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super bowl ads cost 2016

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Is the cost for a Super Bowl commercial worth it?

puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey, baby baby. I was Mountain Dew kickstart. sad puppy monkey baby. one of the most toked about commercials from last night- Super Bowl 50- and the game was last night. many of the commercials that aired were available much earlier than that on YouTube. joining us right now is the Association of Independent commercial producers CEO, Matt Miller. Matt, good to see you. good to see you again joining us. so how does this work? they can release the- the ads before the Super Bowl on YouTube. well, you know, actually, this year, two-thirds of the ads were released ahead of time, which is a total reversal from the way we used to cloud them and secrecy for so long. but I think what people realize is the investment is so big, chatter is so big, and what they're really trying to do these days is not get your attention for 30 seconds, but have an integrated campaign where they lead up to it with either teasers, pre-releases, premieres on morning shows. however, they can get it out there and get the initial attention. what they're really doing is saying: we have this massive audience of people watching the Superbowl ads. if we can get 10 million people seeing this, which would be a homerun- we actually have ambassadors in the room right, so you know there's a big party, 30 people, and someone says, oh, I've seen this before. everyone be quiet, let's. this is really funny and they actually pull people in that way and actually have people who are out there, you know, Hawking their idea, hopefully for good. yeah, I have a question: if you're going to run the ad and launch it beforehand, before the Super Bowl, then why do we have record rates for these ads that are airing during the Superbowl? just say you're, just saying you're gonna say it's a Super Bowl ad and don't pay two, five million dollars. you could be five and five tikets, audience sighs. look, I mean the idea of live television and having that many viewers. I mean last year we had over a hundred and fourteen million viewers, the largest TV audience that we've we've basically ever had, and it's so unique. right now, only tentpole events- the Superbowl, the Olympics, some of the award shows- are the only things drawing those live conversations amongst people at the same time, with DVRs, time-shifting and everything else. so it's becoming more and more valuable. but also the launch and the utilization of the platform and the interest in the platform has gotten to be so much more integrated on so many levels, that they're rolling out teasers, they're doing a lot of PR around it, they're doing a lot of follow-up and hopefully it's got a long tail at the end, based on social media and people grabbing it, gravitating and sharing it with their friends. house advertising going today, media to the business of advertising. well, it's changing, it's in flux. I think there are massive opportunities because we're working off of many different platforms. you're toking specifically about television. it is most certainly in flux, but the way people are viewing even your television show is much different. they're watching it on their time, they're watching it in their way. sometimes you're skipping commercials, but the ones that pull you in and actually entertain you are the ones that actually get watched, watched again and then shared within people's networks. that's the ultimate goal: entertainment and really engaging people in these cultural moments. I real good stuff, Matt. good to see you. thanks so much. thank you, Matt Miller, joining us.

Cost of Super Bowl Commercials

a multi-billion dollar brand. the first social commerce mobile service: $49 unlimited 4G nationwide voice, text and data. solavei- the next thing in mobile. so how do we get them hooked? we go big. we go really big. TV ads, billboards and radio spots. we shout out to the world that we are here. we cut through the clutter. we put something out there the average person can aspire to that we get it. with this campaign. we're building a multi-billion dollar brand people can rally behind. so how much is this campaign going to cost us? we're projecting to spend 250 to 300 million the first year. I can show you the breakdown. no, it's okay. it was a great presentation, great campaign. in fact it could work. but that's a lot of money and I believe there's a better way to spend that money. I believe he's a better way. I believe she's a better one. I believe there a better way. why spend all that money on ads when we can spend it on real people for simply sharing a great product and service with their friends? my friends trust me more than any TV spot. I reach more people in any radio ad. my actions speak louder than any bill. I am the TV spot, I am the billboard, I am the radio way. I am the future of advertising. I am the best way to sugar hi I'm solavei. I am sold. I am so loving hi I'm Sullivan.

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#OutOfScope EP66: Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price?

thanks for tuning in to Addis cope when we tok about business, sports and marketing. I'm Brian Cristiano, CEO of bold worldwide, and this is episode number 66. our superbowl ads worth the price. sports marketing expert, Brian Cristiano, ayan, Cristiano, Ryan, Cristiano warts. fans are arguably the most passionate people probably on the face of this planet. marketers and advertisers and brands always have to keep in mind you have to play to the state of your audience. if you're not passionate, do something else. well, with the Super Bowl less than a month away, the question on anybody's mind- who's going to be watching the commercials is also: how the hell much do they cost this time? right, about 5 million dollars per 30 seconds, which sounds ridiculous to most people. but I'm going to give you the argument on why. it's actually pretty cheap. you've got advertisers like Toyota, Taco Bell, wicks, LG. then you've got you know the old standbys, of course- Snickers, bud, bud, light, etc. they're all going to be in there this year and it's expected to, of course, always sell out. but why is it that the Super Bowl can charge such a premium- 5 million dollars for 30 seconds. it seems absurd, but here's why. right, it's all about attention. Super Bowl, everyone is watching. over a hundred million people have watched the last few years, every single year, and continuing to tik upward slightly. there's not a whole lot more saturation that the Super Bowl really can gain, at least in the US, but it's also international as well, and I think what differentiates the Super Bowl outside of anything else- where everybody's watching- is the fact that people are watching specifically for the ads. there are whole segment of consumers that just watched the superbawl for the ads themselves, Plus, everyone else who's watching the Super Bowl is also watching them for the ads, right. so I think it's one of the only times in marketing at all where people are intentionally looking for advertising, and that is why the ads are worth so much. that's why they can charge five million dollars, because it's not just the volume of people that are going to watch, it's that we know that almost all of people that are watching are also going to see the ads and there paying very close attention to it. but not only that, it's not just about the hundred plus million people that are going to watch those 30 seconds from these brands. it's also about the time that has gained before and after the Super Bowl, because, as we've seen over the last few years. advertisers are now releasing the spots earlier in earlier. we're going to probably start to see some of the ads over the next couple of weeks and that in and of itself starts to gain a lot of traction, right, because everybody starts to tok about: oh, what's brand a doing, what's brand be doing? you know what's budweiser, what's Bud Light doing this year of what Snickers doing this year? right, they were very creative last year. what's wix going to do? are they going to be creative? I know last year some of the insurance companies kind of took a little bit of flack for going a little bit down too far down the emotional side, the negative emotional side. and this year, what are they going to do? are they going to mix it up? are they going to make things serious? are they going to make it really fun and entertaining? I think every single year, any of the brands that perform really well to get the most attention. they're really funny, they're entertaining and they appeal to the mass audience, because you have to keep in mind that you are putting an ad out in front of a state of audience that is drinking, they're having fun, they're partying, they're watching a game, they're eating food. they don't want to think about insurance in that way right. so I think it, even though, yes, maybe people toked about it more after the Super Bowl. I still think that has less value than connecting with people right there in the game now. the hundreds of thousands and millions of people that are going to potentially see some of these ads before the Super Bowl even launches. that alone is worth a lot of money. and then if they can put the creativity in the right place and connect with that target consumer, the general audience, it's also interested in watching the Super Bowl. now you're going to get people to tok about it up to the super bowl and then you're going to get them to watch it at the Super Bowl. and I think some of the brands that do a really good job are the ones that maybe buy more than 30 seconds right and have a few slots, like bud light or budweiser is always very good at this- so maybe they can release one of the commercials. it kind of teases what's going on, so people start toking about it earlier, but then they can kind of keep close to their chest the other spots that are only going to air initially during the Super Bowl, so it still kind of create some of that excitement. but obviously to do that, you to have a lot of money, right. you're gonna run 3 as us 15 million bucks approximately. that's not even inclusive of the production budget, which is probably in the millions itself. so it's very expensive to do this. but brands that are large enough- fortune 500 companies that have the marketing prowess on the marketing budget to move forward with this kind of a media by this is a no-brainer. I think it's absolutely worth every penny and more. I actually think the Superbook will probably charge maybe five point five, six million dollars and they'd probably still sell out. but there needs to be a little bit of growth and I think that's going to continue. I think it's also at their benefit that advertisers are a bit confused right now. right, traditional media- everyone knows that it's getting more expensive and less valuable. but social media and social marketing and digital marketing- as much as I'm a proponent of that stuff and as much as it works, some of these big brands hit saturation. they're very quickly. they're not exactly sure where to go when, where the money's best spam. so the Super Bowl is actually the perfect opportunity for these brands because they can gain a lot of social traction, a lot of people toking at the water cooler before and after the big game. but then, of course, also the prestige that comes with being in the Super Bowl, which i think is a big part of it. right, if your ad is in the Super Bowl, that's, that's big news. people are going to tok about that. and if you're creatives good enough and you make a good enough add, people are going to tok about it for weeks before and weeks after, which is way more than you could buy with five million dollars in digital marketing or anywhere else, so I think it's a steal. it's going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks: who starts releasing what ads and who starts to kind of create the most buzz. there's always somebody that sneaks in the back door, doesn't buy a Super Bowl commercial, but does something very unique or interesting online or through social, so we'll keep an eye out for that too. anyway, hope you enjoyed this episode. keep an eye out for the superbowl commercials and let me know which ones you like from 2015. i'm curious and we'll tok about that more on a future episode as we get closer to the Super Bowl. thanks so much. thanks so much for watching episode 66 of Attis cope. please make sure to LIKE, comment and share, because that's how more people find out about the show and that's how we get better guests, more information and better things going on. the show is going to continue to grow. if you help me, help you make some content anyway. please make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel. I really appreciate it. keep tuning back in.

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Super Bowl ads cost $5 million for 30 seconds. Here's what to expect this Sunday

we hear that the price tag has gone up to five million dollars for thirty seconds I think. it was like 4.8 million last time around. the audience keeps dropping and yet the numbers keep going up for the ads. is it worth it? so I think I think this year the audience will actually be up and the audience has been up throughout the season. obviously it's the Pats. I think. I think it'll be somewhere around 110 million rather than 100 s reading against them. probably some of them described both, but the fact of the matter is the Super Bowl is still a really valuable property for advertisers who need brand salience. they need their brands top-of-mind if they're in crowded categories or if you're introducing new products, trying to create awareness for a new brand, because there is something north of a hundred million people who are all actually paying attention to the ads. I was, I was toking to the crew in makeup and they're both. they were saying how much they're looking forward to it and you have that multiplier of shared experience and which really does add a lot of value. people actually stay to watch the commercials. they do, they look forward to it, they say they like them and they and they get value. I mean, you know the work that you get that gets screened in the Superbowl is usually exceptional. a half-game ratings have been amazed. they were amazing. 53 million for the Superbowl is gonna be amazing. I'm not feeling guilty about why. I'm happy. I'm not thinking politiks, I'm just going to watch. I'm just excited about watching the game. I feel I'm guilt-free. I'm not a maroon 5 fan, I don't want to move. it's interesting cuz I think, oh, that's right, he's an NBC I don't hate. I'm sorry. I thought if imagine dragons would have been a better choice. but ah, it's gonna be, it's gonna be amazing, it's gonna be good and there's going to be- to your point, there's gonna be, I think, this year, a lot more fun and a lot less purpose and politik. you myrrh that you see somebody like christina applegate. that's what you're. it's nostalgia and humor is even a neat thing that I don't have. you've seen it. but obviously it's been held in Atlanta, which is the home of coca-cola. Pepsi is the NFL sponsor so there was a lot of speculation about that's. cop intensity of the wolf or downs, the team tries to move the ball. 10. you can either run it or pass. it is not to work for quarter horses doing that his weekends do Arsenal playoffs? no, no, he was watching me, yeah, I mean, it's kind of like rugby, right - what X? what percentage of that fee of 50 million do you think companies are paying? because they also know it's gonna get so much replay and retweet and YouTube. versus 10 years ago, obviously, oh, oh wait, way more. and then it's gone up every single year. if you look at the, at the amount of pre and post game activity, this is not a. this is not a four hour event. this is a at least three day and, in some cases, two week event. and again, that's one of the things that makes it worth investing, because the, the, the spot itself making it buying the celebrity. all of that is just the start. then you need to invest in all of the support promotion as well. where are you on the likes of Nike and Gillette's sort of politikal stances in this year? do you think that's gonna be more of the same or, as it led to better sales, we're gonna see less of that? the Super Bowl? no question. I mean, I think the interest, the most politikal thing that's happened so far is acreage Holdings tried to buy the marijuana company, tried to tried to buy a spot and and we're rejected by CBS on the grounds that they won't accept advertising that's encouraging any illegal activity, which in some states, in some states, yeah, but I think that was just a very clever, very clever move by Kevin Murphy, because I don't think they ever intended to pay the five million. I think they just wanted the headline for being rejected, yeah, and now I'm back to thinking that that Goodell might be worth thinking. he, the way he did, you know, I like, we didn't, II didn't in the near term, right, and he. now I'm back to thinking maybe he is worth it, does anyone? you know, nobody's worth 50 million, right, well, fo, but it maybe. what? what is what's the most? as long as you have a 90%, I know a lot of people that are billionaires, become the greatest philanthropist. they do, they create the wealth and then they give it away. but you know you can't satisfy the. don't get me started. it's gonna be a big, that's right. I always have a self-starter big. if for women, 47% of the audience is usually women, but this year of more than a third of the celebrities women, which is up from, and if there's a specific, I mean, I think very interesting that Olay, which is a, you know, pure beauty brand is is in the Superbowl, you, you.

Do Super Bowl Ads Cost Too Much

hey there, Steve cripta. here and today we're going to tackle the question: why does superbowl ads cost so much? you know, it was an interesting thing. this morning i was listening to the radio and before, a 30 to 60 second spot during the commercial cost around 3 million bucks. now that seems like a whole heck of a lot of money, but if you hang out for a few minutes here, i'm going to explain something to you. it's really going to put that into perspective and something you can use for your marketing. now, when you think about that 3 million dollars, it doesn't seem like you're going to get a whole lot of bang for your buck. now I get it. there are millions and millions of people watching the Super Bowl- probably going to be me too- but what are they going to get? maybe three, four, maybe five times you'll see that commercial and when you take into consideration, it takes the average person seven times to see something before they purchase. why would they spend so much money? well, think about this for a minute. what's going to happen the next day? what's going to be all over TV, all over the news and all of our social media feeds? it's going to be the top four or five videos. okay, they're going to be shown over and over and over again throughout television, probably for at least a week, and then you know they. obviously they can use the same ads running through, but they pay for those. I'm going to tok about the non paid part of it. guess who else is going to be helping these corporations spread their, their ads around like viral maniacs? it's going to be us. we're going to be sharing our favorite commercial, so we're going to help these commercials go viral. so for that, look, I understand there's a large sum of money in the beginning- that three million bucks- but how many times is our five commercial is going to be spread and shared and commented on and light throughout Facebook alone. so yes, it's kind of expensive in the beginning, but with social media it's going to be pennies on the dollar compared to probably their, their return. so check this out: if we take that, put that into our marketing, you create a piece of content- maybe a YouTube video or one heck of a good written artikle or maybe a video blog- and you put that out on social media, people on social media, your friends and your immediate sphere of influence are going to see that. but if it's good. isn't it worth boosting it for 5, 10, 15, maybe 20 bucks and sharing it outside to to the niche that you're already trying to target anyways. isn't it worth doing that? because, well, first off, you're probably going to get likes on your business page. but second, so many may see that and if you put, if you got, if you put these words, if you got value out of this, feel free to share it. people will share it. it's crazy and if people really like it, it's going to go viral for you. so if you put 20 bucks on it and it gets shared 30 times, that's 30 times other, that's 30 other spheres of influence that are seeing your piece of content. it's pretty awesome. in fact, I'm telling you the ads for the superbowl genius: the better they are, the more, the more opportunity they had to be shared. the same thing with your content. so I appreciate you hope you got value out of this. if you did, feel free to like, share and comment. and if you'd like to start getting more eyeballs organically on your content, Rob, for has given a free ninety two minute video on exactly how to do that at Steve credit calm /s CEO. madman, don't worry, I'm going to put it right here so you can see it and you can have that for absolutely free. so appreciate you have an awesome day. tok to soon my life.