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stripe for shopify

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

shopify payment setup. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video, i'm going to be telling you how you can set up payments within shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. so i'm over here on shopify right now and what you'll do is just simply log in right now, if you already have an account, you can just simply log in. if you don't, you can just sign up by entering in your email address over here and starting your free trial. uh, there is a pricing plan, however, so let me just show you, if you were interested in that one. so, over here, as you can see, these are the plans. we have: the basic, the shopify and the advance. you can see their payments over here, how much they cost. the basic one is going to be 29 per month, the shopify is going to be 79 and the advanced one is going to be 299, and you can see all of the rates and features that they have over here, and if you scroll down, you can see more stuff as well. over here, you can see more features as well within each plan in a more comprehensive and detailed manner, so that you can know which plan you want to try out. but yeah, then you're good to go. so first, i'm just simply going to go ahead and log into my store and i'll show you how you can set up payments. so we'll just simply log in into my store over here now. once you have logged in, you've arrived over to your dashboard, or your admin. what you're going to do is you scroll down. what you're going to do is just navigate yourself over here at the bottom left corner, click on settings and open up settings, and over here you will see you have billings plans, payments, checkouts and all of that. just simply click on payments and over here you will have three options. you will have payment providers, supported payment methods and manual payment methods as well. so, over here, choose whichever payment method you want and then, for example, if you wanted to have like payment providers, you just simply click on choose a provider and choose a provider from this list that you can see over here. if you want to add a payment method yourself, you can add that. over here. you can search for a payment method. over here, as you can see, we have visa, mastercard, diners and all of that. let's say you want a visa, mastercard, right, and then you will have skrill, ocean payments, ping pong checkouts to check out, convert plus i pay, hit pay, credit card, debit card- all of that. you can choose that, or you can add like a manual payment system, like a bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery. it all depends on you. so for me, i think that going into payment providers and choosing one of these is much better. like you will see, you will have if a payment method is not available in your country, it will just say unavailable within your country and it will show you the ones that are available at the top. so currently, to check out is available within my country, so i'm going to be choosing that one. it does support a very large number of cards, such as visa, mastercards, american express, discovery, jcb and diners club as well. yeah, so we're going to click onto checkouts account. we have a server error, but it still works. now. over here, you can choose which type of card you support, so i'll just support all of them and then, over here, they basically give you like a set up instruction on how to get it working. so they have like a 10 step account which is very simple to you know. get started. so, first things first, we have to create a to checkout account, so let's go ahead and click over here. actually, i need to open it up in under the tab so that it's much more convenient, so i'll just open it up in another tab over here. so over here, it's very simple. you can sign up for free by just simply clicking on this button over here and adding in your details, such as your first name, your last name, your business email, password, website and your country, and it's very easy. so over here, i'll just say i'll just enter in john doe and then, over here, we'll add in our business email, which is my temporary email. so i'll just go ahead and do that. i'll copy the email, come back over here and paste it, and then i'll enter in the password. and for the website, we'll just, you know, copy this one, copy the link address and come over here and paste it. i'll get rid of that. yeah, that looks good. then we have our country, we check the robot and then we click on. get started. there you go, it's done. now what we need to do is: what type of products do you want to sell with? to check out, online service, digital products for retail, offline service or others, since this is a shopify store. so we'll just say retail and we'll click on create account. now i do have to mention that creating a to checkout account is not easy, like it's not. it is easy, but it's just not very, you know, short. it's very detailed. you got to do a lot of things. you got to input a lot of information to actually get started with two checkouts account, which is pretty. you know hectik. they just ask you for a lot of information in order to actually get started with it. so over here they're: basically, if you are a partner slash seller, click here. so i don't think this is it. i haven't created my account, but i'll, let's see. yeah, okay, that works. so now we are here, we just have to activate our account. now, in order to activate your account, it's very simple: you have to input all this information, right? so before you start, you gotta provide this. you gotta add information about your business: you know your company name, your business type, where it is address, all of that. then you gotta input your financial details, such as the company registration id, uh, tax registration, ad id, annual online transaction volume and everything else. you will also have a stakeholders option over here. if you have some, you can go ahead and add your stakeholders over here. if not, you are good to go. then you have about your products and services. so you have to input your information about your product and all of the services that you provide. then you have account settings- okay, and then you have your documents as well. so you got to input your business document, company ownership document, tax identification, valid proof of address, other documents, and then, down below, you will have your summary. so you gotta make sure you input all of these information. then, once it's done, once you've submitted it, you wait for a couple of days to hear from to check out. they'll send you an email and then they'll activate your account and you are good to go. but, uh, since i don't have time for that and i don't have all this information, we'll just save that for later and i'll show you how you can basically activate it, right? so to activate it, as you can see over here, we have to log into a checkout account. once we've activated it, we have to access the integrations option. then we have to go into web hooks and api sections in your cpanel. all right, so let's go over there- integrations. over here on the left side, and underneath integrations, we have web hooks and api. we'll go into there. there we go, as you can see right here now. next, under api section, copy the merchant code and paste it within the merchant code field on this page over here. as you can see, we have the merchant code over here and we have the secret word over here. so over here you will see, underneath api keys, this is the secret word right here, this is the ins and we have it over here and this is the secret key and this is the merchant code. so we'll just copy the merchant code. we'll come over here and paste the merchant code right here. then we have to input the secret word. so, over here, go back, scroll down. this is the ins sacred word. we just have to click on generate to generate the word and click copy and then click on save. there we go, it's saved. then we just come over here and we paste it right here. then, over here, what we need to do is- we've already done save settings, yeah, and then in the redirect url section, click enable return after sale. so scroll down below over here. this is the ins notification. we don't need to do that, we need to d.

Understanding Shopify Payment Gateways | PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout

hey, what's up, guys? it's online money 24/7, and today we're gonna be toking about understanding Shopify payment gateways. so these are the payment gateways that allow you to charge your customer for the products that they're going to be purchasing from your website. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and get into it. so, first off, understanding the exact process that is going on. so there's this nice little chart that I found, and so when you, a customer, comes to your website, you are the merchant, and so a customer comes in, they find a product, you are the merchant, and then it directs them to a payment gateway, which is a website that allows them to punch in all their information, and then that payment gateway then sends the information to the credit card processor, and then there's the credit card Association, such as, like Visa or MasterCard- it just takes a couple of examples- and then you also have, then the credit card is issued to the bank. so that is how the whole entire transaction occurs. and today we're going to be toking about more specifically the payment gateways, because, with Shopify, there's a whole bunch of different ones and it depends on your country. there's a lot of information surrounding that, so we're gonna be breaking it down today in this video, so hopefully you guys can understand more about payment gateways and how to make them work for your stores. so let's get into Shopify payments. this is the default payment processor from Shopify that they recommend you to use, and personally I would recommend you to use as well, because it is the cheapest. there is no actual transaction fee for using this payment processor. it's the one that is default with Shopify. it's powered by stripe, so it works really, really well. however, this becomes an issue for some people because it is only available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. so if you're not in that country, you can't use Shopify payments when creating your Shopify store to accept the credit card payments from your customers. so that's a big issue for a lot of people. hand getting more into Shopify payments if you are in the country, if you are within those countries that I just listed, we'll get into more what you can do if you're not in one of those countries listed. well, we'll get into that later in the video. but with this one, with Shopify payments, in order to get an actual lower credit card rate, depends on your shopify monthly plans. as you can see on the left it says 2.9 percent plus 30 cents. that is the default credit card rate for Shopify payments that they give you. now that is lowering. you can get it like a lower rate if you pay for a higher Shopify monthly plan. the default $29 to month- gives you that standard credit card rate. if you increase into the next plan, I believe it's 2.7 percent plus $30- 30 cents plus 30 cents, not $30. if you increase from the $29 month plan, which is the basic Shopify plan, if you increase, I think it's $79 month for like the pro plan, then it becomes 2.7 percent plus 30 cents. so and then the the one after that, I think, is just as flat- 2.6 percent and no 30 cent at Edition to it. so there's a lot of different credit card rates that are associated with just Shopify payments, depending on the monthly plan that you pay for. so if you want to lower your rate, you just go in and click the get a lower rate and then it brings up the page with what monthly plan do you want to pay for? honestly, I've only ever used the basic plan because for the monthly fees and the percentage, the 0.2% difference is really not a big thing for me, unless you're doing like massive volumes of sales, then getting a lower credit card rate might be more valuable for you. now the transaction fee: like I said before, Shopify payments does not have a transaction fee, so that is good for Shopify payments. but what if you are one of those people in another country outside of the United States, or you just personally don't want to use Shopify payments? maybe you have some issues with them and using it on your store. maybe just you don't like it, right? you want to switch to some other payment processor? okay, there's a lot of other payment processors available, such as to check out, stripe, and there's a whole laundry list of other ones as well. Shopify has a list of over 70 different payment gateways on their website that you can go through and select which one you want to use. to go through and do some research on each of them and then find one that works for your country, because some of the ones they have they only work in, like Australia, New Zealand. there's some that only work in the United States. there's. there's a whole bunch of different payment processors. find one that you like. you like the bed if it's that they offer you. they have low fees and they work in your country, because you know, certain payment processors only work in certain countries, just like Shopify payments. obviously, if you're one of the countries that's available for Shopify payments, just use Shopify payments, but maybe you want to use a different one if you're in another country. that could also be an issue for you. so these are- these are the couple of different ones, like to check out and stripe. there's a huge list of other ones as well that Shopify has available for people, because they understand, not everyone's in those state, in those countries that I just mentioned before for Shopify payments. so there there should be one that can work for you, for your country. now, each one also has a variety of different rules, so some may charge a higher transaction fee than others. some may also have a rule where you have to be selling online for at least 90 days or something like that. like there's a lot of minimal minimum balance, like type rules, type of stuff like that- that you may need to have done something on your website first to be able to use the payment processor. so just double check on each of the payment processors and just find one that will work for you, because it's a huge list of them and, you know, not all of them work for everybody. but that is really important to find something to at least be able to accept credit cards, because you don't want to be running around without a credit card payment process, because then you can't get paid for selling products. it's kind of a problem. so obviously thought you just use a different payment process. so that's the whole point. so now another thing is: what about PayPal? so PayPal allows you to use- you know you can accept payments, works worldwide. what is so? you know what's the different? why don't I just use PayPal altogether and just don't even use a payment processor for credit cards? the thing is with that is like: obviously PayPal is different from card processors and it limits you if you only accept paypal payments. so if someone comes on your website, tries to buy a product, they don't have a PayPal account and that's all that you accept. you're not going to get that check out, you're gonna have an abandoned check out and then you're not gonna make a sale because you didn't have a credit card processor available on your checkout page. so you want to make sure that you have a credit card processor, because it's different from just PayPal. if someone doesn't have PayPal, then you can't get paid, so that's a big issue. so definitely make sure, if you- if you can, you know, have both, that would be awesome- have a PayPal and credit card. that's going to be your best bet, because then you're gonna be able to accept the most amount of payments for selling products in your store. so that's what I would definitely recommend for you is to have both. do research on the different payment process. there's a find one that works in your country, that works for you, that you like, and roll along with that, because you're gonna want to be able to accept as many kind of payments as possible and find something that just works really well for you. so, guys, if you have not actually started your Shopify stores yet, I do have a 14-day fre.

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Comment créer un compte Stripe sur Shopify ? Comment mettre Stripe en place sur Shopify ?

مرحبًا بكم في قناة Speedizycom ، لذلك, بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لا يعرفون, أنا فلورنت بونتياك ، حيث قمت ببساطة بإنشاء وكالة تسويق Speedizycom ، لذا سنرى معًا اليوم الاختراقات الصغيرة أو النصائح الصغيرة التي يمكنك الحصول عليها على Shopify, للسماح لك إما بتخصيص موقعك وأيضًا, إذا كان لديك عوائق صغيرة, مثل مدعوم من Shopify, لديك في الجزء السفلي من موقعك كيفية إزالته بسرعة, إلى حد ما في بضع دقائق ،. مرحبًا بالجميع ، لذلك سنرى اليوم في الواقع, كيفية قم بإعداد وسيلة للدفع على Shopify. وخاصةً أنا, ما أستخدمه هو شريط ، لذا سأقوم بعمل فيديو آخر عليه ، لذلك هناك في الواقع لوضع شريط في مكانه. عندما تكون في متجرك ، ما عليك سوى الانتقال إلى الإعدادات ، موافق. بمجرد أن تكون في الإعدادات, ، ستنتقل إلى طريقة الدفع. عندما تقوم بالدفع الخاص بي, ، سترى بالنرد. سيكون هناك دائمًا. Shopify, ربما حتى التي سيتم تسليط الضوء عليها ، ما عليك سوى النقر أدناه على إظهار جميع مزودي الدفع الآخرين الذين تنقر عليهم. وهناك سيكون لديك كل ما سيظهر بناءً على المكان الذي تختاره, الشخص الذي تهتم به, مع العلم أن ما يتم استخدامه كثيرًا من هذه الأشرطة هو ما يمكنك العثور عليه عند الحجز ، فهو ما يمكنك العثور عليه في أمازون أو المواقع الأخرى التي تستخدمه ، لذا انتقل إلى شريط, تنقر عليه ، وبمجرد النقر فوقه ، يكون لديك نافذة. ستفتح جيدًا لي ، لدي العديد من الحسابات ، لذا فهم موجودون هنا ، لذا ستنشئ حسابًا جديدًا ، لذلك, لإنشاء حساب, ، عليك القيام بكل شيء ببساطة: إنشاء حساب, حسنًا. بمجرد إنشائك ، سيُطلب منك إرسال بريد إلكتروني. بذلك, لقد وضعت البريد الإلكتروني الذي تريده ، حسنًا ،. بالطبع, البريد الإلكتروني الذي يتوافق مع متجرك ، حسنًا ، لذا, فالرجل الذي يتوافق مع متجرك لهذا المتجر لا أعرف أي واحد- قمت بوضعه مخصصًا ، لذلك, بمجرد إضافة بريدك الإلكتروني في tac الخاص بك ، حسنًا ، قمت بوضع كلمة مرور ، لذلك هناك افتراضيًا كلمة مرور tac قوية ، احفظها, ما لا يهمني. هناك الهاتف الخلوي رقم حتى يتم تأمين حسابك أكثر قليلاً ، لذلك, نفس رقم الهاتف الخلوي الذي أرسلته إلى هناك ، ستتلقى رمزًا على الهاتف الخلوي ، لذلك يبدأ في تأمين كل ذلك. بمجرد حصولك عليه, يكون هناك على ما يرام. إذا لم يكن لديك ، فاضغط عليه هناك ، فإنه يمنحك مفتاح أمان ، حسنًا, حتى تتمكن من تنزيله ، فأنت تفعل ما تريد ، لذلك أقوم بتنزيله هنا ، ثم تفعل ذلك ، ثم نبدأ بعد ذلك بتعيين كل شيء على ما يرام ، لذلك, دعنا ابدأ ببعض المعلومات الأساسية ، لذا سيسألك هناك عما إذا كنت في فرنسا أم لا. إذا كنت في فرنسا, ، فأنت تضع فرنسا, نوع الشركة التي لديك. لذلك, إذا كنت من أصحاب الأعمال الصغيرة, لقد وضعت هذه الشركة هنا, التي فهمتها بشكل صحيح ، لذا, إذا لم يكن لديك وضع ما بعد ، فأنت, على وجه الخصوص, لديك الحق في الموافقة ، لذلك تذهب بعد ذلك للمتابعة. بمجرد الانتهاء من ذلك ،, في الواقع, ، سيكون لديك لاحقًا, في الواقع, اسم عائلتك, واسمك الأول وعنوانك, وكل ما يتعلق به. فيما يتعلق بالشركة ، فأنت تضع البريد الإلكتروني للشركة بشكل افتراضي, إما أن تضع الشخص الذي تكتبه على Gmail أو البريد الإلكتروني الذي أنشأته أيضًا في شركتك, لأن, لإنشاء رسائل بريد إلكتروني على أحد مقاطع الفيديو التي عرضتها, ، فأنا ببساطة أذهب دائمًا إلى نفس الشيء في الإعدادات, في الإعدادات, وفي الواقع, عندما تكون في الإعدادات, عندما تنتقل إلى المجال, ، يمكنك في الواقع إنشاء رسائل بريد إلكتروني احترافية بحيث تذهب هنا إلى معلمات tac, ثم تذهب إلى المجال. عندما تكون على المجال, ، قفز إلى وجود البريد الإلكتروني المعني في المجال المعني الذي تضغط عليه وهناك. ترى, عند الوصف, في النهاية ، ستحصل على رسائل بريد إلكتروني. ستظهر على ما يرام ، لذا يمكنك ببساطة إضافة رسالة بريد إلكتروني هنا ، أو يمكنك فعل ما تريد ، يمكنك حذفها ببساطة ، لذا, إما أن تضع إحدى رسائل البريد الإلكتروني هذه لتقوم بها- يبدو الأمر أكثر احترافًا- ، إما أن تترك Gmail الخاص بك ، فالأمر متروك لك ، وبمجرد وصولك إلى هنا, ، ستضع اسمك الأول واسمك الأخير ، وسأضع ذلك على أنه لا توجد مشكلة ، لذا فإن العنوان الشخصي انتهى على ما يرام ، لذلك هناك رقم الهاتف المحمول. لقد انتهيت ، سأحفظها لك. ، أقول لا ، لست مهتمًا بما أعتقد أنني حذفته هناك ، إنه اختياري. إذا كنت شركة, بشكل افتراضي ، فأنت تخضع لضريبة القيمة المضافة ، فأنت تضع رقم ضريبة القيمة المضافة الخاص بك هناك. سيطلب منك لاحقًا موقع الويب الخاص بي ، لذا فإن موقع الويب الخاص بي هو وصف منتج مخصص وسنقول بيع الأثاث, لأنه في هذا الموقع هو ما بدأت أفعله هناك. يجب أن تستمر في الجهاز حتى تضيف حسابًا مصرفيًا ، لذلك تضع RIB متفقًا عليه. تريد نقل كل شيء tac ، لذلك, بالطبع, عند إدخال RIB الخاص بك ، لذا فإن هذا أمر جيد. أضعه في الاعتبار أنه من الواضح أن البلد بخير. إذا كنت أنا في ثورة, أعتقد أنها لاتفيا أو إستونيا, لا أعرف, ولكن يبدو لي أنها Tonys. إذا كنت على N26 ، فالألمانية بخير ، لذا بمجرد أن تفعل ذلك هناك, ، ستختار الصياغة التي يريدها الرجال لديك على البطاقة المصرفية عندما يكونون هناك ، فإن الصياغة المختصرة هنا هي رقم الهاتف المحمول لجهة الاتصال, وما إلى ذلك ، وترى أنه سيظهر مثل هذا القميص المخصص ، وهو أمر جيد ، لذلك أرى أنه يزعجني. لذا سنذهب إلى. ضع مخصصًا للمنزل- قصيرًا جدًا ،, لقد كان طويلًا جدًا ،. حسنًا, ، هناك يمكنك اختيار ما إذا كنت تريد الالتزام لصالح المناخ للعملاء ، لذلك أنا افتراضيًا لا أقوم بوضع علامة على أي شيء على ما يرام ، فإما أن تضع شيئًا ما, ولكنك تضع هذا الدال افتراضيًا. هذا ما تريده الآن. أنا لا أضعك بالضرورة, لا ، شكرًا لك ، لقد حصلوا بالفعل على 2 ٪, بالإضافة إلى أنه تم التبرع بها ، لذا إليك كيفية القيام بذلك. ، يطلب منك التحقق من كل شيء للتأكد من أن كل شيء على ما يرام. حسنًا, ،, لقد انتهيت. بمجرد الانتهاء من ذلك, ، ستظهر على شريط. حسنًا, ، سيتم توصيل المشارب مباشرةً بـ Shopify. لذلك ترى أنه يقول: العودة إلى Shopify و BIM. نعاود الظهور على Shopify مع حزام طريقة الدفع المتصل. حسنًا الآن. إذا كنت ترغب في إضافة أشياء أخرى, مثل Paypal, ، فسأقوم أيضًا بعمل فيديو على Paypal, ولكن هنا فعلنا ذلك على شريط. وإذا كنت تريد تحديد أسعار بطاقات الائتمان المحددة بواسطة رسوم المعاملات الشريطية 0٪, حسنًا ،. عادي, لأنني ما زلت في طور التطوير لهذا الموقع ، فقط لأظهر لك أنه, بعد أن تتمكن من وضعه Shopify الآن ، الأمر متروك لك لرؤيته ، وسأقوم بعمل فيديو آخر عليه ، لذلك, إذا كنت تحب ذلك, ، فلا تتردد في وضعه. ممتاز. وإذا كنت تريد منا إنشاء مقاطع فيديو أخرى في مجالات أخرى تتعلق بـ Shopify, ، فلا تتردد في إخباري في التعليقات حتى نتمكن من مساعدة الآخرين. ومن أجل الجميع, سعيد. شكرًا لك, ciao ciao.

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Shopify Ödeme Altyapısı! Stripe ve Wise Nasıl Açılır?

mi. Evet, herkese tekrardan Selamlar. Bir önceki videoda şirketimizi kurmuş, şimdi Strike ve PayPal için gerekli olan dijital Bankası aldığımızı, koyacağız burada. kullanacağım da şirketin ismi varsa eski adıyla transfer var şu an isimleri değiştirilen ve maaş olarak kullanıyorlar. Bu firmanın amacı, bize parklı farklı ülkelerden Banka hesabı tanımlayabilir, olması İngiltere'ye olur, Almanya olur. işte euro, dolar, Pound gibi para birimlerine ait banka hesapları tamamlanabiliyor ve bu banka hesapları- Strike, wp, Pala Başarılı bir şekilde tanımlanabilir. your buraya üyelik açabilmek için İki yolumuz var: bir bireysel olarak Açabilir, 2 kurucusu olarak. fakat bizim ihtiyacımız olan kısım kurumsal kız, yani şirketimizin üzerine Balıkesir açmamız gerekiyor. Biz de bir önceki videoda şirketimiz Başarılı bir şekilde kurduğumuz için şimdi okuduğumuz şirketin üstüne burada balık hesabımız oluşturacağız, adım adım size başlayalım şimdi buradan bireysel yerine kurumsal diyoruz: bu sağ tarafta ne getir diyeceğiz: o bizden bir e-posta adresi istiyor. Evet, yemeğimizi geldikten sonra devam ediyoruz. güvenlik sorusu istemez söyleyelim: bu kayıtlı olduğunuz ülke, İngiltere, Birleşik Krallık ve mümkünse ingilteresi. tatlımızı gidelim buraya. İngiltere SIM kartınız yoksa eğer Pazar yerlerinde nasıl başa biliyorsunuz? Türkiyede bunu satışları var İngiltere sim kart Yazdığınız zaman bulup alabiliyorsunuz. şu an. yoksa başlangıçta böyle Türk numarası gelebilirsin. İlerleyen zamanlarda İngiltere sim kart aldığınız zaman içerden telefon numarası değiştirebilirsiniz, fakat İngiltere sim kart almak zorundasınız, Çünkü peygamber Citroen getir. SIM kartlı giriş yapacağız daha güvenli olması açısından şuanlık. Yoksa siz Türkiye girebilirsiniz, Ben İngiltere Sim kartımı gireceğim telefon numaramı geleyim buraya numaranı girdikten sonra doğrulama kodu gönderiyorum, o gönderecektim okuduğu, gideceğiz Şimdi konumuza geri takımı. gönder. diyoruz bizden bir şifre. bildiğimiz istiyor, bu bir şişe belirleyelim çok işimiz hakkında bilgi isteyecek. Evet, şimdi buraya şirketin ismini veya şirketimizin numarasını gideceğiz. onu da hemen. bir önceki videoda şirket kurduğumuz yere geliyoruz, buradaki şirket numaramızı kopyalıyoruz, buraya yapıştırdığımız zaman zaten şeker kurduğumuz için burada çıkıyor bu devam diyoruz şirketimizin bilgiler burada gözüküyor, Onaylıyoruz: Hoş geldiniz Burası. devam de onayla. O ne demekmiş, o kadar Home edeceksin bana. Evet, şimdi bu da işimizin kategorisini soruyorum buradan parakende tikaret diyoruz sağ alt kategori olarak da mesane satacaksın. diyorum da ben hemen buradan, Ben buradan diğer toplamaya para Kendisi de yok. diyorum sosyal medya profiliniz var mı? diyor Hayır. diyoruz ben bu işi hakkında şimdi bir yandan bahsedeceğim. gel buraya eşiniz hakkında İngilizce başka yazarsınız kısa bir şekilde şunu satacağım, uzatacağım diyerek: yeterli olacaktır çalışan sayısı. diyor bir diyoruz, devam ediyoruz bu burada şirketin sahibinin kim olduğunu soruyor ismi. giriyoruz zaten burada Şirin sabit otomatik olarak gözüktüğü bu doğum tarihi. giriyoruz Bu adres kısmı diken, diken arkadaşımıza gideceğiz. yok, kardeş, bildiğimiz geldikten sonra Onaylıyoruz Ben buradan buradan 1, 2, 3 ve bunu seçmemiz lazım. devam diyoruz: Evet, şimdi bu kısımda bizden ödeme yapmamız isteyecek: 45 pound. ben bu ödemeyi yaptıktan sonra bize istediğimiz türden Bank hesabını veriyor olacak. şimdi hangi deniz istiyorsunuz Ben Euro, İngiltere ve ve dolar olarak seçtin. Türk olarak seçebilir, Türkiye'de kalsın, bulunsun ve devam lıyoruz. bu burada ben katla, katla demek istiyorsunuz, o zaman katlıyorum ödeme, devam ediyor. kart numaranızı Buraya şimdi gideceğiz, bu takmamız yedikten sonra ödüyoruz: abone ol. 1348 istedi Sen gönder diyoruz sen al tane şifre isteyecek. şimdi SMS gelecek bize abone ol, ne koydunuz. geldikten sonra gönder diyoruz: bir hata verdi bankada dönüyorum oynamadığı için kareleme sizde mi başarısız olduğun. Tekrar deneyin ne demiş: abone ol mi. Evet, atarlardı bankanızla etmek için, değil mi bakımı ölçme. geçelim şimdi şikayet. bu tür kayıp öncülüğünde Garanti Bedia İbrahim bankacılığı. yazın adımında ne Garanti dede ve paylaşabilirsiniz e çok ayır. Mehmet Can Yıldız, yapacağım ekibimizden almış olduğunuz hizmeti değerlendirmek üzere üç soluk anketimize katılmak için, lütfen bir tuşlayın antika katılıyoruz, diyoruz, Çünkü çok daha iyi geliyor şekilde Tamam aktarıyorum. Lütfen hattan ayrılmayınız. Merhabalar, Siz alamadım, Merhaba, ben ismi Mehmet. Şimdi benim şöyle bir sorunum var: Ben varsa adında bir şirkete ödeme yapacağım, Pound cinsinden 45 ödeme yapacağım, fakat kartından akıllı problem olduğu için ödeme yapamadığını belirtiyorlar ve bankada görüşme istediler: hesap kartıyla Sen beni görmüyorsun, Ama dikkatine, banka tarafından biraz kaldığımız zaman diyorsun: sen bize Hatta konularak, ama komple yürümüyor, tarafından çekimlenmesi gözükmesi gerekiyor, çünkü 3 tesekür geliyor, 8/3 de giremez, ama gözükmesi lazım, Mesela, yani oraya kodu kadar biliyorum. ben ben burada hem kredi kartı almak, kartta denedim, Yine olmuyor. yani Özellikle diyorlar, ki bu ki kartınız alakalı banka kabul etmediği için. bunlar yoktu şey, firması birleşik Ödeme Sistemleri olarak da geçiyor bunların ismi. Ben bunu daha önce farklı bir bankamdan yapmıştım ve onlar bir işlem yaparak onaylamış, da ondan yapıyordum. ama şu an Garanti hesabına yapamıyorum. Mesela, şu an tekrardan evlenirmisinle birlikteyken, ama söyleme yapıyorum, şu anda bu kod gönderecek. Evet, şu an SMS geldiyseniz, giriyorum, abone ol, bu onay kodunu gönderiyorum. Evet, Evet, yine aynı hatayı aldım onu hiç bir güncelleme yok mu? bu değil mi Hangisi Kimisi yansımada? Peki, özellikle bewhy, veya ben size şirketin ismini versem, Bu şirketle alakalı ödeme yolu açma gibi yollayınız? var mı sizi Ne söylediysem? oluyor zaten Dilek, firma ödeme yaptığı. takip edin beni. takip olur biraz daha konuş, yoksa fazla kaynaklar alışveriş açma veya firma fazla açma gibi işlem yapamıyoruz. Tamam, o zaman, teşekkür ederim, Çok sağ ol. Hayırlı günler dilerim. [Müzik] ankete Boş ver. şimdi bu olmadı, bu olmadı başka bir şey deneyeceğiz e herkese tekrardan Selamlar. önceki videoda kesildi ve videonun neden geç geldiler? akıllı farklı konuşayım şimdi o ödeme esnasında ilginç bir şekilde Türk kartı kabul etme. orada ödeme esnasında Biz bir sürü kart denedik. Bankayla konuş, katta onlarında kayıtlarından izlemişsinizdir, ödeme kabul ettiremedi. böyle bir proje karşılaştığımız içinde. Normalde bu önce yaşamıyordu burada. Fakat böyle bir hata aldık ve bunu asla çözmeye çalışırken birazcık video gecikti. şimdi bunun çözümüne şöyle bulduk: denemeler yaparken papara hesabım, çocuk papara hesabım- içerisinden Sadakat oluşturduk, oraya parayı attık, oradan ödemeyi yaptık ve olay güzeldi, o adam o aşamadan sonra ödemeyi yapıp, direkt banka bilgilerini ulaşabiliyorsunuz ve şu anda bizim Tamam Hesabımız Var Artık içerisine para atabileceğiniz, para gönderebileceğimiz, westrup yapabileceğimiz. bir banka hesabımız mevcut şimdi bu bilgilerle Start hesabınıza açalım bu ve bağlayamadım Start sitesine girdiğimiz zaman hemen sahinin diyelim, alt kısımdan sanat diyoruz Bu ekrana geldiği zaman da buraya mail adresinizi gideceğiz, ismimizi giriyoruz, ülkemiz, My Kingdom, bir tane, şu bineceğiz. devam ediyoruz şimdi ilk önce email onaylayın diye Normalde kendimi miydi şimdi buradan bizden adım adım bilgiler soracak ve bu bilgileri beraber dolduracağız. ülkemizin, Kingdom, şirketimiz, Norman işaretleyici ve buradan şu an private diyelim. devam ediyoruz bir sonraki aşamada buraya şirketin ismini yazacağız, 62 numarasını yapacağız bak numarasını ve Şurayı boş bırakıp buraya da şirketimizin adresini yazacağız, telefon numarası. sıra mi Evet, şirketimizi, seni girdik şirket numaramızı. geldik buraya şirket adresi, bir alt kısımda şirketimizin adresi, telefon numaranız de şu indüstry kısmına da ne iş yapıyor, Onu soruyor, buradan Vital diyelim, mesela biz ev eşyaları satıyordum buraya yapalım sonra buraya da web sitemizi istiyor bizden hepimiz gideceğiz. bir açıklamanızda, da ufak yaptığımız, aşağıdaki Açıklama: yapacağız: bunları yaptıktan sonra da kontrol ediyoruz burada Hesap sahibinin ş.

Stripe setup with Shopify and Woocommerce

in this video, we'll see how to integrate stripe with woocommerce and shopify. go to your snipe account dashboard from left hand side. go to api keys. press create secret key button to create new keys. i already created the keys. step one: integrate with you commerce. go to plugin and add new. now install and activate the woocommerce drive payment gateway by woocommerce. once activated, go to woocommerce settings. now go to payments from all this type options, enable first one and press setup. you can create account from here as well. press enter account keys, copy and paste the keys and save receive changes. step 2: integrate with shopify. in shopify, you can only use one payment provider at a time: a cash free or stripe, or to checkout or pay you money, etc. as you can see, i'm using cash flow right now. in order to integrate stripe, i have to deactivate cash free first and you are done. always make sure to place a test order before starting advertising or making your store live. if you still have any question, comment or you can direct message me on instagram or facebook. make sure to subscribe to never miss any updates.

How To Add Stripe Payment Gateway On Shopify(New Update)

hello, my amazing subscribers. today I'm going to be showing you how to add stripe payment Gateway on your Shopify. now we go to Google Chrome. this is the home page now, if you are not on YouTube, you can just simply search for Shopify and it automatikally brings you to the home page. now I will go to settings. go to settings. click on payments- [Music]. now choose a provider: [Music]. because we want to be paid by strike, we are going to have to be like: yes, [Music]. I don't have an account stripe too. [Music]. password: foreign [Music]. [Music]. okay, mobile number. so you're adding your mobile number. verification code: three, six [Music]. thank you, because I'm teaching. I'm just going to choose to show you guys how it works. no, because my country does not support these payments, does not support Strife. I'm not going to go further, but if your country supports it, just fill in the details if you don't have a stripe account already to connect with, and continue following instructions, and you definitely connect your stripe to your Shopify account. I hope, with this video, that you were able to learn how to connect your stripe to secure payment for yourself on shopping. fine, see you next time. bye.