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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

NEW Phylactery Warlock Somehow Even More BROKEN

check it out, check it out, check it out. um, we go for this. um, oh my God. actually it was not lethal before, but now it is. oh my goodness, this is actually incredible. um, I get down you. um, we go for you, get down you. um, we go mine. and then I destroy this. and then we win. I feel alive, Chad, let's go. I love this deck. it's so filthy. I'm keeping this because of that chiller, because I don't want to get, I don't want to be able to contest it. hmm, I don't know. I mean, personally, I think Miracle Rogue might have, might actually have been okay with a bit of a lesser Nerf, just because Frost death. I did well against it. but now that I think about it, I guess, if essentially nerfed Draka and- and since I'm graveyard, if they did a lesser Nerf there with the radical Nerf, that, and then maybe that would actually not be okay. yeah, this Warlock deck could be pretty filthy. I'm still. I'm still learning it, though, so I feel like I'm not playing it to its full potential. uh, I think it just don't tap, I don't tap. I don't want to take extra damage against it. that night I coined this on five. oh sorry, Quinn's, on four. I go with skirt supplies. maybe I'll drop another Square supplies, I don't know. they're probably going to set up a death trailer in this turn, though. that'd be really smart if they did that. oh boy, so we're gonna take some damage out. we're taking some damage, it's gonna be okay. it's gonna be okay because I can I go Scourge supplies and we just freaking rip it. I could, actually I could- complete both phases of the room with the rod this turn. oh, that's cute. that's cute if they're precious. oh my God, they actually almost killed me there. okay, um, now we go for skush. uh, I think I'm gonna give up Mortal coil. I'm gonna want the stamps in for next turn, I think- and have another more coil here so I could draw anyways. okay, so what are we working with here? what are we working with? I would like to kill off all this. I cannot kill off all of it, though. do it like this: maybe foreign guys, more match eating. give him this and we cheat some more Mana. oh boy, uh, uh, let's see, I think I might. I could go give up the touch. I can't go shallow grave yet. I think I Gotta Give a shell grave though. oh boy, actually, oof. uh, let's see, we go for this, okay, we'll see how that goes. we'll see how that goes for us. I maybe had, like, I maybe gave up too much there and I threw away my win condition, but you know, such as life, such as life. all right, guys, what do you think? how did I do on that one? one more man I need to say: play Tamsin. I know I would have played Tams and I'm kind of tempted to go for tams in here, though I guess if I go for dreadlich Thompson, I I could probably get some stuff to save me. I'm gonna say this is good. I mean, this is Def is definitely like the do what we have to do to stay alive mode right now: 100, 100 percent. um, oh, we got no, we got Noel. can I get him down though? uh, how do we do this? if I get down you, I could go for the grimoire. I'm running out of ways to clear off my board, though I'm gonna be in a little bit of trouble here. I think I need to again, we're trying. we need to not die, not, that is pretty important. no, actually, no, we'll do this. I'm gonna roll dice a bit here. I mean, we saw a lot of damage dealing spells. already. they could have frostborn's Fury. you know, I think it's dangerous to leave this up for sure. oh my God. all right, can we get there this turn? that's the real question. can we get there? if we get, if we get, like, uh, any sort of amp stuff, we might be able to just make it happen. not these imps, though. guys. David's ignoring you, David's ignoring you. we got to figure out if we can win this turn. oh no, I have no way to clear off my board yet. without a way to clear off my board, that means I cannot win the game. if I go mithril rod with this, that's too much Mana, it might. all right, guys, I'm gonna make the wildest play here and I'm probably gonna go Tamsin for heels on the with the phylactery, because I could do it like this and get down to mine. uh count, I have 20.. I can't clear off my board, though I guess I could try to draw into sheep, but I've waited too long. now there might. there probably was a way to do it. if I didn't draw sheep, though, then I'd be kind of effed. I would just lose, but I think I could still win if I do this. so we're gonna go. um, boom, we go for and we're gonna be fine. I'm gonna be fine because I have all these seals now. um, maybe I should have gotten this last one off, but I think I need. I might need this to just kill off my own um sheep. later on, the shallow grave is gone. I, I tossed back the shallow grave so I would not die. no, is the one man alleged actually doing anything? or just for decorations? dude, the one man of legendary is disgusting. are you kidding me? the one man of legendary is why I can make a play like this. oh, no, oh, oh, my God, let's freaking go. oh, the pool, the fool. but now, this stuff being alive is kind of awkward for me. um, we go. Rune mithril: I have two Wicked shipments left. this board I'm going to use as a, uh, as a heel healing board. wait, this is four. that's actually too many. if I go for this, chances of dry. yeah, actually this might be an issue, and now we'll figure out. we'll figure out. I do it like this. I'm ignoring you guys. I'm ignoring you guys. I'm ignoring you guys. uh, we got sheeps, so now we can win. oh, I drew. I have too many cards. that's okay, I forgot this was an imp um, and now I can go, for these ads were so poorly timed. I'm sorry. thank you for your service. actually I do this and then this seals me up the most. huh, I maybe should have gotten this down, but now at this point I just need grimoire and I guess grimoire might not necessarily- well, actually, if Tamsin lives, I just need grimoire. they don't get that. they don't get there. oh, that was so close guys. oh my God, I think I think we just did it. we just did it. oh my God. ah yeah, actually now I I'm not going to be able to uh kill off my devour. so that's the kind of little whoopsies on my part, but I think we'll still manage. we'll still manage. definitely need to get you out of here. I'm ignoring you guys. I'm sorry, this is hurting my head a lot. is it worthwhile to go for the this um, these imps? this is four puts a fifth body on the board. six bodies, six times um four, that's 24. but then I could get another one down. I think I just go for this. yo pick how you doing um blizzard. the blizzard is hitting me kind of hard right now. let's see, uh, but I've got- I got more important things to worry about here, man. so now we do this, we go for the mine. don't want to F that one up, man, that'd be awkward. you get this mine down, we go grimoire. and so I left up by not leaving a way to kill this off. I don't think it's gonna matter, because a lot of this, I mean, I guess it could tiknically matter. I'm gonna hope it does not, though I'm also gonna hit the button. oh there, you can see it. there we go, Pharaoh, look at the follow. oh my goodness, oh my goodness, guys, we did it, we freaking did it. oh my God. uh, okay, so not a control Paladin, but I guess the reality is like if you run to run into a control palette and then eventually just you're just tik and Viper and then it becomes GG easy. so I'm not like too worried about control Pally. I think control Pally is overall a very bad deck to be playing on ladder peace and, uh, this is pure Paladin. it might be in my best interest to clear this off, but I'm gonna be a little greedy, I'm gonna go for a tap here because my hand isn't that great. um, it might be a situation, though against like Palin, where I just play the fiendish circle on three. I don't even need to use it for draw. really, I've been. I've been wanting to uh, test the waters with that enraged Warrior. oh, we got Tammy, we got Tammy. I'm not gonna need this to win. I've got double Wicked shipments in my deck. I think I will just go for this. just for the. the pressure to Ping off their dudes isn't Warriors still? uh, dog, I mean, if you look at the, it's just replay stats and rage Warrior was actually tier two. last I checked, true strength comes from 50.. um, yep, and rage war is still zero. two, you're so into Hearthstone?

Heartbreaking Moment When Kids Learn About White Privilege | The School That Tried to End Racism

we are going to be running a race. however, your starting position in this race will be decided by the answers to questions that we are going to be asking you what this activity is intended to explore how society favors one race over others. people often confuse white privilege would be wealthy or being rich, and it isn't about that. what it's about is the absence of having to live with the consequences of racism. if the question applies to you, you will take a big step forward. if the answer to the question doesn't apply to you, you stay where you are. I'd better win. I see some cheaters already feet behind the line. English is your parents first language. take a step forwards. oh yeah, if you have ever been the only person in the room of your race, take a step back. never been asked where you come from, take a step forward. if you've never had to be worried about your family unsearched, take a step, for I am worried about. people are mixed up and search, the divide widens and the inequality of their position becomes clear. this is just like not fair. now I'm fast. [Music] question. if your parents have ever warned you about racism, take a step up backwards. if we were about to start a race. is this a fair starting? nope, Russell, how do you feel standing there in the field of runners? kind of feel a bit alone, I can't really see it. I literally just by myself, more or less, and just a bit, a bit frustrated, annoyed. but society nowadays really isn't fair and I just wish everyone could be equal. for, oh, it's kind of frustrating that, like me and Sarah just standing at the back here, well, the majority of people who may be white are like standing right the front. that just frustrates me a bit because it's almost as if what society today? I what? I don't want this to be how it is, but it is so it just gets a bit frustrating. Henry, how are you feeling being right at the very front? it feels quite weird because, if you think about it, I think all of us should be at the same point, but sadly, the questions, the ways that they were / didn't favor some people, which i think is quite unfair. [Music] you, you.

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Superior Crankshaft Cracks - AD 2020-25-12

holy cow, what's that? fourteen thousand dollars, yeah, fourteen thousand dollars, big chips. i didn't put that in my bonanza budget tradition. yeah, you didn't get bit on your bonanza. what you haven't gotten bit on your bonanza yet? the io360 i have in my bonanzas- well, i heard there's an issue on it, not that one. [Music]. hey, how's it going? boys and girls, this is a hanger rats again with another wonderful air winners directive, this time here with this directive: 2020-25-12- superior parts crankshaft. so what does that say? crankshaft? no, it says that's stupid. what's it saying? it's actually kind of funny because you know it's all our wonderful, i mean crankshaft, food crankshaft would be easy, it would be easier, but i don't think it actually said crankshaft. it says power section or something crap like that. when you're looking it up on the fa website, it says engine reciprocating engine power section. that would be the crankshaft. so what this, um, what this air with this directive covers is a superior air parts pma crankshaft for both superior engines and lycoming engines, and there are the o360 or io 360 superior engines or lycoming engines. okay. so the important things are: how do you know which one you have? the valve covers the data plate. well, the- this is the biggest thing is if you have um. this pertains to crankshafts that were installed. let me let me go through through this first off. effective date of the ad is january 15- 2021. okay, so you've got to comply with it by then or address it by then. um, in addition to that, let me go through all this stuff here. go through my notes. there is also- they have cleared the crankshafts prior to that. let's see if i can find this. any crankshaft assembled um before july 2012 are not affected by this airwitness directive. so if you've got an older crankshaft, superior crankshaft, you're good, you're okay. these uh serial block uh pertains to the part number sl 36500-a alpha 20 and the uh dash alpha 31 serial number or, pardon me, part numbers. so if you have those, you need to go into your records. hopefully, when you built the engine or repaired the engine, all that was written down. or you've got the 8130 tags or whatever. whether it's an experimental or type certificated engine, the crankshafts still have an issue, okay, so that's kind of the big thing. so how do you know if you have one? just stamped on the outside, it should be uh, i'm not familiar exactly with with the way the superiors are. it should possibly be, uh, vibro etched into the propeller flange. it may be there, i'm not sure exactly, but it hopefully it's there. it may be inside the engine, i don't know, uh. but most importantly, on your build records you should have those tags. you should have written that stuff down, hopefully, if there, if if it's there and you can trace it, great um, otherwise you're gonna have to go into the engine. i'm not exactly familiar with the way the superior crankshafts are marked, but, uh, other ones we've had ecis and some of the others are on the propeller flange now. so hopefully it's on the propeller flange. this of the is yeah. so january 15 2021 is when it uh the ad is effective, the required action is detected. what that means is: after that date you have to do something, and what they say here is required action is within 25 operating hours. so if you're flying an aircraft 20 hours a year, you can actually milk it another year. you know it's 20 hours, but within 25 hours- that's the grace period- that crankshaft must be removed from service, removed, scrapped, taken out out of service. now the real problem is it had to do with the manufacture of the crankshaft. they had a batch. when they're doing some of the hardening processes. there was a what they call an iron iron nitride or white layer that was not properly removed and that transmits some of the crack or some of its issues can start a fatigue origin in the crankshaft. so it was a processing issue, wasn't? the crankshaft vendor did not um process them correctly or clean them up correctly. that's the batch superior has and the faa has the numbers um kind of gathered up. they know which ones they are. there's a total of um 192 crankshafts. 115 of these are estimated to be on type certificated aircraft. the other 77 are on experimental aircraft. do i have to comply- if i have in my experimental rv, i don't know. i'm going to show my ignorance- of 14 cfr, but i don't think you have to if you have a full experimental engine. but it's a really smart thing to do because the crank's breaking in half. it's breaking and you could die. so that's that's the thing you really want to address. um labor cost. the faa is estimating 61 hours per crankshaft assembly. that's five thousand dollars in labor. um they're saying equipment about ten thousand dollars. so they're looking at uh total tax tag entirely, you're toking about fifteen thousand, close to fifteen thousand dollars per engine out of pocket. i don't know if superior is doing any program pricing. i have no idea, have not been in dialogue with them. so it's a concern. also on this error in this directive: a lot of times the error- the fa will reference a manufacturer service bulletin. superior does not have a service bolt and that would further describe this. so all the information that you need with regard to serial blocks and all that- and we'll put a link in the description for that is it just in the id- is in the ad. it's just in in uh. when you look at the ad that's on the fa website it's about 12 pages. there's really only two pages of error in this directive, the last two pages. so all that information is there. the rest of it, if you want the history and all of that, the um that is in the uh, that is also in the uh on the website. but really what you need to know is those serial number crankshafts that are affected and um, and that they've gotta basically come out and be scrapped. that's that's the long story. short, no fix. throw it away, get new crankshaft, um, and you've got january, it's effective and you've got 25 operating hours to get it done. so if you've got an op tempo, especially if you've got an aircraft, that's got to go out there and make money, um, and you know your up tempo is going to be, you know, 25 hours, 10 hours, whatever your number is a month, figure it out, because you're going to go down with an a on a. if you've got a flight school airplane or something like that, the experimental folks, it's up to you. you know it's kind of up to the way the aircraft is certified and all that, but it's something you really want to address. so if i have a 360, i have this crank- let's say i'm 500 hour-ish engine- i'm going to split, i'm going to take the engine apart, take the crank out. my question to you as a mechanic is: should i buy a bearing set for that crane? yes, i would. the the removal of the crankshaft and replacement of the crankshaft will be a repair. you're not overhauling the engine, just disassembling it. so what you would do is you would typically put new bearings in. you do all your dimensional measurements and all that because you're starting from scratch. would you at that point in time, would you consider sending the crank, the case in to be looked at, or it would depend. it depends on entirely what the age of the engine is and where it is in its cycle. if it's long in the tooth, you're getting toward the end of a recommended overhaul. it's probably pruned just to overhaul the engine, but then you get into the cylinders and all the other stuff, accessories. it just depends on where you are money-wise and all that. if you've only got, say, 500 hours on the engine- it's kind of young- you disassemble the engine, put the new crankshaft in, do all your dimensional work, reassemble the engine, and it would be time remaining and you would recommend new bearings. yeah, definitely always new bearings, new bearings, new gaskets, all that stuff, and the manufacturers have pretty good guidance on that. so all that is uh is in there. so that's, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. um, pretty pretty much uh simple stuff. they do give you direction for special flight permits if you've got.

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SAGEx02. with superior ads. in call of duty mobile . best sniper config ever. 👊👍

foreign capture the objectives. we're capturing Echo. enemy taking out e. enemy has a. we're capturing taking Charlie. the capture Delta has Charlie. we've taken the lead. enemy contact. let's go, let's go. captured me heads up enemy enemy spotted. dog is inside. we're capturing C [Music] contact with enemy. enemy down Targets in sight. enemy contact [Music] ing me. enemy contact [Music] sniper dog is inside. let's go, let's go. I need backup lost. Bravo [Music] contact online. enemy contact it down. dog is inside losing contact with enemy. don't get down sniper eliminated. capturing Alpha. contact with enemy: Tango down Alpha. [Applause] be advised. hostile predator missile inbound Alpha. we lost a offensive enemy UAV spotted. contact with enemy enemy down. dog is inside. dog is inside. get down snipers, sniper enemies. get down contact with enemy. enemy air strike incoming. be careful, careful, be advised. hostile, get down down. capturing Mega point enemy air strike incoming. be careful, our stealth Summers. capture the mega point s back. capturing Alpha: the friendly airstrike incoming swarm activated. this one, Goliath, is ready. dog is in touch already. [Music] has been destroyed. messages [Applause]. contact with enemy.


no, you're trying to do Google Adwords right. well, by the end of this video, you're going to know the best 20/20 Google AdWords threshold trick, as well as how to get unlimited google adwords coupons in 2020. now I want to the states. at the end, I'm going to give you the criteria for Tuesday. all right, you're going to learn all of these things, so you make sure you stay to the end. open up a digital notepad or a regular pen and pad if you want to, all right. so firstly, I'm going to show you what not to do: any of these exercises right here that tells you you can redeem an adwords coupon. stay away from them. infocom, gopher com- I'm trying to help you. alright, addicted to PPC? these are just other marketers, okay. the only other one that you could maybe use on the 1st of the month is Google AdWords net past coupon. ok, but other than that, you only want to come here right here, where it says ads that Google com. remember that, ok. so, like I said, you stay to the end. you're going to know exactly what you need to know to be able to do the Google AdWords threshold trick, as well as get unlimited supply of Google AdWords coupons. this means free ads for life. so you definitely have a vested interest, ok, so what do you need? first of all, to get a Google AdWords coupon, of course you need an email, so you just put your email into this and they will see you and our coupon of 150 dollars. ok, so you might, David. well, what happens then? alright? well, once you get that email, you're going to come over here. if you have a new account and you're going to go to billing, all right, let's go to settings. all right, give it a second. as you can see, it says new form of pavement required. I left that open so you guys can see exactly what you're gonna do with the threshold trick. all right, so with promotions, that's where you'll go, and you would enter the coupon code right here that you're going to get when you get from this email. so this is a three part series. before we get started with the threshold trick, I want you to know that this is a three part series. three videos will be uploaded today, so I want you to get your alarms and your timer set right now. let's go over it right now. so right now is 3:30 central. you're watching this superior Google as threshold trick exposed emilie's google adwords coupons for free. this is part one three thirty. so right now we're going to discuss the location of the google adwords coupons. as i just showed you how to get your google adwords coupon, you just google google adwords coupon and you only click on the one that says add googlecom. next I'm going to actually show you the threshold trick. now a video. to make sure you pause this right now. set your alarm for 6:30, because in video 2, that's where the power comes. right now you're just getting set up, so stay to the end, because you're going to learn more about video to where we're going to be discussing IP addresses, HMA and getting unlimited gmail accounts. now, why do you need unlimited email accounts? remember, for every brand new gmail account that you put into this right here, you get one hundred and fifty dollars in ad credits. this means you never have to pay ads unless you want to. I recommend, once you get a winning ad, that you'll be ethical and you start paying for ads, or something like that, if you're doing it yourself. but, like I said in video 3, we're gonna tok about you never doing ads yourself again or pan back. so you want to be a part of this entire report series. okay, so let's get over to the threshold. all right. so let's say, you use your first promotional code, all right, and that means once it gets to around 250 dollars, it would usually try to charge you. you don't want it to charge you, so what do you do? you're going to use something called BCC's. what is a bcc is a virtual credit card. I toked about this in the endless free ads video. some of you guys know, some of you do. next, alright, and if you stay to the end, I'm going to give you my list. is I'm going to sing you this list of my top virtual credit cards. all right, so these virtual credit cards allow you- some of them allow you- to add an amount of money to the credit card. you're not actually loading the car, alright, this is completely digital. alright, so you can use it for bar applications and everything. okay, so it allows you to say, let's say you want to say it's two hundred and fifty dollars on that it will actually appear to Facebook or Google as if it's two hundred and fifty dollars on her. so these are very powerful cards that you can use when you're doing your testing. now, I don't recommend this as a long-term, forever strategy, but I recommend this as if you're just testing to get a winning ad and then you're going to move on. now you want to be ethical? yes, one day you do want to pay your heads, alright, but I don't recommend you just gambling your money away when you don't even have a converting offer yet. okay, so just use this until you get the converting offer. okay, so this is the first one I recommend. you can just google spectral card right here. oh boy, banks and pay anywhere online with a virtual MasterCard. okay, get it online in less than a minute and prepay your car by cash or a other funding, blah, blah, blah. so it can be used to make payments. it can be used to do verifications with verifying your identity or whatever, and the good thing about it is there's no paperwork needed, no legal documents, no uploading of photo ID or anything, and you can use it to verify your Facebook accounts. everything all right. so it works. it works, okay. then we come over here and we have so for business- this is another one of my favorites right here. okay, or a small businesses, nonprofits, organizations- you can use this for your employees if you have a business. but the whole point is: is a digital credit card is a digital card, alright, so it you can put whatever address you want to. it doesn't even have to have your actual address. you can add however many funds you want to add, or whatever. it doesn't matter. so if your account has been banned, or or if you are making a new account, or something like that, then using these cards right here will get you through those thresholds. so how do you use it? okay, so once you get to the, the point of where your card is about to be charged, when you're about to get charged, let's say, is supposed to charge you on tomorrow, which is June 4th- well, today you will come in here and you will switch your card out with the virtual credit card, remember, and you, all you have to do is add the amount, the digital amount, remember, you're not putting real money, the digital amount that your billing cycle has to cover. okay, that way your ads never have to stop me. you just continue to keep going to get these virtual credit cards. all right, some of them are a couple bucks, some of them are nine bucks. I'm only twenty bucks, all right, but it's worth it, alright. so the last one I'm gonna recommend in this video is verifies BCC. remember, virtual credit card is what that stands for. so they have it for Google accounts, they have it for bank accounts, they have it for PayPal accounts. they have it for everything. okay, so you can use this for being as yahoo, all of the Google Playstore, chrome developer, Microsoft, all right. so these VCCS, or what you need to do to be able to pull off the Google threshold trick if you're not, if you're trying to up your budget, if you're in it, without having to always have to spend more- and this is a good, a good recommendation for you, and this is what the big boys are doing- that a lot of them are not even paying cash, they're not paying for their ads, and this is how they're able to scale to two thousand, three thousand, four thousand, ten thousand dollars a day and paid advertisement without going broke, when you know that their ads look like crap, because they get to test their ads before they actually pay anything. okay, so I want you guys to be able to not go broke. this is not a casino, but they wanted to be a casino. you don't have to let it be a casino. you can only pay for the ads that you know are gonna convert t.

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