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STORYTIME: Homeless To $1,900,000 Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 8 2022 by Ac Hampton

Have you ever heard of the saying from rags to riches? Well, this story is exactly that. A tale of a man who went from being homeless to earning a whopping 1.9 million dollars through Shopify dropshipping.


The story starts with a man who was down on his luck. He had lost everything and was living on the streets. However, he refused to give up and started looking for ways to turn his life around.

Getting into Dropshipping:

One day, he stumbled upon the concept of dropshipping. Intrigued by the idea, he decided to give it a shot. He started researching and learning everything he could about it.

Hard Work and Dedication:

The road to success was not easy. He faced numerous challenges, setbacks, and failures. However, he did not let that deter him. He kept pushing through and putting in the hard work and dedication required to make it work.


All his hard work paid off, and soon enough, his Shopify store started to gain traction. It started generating more and more sales, and before he knew it, he had earned his first million dollars.

Lessons Learned:

This story teaches us that success is possible, even in the face of adversity. It also shows that hard work, dedication, and persistence are the keys to success.

In conclusion, this story is a testament to the power of the human spirit. It shows that no matter how difficult life may get, there is always a way out. All it takes is determination, hard work, and a little bit of luck.

STORYTIME: Homeless To $1,900,000 Shopify Dropshipping

Hey guys, I have an incredible story to share with you today. My e-commerce journey was not an easy one, and it flipped my life upside down. But through it all, I learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with you.


- My name is AC Hampton, and I'm an eight-figure marketer.

- I help people test, build, and scale profitable e-commerce businesses.

- I moved to Dallas, Texas, from Kansas City and had a rough start.

- My first apartment was in a dangerous area with drive-bys and drug deals.

- After graduating college, I worked a job that I hated and got robbed in my own home.

- My job didn't care about my well-being, and I realized I needed to make a change.


- I quit my job in November 2018 and went all-in with e-commerce.

- I moved to a new apartment and started dropshipping full-time.

- I struggled to find winning products and lacked knowledge.

- I joined a Facebook group course that didn't offer much help.

- I was testing different products and falling short on income.

- A crane fell on my apartment complex, and I became homeless.

- I was relocated to a church for four to five days.

- I had to slow down and focus on product validation.


- I found a winning product using product validation strategies.

- The baby bed product generated over $1.9 million in revenue.

- I hit consistent $1,000 days and saw 10x growth.

- I lived in my car and at the church but continued to change my life.

- I went from homeless to a millionaire in less than four years.

- I want to motivate and help others reach their potential in e-commerce.

In conclusion, my e-commerce journey was not an easy one, but it taught me valuable lessons. Through the struggles, I learned to be consistent and focus on product validation. With determination and hard work, anyone can succeed in e-commerce. Remember to keep pushing forward and never give up on your dreams.

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