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Storytime: Forcing Trends on Twitter with BotNets, plus scandal #SocialMediaMarketing #botnets

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

The world of social media marketing is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every day. However, not all trends are organic - some are actually forced upon us by botnets. In this article, we will explore how botnets are used to manipulate social media trends, and the scandal surrounding their use.

What are botnets?

Botnets are networks of computers that have been infected with malware and can be controlled remotely. These networks are often used to carry out various online tasks, such as spamming, phishing, and launching DDoS attacks. However, they are also used to manipulate social media trends.

How do botnets manipulate social media trends?

Botnets are used to create fake social media accounts, which are then used to post and share content that promotes a particular trend or hashtag. By doing this, the botnets are able to manipulate the algorithm used by social media platforms to determine what content is popular and trending. This results in the forced promotion of certain trends, which may not actually be popular or organic.

The scandal surrounding botnets and social media marketing:

The use of botnets in social media marketing has caused a scandal in recent years. Many businesses have been caught using botnets to promote their products and services, resulting in a loss of trust and credibility. In addition, some botnets have been used to spread fake news and propaganda, which can have serious consequences.

How to avoid being manipulated by botnets:

There are several ways to avoid being manipulated by botnets on social media. Firstly, be wary of accounts that have few followers or appear to be fake. Secondly, check the source of any information or trend before sharing it. Finally, report any suspicious accounts or activity to the relevant social media platform.

Botnets are a growing problem in social media marketing, and their use can have serious consequences. By being aware of their presence and taking steps to avoid being manipulated by them, we can help to ensure that social media trends are organic and genuine.

Storytime: Forcing Trends on Twitter with BotNets, plus scandal #SocialMediaMarketing #botnets

Forced Trends on Twitter: A Wild Story

Let's dive into a wild story about how we ran a bot network to force trends on Twitter on demand. This was a few years ago when social media was just starting to gain traction and I had just won a reality show pitching a social media marketing strategy.

The Bot Network:

We built a bot network to force trends on Twitter during the premiere of a movie for a client called the Paw Project. The bot network consisted of hundreds of Twitter accounts, each with its own personality and triggers to retweet specific keywords. We used Tweetdeck as the tool to manage the accounts and retweet posts. The goal was to make the movie trend on Twitter during the premiere in LA and NY.

How it Worked:

During the premiere, we activated the bot network to retweet the original post from the client. This triggered all the other accounts in the network to retweet the post, creating a trending topic on Twitter. The bot accounts were located in major metropolitan areas, ensuring that the trend was visible to as many people as possible.


Within minutes, we were trending locally in NY and LA, and the movie was receiving thousands of mentions on Twitter. We continued to retweet the post, creating a domino effect of retweets, which generated hundreds of thousands of mentions of the movie on Twitter.

This was a wild time in social media, and we hacked the internet to make it work for us. While it took a dedicated effort to build the bot network, it was a cost-effective way to force trends on Twitter. Nowadays, it would cost at least a hundred thousand dollars to buy a trend on Twitter. We won this time, but the rules of social media are always changing, and who knows what's next.

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