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Strategy Call With My Facebook Account Rep

Published on: December 23 2022 by David Cantero

Recently, I had a strategy call with my Facebook account representative to discuss ways to improve my advertising campaigns on the platform. During the call, we discussed various tactics and approaches that could help me reach my target audience more effectively.

Key Points Discussed:

1. Audience Insights: We started by reviewing the audience insights for my current campaigns to identify potential areas of improvement. This involved analyzing metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates to gain a better understanding of my target audience.

2. Ad Creative: We then discussed the importance of ad creative in driving engagement and conversions. My account representative provided me with some tips on how to create compelling ad copy and visuals that would capture the attention of my target audience.

3. Ad Placement: We also talked about the various ad placement options available on Facebook and how they could impact the performance of my campaigns. This included discussing the pros and cons of different ad formats such as newsfeed ads, carousel ads, and video ads.

4. Budget Optimization: Another key topic we discussed was budget optimization. We talked about how to allocate my budget effectively across different campaigns and ad sets to maximize my return on investment.

5. Testing and Experimentation: Finally, we discussed the importance of testing and experimentation in improving the performance of my campaigns. My account representative shared some best practices for A/B testing and how to use data to make informed decisions about optimizing my campaigns.

Overall, my strategy call with my Facebook account representative was incredibly helpful in providing me with actionable insights and tactics to improve my advertising campaigns on the platform. By implementing the strategies discussed during the call, I am confident that I will be able to reach my target audience more effectively and drive better results for my business.

Strategy Call With My Facebook Account Rep

In this article, we will be discussing a conversation between Evangel and David about Facebook advertising. The discussion covers various topics related to advertising, including custom audiences, pixels, and traffic campaigns.


The main goal of the conversation is to understand David's business and his goals with Facebook advertising. Evangel also aims to provide recommendations to improve David's current and future ad performances.

Topics Covered:

- Background information about David's company

- Goals of Facebook advertising

- Types of ads currently being run

- Target audience

- Budget for each client

- Use of videos in ads

- Utilizing pixels for traffic campaigns and conversions

- Creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences

- Requesting access to clients' ad accounts

- Running traffic campaigns before conversion campaigns


Evangel recommends setting up a business manager page to request access to clients' ad accounts and utilize their pixels. He also suggests running traffic campaigns first before conversion campaigns and utilizing custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Overall, the conversation between Evangel and David provides valuable insights into Facebook advertising and how businesses can utilize it to reach their goals. By following the recommendations provided, David can improve his ad performances and achieve better results.

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