviors: This bucket focuses on the places and brands our drivers engage with the most.

3. Real-time intent and actions: This bucket leverages real-time signals to target users based on current conditions like weather and traffic.

Advanced Demographics:

Under advanced demographics, we offer various segmentation solutions based on the driver's device. This includes carrier type, language, age, gender, and more. By understanding these demographics, advertisers can better target their audience.

Driving Interests and Behaviors:

In this bucket, we dive into the places and brands our drivers frequent. One exciting feature is loyalty targeting, which allows advertisers to reach drivers who have visited their locations in the past. This feature includes brand navigation history, brand category presence, and brand destination.

Real-time Intent and Actions:

Real-time intent and actions focus on targeting users based on current conditions. For example, advertisers can target users based on weather conditions or traffic congestion. By leveraging these real-time signals, advertisers can create more relevant and contextual messages.

New Product Launch: Loyalty Targeting

Our first new product launch is loyalty targeting. This feature allows advertisers to target drivers who have visited their locations in the past. It includes brand navigation history, brand category presence, and brand destination.

Brand Navigation History: Advertisers can target drivers based on their past visits to specific locations within a defined timeframe.

Brand Category Presence: Advertisers can target drivers who are driving to competitors' locations within a specific category.

Brand Destination: Advertisers can target drivers who are currently heading towards their stores in real-time.

New Product Launch: Origin and Destination Geo Targeting

Our second new product launch is origin and destination geo targeting. This feature allows advertisers to target drivers based on the origin or destination of their drives.

Origin Targeting: Advertisers can target drivers based on the starting point of their drives, such as specific neighborhoods.

Destination Targeting: Advertisers can target drivers based on their current destination, such as commuters heading into a specific city.

Combination Targeting: Advertisers can target drivers leaving a specific location and heading towards another.

Use Cases:

To better understand how these targeting solutions can be leveraged, let's explore some use cases:

- Seasonal Moments: Advertisers can target drivers heading to popular beach destinations during peak beach season.

- Specific Locations: Advertisers can target drivers heading to specific cities or neighborhoods.

In conclusion, our targeting solutions offer advanced demographic segmentation, driving interests and behaviors targeting, and real-time intent and actions targeting. With loyalty targeting and origin and destination geo targeting, advertisers can reach their desired audience more effectively. So go ahead and start leveraging these solutions to drive better results for your advertising campaigns. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

How to create an effective Waze Ads campaign

With Waze Ads, launching a campaign to reach nearby drivers and promote your business is easy. In this video, we will show you how to create a Waze Ads campaign in a few simple steps:

1. Set your goal and format: When creating a new campaign, the first step is choosing your goal and ad format. Selecting one of the four available goals (store visits, brand and location awareness, website visits, or calls) gives your campaign a clear purpose and helps determine the call to action you should use for the best results.

2. Create your ad: Once you've selected a goal, it's time to choose the right ad format to meet that goal. Waze Ads offers four ad formats: arrows, search takeovers, and pins. The most successful businesses use a combination of ad formats across different campaigns to reach users at every stage of their journey.

3. Set your location: Now it's time to choose where you'd like your ads to appear. Waze Ads shines in reaching nearby, on-the-go customers who are ready to take action. You have the option to display your ads to people near your business locations with ad formats like pins or expand your reach beyond your neighborhood by targeting a postal code, city, or metro area using arrows and takeovers.

4. Set your budget: The budget you set should connect to your campaign objectives. We recommend running your ads continuously to keep your business top of mind for nearby drivers. However, you also have the option to specify a start and end date, which works well for limited-time promotions.

5. Review and publish: Once you've set your budget, it's time to review and publish your campaign. You'll see a final summary of all your campaign details and a preview of how your campaign will appear on the Waze map. You can also make any last-minute changes if needed. Once everything looks good, hit publish, and your campaign will be submitted for review. Approval usually takes less than a couple of days. Once approved, your ads will automatically go live on the Waze map.

So, now that you know how to create a campaign, head to your Waze Ads account and create a new campaign today!

You Need To Start Advertising On Waze ASAP! (You're Missing Customers)

Hey, what's up guys? It's Harrison Barron, the modern entrepreneur. In this video, I want to share with you guys a little unknown secret in the mom and pop space. So, not the seven, eight, nine, ten-figure restaurants or brick and mortar stores. I want to share something that your mom and pop shop can easily take advantage of. When I say mom and pop shop, I mean like 10 stores or less, heck, 25 stores or less, because this is huge.

Now, I was just recently on a ride home from New York to North Carolina and it was brutal. I didn't have my dog with me, so I didn't have a reason to stop a lot, but it was really boring on the road. And not only really boring, but you get hungry on the road. A 12-hour road trip is not something that you're just gonna pack a little bag for. You definitely want like a warm meal once or twice throughout that trip because it's a long ride and nobody wants to sit there for that long.

Through this whole process, I was using a program called Waze. Some of you may or may not be familiar with it. It is probably the greatest program on the face of this earth. It is a software just like Google Maps, but it'll give you so much more information. It'll give you information about railroad crossings, construction hazards on the road, car accidents, police locations, red light cameras, and so much more. It's really a long list of things that it can give you. And it has probably the best speech system. It'll tell you when to turn, and it's just overall the best.

On my way home, I ran into two major problems. One, I really wanted food, and two, because of the whole gas crisis happening right now, I ran out of gas. Now, I'm not going to mention gas in this video, although there are a bunch of gas stations using Waze to advertise. But the main thing is food, and this works really well for literally any business. I know this because I called up a bunch of my friends and said, Hey, have you used Waze before and are you advertising on there? Very few of them said yes, and I said, How's your ROI turning out from that? They go, Oh my god, it is the cheapest platform. It's... They compare it to Facebook ads before Facebook ads were Facebook ads. They spend $100-$150 a month and they get so many customers, and a lot of them are new customers. And we all know that new customers are the hardest customers to get.

So, let's jump over to my computer and I want to show you guys a little bit about Waze. If you haven't used it already, it is the best platform. If there's a car accident, traffic, please stop, it'll just give you notifications. And if it's really bad, it'll reroute you so you don't even have to worry about sitting in that. I probably usually save about 30 to 45 minutes on my way to and from New York just because of traffic or car accidents that might happen ahead of me, and it'll just reroute me around it and save me so much time.

Right off the bat, this is Waze. This is what it looks like. You get your little... I don't know if it's a ghost or a bloop, but this is what it looks like. In here, you can see a live map of where people are driving. I live down in Huntersville, North Carolina, and this is right around where I live. The cool part is all of these little... I don't know... ghosts, we'll call them, are all people. And you can stylize your own. And where I live, I know for a fact that there is a McDonald's, there is an Andy's Frozen Custard, there is an Aldi located right around here. And the cool part is some of these companies are advertising.

On my way home, I wanted a warm meal. Guess who's advertising on there? That probably... I don't think it shouldn't be, but I would love to see a mom and pop store on there. It's McDonald's. It's talking about all these major companies. And the cool part is when you're driving along here, you'll be able to see the little signs that say, Hey, this is a Taco Bell. This is a Whole Foods. There's a Whole Foods right around here. There's a Whole Foods in this parking lot. There's all these different places around here that sell food and would be great on anybody's trip home.

I was just thinking about painting a picture. You've had a long day at the golf course, you want to grab some food on the way home, right? But you don't want McDonald's, not hating on McDonald's. McDonald's is fine, but maybe you don't want McDonald's. Well, how cool would it be if there was a little mom and pop shop that said, Hey, burgers here. And maybe you want a nice hot burger and a cold beer with your buddies because you're sick of having food at the country club.

And I just did a little road trip down to Rock Hill, South Carolina, so you guys can actually see the route that it would project and it would give you, Hey, there's all of these different areas in here, road closures, traffic, construction. This is huge information for you. There's some traffic in here, some construction over here, there's more hazards over here. Could be a car stopped on the side of the road. The amount of information that you get off of this program is tremendous.

And the interesting part is that a lot of people don't realize when they're going to search for something, being able to show up first right underneath your location of recommended things in your area is huge. And it doesn't have to just be a restaurant. Any brick and mortar facility is free fair game for this. I think a lot of people don't necessarily understand how to use or why they should ever advertise on Waze.

Now, Waze does offer normal ways. They offer carpooling, so if you want to carpool to save some gas, and they offer partners if you're reselling their services and you want to make some money on there. Now, I'm not a reseller. I have no interest in selling ads on here. I just spoke to a bunch of friends though, and I was like, How much money are you guys actually making on here? Better, how many customers are you getting? And one of my friends runs an urgent care up on Long Island, and she runs three facilities. She spends about $150 per location per month. So, what is that, $450 per month? And she's like, I get thousands of new people coming in because when they search 'urgent care,' I'm the first one. And most of the time, I might not be closest to their house, but I'm the first one coming up.

And the cool part is even if I'm not on there because they're going on the road and they go to search something, usually you'll show up first. And the interesting part is Waze is super cheap to start out with. It's about two dollars per day is the bare minimum that you could spend. So really, about $60 a month. And now she's driving thousands of people. She was telling me for $150 a month per location, she gets about 90,000 impressions per location. But don't quote me on that one.

And the cool part is you get three different options. So you get a pin, which I think is probably the most valuable. If you have a cool little logo, you'll actually see when you're driving, and it'll say, Hey, this is Mojo Coffee. And you can actually say, Go here. You can click that and it'll actually bring you right there, which I think is so powerful. Because if you have a really catchy logo or a logo that shows people what they're going to get when they go there, huge. That's typically what I see with Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Taco Bell.

The other one is search. So, if you're going for a store, you just saw it, it'll say, Yates Cider Mill Store. And this is something where I think a lot of people don't necessarily understand the power of that. They might say urgent care or burgers, and more and more people are using Waze as a search engine, which is so incredibly powerful.

Then again, you have the takeover, which I personally don't particularly like, but it's a digital billboard. Even if you're not in the area, you're stopped at a red light. And I've actually had this happen to me. Hey, come visit me here. Now, this one's probably a bit more expensive, if I had

How to get started in AdManager?

Hey there! I'm Menoki, a product marketing manager for Global Waze Ad. If you want to learn more about destination marketing, feel free to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and share it with your teams. Today, we'll be discussing what ad manager is and its benefits. We'll also go through specific learnings and end with a Q&A. So, let's get started!

First Steps with Ad Manager:

- Choose your campaign goal.

- Select your format and call to action based on your goal.

- Goal: Store Visits -> Primary CTA: Drive there.

- Goal: Brand and Location Awareness -> Primary CTA: Save location.

- Goal: Website Traffic -> Primary CTA: Save for later.

- Goal: Calls -> Primary CTA: Call now.

Setting Up Your Account on Ad Manager:

When setting up your account on ad manager, indicate your business location, address, and campaign types. With ad manager, you can unlock two new formats: takeover ads and arrow ads. Takeover ads appear when the driver is at a complete stop, while arrow ads show up when someone opens the Waze app for the first time.

Locations on Waze Ads:

There are two types of locations on Waze ads: organic locations and advertised locations. Organic locations are added and edited by the Waze community and show up on search results and the Waze map. Advertised locations are added by advertisers and offer advanced features like displaying a rich banner and logo, multiple call-to-action options, and a location personality badge. You can also set up non-navigable campaigns to drive website traffic or calls without driving visits to your physical location.

Location Targeting:

With takeover ads and arrow ads, you have location targeting options. You can reach people within a certain radius around your business location or in specific regions like Paris or Sao Paulo.

Budget and Additional Targeting:

In the budget step, select your campaign's budget, daily spending, and choose whether to run your ad continuously or set specific start and end dates. You can also add opening hours or schedule your ads based on specific timeframes.

Review and Publish:

In the final step, review all your campaign details and make any necessary changes before publishing. After submitting your account, it will go through a review process to ensure policy compliance. Once approved, your ads will go live on the Waze map.


1. Ad Manager is a simplified campaign flow that makes it easy to set up campaigns on the go.

2. You can create campaigns in a few simple steps, utilizing different formats and call-to-actions.

3. Ad management is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Thanks for joining this session! Don't forget to like and share this video with your teams. If you want to learn more about destination marketing, subscribe to our channel, and visit waze.com/ads. You've reached your destination!

How to clean up Waze? Best settings for Waze Sat Nav...

In this video/article, I will show you the settings in the Waze app that can make the map cleaner and easier to navigate. Many complaints about Waze are regarding the busy map and constant pop-ups. But with these settings, you can customize your Waze experience and make it much more pleasant.

Settings to Make the Map Cleaner:

- Go to the Waze settings in the corner of the app.

- Under Map Display, disable the option to show Wazers, which removes the little characters and emojis driving around.

- You can also choose to hide traffic if you find it distracting.

- In the Reports section, you can customize which reports are shown on the map.

- For example, you can choose to show or hide police, accidents, hazards, road works, and closures.

- By turning off unnecessary reports, you can declutter the map and make it easier to read.

The Benefits of Customizing Waze Settings:

- By adjusting these settings, you can make the Waze map cleaner and less cluttered.

- The screen will be less busy and distracting, allowing for a smoother navigation experience.

- You can choose to see only the information that is relevant to you, such as traffic or police alerts.

- Customizing these settings can make your Waze experience more enjoyable and user-friendly.

By taking advantage of the settings in the Waze app, you can personalize your navigation experience and make the map cleaner and easier to read. Whether you prefer a minimalistic map or want to see specific information, Waze allows for customization to suit your needs. Don't let the cluttered map discourage you from using this useful navigation tool. Try these settings and enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined Waze experience.

Local Advertising That Works! - How To Add My Business To Waze

In this video, we will discuss a cool feature on Waze that many business owners are missing out on. If you have a local business or multiple locations, this feature might be right for you. We will explore how to advertise on Waze and attract people to your business in real time.

1. Advertise on Waze:

- Go to the Waze business page and click on the advertising option.

- Create an ad that pops up when there is traffic going by your business or being routed nearby.

- Take advantage of specific times of day when people are passing by your place and wish they were going to your business.

- Utilize the carpool feature on Waze to reach a larger audience.

- Place your logo on the ad and provide information about your business.

- The ad will appear on users' screens, and they can click on it to be redirected to your business.

2. Benefits of Advertising on Waze:

- Reach potential customers who may not even be aware of your business's existence.

- Target areas that are frequently congested, such as during rush hour.

- Get feedback on who is clicking on your ad and driving by your business.

- Track analytics to see what is working and what is not.

- Pricing options are flexible, starting from as low as $2 per month for one location.

Advertising on Waze can be a cost-effective way for local businesses to increase their visibility and attract more customers. With the ability to target specific times and locations, this feature can help you reach potential customers who are already on the road. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your business noticed by using this innovative advertising platform.

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you two quick ways to remove or block all in-app advertisements on your iOS device. This works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Let me show you exactly what I'm talking about.

- The first way is to turn off your data connection and Wi-Fi. By doing this and reloading the app, you won't see any ads. However, this method is not ideal if you need the internet to use the app.

- The second way is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) called Luna Lu. Just head over to the App Store, search for Luna Lu, and download it. Once downloaded, open the app and turn it on. It will take you to the VPN page in your phone's Settings app. Enter your passcode, and the power button will turn green, indicating that you're connected. You can now exit the app.

By using this VPN, you can remove ads even with your internet connection turned on. When you open apps like the score app or games, you won't see any banner ads at the bottom or fullscreen pop-up ads. This method also allows apps to start up faster and saves data.

In conclusion, these two methods are simple ways to get rid of annoying in-app advertisements on your iOS device. Give them a try and enjoy an ad-free experience. If you found this video helpful, don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe. Peace!

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