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sunglasses dropshipping usa

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How I made $8,873 Dropshipping Sunglasses

Hey everyone. it's David with Oberlo, and today we're here with longtime store owner and overlay user, Tim Kock. Tim's gonna break down the do's and don'ts of launching your own store. Tim's most recent store was part of a case study where he documented every step of the store building process. we gave him one month to try to generate ten thousand dollars in revenue and we're gonna check in and see how he did. we're gonna give you the chance to win Tim's store. so check out the link in the description for more details. Tim, first off, thanks so much for taking the time to chat. thanks for having me. it's a pleasure. now, this most recent store you did is not your first drop shipping store. you've had lots of stores in the past, some pyrius. first off, what were some of the lessons that you took from your previous stores that you carried through into your newest one? I think the most important part for me is to not overthink the whole process, because a lot of new drop shippers tend to make this very common mistake. to really overthink the whole process. to really try to find a lot of trending products and all the stuff that they need- a lot of research and a lot of important or a lot of expensive tools to use to find success. now you mention products in product selection. you ended up launching a sunglasses store. walk us through kind of the thought process and the logic behind choosing sunglasses over all the other dropshipping products that are out there. sure, when I started, it was spring, or spring was thought to rise, and so I just don't buy into an intuition that it's summer is coming and everyone would need sunglasses. and even though summer at some point will end, I want to have a sustainable business and at some places around the world there's always some. so this was my unnecessary assumption, but this was my, my way to go through the process of finding a product. okay, so after you decide that, ok, my store is gonna be a sunglasses store, what are the next steps to determining, you know, not just the type of product you're gonna have, but the exact products from certain suppliers with certain sizes? how do you take that next step? I'm subscribed to a lot of influences on Instagram and check out what they are promoting right now, because a lot of big brands promoting their products through influences on Instagram. so I just checked out what they are promoting right now and just take a look at what they did and go by intuition, okay. so once you've found some suppliers that you trusted, the packaging looks good, the products felt good- how do you determine how many different types of sunglasses you wanted to have in your store and then how you would group them- men and women's, or different styles, different prices? what was the thought process on actually building your different collections? so, first of all, I just mostly get by intuition in the beginning, because I didn't want to overthink the process. I want to get at bat as fast as possible, and so I just pushed in around 30 products. so that's about, and I didn't even include man's fashion or men's eyewear, so I just put in females eyewear and that's about it. it was that the plan from the beginning, to have it be, ohmy, women's, or did you get a better sense that that was the way to go after you dug into the products? no, it was because of the research I did and all of the influencers were mostly female, and so I thought, okay, why not give it a try to only sell to female? now, in addition to intuition, I understand that you also had some help determining products that you should sell from from a focus group of one that would be your, your girlfriend. how did you go about getting feedback and input from your girlfriend on the the products he would sell? yeah, I just actually showed that- all the products of my girlfriend- and asked her what she thinks about the product and if she would wear it in public. then I said, okay, why not give it a try and sell it on my store? was this process of asking friends and family or girlfriends in the past is something that you use kind of to to get a better feel for what your target group might be thinking, especially? you know, like you said, targeting women, she's more qualified than you are to tok about that, so is this? is this something you've done in the past as well? yeah, absolutely, because I have experience in the past with I, where I had another store selling probably very similar products. so I asked friends what they think about the products to get a better sense and feeling of the products. what are some of the key criteria that you used to determine you know which ones would be better in your store and which ones that your customers would be happier with. one of the main criteria, obviously for me, is to have deep packet available. any packet is a very fast shipping method from China to the United States and Canada and other countries- yeah, cool- is a core component of a lot of successful drop shipping businesses and we're going to have a link in the description below explaining a packet a little bit further if you want to know if a packet delivery is available in your target countries. so, in addition to e packet, what are some of the other things that you want to see from a supplier to make sure that you can trust their products and that you can trust that your customers are going to be happy? the most important part for me to really trust the supplier is to actually order products to my house and do the quality check on my own. so I actually ordered all the products to my house and check them personally. you use Facebook a ton during this, during this project or process, whatever you want to call it, and you've been using it. you know, over the last few years and there's been a lot of changes of Facebook- well, with the algorithm, with the prices, of course, advertising getting more expensive. at the same time, the tiknology is getting better and the targeting is getting better. what can you say about the kind of evolution that you've seen in using Facebook as a platform to promote drop shipping products. I think, even though it's way more competitive than a few years ago, the development of the ad platform and the ad manager itself is way better, as incredible what you can do if you know your way around. so I think it's going definitely in the right direction and if they're keeping up that pace, then adds to create profitable ads will be way more easier in the future. but still, you have to put in work and you just can't build simple ad and expect to make a profit out of it. where should a store owner, now that you've had a few different stores, get started with Facebook? you know there's. you could have a budget as big as you want. the potential audience is a few billion people. it's daunting, you know to think about where. where can I possibly start in this massive jungle of Facebook advertising? what? what have you had the most success with? what did you do for this sunglasses store and kind of? what are the? you know the starting point as somebody should maybe be looking at. I think the starting point should always be looking for content views. the first ads I'm running is always not for conversion, at least not for purchasing, but for getting a lot of data to get people to my page and figure out what of ads works in the sense of the copywriting and all this stuff, to really get a feeling what kind of things working in order to attract people to my store, in order to then later on with a second or third that to really figure out what is necessary to turn those visitors into customers. you toking your case study about the quote Facebook ad funnel. how do you conceptualize this funnel and what does this look like, you know, at your store? no, it was very simple. there were three ads: the first one aiming for content views, the second one and for ED- two cards- and the third one actually for purchases. and when you say content views, what is the content that they're viewing? no, a Content view is when a Facebook user clicks on my Facebook ad and then when they get to your site, you know what wh.

$1500 Monthly Revenue Dropshipping Sunglasses [AliDropship Custom Stores]

hey the earth here. in today's video, I want to tok about dropshipping sunglasses, being in the sunglasses niche and demonstrates you a dropshipping store that's earning 1500 dollars per month in revenue dropshipping sunglasses. so let's dive in and get started. just a quick intro about myself if you've never been in my youtube channel before. my name is Eartha. I also have a blog at that, Affiliate lifecom, and on both of these platforms I tok a lot about making money online, whether it's through dropshipping, affiliate marketing, niche blogging or anything else that catches my interest. alright, so let's tok about why dropship sunglasses. for one thing, sunglasses are trendy and fashionable, so what that means is that people buy sunglasses as an accessory to complete an outfit, so that means that usually they'll buy multiple pairs of sunglasses just because of that, and so this is an item that people tend to buy on a regular basis. another nice thing is that you can sell sunglasses to both men and women, and there's also children's sunglasses, so you're covering pretty much the whole demographic there. you can target just about any body you want in terms of your marketing. there's also a large variety of sunglasses. depending on where you're sourcing them from, you'll find some great prices and you can definitely create your own markup, marking up each product to as much as you want, and sunglasses, I would think, would have a very low return rate because they're inexpensive and once people have them, chances are they'll wear them and actually be repeat customers. if you capture their email address and information, you can keep following, following up with your customers on sales and new products and things like that. so sunglasses are really great in terms of a ecommerce store. alright, so sourcing your sunglasses- I'm going to tok about this. next popular sourcing option is Aliexpress, and I will jump over to Aliexpress and I'll show you what I mean. so if you've never been an ally Express, is that Ally express calm. and this is a very popular resource for dropshippers, and it's because Aliexpress carries millions of products and sunglasses just happens to be one of these products and, as you can see, they have such a wide variety of sunglasses. I mean there's tons and tons of different styles for both men and women. and one thing to know about Aliexpress is that the reason they can carry so many products and then offer such great pricing- like if you can see here, some of these sunglasses range from $3 and up per, and that's really inexpensive, pretty much like wholesale pricing, because Aliexpress is made up of merchants as well as some of the manufacturers of these products, and so they can offer them at a very discounted rate. another thing to know is that many of these merchants and suppliers are based in China, as well as the US and parts of Europe. so, if you wanted to, you can actually search exclusively just within the United States for products, just changing that drop-down menu there at the top, and here you have suppliers that are shipping from the US. so, again, majority of the products are many manufacturers and merchants are based in China, but there's also suppliers in the US and Europe as well, so this is why Aliexpress is a popular go-to for dropshipping store owners. alright, so now let's tok about some of the ins and outs of drop shipping, what you can expect. this is a quote I pulled from Ally dropship comm, and they are like the. I consider one of the only companies out there that's really innovative in terms of drop shipping and providing products and services to help people open up their own drop shipping businesses. so what this quote says is: 95% of success in drop shipping in a drop shipping business comes from running a high converting, professionally designed website, and they know this because they do it over and over and they've been building drop shipping websites for years and creating them and making them profitable, so they know what it takes. so, that being said, let's tok about an optimal drop shipping store, what it would take to have one. so, first of all, you will need a high converting mobile ready store theme. this is very important because it's like your stores- theme is a first impression, so it's important that it looks clean and that it will have conversions and can drive conversions. another thing, within optimal storage, that you want to have the most trending top selling products in your store. now this will take a bit of research on your part to make sure to find those products. so you're not just book importing every single pair of sunglasses into your store. instead, you can do a bit of research and make sure that you're finding the top selling products and also from suppliers that are reliable and do a good job. another thing to have for an optimal dropshipping store is social media accounts. you'll want to have social media accounts for your store on platforms like Facebook, especially Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media platform that you feel is important, maybe even YouTube. you could do video reviews of some of these sunglasses. so, any place that you can do it, but definitely Facebook and Instagram for sure. you also want to have an email marketing follow-up process so that way, when you have customers that sign up- even if they don't buy- maybe they just create an account now- you can follow up with them and email them when you have specials, discounts, new products or anything like that. another thing this is most important is having a marketing ad budget. no, you do not need to run paid as to have a drop shipping store, but if you really want to see a boost in your income and your sales, then running paid ads is typically how most dropshippers do it, so it's important to have a budget for that. it doesn't have to be thousands of dollars per month, but you do need to have a budget if you plan on running pay advertising. now, that being said- and I just covered pretty much the basics of running an optimal drop shipping business- you could do it all yourself, but it takes a lot of time. you can definitely open up a drop shipping store on your own, import the products on your own, figure it all out, edit the titles, descriptions and images, customize your store, create your own ad campaigns. but I'm telling you it will take a lot of time, but if you're willing to do it, you can save a lot of money that way. you'll definitely learn a lot that way. but there is an easier way to do it and that's to outsource the work to professionals, and this is just the faster way, the easier way, and you will hit the ground running and be able to start making profits faster by outsourcing that work. and what I recommend doing is consider outsourcing your store to build out of your store to a company like Ally dropship, because they are constantly creating these stores, testing and doing what they need to make them profitable. so now I'm going to show you their own sunglasses store that is live right now and that's pulling in about 1,500 dollars per month in revenue. all right. so this is Olly dropships own live sunglasses drop shipping store. this store is earning around 1587 per month in revenue and this is their theme that they use for most of their stores, because it's a theme that they created and built in this very high converting. so you can see that it's very clean, simple and easy for a user to begin shopping. so chances are let's go ahead and click into one of these categories. this is the women's category, and you can see the different sunglasses here if we click on one of these, and we can see how the product page looks. so this is the product page and you can see the images, can scroll, you can enlarge these images as well. then they have the large at Cart button, the safe checkout icons here. this is where the description goes and they've done all of that. descriptions of very important, specially in terms of SEO. and then we have the product reviews, which are pulled directly from the Aliexpress product pages. excellent, and that's definit.

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How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

hey guys, it's Paul from become Swift and today I wanted to and a packet drop shipping product review. you know, as a marketer myself, I'm very wary of the marketing tactiks, of the psychological tricks that they use in their copy and their images in there. you know sale, price and their email newsletters. I'm aware of it all. I'm aware that I'm being sold and it's pretty hard to sell me. okay, like I'm a consumer, of course I buy things, but I'm very strategic with buying things and I know how to make that decision. I know how not to get convinced. but, um, apparently not. actually, because this company, I'm not sponsoring them. I don't even care if you purchase them. this Instagram added, basically said they're going out of business, they're having a last blowout sale, like a hundred dollars off their watches. so I was like: man, this is a pretty good opportunity to buy some watches. I was considering to myself. I was like, okay, this is a Shopify store. is this his drop shipping store? and I was like, maybe it's not. and the reason I thought not is because it said Godfrey, since 1923. and I was like: but since 1923? I was like, okay, they established 1923. they probably had a bunch of artisans, watchmaking artisans, you know crafting this thing all the way back in the nineteen hundreds and there's like a history behind it. there's a brand and the website and everything looked really good. I could trust it. I never heard of the brand before. I interacted with it with like two or three times on the website before I bought this thing. like men, this is a legitimate company. you know, this is not a job shipping store. this is the actual brand that's been around since a long time. but they fooled me. they fooled me. okay, this is not a positive nor negative review of their watches itself. this is a review of their marketing and their tactiks and their branding and I think there are some lessons to learn here. so, right when you open it, you are greeted with two very premium looking luxury brands: watch cases, watch boxes. it's nice, like it's. it comes to customer experience. it makes makes it seem like you've got a legit, really good quality thing. so, right when you unbox it, you get greeted with this little car thing. it's just really nice and like the thicknesses is of an actual credit card. like. this thing is not a cheap little paper. one thing I would change is the grammar is like you can clearly tell somebody non-english wrote this thing, but you know it's a nice touch. so got a nice little protective sleeve thing and then you're greeted with the actual watch. now you've got this little, nice little banner thing going up like that and it's actually a very nice looking watch, like- I'm not even gonna lie- it's a stainless steel all over silver and nice. it's very nice. it's very flexible, very thin and this reminds me of like a Daniel Wellington watch. in terms of quality definitely looks pretty good. you know, the whole perception I have of this is, you know, pretty high quality. so let's look at the second one. the same thing going on here and we got this one right here. so, like I said, if you guys are familiar with Daniel Wellington, this is like the exact kind of style and, yeah, the quality is very nice. so these are the two watches I bought. they even have the gold free sketching on the back of this thing, so you can clearly tell they put a lot of difference to this. so some tips for branding and customer experiences: go the extra mile. go the extra mile like: if you have a winning product, if you're still testing products, do not do any of this stuff. you're gonna waste money. if you have a winning product, go ahead and invest a little bit more into packaging like this- and, like you know, business car is old flyers. all you have to do is ask, ask your supplier, because a lot of times your supplier will have these resources and will be able to do it for extremely cheap. for example, I used to job ship a comb- a beard comb- and it had silver screws. in the past I asked my supplier. I was like hey, can I get these in gold? and they were able to do it for me. it was a little bit more expensive, but the perception of a comb with gold screws rather than silver screws is pretty significant. you can charge more if the perception is higher. if you still want to do the job shipping route, you can still provide the branding experience, just gonna have to have like automated emails saying or manufacturing it right and make it seem like it's a legitimate thing. however, it was a very deceptive how they tricked me and said that they're going out of business, which is probably not true and it probably won't bite them back in the ass when customers see they're still advertising and they're like, hey, you're going out of business. and then the description says quartz watch and some Chinese letter and this is a SKU I would say like the actual branded watch name and no Chinese letters, no SKU. and then over here at value I will put the value of how much I paid worth, of how much the customer pays for it. this one says five. that's the actual Aliexpress price. I would tell the supplier to change this invoice and forge the value of it to make the received value a lot higher and you don't have to pay any extra tariffs for that. if you're above a thousand dollars or something in value, then you have to pay some tariffs. but you know I'm not a legal expert, so don't count me on that. this is what I've done them. whenever I sold shops, even products that were with like $2, I told the manufacturer: hey, price it at $50. we're like you know something like that. I didn't have to pay any tariffs. but yeah, good job. guys, if you're watching this, this is not a review. I'm not even gonna have that link in the description. you guys really convinced me, especially with the subtle since 1923 that is so subtle, but it actually works. we found this content useful then, going into the subscribe button, upload videos like this all the time, especially with e-commerce, Shopify, drop shipping, that sort. give it a like button and leave in the comments if you have any questions and I'll see you guys in the next video. thanks for watching.

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See How This UNSATURATED Shopify Dropshipping Niche Store Made $350,000

in this video, i'm going to be showing you a shopify store that's done multiple six figures in revenue, and the main reason for their success was because they found a completely unsaturated niche. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. my name is camille cyrus, the econ king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be doing a complete a to z blueprint case study on the shopify store that's done six figures in revenue because they found a completely unsaturated niche. now the thing that i really love about this video today is i'm actually gonna do a two-on-one video. i'm gonna be showing you exactly how i find these six to seven figure shopify stores so you can recreate that success, and i'm also gonna be showing you how you can break these shopify stores down, do the due diligence, find out what actually work for them, so you can recreate that in your own business. so what i'm gonna be covering today is i'm gonna be showing you exactly how i find these six to seven figure shopify stores. i'm gonna be showing you the shopify website for this six figure store. i'm also gonna be showing you the winning products and the best selling products, and then i'm gonna be showing you the aliexpress links for those products. i'm also gonna be showing you the chrome extensions and the apps that are used to do the due diligence on these websites so i can find out all this priceless information. i'm also going to be showing you, potentially, their facebook ads and their facebook photos so you get an idea of what they were doing when they're running the ads for the store. i'm also going to be showing you their social media pages as well, because they did a few little tricks on their social media pages which helped them grow online, and i'm gonna be showing you some other tricks that they've done to achieve the success they've achieved. so, guys, if you appreciate the content, make sure you smash the like button and you subscribe to the channel, because this is the best channel when it comes to drop shipping and shopify learning [Music]. so, guys, i want to start off by showing you the shopify exchange profile for this website. now, shopify exchange is actually where people go to sell their shopify stores and you can sell them for between five, six and seven figures, as long as they're successful. now this is where i actually go to find the six figure and seven figure drop shipping websites, and what i do is i do the due diligence i'm showing you today. and then it lets me to terminate. if i actually want to go out there and try and recreate the success, and what i'm going to say is, do not copy any stores that you see on here. it's all about finding out what they did successful and trying to recreate that with your own store. now i want to give a massive shout out to the store owner called alfie t. he's the current store owner of this store and that's called steampunk haven, and this is the store that's done multiple six figures in revenue. so you can see here steampunk haven is being sold for 7200. that's how much the seller is asking for, which is actually quite a reasonable price in terms of what you're getting in return. the average revenue is around about 7500 and the average profit is around about 5 800.. now, if you want me to be honest with you, i don't think that's actually net profit. if we're toking about net profit, you're looking at between maybe one to three thousand and, based on what i've worked out myself, now, if we scroll down, you can see here the graph he's on a total revenue over how long he's had the store for, which is just under three hundred and fifty thousand 000 in revenue now, if we scroll down, you can see he's got the advanced shopify plan for 79. you can see he's got employees worth of 60 a month. now they're probably va's that he's hired. you can see the domain. a year is 14.. shopify app subscriptions: he's currently spending around about 78 dollars. now if you're wondering what shopify apps he has on his website, i'll be showing you what apps he has on the website later and i'll also be showing you how i found that out. you can see here he spent 500 a month on google ads. now, from what i've worked on what this thought owner has given out in terms of information, he's majority done the sales with facebook ads and you can also see he's got this dropified auto fulfillment app, which is 79, which i'm guessing is a auto fulfillment app. and if you scroll back up to the top again- and i'll show you these photos- you can see here this is a photo of his ads manager and you can see he spent around about 224 000, which is the majority of where he's putting his money in marketing. so, guys, this is the website right here and it's called steampunkhavencom. now, if you don't know what steampunk is, this is actually the main reason for their success. steampunk is like a movement in culture. you know how you got goths, you know how you got streetwear, hip-hop and culture and stuff like that. steampunks its own little genre and culture. it's very similar to gothic kind of culture. now, again, like i said, this is the main reason of the success steampunk. what they've done is they've created a store all about steampunk glasses, steampunk fashion and they put it into like a little niche category store and that was why it was so successful, because it's an untapped niche in the drop shipping community. so let's have a look at what this website is doing at the moment. so if we look at this chrome extension which is called cola inspector, you can see they're using a turbo 2.1.4 custom theme. they've got mailchimp, mail munch. they've got sms email web push. they've got skip to court, global stiky, ad to cart and product reviews as they're up. so you can see their shipping bar at the top which says free worldwide shipping. you can see in the top left. they've got their twitter and their social media icons. then they got their contact number, which is really, really good for seo and building trust. they've got home catalog blog and contact us. then they've got their logo, steampunk with these cogwheels, which was really easy to make. i even recreate this logo in canva just to show you how simple what these guys have done, and this one, that's what i want to touch on. these guys have built such a simple brand. it's just worked flawlessly for them. then they've got track your order, happy customers, faq, then the search bar, then they've got the uh currency and language change there and then you can see here it says: explore the best steam punk glasses from steampunk haven shop now. then they've got one of their best sellers in the background and then you can see here: says: shop by collection: eyewear, timepiece, clothing and jewelry. then they've got new arrivals, featured products. you can see here: this is one of the watches that is very notorious in the dropshipping community. then you've got their best sellers here as well. then you've got their blog post on it and i'll be toking about that blog post a little bit later because this is again is another attribute to their success. then we scroll down. you can see here steampunk haven, and it's a little bit of a biography about them with their quote. then they've got their newsletter. then they've got their footer, which is really basic, but again it looks nice and branded. so, guys, this is one of the product pages to one of their best sellers. now you're probably thinking how would you be able to find out? this is their best seller? i've got a chrome extension called e-commerce inspector. you go to it, go to products, and then here it says bestsellers and these will list the best-selling products on a website, as long as it's got enough data on the chrome extension. now, all the chrome extensions i'm showing you today are completely free and i'll leave them in the description below. now you can see here these are called the razer alloy side mesh round frame sunglasses. for some reason they've got no reviews. they're saying they're on sale. you can see them right here. there's some quite nice looking glasses especially for that genre, which steampunk, and you can.

Can You STILL Dropship In 2021? | FAST Shipping From China and U.S.A Fulfillment Centers

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Girl Bo$$ EP4:How To Start Your Own Online Sunglasses Business!

hey guys, welcome back to my channel. it's your girl at tony t. you can follow me on instagram, snapchat and twitter. if you're down with the gang, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe if you're just interested in what i'm saying. period, this is for the gal. them too tough, waistline good, and they know they look buff, skin smooth, but they handle you rough hard not to look but you can't touch. so today i'm basically going to show you how i started my sunglasses, or online sunglasses boutique shades by tomi t. our boxes just came today and i want to do a quick little unboxing because they're so cute and i'm obsessed with this. so your sunglasses are going to now come in this customized box. when you open the box, you're gonna get, um, this posh that comes in with the logo and design on there also. i just wanted to focus in the middle, yes, and then when you open it up, you also get that thing you clean your sunglasses with also. so everything is given very much customized and then the glasses are in here. this is a sneak peek because this is one of our newest collection. it's called it's part of the motorsport line and it's so cute. it's giving me that motor sport put that thing. i'm gonna try it on for you guys, just because, because i can't, because it's a vibe. look at this, it's just giving it's. given the sun is cancelled out, the vibes are there. this is like that summertime. fine, look, make sure you guys go shop this collection. if it's here, it will be linked below. if it's not, be on the lookout because it's coming, hey guys. so this video is basically how i started my online sunglasses boutique, shades by tommy t. i am going to be looking down a little bit because my mirror is right here. you guys are set up at an angle. so, um, the sunglasses business is shaped by tummy tea. first thing i have down is give people my background. so a little bit of background about me. my name is tommy tywell, nigerian. um, i went to school for broadcast journalism, camera and writing, broadcast journalism- the camera work in the writing. i like to write and i also like to record, like i'm the one in my friend group that when something happens or something's not happening, i'm gonna record. so that way, in a couple of years we just have stuff to look back on. that's just me. i'm that friend. i always have the mems, i always have the video. so getting started with the sunglasses was fairly easy for me because you guys, i kid you not, i have a lot of sunglasses. prior to selling sunglasses, i was the girl that would have shades on everywhere i went. i was the girl that would be just having that's just my thing. like, that's just my thing. some people like shoes, some people like bags. my thing was sunglasses. like in my dorm room i had, like, all my sunglasses pinned up against the wall. it was just the vibe always. so that was that was my thing, the sunglasses girl- not really the sunglasses girl. but yeah, i'm gonna do my other eyebrow off camera, conceal it and i'll be right. so i went ahead and concealed my brows. actually, i'm just not going to tok about my makeup, i'm just going to do my makeup and just tok to you guys regularly. so, like i said, i was that sunglasses girl. i loved sunglasses. i- everybody that knows me just knows that that's just my thing, right, so when quarantine was happening- actually before quarantine, because that lockdown stuff happened in, i would say like in march- in march i ordered some sunglasses from aliexpress, right, this is how. again, this is how i started selling sunglasses. and there were those rimless sunglasses that were like in i'm gonna insert the sunglasses i'm toking about, just so you guys know. so i ordered those and this is before like the huge quarantine thing happened and people were asking me about the sunglasses when i would wear them. i ordered one pair of sunglasses in a brown shade and people were asking me about those sunglasses and i'm like, yeah, i got them from. i didn't even tell anybody where i got them from, tbh. i was just like, oh, thank you, thank you. when they complimented me on the sunglasses, i'll be like, oh, thanks, dude. and then we were in this lockdown thing and i remember i bought these sunglasses for- let me go to the theme so i can see it- the glasses i bought were- this was from aliexpress. there was the rectangle sunglasses. the sunglasses i bought were 6.86, right, 6.86. so what happened is i went back to that same website. i had five different colors, five different shades, and i got only two of each, two of each. then i ordered those to sell and i was like, wait, that might not be enough, let me get more. i went back and ordered three of those five. so now, at this point, i think i have like 20 total in my inventory of glasses. i made a website. i want all this stuff. i youtubed. i youtube how to make a website. the first thing that popped up is big cartel and that's how, and that's how. i already know how to use big cartel to run the website and stuff like that. so now remember, i ordered this like march. i already set my release date for june because i'm thinking, like you know, summertime, june vibes. my first mistake was setting a date without knowing when i was going to get my glasses. my glasses said they were going to be delivered like end of may, so or like mid-may. so i'm like: okay, by june i can start selling the sunglasses. my website is created, june comes: people already start ordering glasses at this point. this is in the heat of covet, by the way, so things are running slow. were then they actually should have been, and i'm just panicking because i'm like i don't have my sunglasses. people already placing orders. it's already june at this point and i still don't have it. people already placed an order. don't have to send emails saying: oh, sorry for the delay, do you decode it? your order is taking longer than antikipated because my shipping was three to five business days, so long story short, i spent about not more than. let's just say, let's just round it up to seven dollars. so if i spent seven dollars on each sunglasses and i bought like 20, i spent like 140 plus tax. i would say i spent 200 on my first 20 pair of sunglasses and i'm selling them for 15 each plus 5 shipping, so everything comes out to like, i think, 20 bucks. so if i'm selling one pair for 20 bucks and i got 20 sunglasses, i already made 400 off for it. so realistikally i didn't spend up to 200. so we're gonna take that 140 that i spent on the sunglasses and just add 20 more dollars and just say i spent 160, 400 profit that i made, minus the 160 i spent. i just spent. made 240, just free, 240, not free, because i'm not gonna lie to y'all. the website you pay for, the shipping you pay for, so you have to factor that in. this is just dry, dry estimates at this point. so that's how everything really got started. tbh, how i would get, how you would get started is by typing in: just go to googlecom and type in wholesale sunglasses and go from there. that's all i'm going to say. type in wholesale sunglasses, go from there i would say budget six. i mean budget 200 on your first 20 pairs. get 20 pairs of glasses for 200. if you can't get 20, get 10.. get ten if you have five different um sunglasses, just don't do more than twenty. get your first 20, see how the 20 goes and you can build your inventory. right now i have the max i have for one pair of sunglasses are 50.. for your first time i wouldn't go buy a hundred pairs of sunglasses and you only sell three. now you just wasted money. the way you want to price stuff is calculate how much you paid for each thing plus the shipping. don't get more than 20 when you start. but the bigger your business grows you want to get more, because the more you buy, the cheaper it is. so let's just say you buy 20, they can sell them for six dollars each. but if you buy a hundred now they're selling them for three dollars each, 250 each. and i mean: don't be greedy, but you can make your price your price. so that's just that and the way you want to do it. after you type in sunglassescom or wholesale sunglasses, you have to factor in your shipping. you have to factor in the materials, materials.