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super bowl ads 2008

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing various advertisements and commercials and analyzing their use of language and techniques to grab the attention of the audience. We will focus on the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to create a more engaging and relatable message. Let's dive in!

1. The Genesis Luxury Car:

- Ah yes, the Genesis, a brand new luxury car as spacious as the Mercedes S-Class, but priced like a C-Class.

- Making its debut during the big game, this car is truly impressive.

- You're probably expecting some crazy big twist or something, well here it is...

2. Bud Light Beer:

- Bud Light is brewed to give you everything you want in a beer.

- Never-ending refreshment and superior drinkability are its key features.

- Now, the ability to breathe fire is also included. Allow me, wow!

- Have you ever seen a cat breathe fire? Well, it's no longer available in Bud Light, but the endless refreshment remains.

3. Shipping Solutions with Carrier Pigeons:

- So, let me get this straight, you've solved all our shipping problems with carrier pigeons?

- These babies are equipped with GPS and night vision, making them the perfect solution.

- Even the big stuff has been taken care of. Let's switch to FedEx. Any more questions?

4. Cars.com and Plan B:

- Cars.com had me prepared before it came in. They used my cell phone to get the car listings and pricing info. Smart, right?

- Otherwise, I was gonna have to go to plan B.

- What's plan B, you ask? I was gonna have you fight Galland or Stone in a circle deathmatch. Definitely step outside the circle to avoid any confusion.

5. Taco Bell's Fiesta Platters:

- Meetings canceled? No problem, introducing Taco Bell's Fiesta Platters for a real meal experience.

- Think outside the bun and enjoy a truly satisfying meal.

- Hola, what's going on? Fiesta Platters are here to spice up your day.

6. Bud Light as a Perfect Valentine's Gift:

- Hi, I'm Jackie Moon, and I drink one beer and one beer only - Bud Light.

- It's a magical blend of barley, hops, and delicious alcohol, making it a perfect Valentine's gift for the ladies.

- A lot of sweat goes into every bottle, not literally, but you know what I mean. It refreshes the palate and the loins.

In conclusion, the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms in advertisements and commercials adds a unique flavor and appeal to the messages being conveyed. By using these techniques, advertisers can capture the attention of the audience and create a more relatable and engaging experience. So next time you come across an advertisement, pay attention to the language used and the impact it has on you.

Top Ten Super Bowl XLII Commercials (2008)

Investing in the markets may seem intimidating to some, especially for those who are young and inexperienced. However, this article aims to debunk that notion and show that anyone can become a successful investor. With the right tools and mindset, investing can be accessible to all.

Why age shouldn't deter you from investing:

- Contrary to popular belief, age is not a barrier to investing in the markets.

- Many young individuals have found success in trading stocks and other financial instruments.

- With technology and online trading platforms, investing has become more user-friendly and easily accessible to all.

The ease of trading stocks:

- Idiom: No big deal - buying stocks is not as complicated as it may seem.

- Transitional phrase: If I can do it, you can do it too - emphasizing that investing is within reach for everyone.

- Colloquialism: It's so easy - highlighting the simplicity of the process.

- Statistics: A thousand new accounts are created every day, showcasing the increasing popularity of investing.

Benefits of investing:

- American chicks love a foreign accent: Mentioning the potential benefits of investing, such as financial independence and the ability to afford luxurious experiences.

- Interjection: Wow - emphasizing the impressive opportunities that investing can offer.

- Dangling modifier: You have the thighs of a Sherpa - implying that investing can lead to a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.

- Using humor and colloquial language to make investing seem more exciting and appealing.

The refreshment of investing:

- Transition phrase: Let me get this straight - introducing the idea of refreshing benefits of investing.

- Interjection: Amazing - highlighting the positive impact of investing.

- Bullet point: Mentioning the use of carrier pigeons equipped with GPS and night vision to solve shipping problems, showcasing innovative solutions in the investment world.

- Contrast: The outdated use of carrier pigeons versus modern advancements.

Introducing Bud Light:

- Introducing a different topic - the promotion of Bud Light beer.

- Idiom: Magical blend of barley hops and delicious alcohol - creating a playful and enticing description.

- Dangling modifier: A lot of sweat goes into every bottle - emphasizing the effort and craftsmanship put into making Bud Light.

- Humorous language and colloquialisms used to describe the refreshing taste and effects of the beer.

The entertainment factor:

- Transition phrase: The final horse for this year's hit team is Thunder - transitioning to a different topic related to entertainment.

- Interjection: Maybe next year - expressing enthusiasm and anticipation.

- Humorous language and playful tone used to describe a horse race.

Entertainment options:

- Mentioning Justin Timberlake's music and HDTV options as a form of entertainment.

- Using colloquial language and transitional phrases to introduce and promote these options.

- Reinforcing the idea that age should not hinder individuals from investing.

- Highlighting the accessibility and ease of trading stocks.

- Emphasizing the benefits and excitement of investing.

- Introducing a different topic related to Bud Light beer and entertainment options.

Top Ten Super Bowl Ads 2008 - Commercials from Super Bowl 42

In this article, we will be discussing the various advertisements and promotional materials from different brands. We will focus on the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. Additionally, we will analyze the effectiveness of these techniques in capturing the attention of the audience. So let's dive in!

Advertisements and Promotional Materials:

- Music Music Music Bud Light is brewed to give you everything you want in a beer never-ending refreshment, superior drinkability, and now the ability to fly. Look at me, I'm flying! I can't believe this awesome ability. But wait, the ability to fly is no longer available in Bud Light. However, the endless refreshment remains. Bud Light keeps it coming, even after a rough flight.

- Squeeze those funds, you are so worth it! Come on girls, the drivers who want to get the most out of their cars choose Bridgestone or nothing.

- The vinyl horse for this year's hit steam is thunder thunder. Maybe next year, Hank.

- Welcome aboard! We are so glad you two could make it to our wine and cheese per n. Thank ya!

- I'm gonna go put my cheese in the kitchen, gentlemen. Dude, that's some serious cheese. Care for a slice?

- It'll go perfect with this. Back in then, we'll finish it off with this lovely Shalhoub. Endless refreshment from start to finish. Bud Light keeps it coming.

- Going on a cheese run. So let me get this straight, you've solved all our shipping problems with carrier pigeons? Sir, isn't that a little outdated? No, these babies are equipped with GPS and night vision. So the guys headed off to Cleveland. I'm amazing!

- What about the big stuff? That's been taken care of. You switch to FedEx.

- I'll tell you why this first half has been awfully impressive, and he has looked as comfortable as I've ever seen him in the pocket. This, what is that, lady?

- Wake up! People died. Pepsi Max, the ginseng, and more caffeine.

In conclusion, the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms in advertisements and promotional materials adds a certain level of excitement and engagement. These techniques aim to capture the attention of the audience and create a memorable experience. By incorporating these elements, brands can effectively communicate their message and leave a lasting impression on consumers. So next time you see an advertisement, pay attention to how these techniques are used to grab your attention and make the brand stand out.

Superbowl commercials 2008

The world's biggest annual sporting event, the Super Bowl, is about to kick off. With an expected 98 million viewers in the US alone, it's no wonder that this event is big business. Ad spots during the coverage are going for a whopping $2.7 million for just 30 seconds. The Super Bowl has also led to a surge in television set purchases and a 29% increase in tortilla chip sales. Overall, total spending for this year's game is projected to reach $10 billion.

But are these ads worth the hefty price tag? According to branding expert Jonathan Gabay, there have been better ads in the Super Bowl. However, he believes that the high cost is justified because this advertising platform is the rolls royce of advertising. It offers brands a chance to reach a massive audience all at once and allows advertising agencies to showcase their creativity. Well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nike often make appearances during the Super Bowl to solidify their market leadership.

So how do ad agencies decide to invest in Super Bowl ads? It all comes down to targeting. The Super Bowl is a unique event where not only dads are watching the game with a beer in hand but also moms and families gather together to watch. The ads are so highly esteemed that people even sit through the commercial breaks just to see what the Super Bowl ads will be. With four million new TV sets purchased for the event, it's clear that the Super Bowl is a big deal.

This year, the Super Bowl ads are expected to be even more influential. With one team having an undefeated season and the integration of blogging, the event is set to attract even more viewers. Bloggers will have the opportunity to critique the ads, and websites like YouTube and GoDaddy are vying to be the first to rebroadcast the ads. This additional coverage will likely increase the viewership by about 30%.

In conclusion, selling ad spots during the Super Bowl requires knowing your audience and understanding the importance of the event. With an unbeaten season and the presence of legendary quarterbacks like Tom Brady, advertisers can charge a premium to reach the massive Super Bowl audience. Whether it's onions, tortilla chips, or any other product, if it's Super Bowl night, it's for sale.

Top 10 Best 2008 Super Bowl Commercials

- Exciting news about being added to someone's favorite list

- Conversation about watching a game and knowing how to dunk

- Chuck's defense being shaky and planning to discuss it later

- Mention of being bored and driving through a tunnel


- Mention of T-Mobile and micromanaging finances

- Talking about extra coin and underestimating creepiness

- Reference to a horse race with Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey

- Bernie being the leader and Shaq asserting dominance

- Excitement over Shaq's victory in the race

- Conversation about American chicks and their preferences

- Chad Johnson facing the moment of truth and answering questions

- Mention of a grocery store and a big guy who played oboe

- Story of Chester Pitts, a left guard for the Houston Texans

- Advertisement for Bud Light and its magical blend

- Invitation to a wine and cheese party

- Expressing gratitude for attending the wine and cheese party

- Offer to slice some cheese and enjoy it with Bud Light

2008 Super Bowl Ad Preview

## Introduction ##

The Super Bowl is not just a game; it is a cultural phenomenon that captivates millions of viewers each year. From cars to sneakers to beer companies, millions of dollars are spent on advertising during the Super Bowl, making it one of the most watched events in America. In fact, for some people, the ads are the main reason they tune in. In this article, we will take a closer look at the significance of Super Bowl ads and highlight some of the most memorable ones throughout the years.

## Super Bowl Ads: A Cultural Phenomenon ##

- The Super Bowl attracts over 90 million viewers at any given moment and can reach up to 130-140 million people in total.

- The cost of a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl is rumored to be well over two and a half million dollars.

- Budweiser, the exclusive alcohol advertiser during the game, has consistently produced popular commercials, including their iconic Budweiser Clydesdales.

- This year, Budweiser plans to go prehistoric and showcase cultural American themes to appeal to a wide audience.

## Pepsi: A Big Player in Super Bowl Advertising ##

- Pepsi is another major buyer of Super Bowl ad space and has a history of memorable commercials.

- Justin Timberlake is rumored to appear in Pepsi's ads this year, adding star power to their campaign.

## Doritos: Crashing the Super Bowl ##

- Doritos has made a name for itself by allowing fans to vote for the best commercial and giving aspiring artists a chance to be featured during the Super Bowl.

- Landon Austin and the hip hop group Needlon are among the finalists competing for a shot at stardom.

## Godaddy.com: Creating Controversy ##

- Godaddy.com is known for its provocative ads that push boundaries.

- This year, they faced challenges getting their ad approved by Fox, and little information has been revealed about their commercial.

## Audi: Racing Back into the Spotlight ##

- Audi is making a comeback to Super Bowl advertising after a 20-year hiatus.

- With millions of viewers watching, Audi aims to make a lasting impression with its first commercial in two decades.

## Last-Minute Ad Opportunities ##

- Despite the high demand for Super Bowl ad space, there are still last-minute opportunities available.

- While most units are sold well in advance, a 30-second spot can be purchased up until the last minute for those with deep pockets.

## Conclusion ##

The Super Bowl and its commercials have become a cultural phenomenon in America. Companies invest millions of dollars to create memorable ads that capture the attention of millions of viewers. From Budweiser's iconic Clydesdales to Pepsi's star-studded campaigns, Super Bowl ads have become an integral part of the game-day experience. As viewers enjoy the game and the commercials, it is important to do so responsibly and indulge in some buffalo wings and cold beverages.

Re: Top Ten Super Bowl Ads 2008 - Commercials from Super Bowl 42

Good evening! It's not even afternoon exactly, but I hope you're all doing well. See you guys, just wanted to say that you're so stupid! You suck! Oh God! That's just nasty, legit.

You know, if you're gonna use the fart machine, okay, come here, come here, come here! Come on, hurry up!

It's this little machine in his hands, where did it go? Oh, that was my stupid sister. Did you see your face? Did you, huh, huh? Is it so ugly?

Like, trying to watch a video, I tried to make a video, they made... It's probably more successful.

Okay, so, huh, minutes, what fun! You've been on it for two and a half hours. Oh yeah, you have!

I get up at 9:30, it's 11:30. No, actually, liar, I woke up...

That's not dancing, oh, it's 11:32, okay, so...

We are going to the pool shortly, real big fat. Well, because I'm not allowed to say the other word that I was going to say.

So, thank you!

Here, come here, one second. Get over here! Is it...?

My sister is a total douche. I messed my hair up good, you deserve it. It's not even on your foot, eyes!

Raining, ugh! I will not chase you. I will drive back to the police, they will find you with their razors and dogs.

Why is...?

Okay, hearthquakes, let me just...

Oh, there's Evelyn. Okay Mike, let me just stop the video.

## Introduction ##

Good evening everyone! I hope you're all having a great day. In this video, we have some funny and random moments that happened throughout the day. From using a fart machine to silly conversations with my sister, it's been quite an eventful day. So, without further ado, let's dive into the craziness!

## Moments Recap ##

- Fart machine shenanigans: We had some laughs with a fart machine, but it mysteriously disappeared.

- My sister's hilarious reaction: My sister's face when she heard the fart noises was priceless. She thought it was so ugly!

- Failed video attempts: I tried making a video, but it didn't turn out as successful as I hoped.

- Time flies: I didn't realize how much time had passed until I checked the clock. Two and a half hours gone just like that!

- Morning confusion: I woke up a bit later than usual, but someone accused me of lying. Can you believe it?

- Dance or not: There was a debate about whether someone's moves qualified as dancing or not. The verdict is still out.

- Pool plans: We're planning to head to the pool soon for some fun, but I can't use the word I originally intended to describe it.

- Gratitude: Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for watching and supporting my videos. Thank you!

## Conclusion ##

Well, that's it for this video. It was a wild ride filled with silly moments and laughter. I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed sharing these moments with you. Until next time, take care and stay tuned for more crazy adventures!

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