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Super Bowl Ads Rate Soars.

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

As the Super Bowl approaches, ad spending has reached a record high, with some marketers shelling out a whopping $7 million for just seconds of air time. Eric Huberman, founder and CEO of Hawk Media and author of The Hawk Method, joins us to discuss this year's commercial spending and what to expect from the ads.

Expectations for Super Bowl Ads:

- Ads will reflect current cultural themes, such as inclusion and diversity.

- Ads will cover a range of topics, including crypto, adventure, and vaccinations.

- Comedic and heartfelt ads tend to be the most successful.

- Meta and the metaverse will likely be featured in ads.

- Super Bowl ads can create new awareness, build trust, and reach a wide audience.

Measuring Success of Super Bowl Ads:

- Success can be measured in terms of sales, virality, and brand credibility.

- Companies have different abilities to monetize Super Bowl ads, depending on their distribution channels.

- Some companies may choose to release their version of a Super Bowl ad without actually running it during the game.

Future of Super Bowl Ads:

- The price of Super Bowl ads will likely continue to increase unless football becomes less interesting to viewers.

- International expansion and inflation may also contribute to higher prices.

- Despite declining viewership, the Super Bowl remains a valuable opportunity for companies to reach a wide audience.

How The Super Bowl Became The Championship Of Advertising

The Super Bowl: More Than Just a Game

Every year, as the Super Bowl approaches, football-themed products and food start appearing everywhere. It's become a national holiday of sorts, involving watching, evaluating, and discussing the television commercials. This tradition has turned the Super Bowl into the championship of advertising.

The Game-Changer: Apple 1984:

Music Super Bowl 18 changed everything. Steve Jobs needed an ad to announce the advent of Macintosh that would stop the world in its tracks. The media director of Tschida Hank Antos suggested that the only place to run this ad was during the Super Bowl. Steve Jobs hesitated, saying he didn't know anyone who watched the Super Bowl. But, eventually, he agreed, and the ad became an instant hit. It became an event, and TV networks discovered an opportunity to expand the audience beyond just football fans, and of course, make more money.

The Ultimate Advertising Showdown:

The Super Bowl became the ultimate advertising showdown, with advertisers paying huge amounts to play. This year, 30-second spots cost as much as $5-6 million. To succeed, it is recommended to be intelligently funny, not to sell too hard or sell hard at all. Planning for the Super Bowl used to take months, but now changes can be made overnight.

Animals in Commercials:

The use of animals in commercials has proven to be very effective. Studies have shown that the economics do work, and movies with trailers that air during the Super Bowl were found to boost opening weekend sales by more than twice the cost of the ad time. A Stanford study showed that Budweiser Super Bowl ads boosted its sales by almost twice what they spent on the commercials. The price of participating in this advertising showcase continues to climb, even though viewership of the Super Bowl has fallen off.

The Pressure to be Great:

The pressure to do something great has gotten greater with every year. Last year, the major Super Bowl commercials that were released before the game were already watched over a hundred million times online by Friday before the game. Social media engagement around the advertising has completely changed the game.

Inviting Consumers to Decide:

AB InBev decided to release two Bud Light Seltzer ads featuring Post Malone a few days before the game and let the audience decide which one would get the spot. This is helping both ads rack up views online. Post Malone was chosen not only because he's great at driving cultural conversations but also because he's known to be a huge Bud Light fan.

The Super Bowl is one TV event that still commands a huge live audience. While only one team can win the game, there are always a few brands that steal the show. The Super Bowl has become a platform for companies to showcase their creativity, and it is a testament to the power of advertising.

How much do Super Bowl ads cost now?

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and people are eagerly waiting for the commercials to air during the big game. We have Rich Herbeck, from Agency 15, a local marketing advertisement company, to give us some interesting information about these commercials. He talks about the cost of commercial spots, the involvement of celebrities, the planning and production of big game ads, and the themes we can expect to see in the ads.

Key Points:

1. Cost of Commercial Spots:

- This year, it costs over six million dollars for 30 seconds of commercial real estate.

- The price has increased drastically over the years. The price of placing an ad during the first Super Bowl in 1967 was only one thousand five hundred dollars.

- The cost of production can double or triple the original cost of the spot.

2. Involvement of Celebrities:

- Many commercials feature celebrities.

- Celebrities are used to create buzz and garner attention beyond the 30-second spot.

- They are seen as a superpower to put a brand at the front of everyone's radar.

3. Planning and Production of Big Game Ads:

- Planning and production for a big game ad can take months and involve hundreds of people.

- The cost of production can be tens of millions of dollars for some ads.

4. Themes in the Ads:

- The ads are expected to showcase the theme of coming back together and enjoying a communal experience.

- Traveling, family, and being out in the world are some of the themes that we can expect to see.

The Super Bowl commercials are an integral part of the big game experience. The cost of commercial spots has increased drastically over the years, and celebrities are used to create buzz and garner attention beyond the 30-second spot. The planning and production of big game ads can take months and involve hundreds of people. The ads are expected to showcase the theme of coming back together and enjoying a communal experience.

Super Bowl Commercials: Why This Year Could Be Known as the ‘Crypto Bowl’ | WSJ

Calm music plays as the narrator begins the article, discussing how cryptocurrency companies will be advertising on the world's largest stage for the first time during SUPERBOWL 56. This is a major moment for the sector, which has been gaining mainstream recognition and acceptance. With this unveiling moment, the article explores which companies are vying for Americans' attention during the game and what we can expect from the new crypto advertisers.

Bullet points:

- FTX is giving away the time for their ad, which runs in Bitcoin

- SUPERBOWL Sunday is the most expensive real estate on all of television, making it a prime opportunity for new companies to cement their brand names

- In 2022, each 30-second ad slot went for as much as $7 million, up from $5.6 million last year

- Three companies are running ads during the broadcast: COINBASE, FTX, and CRYPTO COM

- BINANCE is pursuing an unconventional strategy, running an ad campaign around the game instead of during the actual game

- Even companies not directly related to cryptocurrencies are exploring blockchain technology, such as Budweiser running an online NFT contest

The article ends with the narrator discussing how last year, many of the biggest spenders like Budweiser decided not to participate in the SUPERBOWL due to the pandemic. This year, it is expected to be a little more normal than last year, but still difficult to craft something due to the current state of the country.

Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price?

The Super Bowl is not just a game, it's also a huge advertising opportunity. With a price tag of four million dollars for a 30-second spot, advertisers need to make sure their ads are effective and memorable. But how do they determine if it's worth the investment?

Factors that determine if Super Bowl ads are worth it:

1. Generating buzz on social media: Some advertisers release their ads or teaser spots before the game to generate buzz on social media. This can help to amortize the cost of the ad and make it more effective.

2. Association with the product: While it's important for the ad to be entertaining and memorable, it's also crucial for people to associate it with the product. Ads like Budweiser's Clydesdale ad have been effective in achieving both objectives.

3. Launching new campaigns: The Super Bowl can be an opportunity to launch a new campaign and measure its effectiveness through econometrics modelling.

4. Social media presence: Social media can be just as valuable as spending millions of dollars on real-time ads on TV, as seen with Oreo's tweet during the Super Bowl blackout.

Super Bowl ads are a huge investment, but they can be effective in generating broad awareness and launching new campaigns. Advertisers need to find ways to make their ads memorable and effective, whether it's through generating buzz on social media or association with the product. The Super Bowl can also be a platform for real-time marketing through social media.

Why Super Bowl Ads Are (Usually) Worth the Cost

- The discussion is about whether advertising during the Superbowl is worth it for advertisers.

- It is argued that for big brand advertisers, it is worth it for brand exposure, while for others it may not be as effective.

Points Made:

- The Superbowl is the biggest venue for brand exposure.

- Some companies blow their entire marketing budget on one 30-second spot in the hope of hitting a homerun.

- Despite the digital world offering many advertising options, the Superbowl still works for a lot of people.

- Budweiser's Superbowl ads aim to set an example and care about the ecosystem of their brand, which gets the host selling system and distributors fired up.

- Advertising during the Superbowl can have a positive impact on a brand's sales and visibility.

- However, some ads may not be effective or may not suit the audience they are trying to reach.

- Advertising during the Superbowl can be worth it for big brands, but may not be effective for others.

- Companies should carefully consider their audience and message before spending their entire marketing budget on a Superbowl ad.

Super Bowl ads cost $5 million for 30 seconds. Here's what to expect this Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of the most valuable properties for advertisers who need brand salience. Despite the audience dropping, the numbers keep going up for the ads. The price tag has gone up to five million dollars for thirty seconds. The question is, is it worth it?

Sub-Heading 1: The Value of Super Bowl Ads

- The Super Bowl is a valuable property for advertisers who need brand salience.

- Advertisers need their brands top of mind if they're in crowded categories or if they're introducing new products trying to create awareness for a new brand.

- The fact of the matter is the Super Bowl is still a really valuable property for advertisers.

- There is something north of a hundred million people who are all actually paying attention to the ads.

Sub-Heading 2: Audience and Commercials

- The audience keeps going up for the ads.

- The audience has been up throughout the season obviously it's the Pats.

- People actually stay to watch the commercials; they do, they look forward to it, they say they like them, and they get value.

- The work that gets screened in the Super Bowl is usually exceptional.

Sub-Heading 3: Super Bowl as an Event

- The Super Bowl is not a four-hour event; this is at least a three-day and in some cases, a two-week event.

- The amount of pre and post-game activity has gone up every single year.

- The spot itself making it, buying the celebrity, all of that is just the start.

- Then you need to invest in all of the support promotion as well.

Sub-Heading 4: Politics and Sales

- There is going to be, to your point, a lot more fun and a lot less purpose and politic.

- The interest the most political thing that's happened so far is acreage Holdings tried to buy the marijuana company tried to buy a spot and we're rejected by CBS.

- I think the interest the most political thing that's happened so far is acreage Holdings tried to buy the marijuana company tried to buy a spot and we're rejected by CBS.

The Super Bowl is still a valuable property for advertisers who need brand salience. People look forward to watching the commercials, and the work that gets screened in the Super Bowl is usually exceptional. The event has grown to at least a three-day and in some cases, a two-week event. Politics is expected to be less of an issue this year, and companies are willing to pay more for the ads.

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