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super king weekly ads

Published on: January 9 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker talks about CPA marketing and provides information about a free traffic source to promote gift card and email summit offers. The video also suggests a specific offer to promote and where to promote it.

1. Trending Offers:

- Max Bounty has a variety of gift card and email summit offers.

- The video recommends promoting the Instant Play Sweepstakes offer, which pays $1.80 per lead and up to $540 per day.

- It is suggested to promote an offer with a high EPC of at least 20 from CPA grip or any other affiliate network.

2. Giveaway Frenzy:

- Giveaway Frenzy is a website that receives a good amount of traffic from the US, Canada, and worldwide.

- To promote an offer on this website, one needs to pay $3 for one week and post their listing.

- The listing requires a sponsor name, affiliate link, title, description, and image.

3. Hercules:

- Hercules is a website that allows sending emails and advertising to more than 200,000 members for free.

- By submitting an affiliate link, one can get 100% real traffic from the inbuilt community of the website.

4. At Cash:

- At Cash is a website that provides paid mobile traffic with over 200 million unique visitors per day and 300,000 conversions per day.

- The website allows targeting specific audiences and launching campaigns within five minutes.

The video provides valuable information about CPA marketing and suggests using free traffic sources such as Giveaway Frenzy and Hercules and a paid traffic source like At Cash to promote gift card and email summit offers. By following these tips, one can increase their earnings from CPA marketing.

Burger King Commercials Compilation The Burger King Ads

Burger King is back with some exciting new deals and menu items. From Cheetos chicken fries to the double croissan'wich, there's something for everyone at Burger King. So, let's take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Menu Items:

- King Savings: Deals made only at Burger King

- Mac N' Cheetos: Cheetos flavor on the outside, creamy mac and cheese on the inside

- 10 Nuggets for $1.49: A steal of a deal

- French Toast Sandwich: A sweet breakfast option

- Chicken Fries: A classic item returning to the menu

- Jalapeno Chicken Fries: A spicy twist on the classic

- Grilled Dogs: A whopper-style hotdog

- Double Croissan'wich: A breakfast sandwich with two patties

- Bacon King: A half pound of beef and six strips of crispy bacon

- 36 Feet Big Game Chicken Fries Box: Perfect for game day


- 10 Nuggets for $1.49: The deal of the century

- Freshly Brewed BK Joe: Any size hot or iced for just 99 cents

- 3 Large Pancakes for 89 Cents: A breakfast steal

- All Day Value: Magic Burger King where tough real match

Burger King has something for everyone with their new menu items and deals. From classic items returning to the menu to exciting new twists, there's never been a better time to visit Burger King. So, head on over and try out these amazing deals and menu items for yourself.

Omega Mart Commercials

Omega Mart is offering amazing deals on various products, including Omega Point and Plausible Deniability, and is encouraging customers to take advantage of the savings before December 12th. However, some customers have confused Omega Mart lemons with lemons for, which the store apologizes for and urges customers to return the product immediately. Additionally, Omega Mart is offering deals on various products, including nut-free salted peanuts, Wake Up cleaning spray, and individually wrapped wheat squares.


- Laundry day at Omega Mart: Save on name brands like Omega Point and Plausible Deniability for just $6.99

- Omega Mart lemons: Some customers have confused Omega Mart lemons with lemons for. Please return this product immediately or call the number on your screen for assistance.

- Halloween deals: Nut-free salted peanuts now only $5.99 a gram

- Wake Up cleaning spray: Now in fun size, this week just $12.99 a bag

- Celebrate the new year: Honey glazed 2020

- Omega Mart brand orange drink: Customers who have tried this product are urged to call Omega Mart consumer affairs immediately at 1-800-808-4194.

Omega Mart is a great place to shop for a variety of products at affordable prices. However, customers should be aware of the confusion between Omega Mart lemons and regular lemons, and should return the product immediately if they have purchased it. Additionally, customers should take advantage of the various deals on products like nut-free salted peanuts, Wake Up cleaning spray, and individually wrapped wheat squares. Overall, Omega Mart is a great place to save money and get high-quality products.

Chanel No22 100 Year Perfume Review and Birthday Celebration - N°22 Fragrance Centennial Livestream!

Celebrating Chanel Number 22's 100th Birthday: A Fairy Tale Live Stream

- A fairy tale about the night blooming flower growing in the shadow of its bigger sister.

- Celebrating the 100th birthday of Chanel Number 22 with a journey to find its roots and redeem the little sister.

- Antagonist forces and the question of triumph or succumbing to fate.

- Welcome to the Essentially Jacob fragrance live stream.

Bullet Points/Numbered List:

- Dressing up like the bottle to celebrate Chanel Number 22's birthday.

- Pure perfume, other toilette, and Odo parfa.

- Prepare stories connected to Chanel Number 22 to share.

- Maison Chanel did not acknowledge the fragrance's birthday, but we will celebrate it anyway.

- Envisioning Chanel Number 22 in a snow globe.

- Strange nights and shining or less shining armor.

- Holiday season and watching movies.

- Chanel Number 22 may have been in the shadow of its bigger sister, but it deserves to be celebrated.

- We will triumph over the evil forces and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Happy 100th birthday, Chanel Number 22.

Weekly Ad Review| Aldi |Save-A-Lot| July 4 - 10, 2018| April Holly Smith

In this article, we will be discussing the weekly ads for Save-A-Lot and Aldi's. We will go through the deals and see what's worth buying and what's not.


- Deals are good from 4th through 10th

- 2 liter for $0.99 is a great price for an off-brand

- Peaches, plums, and nectarines are all $0.99/lb which is a great deal

- T-bone steaks are on sale in the family pack for a good price

- Hostess products are on sale but not worth it

- Regular prices for most items except for spare ribs at $1.79/lb

- Best deals are the spare ribs, 2 liter sodas, and peaches


- Nectarines and peaches are on sale for $0.99/lb compared to Save-A-Lot's $0.79/lb

- Rainier cherries are the same price as Save-A-Lot's cherries

- Corn is $0.25/each, the same as other stores for the last two weeks

- Strawberries are finally on sale for $0.99

- Ground sirloin is on sale but not a great deal

- Non-food items such as a laundry basket, step stool, and quarter keeper are worth buying

Overall, Save-A-Lot has better deals on meat while Aldi's has better deals on fruits. It's important to compare prices between stores and know when a sale is truly worth it. Non-food items at Aldi's are worth checking out, especially the quarter keepers.

Weekly Marketing Updates #3 Interactive Advertising. Coinbase QR Code Ad, Coke zero interactive ad

Last week, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zandi were featured in Super Bowl advertisements, but they were beaten by a simple black and white logo. Yes, I am talking about Coinbase's Super Bowl QR code ad. While much has been discussed about that ad, I want to take this opportunity to talk about four interesting interactive ads that were produced over the last decade. So, if you want to know more about interactive advertising, stay tuned and check out these amazing examples.

This article discusses four interactive ads that impressed the author over the last decade. These ads include Coinbase QR Code Ad, Shoot the Bear, Burn That Ad, and Drinkable Coca Cola Coke Zero Ad.

Four Interactive Ads:

1. Coinbase QR Code Ad: This ad features a QR code bouncing around the TV like a DVD logo, which apparently cost Coinbase some 14 million dollars. It was a hugely successful ad that got so much traffic that it broke servers of Coinbase.

2. Shoot the Bear: This is a story about a bear and a hunter. The user can choose what the hunter does with the bear. It was the first interactive ad that the author ever witnessed, and it was made in 2010.

3. Burn That Ad: This ad leverages on McDonald's advertising and burns their ads on the app, showing up Burger King ads. It served as a dual purpose; it served as an advertisement for Burger King and used competitors' money to give them more exposure.

4. Drinkable Coca Cola Coke Zero Ad: This ad interacted with smartphones, billboards, TVs, and radios. If the user filled up the glass on their smartphones, they got a coupon code that they could scan at any retail to get a discount on Coke Zero.

Interactive advertising is a growing trend that is here to stay. The future of interactive advertising is promising, especially with the advent of IoT and other devices connected to the internet. The author hopes to see more innovative and interactive ads in the future.

At Work With a London Taxi Driver - Thursday (Part 4 of 5)

In this article, we follow a taxi driver on his shift and explore different aspects of his job, including predicting passenger destinations, dealing with credit card declines, and the challenges of driving in congested cities. We also learn about the benefits of using NordVPN for internet security and the importance of mitigating risks in the taxi industry.

We follow a taxi driver on his shift and explore different aspects of his job, including predicting passenger destinations, dealing with credit card declines, and the challenges of driving in congested cities.

Job 1:

The driver picks up a job going from Mayfair to Harrods, using Green Street and Park Lane to get there. He reflects on the gradual increase in stress as the week goes on and the challenges of navigating through heavy traffic.

Job 2:

The driver picks up another job going to the Cadogan Hotel on Sloan Street, using Upper Grosvenor Street and Hyde Park Corner to get there. He notes the closure of Grosvenor Crescent and the need to navigate around construction work.

Job 3:

The driver picks up American passengers going to the Waldorf Hotel on Aldwych, taking the Mao and Admiralty Arch to get there. He highlights the significance of Nelson's Fleet on the lamp posts along the way.

Job 4:

The driver takes a passenger to Wapping High Street, using Thomas Moore Street to get there. He explains the restrictions of the Wapping bus gate and the importance of mitigating risks in the taxi industry.

Through the driver's experiences, we gain insight into the challenges and rewards of working as a taxi driver. We also learn about the benefits of using NordVPN for internet security and the importance of mitigating risks in the taxi industry.

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