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sudden ads on android

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, in this video, I'm gonna show you how to remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone without any application or software. But before we start, I have a request for you. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button. It's totally free, okay? Let's move on to the video.

- Pop-up ads can be really annoying, but we can easily close them by clicking on the cross button at the top corner.


1. Open settings and go to Google settings. In older mobiles, you need to go to the accounts and then click on the Google accounts. The settings of Google can be found in some other location, so explore your mobile settings.

2. In the latest mobiles, go to settings and click on Google. Open it and click on the add section. Turn off the option for opting out of ads personalization. Also, turn off the option to enable debug logging ads.

3. Go back to the Google account settings and click on manage your Google account. Open the data and personalization option. Scroll down and find the option for ads personalization. Untick this option and turn off the add personalization option in the window.

4. In this window, click on visit your online choices. If it gives you an error, just press the try again button. It will start scanning all the companies showing ads on your mobile phone.

5. Scroll down and press continue. You will get a list. At the top right side, there is an option to select all. Click on it to select all the companies.

6. Go to the end of the page and click on opt out of all button. Wait for the completion.

7. After that, go to the home page and open the Chrome browser. In the site settings, click on the pop-up and redirects option and turn it off.

8. Go back and click on the ads option. Turn this option off as well.

Now, you should see a significant reduction in the number of ads you receive. However, keep in mind that you may still encounter one or two ads occasionally, as not all companies allow you to opt out. Hope you found this video helpful. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

Hey friends, welcome to Tech Matters! In this video, I'll be showing you how to easily remove malware or adware from your Android mobile phone. You won't need any software or antivirus for this. It can be done through your phone's settings. But first, let me show you the kind of ads I'm talking about.

Pop-up Ads:

These pop-up ads can be quite annoying, right? They appear when you're browsing Facebook or watching YouTube. You'll often see a cross sign to close them. But what if I tell you there's a way to get rid of them?

Removing Pop-up Ads:

To remove these ads, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your phone's settings.

2. Look for the Accounts section and select Google.

3. Inside Google, navigate to Personal info and privacy.

4. Once the page loads, go to Ad settings.

5. This will open a browser with your account's ad settings.

6. Now, you'll see Add personalization. Switch it off.

7. A pop-up will appear, click on Turn off.

8. It will say that personalization is now off. Click on Visit ad choices.

9. Another page will load showing the ads enabled on your phone.

10. Uncheck all the ads or websites from where you receive ads.

Opting Out of Companies:

1. Click on Continue to proceed.

2. You'll see the number of participating companies and customization options.

3. Click on Make your choices to select the companies.

4. Request opt-out from all the companies.

5. It may not be successful for all companies, but try your best.

6. Click on Continue to proceed.

7. You'll see the remaining number of companies sending ads to your phone.

8. After making all the necessary choices, go back or press the home button.

9. Restart your phone, and the ads should disappear.

I hope you found this video helpful in removing those annoying pop-up ads from your Android phone. Thank you to all my viewers and subscribers for making this channel a success. We've reached 5,000 subscribers and 20 million views! To show my gratitude, I'll be giving away goodies and gifts at 10,000 subscriptions. Check out my Facebook page for more details. Don't forget to subscribe to be eligible for the gifts. Have a great day! Bye bye!

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

Hey guys, today's video is all about how to remove those annoying pop-up ads from your Android phone that cause so much trouble. These ads can be skipped by pressing the cross button at the top, but let's face it, they're really annoying. So let's see how we can get rid of them permanently.

There are two sources of these ads that we need to tackle. The first one is from Google, which is the normal ads that you can't completely stop, but you can definitely lower their number. The second one is due to some kind of virus that you accidentally installed on your phone. Don't worry, I'll provide solutions for both in this video.

But before we begin, please don't forget to like and share this video, and if you want to support me, a separate thanks would be greatly appreciated. Let's dive into the procedures to stop Google ads first.

1. Open your mobile settings and scroll down to find the Google option. If you can't find it, you can simply search for it.

2. Open the ad section. In my case, there is an option missing called opt out personalization or something similar. If you see that on your device, simply turn the option off and also reset your advertising ID.

3. Now, go back and press Manage your Google account. Go to Data and Privacy and find Ad Personalization settings. These are all the categories of ads that appear on your screen. You can remove them one by one. There may not be many categories shown because we just reset our advertising ID, but there are always more out there to be added to this list. So simply turn off this ad personalization option.

4. Okay, next open your Chrome browser and go to settings. Scroll down and open Site settings. Open Cookies and set the option to block third-party cookies. Then, go back, scroll down, and open the ad section. Turn off this option if it's already on.

Now, the problem of Google ads is solved. If you accidentally installed a virus on your phone that causes annoying pop-ups, follow these steps:

1. Go to settings and find the apps section or manage applications. If you have any difficulty, you can hide the system apps.

2. Find the app without a name and logo from here and simply uninstall it. Your problem should be solved.

If there are still ads coming, the final way to remove them is by simply resetting your mobile phone. This can easily solve your problem, but make sure to create a backup of your data before resetting.

Alternatively, you can try another trick before resetting your phone. The link is available in the description or at the end screen of this video. Watch it and remove ads using DNS.

If you found this video helpful, please subscribe to my channel. And if you want to support me, a super thanks would mean the world to me. Thanks for watching!

Stop Pop-Up ads on Android phones

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How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

Welcome back to Detroit Tips! In this video, we're going to discuss how to completely stop getting ads, specifically pop-up ads, on any Android device. It can be really annoying when you're using an app and suddenly an ad pops up, making it hard to continue using the app. So, how can we put an end to this? Let's find out.

First, you'll need to choose an app that you frequently use. For example, let's say we're going to use WhatsApp. When an ad pops up while using any app, simply press the home button and return to the home screen. Wait a few seconds and then follow these simple instructions to say goodbye to those pesky ads.

Open the Play Store and tap on the hamburger button at the top left. Then, select My apps & games. In the installed tab, you'll see a list of all your apps, sorted alphabetically. Scroll down and find the app that is causing the ads to appear. Once you've identified the culprit, select it and uninstall it completely. This will ensure that you no longer receive ads from that particular app.

By following these steps, you can effectively stop ads from popping up while using any Android device. Remember to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to receive notifications for future videos. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Our team will do our best to assist you. This is Shahen signing off from Conservatives.

How to find out which App is causing pop up ads and stop ads on android

Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to teach you how to find the app that is causing pop-up ads on your Android phone. Please like and share the video and subscribe. There are two to three reasons for pop-ups on Android phones, and an application causing pop-ups is one of them. If you can't find the app causing the pop-ups, it means they appear because of some other reason. In that case, I also created a video to solve this issue. Check the link in the description. Let's start the procedure now.


1. Remember the last three apps you used that didn't include advertisements like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. Open these apps one by one and use them for one minute.

3. If the pop-ups appear during this time, open your Play Store.

4. Click on the profile option from the top.

5. Click on My Apps and Games from here.

6. Go to the Installed section.

7. Change the order of the apps from alphabetical to last used.

8. Look for any app that you didn't use in this period but appears between the top 3 apps in the list.

9. Uninstall that app to solve the problem.

10. If you don't want to uninstall the app, follow this method:

a. Open your mobile settings and find App Management.

b. Find the app causing the pop-ups.

c. Go to the application section and turn off all the notifications.

If the above methods don't work or you can't find the app causing the pop-ups, watch the video provided in the description. Your problem will be solved. Please like, share, and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

Hey there, welcome to my channel! I'm Rajat Gupta, and in today's video, we'll be discussing how to disable and turn off those annoying full-screen random pop-up ads on your Samsung or Android phones.

So, one of my friends recently encountered this problem where his phone was infected with these ads. Whenever he used his GPS, his phone would be bombarded with full-screen ads. The cause of this problem is actually an adware from some app that was recently installed on his phone. The solution, however, is quite simple - just uninstall that app. But here's the catch, you don't know which app is causing the issue.

Don't worry though, I have three suggestions for you on how to determine which app it is so that you can uninstall it and get rid of those pesky ads. Let's dive into it!

Here's what we'll cover in this video:

1. Introduction

2. Determining the culprit app

- Clicking on the most recent button

- Checking the Play Store for recent apps

3. Uninstalling the culprit app

4. Verifying if the issue is fixed

5. Alternative solution - using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

6. Conclusion

So, let's see what the current situation is. In this example, my friend is using his GPS app, and no matter where he enters, he gets bombarded with these full-screen ads. It's really frustrating.

To determine which app is causing the issue, we'll try the first solution. Click on the most recent button located at the bottom left of your screen. You'll see a list of apps, including the ad, which is also treated as an app. In this case, the culprit is the step tracker app, which my friend recently installed but didn't use while using GPS or making a call.

If the first solution doesn't work for you, don't worry. The second solution involves checking the Play Store for recent apps. Open the Play Store, go to My apps, and click on the Installed tab. Sort the apps by the last used, and you'll see the step tracker app listed there. Since my friend didn't use this app, it confirms that this is the culprit. Simply uninstall the app and see if the issue is fixed.

If neither of these solutions works, you can try the third solution, which is installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the Play Store. This is a highly reputable anti-malware app that can scan your phone and detect any adware-infected apps. Once you identify the app, simply uninstall it.

I hope one of these solutions works for you. Let me know in the comments which one helped you fix the issue. If you found this video helpful, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more useful content. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.

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