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super bowl sunday ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

This year, the price of 30 seconds of commercial air time on the Super Bowl has reached a record seven million dollars. With that kind of money, there are endless possibilities for what you can do, including eating trees, grass, shrubs, alfalfa, lichen, and fescue, which are all things llamas eat. But let's not forget about the top 10 funniest Super Bowl commercials of the year.

1. Playoffs are Here:

- Games, snacks, drinks, what else can you ask for?

- Pass me a Pepsi, can you drink any louder?

- Toss me some wings, did you eat any louder?

2. Peyton and Eli's Road Trip:

- Hard pass, playoffs are on.

- You're paying for that door, by the way.

- Can we go see the bus?

3. Doritos and Mountain Dew:

- We got room for one more.

- Got Doritos, got Mountain Dew.

- Let's do it!

4. Avocados from Mexico:

- They also taste great on salads.

- I love salad, if that's what I'm known for.

- Let's kick this party up a notch!

5. Irish Spring:

- Stinkiness is unwelcome here.

- Bad smells must receive their corrections.

- Welcome to Irish Spring, where freshness reigns.

6. Alexa's Game Day:

- Streaming football on Prime Video.

- Ordering fresh mint mouthwash.

- It's like she can read your mind.

7. M&M's:

- Treasure all along, it was you.

- When is the show open?

- Setting a reminder to fake your own death.

8. Little Caesars:

- This bread is delicious, did you make it?

- Gammy is short for she bought it at Whole Foods.

- Colin left the oysters in the car for five hours.

9. TurboTax:

- Let's raise the stakes.

- Robot vacuum vs. 4K smart TV.

- Get the cat!

10. General Motors:

- Our takeover is complete.

- Now we can reduce tailpipe emissions.

- I refuse to be number two.

These top 10 funniest Super Bowl commercials of the year have brought laughter and entertainment to millions of viewers. From hilarious road trips to unexpected twists, these commercials have captured our attention and made us smile. As the Super Bowl continues to be a platform for creativity and humor, we can't wait to see what next year's commercials will bring. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2020 - Best Ten Superbowl LIV Commercials

Hey, did you know that advertisers paid over five million dollars per 30 seconds of airtime during this year's Super Bowl? That's more than I made in a year! Check out the top 10 funniest ads from Super Bowl 2020. I'm sure we can all agree it was money well spent.

- Reese's Take Five bar: Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, and pretzels. Where have you been if you've never heard of it? Under a rock?

- Alexa: Turn down the thermostat. What did people do before Alexa? Ask Alexa to tell a joke? Who knows?

- Scientists have confirmed signs of water on Mars. That's a big discovery! Oh, wait, Target has been acquired? Well, that's not as exciting.

- Bud Light Seltzer: Have we tried that before? Let's check the memory bank. Nope, nothing there. But it tastes like mango, so let's give it a shot.

- Mountain Dew Zero Sugar: Same refreshing taste, but without the sugar. Thirsty? Zero sugar!

- Avocados from Mexico: Need more skin-to-skin contact for your avocado? Try the Avocado look. And don't forget to protect your avocado from bears and humans with a luxury yurt.

- Little Caesars Delivery: It's the best thing since sliced bread! But wait, there's a new best thing? Let's brainstorm some new ideas.

- Pringles: Stack different flavors to create new combos. Pizza, barbecue, and jalapeno? The spicy barbecue pizza stack. Get 'em, grandpa!

- Unfortunately, I can't show you the Hyundai SmartPak or Bill Murray Groundhog Day ads due to copyright. But click the screen to see the best Super Bowl ads of all time.

In conclusion, Super Bowl ads are a big deal, and advertisers are willing to spend a lot of money to make us laugh. From Reese's Take Five to Bud Light Seltzer, these ads definitely made an impression.

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2021

- Have you ever been accused of stealing someone's snacks? Or caught red-handed enjoying a forbidden treat?

- In this article, we'll explore the comical scenarios of snack theft and the humorous excuses people come up with to avoid getting caught.

- From cheetos to cookies, snacks have a way of disappearing mysteriously, leading to hilarious interactions and clever denials.

1. Did you steal my Cheetos again?!

- A classic accusation that sets the tone for the article.

- Uses the contraction did and the colloquialism Cheetos to create a casual and relatable tone.

2. Just tell him it was you!

- An interjection that adds emphasis and urgency to the situation.

- Uses the contraction it to maintain a conversational tone.

3. But I caught you at the counter, it wasn't me!

- A dangling modifier that adds a playful twist to the denial.

- Uses the contraction wasn't to maintain a casual tone.

4. I saw you snacking on the sofa, it wasn't me!

- Uses the idiom snacking on the sofa to create a vivid image.

- Uses the contraction wasn't to maintain a conversational tone.

5. You even had them in the shower, it wasn't me!

- Uses the transitional phrase even had them in the shower to highlight the absurdity of the situation.

- Uses the contraction wasn't to maintain a casual tone.

6. I even caught you on camera, you don't want to grant it access to your snacks!

- Uses the colloquialism grant it access to your snacks to add humor.

- Uses the contraction don't to maintain a conversational tone.

7. Don't talk surprise, don't you sleep behind your back!

- Uses the idiom sleep behind your back to add humor and create a visual image.

- Uses the contraction don't to maintain a casual tone.

8. You gotta keep times before she empties up, but let's review the situation.

- Uses the colloquialism gotta keep times to add a playful tone.

- Uses the contraction let's to maintain a conversational tone.

9. Orange fingers, red flag, to keep you one star sugar-tied.

- Uses the idiom red flag to emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

- Uses the colloquialism one star sugar-tied to add humor.

10. It's better if she asks where they are, you say forget to never admit to a word.

- Uses the idiom forget to never admit to a word to create a clever and humorous excuse.

- Uses the contraction it's to maintain a casual tone.

11. And please, don't upset her. And if she keeps...

- Uses the transitional phrase And please, don't upset her to add emphasis.

- Uses the contraction don't to maintain a conversational tone.

12. Well, that's the first time that's ever worked.

- Uses the interjection Well to express surprise.

- Uses the contraction that's to maintain a casual tone.

- In the world of snack theft, excuses and denials take on a humorous and creative twist.

- Whether it's cheetos, cookies, or any other snack, the battle for snacks can lead to comical situations and clever excuses.

- Remember, when caught red-handed, it's best to embrace the humor and come up with a clever denial.

12 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time - Ads Compilation

- In this article, we will discuss various advertisements and commercials that use contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to engage the audience.

- We will analyze the effectiveness of these techniques in grabbing attention and conveying messages.

- Additionally, we will examine the use of bullet points or numbered lists in advertisements to enhance readability and organization.

1. Advertisements Using Contractions, Idioms, and Colloquialisms:

- Applause Mike, where's your deal, man? Come on, manyou've been riding me all day.

- Snickers satisfies - it's not what your girlfriend says.

- Surrounded by lights on me, all right thanks deep yo.

- Nice job in there, Larson - you saved the account, thank you.

2. Transitional Phrases and Interjections in Advertisements:

- Music, applause, music - it's time for you Trey, the number one place to invest online.

- Fist bumpis out, man. Really? What's in refreshingly smooth Bud Light - always worth it.

- Nice job in there, Larson - you saved the account, thank you.

3. Dangling Modifiers in Advertisements:

- Have a seat, Kyle. Jalen, Jalen. Kyle, Jalen - you play nice.

- So you got your game skills down, back? You might have your hands full once I pick up the controller.

- Put it back, keep your hands on my mama do bare hands on my burrito.

4. Bullet Points or Numbered Lists in Advertisements:

- Reasons to choose Bridgestone tires:

- Improved car performance

- Enhanced safety features

- Durability and longevity

5. Conclusion:

- Advertisements that utilize contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms can effectively engage the audience and make the message more relatable.

- The use of bullet points or numbered lists in advertisements helps to organize information and improve readability.

- By employing these techniques, advertisers can create memorable and impactful campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

How The Super Bowl Became The Championship Of Advertising

Every year as we approach the Super Bowl, football-themed food and products start to appear everywhere. It's more like a national holiday than just a sporting event. One of the highlights of the Super Bowl has become the commercials, turning it into the championship of advertising.

The Super Bowl advertising phenomenon began with Apple's iconic 1984 ad. Steve Jobs wanted an ad that would stop the world in its tracks, and the Super Bowl was the only place to do it. This groundbreaking ad changed everything and turned the Super Bowl into an event.

TV networks quickly realized the opportunity to expand the audience beyond just football fans and make more money. The Super Bowl became the ultimate advertising showdown, with advertisers paying huge amounts for 30-second spots. In recent years, these spots have cost as much as $5-6 million.

So, what are the secrets to a successful Super Bowl ad?

1. Be funny, but not too hard-sell: Intelligent humor is key. Trying to sell too hard can backfire.

2. Plan for maximum impact: In the past, Super Bowl ad plans were made months in advance. Now, they can be changed overnight for maximum impact.

3. Use animals: People love animal ads, especially ones featuring Clydesdales. They evoke a strong emotional response and leave a lasting impression.

4. Movie trailers work: Despite the cost, movie trailers shown during the Super Bowl have been proven to boost opening weekend sales by more than twice the cost of the ad time.

5. It's worth the investment: Even with declining viewership, the Super Bowl stage is too big to ignore. It's a rare moment when the whole nation stops to watch a game, and people are eager to see the commercials.

6. Social media engagement is key: Advertising around the Super Bowl has changed the game. Commercials released before the game generate millions of views online, and social media conversations about the ads continue long after the game ends.

7. Let the audience decide: Brands like Bud Light have started involving the audience in their advertising decisions. By releasing multiple ads and letting viewers choose their favorite, they generate even more engagement and buzz.

In conclusion, the Super Bowl has become more than just a football game. It's a platform for advertisers to showcase their creativity and reach a massive live audience. With the right combination of humor, planning, and audience engagement, a Super Bowl ad can make a lasting impact and steal the show.

I ranked every Super Bowl ad...

Okay, it's Marketing Monday, and this is the Super Bowl edition. Let's dive right in and talk about the ads. But before we get into that, let's take a moment to appreciate Tom Brady. At 43 years old, he's still winning Super Bowls like it's no big deal. I mean, seriously, what is this guy's secret? It's like he's sucking the soul out of his child's mouth or something. Anyway, let's move on to the ads.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you. The ads this year were not that great. But fear not, because I have analyzed them using my special rating algorithm called ATRIAC. It's a graphic in the shape of a football that shows you how much 30 seconds of Super Bowl air time has cost over the past 10 years. Starting in 2010, it was about $3 million, but this year it reached a record high of nearly $6 million. So if you're a big spender, you probably got your money's worth. But if you're on a tight budget, it's a risky move.

Let's start with the M&M's ad. It's a pretty solid ad, featuring some funny moments and showcasing the product. I mean, who doesn't love M&M's? The Doritos 3D commercial is also a good one. It starts off with an intriguing intro and keeps you engaged throughout. The Bud Light Legends ad is a fun Avengers parody that we didn't know we needed. It's a crossover of epic proportions. Bud Knight and Cedric together? Mind blown. I'm putting it slightly above mediocre.

Now let's talk about the Mountain Dew ad featuring John Cena. This one was good. They got an extremely likable spokesman, put their brand everywhere, and offered a chance to win a million dollars. It's a clean and aesthetic ad that shows off the new flavor. It's definitely one of the top ads this year.

Next up is the GM ad with Will Ferrell. The casting choice here was inspired. Can you imagine anyone else but Will Ferrell in this ad? I think not. It's a great ad that flips GM's stance on electric vehicles and finds a way to appeal to the everyman. I'm putting it in the great category.

Now, let's move on to the cringe-worthy ads. Scott's Miracle-Gro is definitely one of them. The attempt to appeal to the zoomers with the whole crush your core thing just falls flat. It's cringe, plain and simple.

And then we have the Hellmann's ad featuring Amy Schumer. Look, I have nothing against Amy Schumer personally, but from a marketing perspective, I don't think she was the best choice for a spokesperson. There are other options that would have gotten less hate on social media.

Finally, we have the TurboTax ad. The entire ad is about how complicated the tax system is, but let's be honest, it's complicated because of us. We're the ones doing it. So it's a bit hypocritical for TurboTax to come in and tell us they can save us with their army of experts. It's a cringe-worthy ad for sure.

In conclusion, while there were a few standout ads this year, overall, the Super Bowl ads were not that great. Some were solid, some were cringe-worthy, and some just missed the mark. But hey, that's marketing for you.

10 Famous Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials

- Music is a powerful medium that can evoke emotions and set the mood for our day.

- From the moment we wake up to the time we go out, music can shape our experiences and add meaning to our lives.

- In this article, we will explore how music influences our daily routines and the impact it has on our mood and well-being.


1. The Morning Ritual:

- Music has the ability to energize and motivate us, making it the perfect companion for our morning routine.

- Whether it's an upbeat pop song or a soothing instrumental, starting our day with music can set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

- Listening to our favorite tunes while getting ready can help us feel more confident and ready to take on the world.

2. The Commute:

- Music can make our daily commute more enjoyable and help us relax or get pumped up for the day ahead.

- Whether we're driving, walking, or taking public transportation, having our favorite playlist or radio station playing in the background can make the journey more pleasant.

- Listening to music during our commute can also serve as a form of escapism, allowing us to temporarily forget about the stress and chaos of the outside world.

3. The Workday:

- Music can play a crucial role in boosting productivity and creativity during the workday.

- Many people find that listening to instrumental music or background noise helps them focus and concentrate on their tasks.

- Additionally, music can serve as a mood booster and help alleviate stress or boredom during long work hours.

4. The Social Scene:

- Music has a way of bringing people together and creating a sense of unity and connection.

- Whether it's attending a concert, dancing at a club, or singing along with friends, music has the power to enhance our social experiences.

- The right song can evoke shared memories and create a sense of camaraderie among friends or strangers.

- Music is more than just a form of entertainment; it has the power to shape our daily routines, influence our emotions, and bring people together.

- From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, music is a constant presence in our lives.

- So next time you reach for that alarm clock or put on your headphones, remember the impact that music can have on your day. Embrace the power of music and let it be the soundtrack to your life.

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