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super bowl liv ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

For this year's Super Bowl, advertisers paid over five million dollars for just 30 seconds of airtime. Despite the cost, the Super Bowl ads have always been known for their creativity and humor. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the top 10 funniest Super Bowl ads of 2020.

Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Ads 2020:

1. Stack Pringles Flavors Make New Ones

2. Little Caesars Delivery - Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

3. Avocados from Mexico Shopping Network

4. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

5. Bud Light Seltzer

6. Sodastream - Fresh Sparkling Water in Seconds

7. Rocket Mortgage - Jason Momoa

8. Amazon Alexa

9. Reese's Take 5 Bar

10. Hyundai Sonata - Smaht Pahk

These ads were not only funny, but they also showcased the creativity of the advertisers. It's no wonder that companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to create memorable Super Bowl ads. Which one of these ads was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

How The Super Bowl Became The Championship Of Advertising

Every year as the Super Bowl approaches, football-themed food and products begin to appear everywhere. It's more like a national holiday than a sporting event, involving watching, evaluating, and discussing television commercials. This tradition has transformed the Super Bowl into the championship of advertising.

In 1984, Apple's Steve Jobs made the bold move to advertise during the Super Bowl, sparking a trend that turned the event into an advertising showdown. The price of a 30-second spot during the game now costs as much as $5-6 million. Here are some secrets to successful Super Bowl advertising:

1. Be funny, but don't try to sell too hard.

2. There's no one to fail in front of.

3. Change plans quickly for maximum impact.

4. Animals are always a hit with audiences.

5. Super Bowl ads can have a significant impact on sales.

Even though Super Bowl viewership has fallen, the price of participating in the advertising showcase continues to climb. The event's sheer size and cultural significance make it impossible to ignore.

Social media engagement has changed the game, with companies like Bud Light releasing multiple ads and letting audiences decide which one to air during the game. The Super Bowl remains a TV event that commands a huge live audience, and while only one team can win the game, a few brands always manage to steal the show.

Super Bowl Commercials 2020 Compilation Best Big Game LIV Ads

In this article, we will summarize a conversation that includes various brands and products being discussed by different individuals. The conversation includes colloquialisms, transitional phrases, and idioms. We will highlight the key points and provide a brief analysis of the conversation.

Main Points:

- Applause Music plays in the background as someone orders groceries and sustenance.

- There is a discussion about the size of the grocery bags and whether they contain only coffee.

- Organic produce is requested.

- A person named Jürgen is asked to come down to assist.

- There is a brief interruption as someone pretends to fall.

- A new candy bar is discussed, called Reese's Take Five.

- The conversation shifts to a sports game being watched, and dirty text messages are mentioned.

- Little Caesars delivery is discussed and declared the best thing since sliced bread.

- Pop Tarts introduces a new product, Pop Tart Pretzels.


This conversation includes a variety of products and brands being discussed in a casual setting. The use of idioms and colloquialisms adds to the informal nature of the conversation. There is a mix of humor and serious discussion, with topics ranging from food to sports. The mention of Little Caesars delivery as the best thing since sliced bread shows the enthusiasm and excitement around the product. The introduction of Pop Tart Pretzels also adds to the conversation, with the idea of a sweet and salty combo being appealing to many. Overall, this conversation highlights the influence of brands and products in our everyday lives.

This conversation showcases the casual discussion of various brands and products in a social setting. It highlights the use of idioms and colloquialisms to add humor and informality to the conversation. The introduction of new products, such as Reese's Take Five and Pop Tart Pretzels, shows the constant innovation and creativity of companies in the market. The mention of Little Caesars delivery as the best thing since sliced bread emphasizes the impact that a successful product can have on consumers.

Top 10 Ads Super Bowl Commercials 2020 LIV

In this article, we will be summarizing a series of advertisements and dialogues featuring various products and services.

1. Lay's Space Mission:

- Lay's launches its first space mission in 2020.

- Women are part of the mission crew.

- Astronaut food is available for consumption.

2. Alexa:

- Alexa is a virtual assistant that can adjust temperature and add items to a shopping list.

- People wonder how they lived without Alexa before.

3. Fabletics:

- Fabletics offers leggings in various sizes and colors.

- Two pairs of leggings are available for $24.

4. Bud Light Seltzer:

- Bud Light Seltzer is a hard seltzer available in four flavors.

- The mayor of Seltzer, Pennsylvania endorses it.

- It is unquestionably good.

5. Mountain Dew Zero:

- Mountain Dew Zero has the same refreshing taste as the original, but without any sugar.

6. Tito's Popcorn:

- Tito's Popcorn is a cheater, according to Jido.

7. Spider-Man:

- Spider-Man must choose which car to drive.

In this article, we have summarized various advertisements and dialogues featuring Lay's, Alexa, Fabletics, Bud Light Seltzer, Mountain Dew Zero, Tito's Popcorn, and Spider-Man. These products and services aim to provide convenience, refreshment, and entertainment to their consumers.

The Standout Ads Of Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl is a day when commercials are actually welcome. This year, there were many ads that stood out, featuring humor and celebrating women.

Humor in Advertising:

- One ad that stood out was the Rocket Mortgage ad featuring Jason Momoa.

- The ad kept viewers engaged while still promoting the brand.

- Memes featuring the ad are still circulating on social media.

The Impact of Social Media:

- The Mr. Peanut ad featured a cute baby version of the iconic character.

- The hashtag #babynut became an online sensation.

- Brands are starting to use social media more effectively to promote their products.

Celebrating Women:

- This year was historic for women in advertising.

- The ad featuring Katie Sowers was a standout.

- Brands are starting to recognize the power of female representation in their ads.

This year's Super Bowl commercials were memorable and impactful. Brands are starting to use humor and social media to their advantage, while also recognizing the importance of diversity and representation in their advertising.

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2020! (Top 10 Superbowl LIV Ads 2020)

The following article presents a collection of conversations and advertisements that were recorded by a voice assistant device, Alexa. The conversations include various topics such as temperature control, jokes, news, and music. The ads cover products ranging from Bud Light seltzer to Fabletics leggings and Rocket Mortgage.


- A person asks Alexa to turn down the thermostat and wonders what people did before having voice assistants.

- Another person asks Alexa to tell a joke and Alexa responds with a corny punchline.

- Someone else asks Alexa for the day's news and comments that it's probably all fake.

- A person asks Alexa to play their favorite song and reflects on how the song brings people together.

- A group of people try Bud Light seltzer and comment on the taste.

- Two people discuss laundry and a new year's resolution to work out.

- Someone expresses their wish to watch the game with a Budweiser.

- Old Spice and Bounty ads play in the background.

- An advertisement for SodaStream is included at the end.


- Bud Light seltzer is advertised as unquestionably good.

- Fabletics leggings are advertised as comfortable and available in various sizes and colors.

- Rocket Mortgage is advertised as a personalized and convenient way to finance a home.

The conversations and ads captured by Alexa reflect various aspects of daily life, including entertainment, technology, and consumer products. They offer insights into the ways in which people interact with voice assistant devices and the types of products they are interested in.

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2021

- The article consists of various advertisements and commercials, using different techniques to promote their products or services.


- Cheetos ad: a person denies stealing someone's Cheetos while being caught on camera and recommends using a distraction tactic.

- Rocket Mortgage ad: promotes their service for buying a home with certainty and affordability.

- GM Ultium battery ad: emphasizes the versatility of the new battery for all types of vehicles.

- Scotts and Miracle-Gro ad: offers a chance to win a dream lawn and garden.

- Dr. Squatch soap ad: promotes natural soap for men who like to feel good and smell good.

- Pringles ad: promotes their various flavors for stacking and enjoying.

- Toyota ad: proud partner of Team USA for the Olympics.

- T-Mobile ad: promotes their 5G network for reliable communication and love life.

- The ads use various techniques such as humor, emotional appeal, and celebrity endorsements to attract the audience's attention and promote their products or services.

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