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Stylish FB Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Rob from Apparelsuccess shares his knowledge on optimizing ads for a clothing brand. He explains the importance of assessing the performance of ads and making decisions on which ones to keep, kill, or increase the budget for. Rob uses the software Triple Whale to track the performance of his ads on various platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Google. He also shows how to make smart decisions based on data and scale up the winning ads.

Why Optimizing Ads is Important:

The primary goal of optimizing ads is to get the most return on investment. It is crucial to ensure that the money spent on ads is bringing in a high enough return to keep the business profitable. Rob emphasizes that without proper optimization, clothing brands can quickly run out of money and crash. Therefore, it is essential to make tweaks and adjustments to the ads to ensure that every cent spent is getting the job done.

Assessing Ad Performance:

Rob demonstrates how to assess ad performance using Triple Whale. He breaks down the data by looking at each ad's return on ad spend, the number of orders, and the total sales generated. Rob explains that this process helps make informed decisions on which ads to keep running, which ones to kill, and which ones to increase the budget for.

Optimizing Ads:

Rob shows how to make smart decisions based on data. He uses examples of different ads and explains how to decide which ones to keep, kill or increase the budget for. For instance, he suggests turning off an ad that has not generated any sales after spending a specific amount of money. Additionally, Rob explains how to scale up winning ads by increasing their budget to get more audience and maintain a high return on ad spend.

Optimizing ads is crucial for clothing brands to ensure they get the most return on investment. Rob demonstrates how to assess ad performance using Triple Whale and make informed decisions on which ads to keep, kill, or increase the budget for. By using the software, businesses can get accurate data and make better optimization decisions. Overall, optimizing ads is a continuous process that requires patience, experimentation, and data analysis.

Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands (Full Proven Strategy)

Hey, what's up guys? Harry here and today I'm going to be sharing my full Facebook ad strategy for clothing brands going into 2022. In this article, I will break down my strategy into three main parts: campaign structure, ad creatives, and scaling.

- Facebook ad strategy for clothing brands

- Generated around 250,000 sales

- In-depth video to take you from A to Z on scaling brands

Part One: Campaign Structure

- Testing ad creatives

- Retargeting

- Lookalike audiences

- Example of ad account structure

- Spreadsheet of targeting ideas

Part Two: Ad Creatives

- Top of funnel creatives for cold traffic

- Short, engaging ads, carousels, and videos

- Middle of funnel creatives for warm traffic

- Show off product features and benefits

- Bottom of funnel creatives for hot traffic

- Use social proof and urgency

Part Three: Scaling

- Increasing ad spend

- CBO vs manual bidding

- Duplicating and increasing ad sets

Facebook Ads For Clothing Stores PROVEN STRATEGY [2022]

- The video discusses successful Facebook ad campaigns for closing stores.

- The focus is on determining if an ad is scalable and how to do it.

Broad vs. Retargeting:

- Broad targeting is often overlooked but can be more stable than retargeting.

- Facebook can learn from images, videos, primary text, and headlines to determine who to target.

- Interest targeting and lookalike audiences are no longer as effective.

Dynamic Creative Ads:

- Dynamic creative ads are underutilized.

- Don't use all placement options and group several dynamic creative ads into one campaign.

- Dynamic creative ads can include several primary texts, headlines, and calls to action.

Collection and Carousel Ads:

- Collection and carousel ads are the next level of ad setup.

- Use winning elements from dynamic creative testing campaigns to create a collection or carousel ad.

- Carousel ads can be set up as a catalog with multiple winning images.

Scaling Winners for Success:

- Once you find a winning ad, add more budget and give it a greater chance of producing a higher return.

- Set up automated rules based on cost per acquisition and increase budget or spend within certain parameters.

- Scale by 10 every day the return is there.

- Successful Facebook ad campaigns require broad targeting, dynamic creative ads, and collection/carousel ads.

- Scaling winners for success involves adding more budget and using automated rules.

- Great content and good copy are crucial for growing a business.

How to run DPA campaigns (Clothing brand hack)

In this article, we will be discussing Dynamic product ads for clothing brands and how they can help increase sales dramatically. Dynamic product ads are a powerful tool on Facebook that allows you to retarget users that have been to your website with the exact product they have been looking at.

How to set up Dynamic product ads:

1. Connect your Shopify store to Facebook on the back end.

2. Go to the Facebook ads manager and create a new campaign.

3. Name the campaign and switch on catalog.

4. Choose your product set and optimize for conversion events.

5. Set a low budget and hit retarget ads to people who interact with your products on and off Facebook.

6. Create new sets based on viewed or added to cart, upsell or cross-sell, and custom combinations.

7. Change the primary text and headline to be hyper-personalized and include a discount code.

8. Hit publish.

Why Dynamic product ads are effective:

Dynamic product ads make your ads hyper-personalized, which leads to a higher return on ad spend. Clothing brands normally have a wide selection of products, and Dynamic product ads make it easier to retarget users with individual products. Balenciaga, for example, only runs Dynamic product ads.

Dynamic product ads are a powerful tool on Facebook that clothing brands can use to increase sales dramatically. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up Dynamic product ads and see a higher return on ad spend. Remember to be hyper-personalized in your ad copy and include a discount code to make your ads even more effective.

How to set up Facebook ads for online clothing boutique

In this video, Troy from Igo Salons will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up Facebook ads for an online clothing boutique. He will cover the campaign objective and targeting, but not the ad side of things as they are specific to the type of clothing being sold. Troy will share some tips on the ad format, copy, and call to action. He will focus on the actual targeting process and how to test multiple interests to figure out which one performs best. Troy recommends testing three or four different interests simultaneously at a smaller budget of $5 per day and then scaling up the one that works best.


- Campaign objective: conversion

- Facebook pixel installed on website

- Testing three or four different interests at a smaller budget of $5 per day

- Automatic placements on Facebook, audience network, Instagram, and Messenger

- Edit settings to one day click review

- Interest: women's clothing

Ad Set:

- Duplicate the ad set to target other interests

- Make sure the ad is set up before duplicating

- Suggestions for other interests: shopping and fashion, boutique

- Set a $5 per day budget for each ad set


- Look for the interest that delivers the cheapest results

- Focus on that interest for scaling up

- Turn off the entire campaign and set up a new one targeting the best-performing interest

Setting up Facebook ads for an online clothing boutique can be a complex process, but with the right guidance, it can be simplified. Troy's tips on targeting and testing multiple interests can help you find the right audience and scale up your business. If you need further help, Troy offers a done-with-you service for coaching and a done-for-you service for setting up everything for you.

How to Run Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands

As a fashion brand, acquiring customers through Facebook and Instagram is the most powerful tool. However, it's easier said than done, and the market is competitive. This article will discuss the three key elements you must include in your paid traffic campaigns as a fashion brand to scale your brand, acquire customers profitably and consistently, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Key Elements for Successful Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Fashion Brands:

1. Consistent and Refreshing Aesthetic:

- A consistent and refreshing aesthetic that resonates with your target audience is vital for success.

- Ensure that your brand design language and aesthetic are in demand, communicate well, and remain consistent throughout your advertising strategy.

- Examples of brands with consistent aesthetics: Aberjee (intimate square and PJ sets), Cole Buxton (luxury athleisure), and Whimsy and Row (country earth tones).

2. Social Proof:

- Social proof is critical in any e-commerce Facebook ad strategy.

- Incorporate social proof in subtle ways that align with your brand aesthetic.

- Use diverse models in your ads, leverage PR campaigns from reputable sources, and work with influencers to gain consumer trust.

3. Directly Speak to the Consumer:

- Use different taglines that speak directly to your target audience and experiment with variations.

- Call out the consumer with short, concise, and smart taglines that get them interested in the product.

Incorporating a consistent and refreshing aesthetic, social proof, and direct communication with the consumer are the three key elements that fashion brands must include in their paid traffic campaigns. By implementing these elements, fashion brands can differentiate themselves from competitors and acquire customers profitably and consistently.

Facebook Ads For Fashion Business 2022 | Sell More Fashion Brands With Facebook Ads 2022

In this video, the speaker is going to teach small and medium scale fashion brands or businesses how to set up profitable Facebook adverts. They will be showing a three-step framework that focuses on the importance of creative, the funnel, and placement.

Step 1: Creative

- Creative plays a major role in attracting customers and making sales.

- Use catchy creatives and videos to capture and keep the attention of your audience.

- Avoid using pictures, as they are fast depreciating.

- Use videos to capture your audience and create desire in them.

- Videos should showcase different styles, designs, and products.

- Use models to wear the clothes and demonstrate their features.

- Videos should be creative and appealing to the audience.

Step 2: Funnel

- The funnel for small or medium scale fashion businesses should be WhatsApp.

- WhatsApp allows for easy communication and follow-up with potential customers.

- The speaker recommends setting up a WhatsApp business account connected to your business page.

- Use pictures on WhatsApp to close potential customers.

- Answer questions and send pictures to potential customers on WhatsApp.

Step 3: Placement

- Use the messages objective in the placement section.

- Focus on Instagram, as it is where most fashion activities take place.

- Select the page you want the advert to appear on.

- Use videos on Instagram to attract customers.

- Use the call to action button to select messages on WhatsApp.

By following these three steps, small and medium scale fashion brands or businesses can set up profitable Facebook adverts. It is important to focus on creative, funnel, and placement to attract and close potential customers. Using WhatsApp for follow-up communication is highly recommended.

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