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Streamline Lead Management: Facebook & Slack Integrations

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will learn how to connect Facebook lead generation form to Zapier. This new method is more complicated than the previous one, but we will guide you through it. We will also show you how to use the old method of linking Facebook profile and Zapier.


1. Go to Zapier and sign up for a paid version.

2. Create a new app and name it.

3. Click on Facebook Ads and choose the trigger event New Lead.

4. Sign in to your Facebook account and select the business manager and page you want to connect.

5. Click Done and select the default form.

6. Test the trigger and connect to Google Sheets or email by Zapier.

7. Alternatively, use the old method by going to My Apps and selecting Facebook Lead Ads Legacy.

8. Add connection and select the page and form you want to use.

9. Connect to Zapier and create multiple actions.

Connecting Facebook lead generation form to Zapier can be done through a new or old method. The new method requires a paid version of Zapier and more steps, while the old method is simpler and faster. By following these steps, you can integrate Facebook lead ads with Google Sheets or email by Zapier and create multiple actions.

Troubleshooting Facebook Lead Ad Forms Connection to Go HighLevel | Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool

In this conversation, the speaker is seeking help troubleshooting Facebook lead ads. They have already tried everything they know but are willing to try anything else to get the ads working. The conversation includes discussions of various settings and tools, and the speaker ultimately discovers a glitch that was causing the problem.

Points Discussed:

- The ad is for a new solopreneur

- Checking the ad manager, ad account, and other settings

- Synchronizing and mapping Facebook form fields

- Checking the workflow and trigger settings

- Using the Facebook lead form tester tool

- Disconnecting and reconnecting the Facebook integration

- Using the lead tool to test the connection

- Discovering a glitch and resolving it

- Discussing the effectiveness of turning things off and on again

- Considerations for sharing the conversation publicly

This conversation demonstrates the importance of thorough testing and troubleshooting when setting up Facebook lead ads. It also highlights the value of trying new tools and strategies when existing ones fail. By working through the issues step by step, the speaker was able to identify and resolve the problem, ultimately achieving their goal of getting the ads to work.

How to connect HighLevel to Facebook Ads and Slack

In this article, we will be discussing how to tie in your Facebook business page to your high-level account. We will go over the steps of connecting your Facebook ad to your high-level account, triggering notifications for new leads, and setting up notifications on Slack.


1. Setting up the Facebook Ad:

- Go to business.facebook.com

- Create a Legion Ad and name it September Legion

- Copy and paste the ad into all fields

- Continue and publish

2. Connecting Facebook Form Fields Mapping to High Level:

- Go to High Level account settings

- Go to Facebook Form Fields Mapping

- Add the September Legion ad

- Create custom fields as needed

3. Adding Triggers:

- Go to Triggers and name it September Lead Gen

- Choose Facebook as the trigger

- Select Facebook Lead Form Submitted

- Add filters as needed

4. Adding Actions:

- Choose Add or Update Opportunity

- Select the pipeline stage as New Lead

- Add opportunity source as Facebook Lead Form - September Lead Form

- Select status as Open

- Add another action to send SMS or email to client

- Create message and save

5. Setting up Slack Notifications:

- Go to Zapier

- Choose event as Pipeline Change

- Enter API code from client's High Level account

- Add Slack channel to send notifications to

- Create message and test

By following these steps, you can tie in your Facebook business page to your high-level account and trigger notifications for new leads. Setting up notifications on Slack can also be useful for keeping track of leads and communicating with clients. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

How to set up Facebook Lead Ads with GoHighLevel | GoHighLevel Lead Ads Full Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to set up a Facebook lead ad and connect it with Go High Level for automated follow-up. This tutorial is geared towards small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use the internet to get more leads and sales.

- The importance of automated follow-up for lead generation

- What Go High Level is and how it works with Facebook lead ads

Setting up the Facebook lead ad:

- Creating the campaign and ad set in the Facebook Ads Manager

- Choosing the lead generation objective and setting a budget

- Selecting target audience and placement

- Creating the ad with primary text, headline, and call-to-action

- Setting up the lead form and completion section

Connecting Go High Level:

- Connecting the Facebook and Instagram accounts to the High Level account

- Mapping the fields of the Facebook lead form to High Level

- Setting up automated follow-up with tags, opportunities, email and text notifications

- Benefits of using Go High Level for automated follow-up with Facebook lead ads

- Offer of a free automation template for those who sign up for Go High Level through the provided link

Connecting Your Lead Form to Your CRM

In today's video, we will cover how to integrate your Facebook lead form with other CRM tools and set up email notifications when someone submits the form. If you don't set up an email notification, you won't know when leads are generated in real-time. We will start by going to the publishing tools section of your Facebook page and selecting lead ads. From there, you can set up a CRM and connect to it using Zapier, a third-party integration platform. You can also manage your leads through the CRM. However, it's important to note that this is a premium integration and requires a paid subscription.

To set up an outbound email, you need to select the page and form you want to connect and add in the email addresses and subject line. You can also add a custom field if needed. Advanced options include adding attachments or a from name. You can send an email to yourself or your customer.

Finally, you can add a third action to send an email to your customer dynamically using their email address from the lead form. You can personalize this email by adding their full name and a message thanking them for their interest.

Overall, integrating your Facebook lead form with other CRM tools and setting up email notifications is crucial for real-time lead generation. By using Zapier and following the steps outlined above, you can easily manage your leads and keep track of new leads as they come in.

Using Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

The webinar titled Supercharge Your Leads Management with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier aims to provide the attendees with insights on how to automate lead generation and management processes using Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier. The webinar highlights the benefits of Facebook Lead Ads, which simplifies the lead generation process by allowing users to tap on an ad and fill in a pre-populated form. The collected leads can be synced with the user's CRM via Zapier for immediate action.

Key Points:

- Facebook Lead Ads simplify the lead generation process

- Leads can be synced with CRM via Zapier for immediate action

- Zapier is a plug-and-play solution that can be used by anyone

- Zapier can automate data movement between different systems

- Zapier workflows, called zaps, have trigger and action steps

- Users can test their zaps using the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool

- Users can assign Zapier as a CRM for lead access in Facebook

The webinar provided valuable insights on how to automate lead generation and management processes using Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier. By syncing leads with their CRM via Zapier, businesses can take immediate action

How to set up Facebook Lead Ads with GoHighLevel

How to Set Up Facebook Ads with HighLevel in 5 Easy Steps

In this article, we will discuss the five easy steps to set up Facebook ads with HighLevel. We will go through each step in detail to ensure that your ads are set up properly and working effectively.

Step 1: Set Up Integrations with Facebook

- Go to settings and then integrations

- Click on Facebook and select all pages

- Pick the page you want to connect with and click on connect page

Step 2: Set Up Your Lead Ad

- Create a lead gen ad in Facebook business manager

- Set up your ad and copy

- Create a lead form to connect directly with HighLevel

- Set up your questions and click on publish

Step 3: Set Up a Campaign in HighLevel

- Click on campaigns and create a new campaign

- Name it Facebook option and save it

- Put in the necessary text based on your offer

- Add email or call about the offer

Step 4: Set Up the Trigger

- Go to settings and then Facebook form field mapping

- Map each field accordingly

- Create a trigger in HighLevel for when the Facebook form is submitted

- Add the opportunity and campaign to the trigger

Step 5: Test It

- Use the Facebook lead ads testing tool to test your form

- Enter your information and verify that it is connected to HighLevel

- Check your contacts and opportunities to see if you have been entered into the campaign

By following these five easy steps, you can effectively set up Facebook ads with HighLevel. Remember to test your form and check your contacts and opportunities to ensure that it is working properly. Don't forget to join our free Facebook group for more tips and trainings!

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