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supersonic ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

SuperMonday #8: How to build creatives that convert

hi everyone, my name is lolita and i'm a director of creatives here at supersonic. today, with my amazing colleague, dasha, who is managing our prototype team of motion designers, we will tok about one of the, for sure, hottest and, on the other hand, one of the most controversial topics: uh: creatives and how to reach this magical cpi for your prototype. uh, boss, me and dasha have come to this amazing creative world after running and managing user acquisition campaigns across actually all existing networks for years. uh, which, of course, uh helps us to know the specific specifics of algorithms, kind of like from the inside and basically build this data-driven approach. uh, for creative strategy. but no time to tok. i'm just giving the mic to dasha to kick start. hey there. so, first of all, thanks lolita for introduction and it's a pleasure to attend this session today. and, as a little mentioned, today we're going to tok about basic best practikes. we also will answer a frequently asked question that a lot of developers asked us, and also lolita will share the hottest, the newest case study, which i'm going to keep as intricate, and in the end of the session, we will have you on day session where you can answer your question. however, before moving to the best practikes. i would like to share with you what we do in supersonic here in terms of gritties. so we have two super talented creative teams. the first one is prototype team, who focuses on their creatives that we produces for the initial testing. so we're focusing only on their reducing the cpi and we work closely with developers and trying to find creative approach, uh, in order to move the games to another stages, where the publish creative team focuses on scaling our games. so all together we produce our 5k unique ready monthly, which i would say just try to imagine what amount of knowledge and data we are relying on our session today. so let's start with basic best practikes. and when it comes to creative or hyper-casual games, gameplay is a key. so try to focus on the clarity of the mechanic of your game, controls and goals. for example, you can have a good contrast between the key elements. you can have a really good animation of your character. you can have amazing level design, but after watching their ads, your users might, might, might keep the main mehani, control and goal. otherwise you will lose your potential user. so what we recommend is to try and summarize the idea of your game in one sentence. can you get it after five seconds of watching of ads? if so, your creative is already good. so let's take a look at examples. on the first one, we have retrace. so i would summarize the idea of this game as: collect the bricks to build a bridge in order to make it faster than your opponent. and if we speak about the latest hit, storm and run, i would summarize the idea of this game as pass the gates to improve your character, to be the boss. so, as far as you can see, it can works quite well. and also, when we speak about gameplay, it's really important to keep the good visual impact after each action at a time. so bonus levels with collecting coins and diamonds definitely can have a good satisfying effect. right, but most important things, that our users can get: the main mechanics. so try to keep focus on the main mechanics and at the same time, you can see at the screen, with the example of pro builder, that our users collecting the bricks. and it's good when you can show to the users how much they already collected and how much bigger the house became. and also, when we speak about runner games- let's say tom and run, it's really important to see how much difference our character became, for example, smaller, bigger or taller. so every action should be changed significantly. and let's move to colors. if you would like to have a game that will have a good potential to be marketability, it's better to have a bright, cartoonish color in order to reach a broader audience, because let's say that dark and so-called dirty colors can make our audience narrow. let's say, not all females find aggressive red or brown as attractive, as well as the youngest audience and players don't buy the pastel colors and sharp shadows. so top performance colors aren't the only option. for sure is just the example for you to compare what can works best. and let's take a look at examples. at the first one, we just change the color a little bit, but by making it brighter, and you can see that it also gives a good contrast between the platform, environment and character, which help us to reduce the cpi by 38. and in the second example, uh, we try to make the color more cartoonish and we will also use the stereotype about female colors. as our main character is girl, we decided to try pin car just, uh, in case to keep the female style, and you also can see that we make the icon a little bit bigger, so it help us to keep a visual impact after each player's choice. and let's move to contrast. i already mentioned that it's really important to have a good contrast between key elements as your character, platform, environment and animus. in the first example, you also can see that we are trying to use simple associations with the red color as we use red enemies, which highlights the danger, and it also can help us to reduce the cpi, as you can see in this specific case. uh, it helped us to reduce it by 23 percent. uh. so let's tok about the camera. uh, we recommend you to try zooming. you can play the little beads just in case to keep the attention at the single action per time. because if you see, if you take a look at the left example, you can notike that users must to move their eyes from one object to another one and it's kind of complicated to get the core mechanic and to see the whole pictures. so what we recommend is just trying to zoom in a bit and it definitely will help to keep this focus on every action of the users. and also, you can try different camera angle just in order to find the best position of the camera that's reflecting your games. but make sure that, in your camera angle, provide users within your gameplay experience and improve the clarity of your gameplay. if it doesn't, it's better just to focus on the new gameplay scenarios and new videos instead, especially these points really relevant for puzzle games, because because when we are changing the camera there, it doesn't get us the new feelings of the game right. yeah, it could be look a little bit different in the visual style, but anyway you don't feel something you hear. so, yeah, just try to do this for runners games or idol games, or probably even puzzle games, but not all of them. and when you speak about character position, try to place your main character not in the center of gameplay. try to put it under the user's finger, which is called like a playable zone. yeah, it could sounds like a really small point, but it's definitely worth to try, especially when you make the screen recording of your videos and then you are cutting it. so try to cut the bellow part of your videos in order to put your character not in the center but in the below part of the video. so, as we started to speak a little bit about resizing of the video, i would like to keep going with aspect ration. so, uh, many publishers- not only supersonic for sure- use um facebook for their initial task and for the following iteration. so it's really important to have a good resize- i would say the right resize- of your videos. so, when you make the screen recording of your game, don't forget to resize it to four and five just in order to prevent that after resizing by facebook, because sometimes it can looks really worse on users, instagram or facebook feeds because facebook doing it randomly and, uh, it can just cut the main element of your gameplay, like in this example. we see that facebook cat, the, the part of our main character, which is not good actually. but also, when you make the resizes, trying to uh keep in mind that we don't need to use bluer or black frames in order with this, it's better to zoom in your gameplay a bit, but at the same time, you should.

Supersonic Planes are Coming Back (And This Time, They Might Work)

this video was made possible by curiosity stream. watch the companion video to this one and loads more exclusive content by signing up for the curiosity stream nebula bundle deal at curiositystreamcom. wendover. the story of supersonic passenger travel is long and tumultuous. nearly everyone has heard some version of why concord failed. it was certainly the epitome of a tiknology ahead of its time, but the true story of why it failed, or rather more accurately, why it retired, is more nuanced than the popular narrative of an overzealous, overly extravagant, inflexible aircraft. there are degrees to which that narrative is true, but what you don't often hear is this: concorde was profitable. a 747, the flagship of any subsonic fleet during the reign, of concord required a gallon of fuel to carry one passenger 80 miles, or 1 liter for 34 kilometers, assuming a full load. meanwhile, concorde required roughly one gallon to carry one passenger 17 miles, or one liter per seven kilometers- clearly a quite decisive difference. concord was vastly less efficient than the aircraft that is today fading away due to its inefficiency. but the story doesn't end there. jet fuel currently costs about 1.68 cents per gallon. therefore, the fuel bill on a new york to london 747 flights per passenger is about 73 and a half dollars- not a dramatik amount relative to tiket prices. similarly, concord, burning about 206 gallons or 780 liters of jet fuel to carry a passenger across the atlantik would burn 346 dollars in fuel. that's a staggeringly small number compared to its inflation-adjusted tiket price of roughly 16 000 round trip. both air france and british airways- the two operators of the aircraft, paid a small sum for the aircraft relative to its multi-billion dollar development cost bankrolled by the french and british governments. maintenance and operational costs were certainly high, but certainly not at the level that some autopsies of the aircraft's demise make them out to be so. altogether, both airlines were able to turn a tidy profit across the aircraft's three decades of supersonic service. but there were other issues. part of it was versatility, with a meager 4 500 mile, 7 200 kilometer range and a brutally loud sonic boom that forced nearly every government to ban it from flying over the speed of sound over land. there were very, very few routes on which the aircraft could be used effectively. compounding those issues, its seats were sold slightly above first class prices- around 16 000 round trip, inflation adjusted- and there are very, very few routes that can sustain that level of first class capacity. between eos, slavial, max jet, silver jet, british airways and others. there's a long history of airlines attempting to operate all business class flights between london or paris and new york, and yet every single one of these eventually failed. concord essentially involved trying to operate all first-class flights. for context, in a non-coveted impacted schedule, british airways flies a mere 98 first-class seats between london and new york each day. with concord's double daily new york schedule, british airways was operating some 200 first class seats in addition to dozens more on their regular subsonic services. that's an enormous amount of first class capacity that this route- the most valuable in the world- can't even support today. so it's no surprise that it couldn't. decades ago, therefore, many concord services operated with more seats empty than full, and yet british airways still turned a profit. their typical 50 to 60 load factor worked great from a financial perspective and some back of the napkin math estimates that they could have broken even with as little as a 35 load factor. in fact, it's possible that they stumbled into the right sail strategy, the one they had been missing all along in the aircraft's final days after it was announced that concord would be retired, but while it was still flying, british airways heavily discounted fares closer to business class pricing, which increased load factors dramatikally, and yet they turned a 70 million dollar profit more than they ever had before. but many believe that british airways and air france weren't seriously trying to make money with the aircraft. in the end its end came as the result of decades of lesser issues colliding with pure bad luck. while taking off from charles de gaulle airport on july 25th 2000, air france concord fbtsc ran over a piece of engine cowling that a previous departure had lost, blew a tire and the ensuing debris ruptured a fuel tank, spilling fuel that ignited within seconds. 113 lives perished. this greatly sullied the image of the aircraft that both airlines had been using primarily as a marketing tool rather than a true profit center. maintenance bills were mounting as concord aged and there were some indications that first class services on subsonic british airways and air france planes were turning a higher profit. assuming that was true, these airlines would rather have had their passengers fly their subsonic services, an assertion backed up by the fact that both airlines refused to sell rather than retire concorde, worrying that that would lead to losing loyal concord flyers entirely rather than converting them to subsonic services altogether. the time was right to sunset the world's first supersonic passenger plane. two decades have now passed. with all the progress the world has made in its march through time, some could not accept a new era bound by mere subsonic travel. we're now approaching a possible renaissance of supersonic passenger planes, and this time it might actually work. there are three key players in the race to bring back supersonic travel, none of which are airbus, boeing, embraer or any other current aircraft manufacturer. arion was founded in 2003- the same year's concord's retirement- and has spent the decades since developing a supersonic private jet, the as2. in the time scale of aircraft development, they're not too far from launch, with production expected to start in 2023 and a possible launch by 2026. boasting financial backing from boeing and a partnership with ge for engine development, arion is certainly not in the business of selling pipe dreams. operating with a similar business strategy, spike aerospace also aims to develop a smaller supersonic private jet. uniquely, they're planning to reduce complexity and increase efficiency by eliminating windows entirely in the passenger cabin, replacing them with screens displaying high definition camera feeds from outside. despite its lack of big-name partners and a less slick public appearance, spike is viewed as a real contender and is working on a similar time scale to arium. then there's boom tiknologies, if you've heard of any supersonic aircraft developer, this is the one. their business model is entirely different. they're not taking the conservative, safer route with smaller private jets. they want the whole pie. they want to be concord 2.0. after emerging from the same powerhouse silicon valley accelerator program, responsible for airbnb, doordash, reddit and more, they've initially focused their time and funding on developing a one-person proof-of-concept supersonic jet, the xb1, to serve their ultimate goal of launching a 65 to 88 passenger commercial supersonic jet, the overture like arion. they have some serious partners- japan airlines, the us air force, rolls royce and more- and are viewed as the most ambitious of the three companies, yet potentially the one with the most attainable goal. now, supersonic passenger travel has already existed. even if it doesn't now, it will not be a tiknological breakthrough to simply make that happen again. what will be a breakthrough, if achieved, though, is doing what concord could not. concord could not facilitate widespread supersonic travel in a sustainable manner, both economically and environmentally. these companies just might. a good portion of concord's issues originated from noise. you see, a sonic boom is not, as some incorrectly believe, an isolated burst of noise at the mome.

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I Jumped From Space (World Record Supersonic Freefall)

I'm the guy who jumped from space. [Music]. I wanted to be the first human outside of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier. wait twice the weight that I normally have and it's very difficult to do a perfect exit. do not over rotate, because if I start over rotating, there's no air that you can use to slow down foreign [Applause]. first 25 seconds it looked like everything is under control [Applause] and after 34 seconds I hit Mach 1 and I broke the speed of sound. was that him breaking them? yeah, that was alcohol. I wanted to be the first human outside of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier because of the fact that a lot of those scientists said prior to the jump: you're gonna spin like crazy and the other half said: we don't think anything is going to happen. I was mentally prepared to spin but I was hoping that I'm not going to spend. now. if you watch the next couple seconds, you see at that moment it slowly starts to spin. it's getting faster. the problem is there's no protokol, there's nobody in the world telling you, listening, Felix, if this happens, you have to do this while the whole world is watching. then I was trying to move my arms around a little bit, just maybe it does something, and then it stopped for a second. but now it starts getting the opposite direction, you know, and then it really ramps up. at that moment it's not about breaking records anymore. at that moment it's all about survival. speed: 600 miles per hour. there's only one way for the blood to leave your skull, and that's through all the eyeballs. if that happens, you're gonna die. I had a chiwis attached to my hand that she wishes a device that it fires a drug shoot that pulls you out of that flat spin. that's why I put my hands in the trick that that G whisp it's less Chi. and now the cheese whiz senses: oh, less cheated means he's getting it under control. I turned around and that was stable as well. so when you look at my suit, you know the more you fall, the more depressurized the suit gets. and here you can already see the suit flapping. look at the sky: it's blue now. so we went from black Sky back to Blue Sky. if you look at the right corner, Luke was dropping some flares and it gives me the perfect direction for the wings. now this is a very important moment. [Music]. very first time, after hours and hours inside that spacesuit, that I'm breathing regular air. so now I'm really happy because even the landing worked just perfect. [Applause]. [Music].

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Abraham Hicks Discover Your Supersonic Supercharged Mind No Ads During [new]

hiding the mind- and our friend helped us to say it in the best way ever. quietly in the mind for the purpose of a really supersonic, supercharged, active mind. what so weight? quieting the mind for the purpose of releasing the resistance that has been preventing me from my turbocharged connection to my real mind. right, this, the way I work the bugs out of what's been holding me back from this connection. because I've got these habits of thought that, even though Abraham has written a lot of books and give me a lot of processes so that I could change those thoughts to something that would line me up here, I don't do it because these thoughts are so compelling. so if I just let those thoughts subside, they've done here heaven in experience. oh, I'm different now, hi, why is our mind so? law of attraction. so, yeah, I wouldn't want it to be an airway. okay, you wouldn't want law of attraction to not be responsive. law of attraction is your friend in its consistency. so if I quiet my mind over time, what I've heard is people say that the mind will collapse. and that's effectively what alignment or enlightenment is. it's an odd description. it's not anything close to what happens. your mind is not going to cave in what's it going to do? rather than thinking of a radio and its physical components, think instead of the signals that are being transmitted and received by it. think of your mind as a transmitting and receiving mechanism rather than as a clump of flesh. okay, so when you focus in a way that deactivates all these signals, these signals that are chaotik or that are resistant in nature, and in doing so, then the law of attraction will help your mind to respond to the transmission of who you really are, and only of who you really are. now you've got a strong and pure, non-resistant, non scattered, non challenged signal, not a collapsed mind. okay, how close am I? well, this alignment is not something like a college degree that, once you get it, is yours forevermore. it either is or it isn't. in the moment, that's like getting in your car and saying to your radio: how close are you? how close are you to the signal? off sounds so exciting to be there. you know, just, don't you single. often all I do. I think so. that's why I ask. I feel like I'm, I'm getting there. well then, why are you asking us? because you know everything, but what we know is not important. your inner being knows all of that - your inner being, nose and nose and nose and nose and nose and nose and nose and nose, and adores who you are, knows who you are and knows who you are and knows who you are and broadcast to you who you are, broadcast to you who you are, but until you get over there where you can hear it. if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a sound? did it? when the tree fell, there was a vibration emitted, but if there was nothing that could translate that vibration into sound, then there was no sound. so, unless there's someone listening, of course you're aligned. much of the time you're aligned and we're happy to tell you that, but we don't want you to need us to tell you, because you were born with a guidance system: when you feel satisfaction, you're aligned, and when you feel dissatisfaction you're not. so when you say am I satisfied or am I not satisfied, we say it depends on what moment you're asking, because sometimes you're satisfied and sometimes you're not. I'm getting confused by this stuff that I'm reading about: enlightenment and the fact that you know I saw this woman who I went to this silent retreat and after we did these some meditation. I looked at her before and then I looked at her after and she was just, she seemed to be a completely different person. she was seeing the light and her eyes were glowing from behind and everything was beautiful. she saw how everything was connected and how everything is love and I thought, wow, that she looks like she's really there. you know what changed what? you know what changed you, me, how me? ohoo, she looked the same. oh, I changed. I saw her different. yeah, okay, thank you. something really good bubbling here, so let's go find it together. the piece that we really want you to hear is that your inner being is always broadcasting to you in this high, pure frequency that has no resistance within it, and in order for you to receive it as it is being offered, your frequency has to be equivalent to it, and that's really the point of meditation. it helps you to find that equivalency. the reason when you say, am i there? have I got it? have I accomplished it? the reason that we want to explain to you really what that means, is because we want you to understand that in any moment, your vibrational offering is most likely if you're, like most humans, being offered or exists. it exists because of whatever it is you're observing. so if you're observing something that is pleasing, then you're offering a vibration that might be the same equivalency of your intervene, because your inner beam is always finding pleasure in what it is looking at. if you're observing something that is displacing you, then that means your vibrational equivalency is not there. you've got more resistance in the mix. so now let's tok about why your mix of vibration happens in any point in time. well, it's based upon what you are thinking about. but what you are thinking about is often really influenced by what you've been thinking about. now, it doesn't need to be, but law of attraction really won't let go of you. so if you've been watching a partikular television program and tuning yourself to a vibration because of the program that you're watching, then your own life begins reflecting some of that, because you're offering this vibration. and you could stop watching that television program and that vibration would still be there, but not to the same intensity. and if you don't go back and watch it, eventually all of that would just wither, it would just peter out, it would just no longer be active in your vibration. so then you say: okay, then I'm not going to think about that and we say, yes, you are. because when you say I'm not going to think about that, you're thinking about that thing that you're not going to think about. so the way that you train or tune your vibration into things that are more beneficial to you and vibrationally equivalent to the way your inner beam sees the world, is by caring about the way you feel and reaching for the best feeling thoughts that you can find, and so there's a way of gradually just reaching for a better thought and a better thought and the better thought and the better thought and the better thought. but really, friends, well, that's important, and when you're out in the world in the middle of your day, often it's the only thing that you can do, because you can't just suddenly say you annoy me and then fall into deep meditation. you have to have some coping mechanisms, and focusing your thoughts is a way to do it. but what we really want you to hear is that how you've been thinking is likely to be the way you are thinking. that's just the way Law of Attraction is. but when you sleep at night, the momentum of those thoughts subside. so when you're waking in the morning, you can direct your thoughts in a more specific way and maybe achieve vibrational equivalency with your inner being. in other words, the way the world feels to you is really about how close you are to the thinking of your inner being about the things that you're thinking about. everything you think about, your inner being is thinking about while you're thinking about it with you, and your inner being has a very clear picture and opinion, you might say, of what it is you're thinking about. so if you're thinking about yourself and you're feeling derogatory thoughts about yourself and therefore negative emotion, that's an indicator that your inner being is not thinking those derogatory thoughts about you. so we know you get that. you've been hearing us say things like this for a very long time. what makes this conversation different for you, maybe, is that we want you to understand the momen.

Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - BYE Boxes, FREE New Brawler, and STARR ROAD!!!

‫لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا ‬ ‫ لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا, لا‬ ‫هل رأيتِ هديتنا ‬ ‫ لمجتمع اللعبة, يا «داني»؟‬ ‫نعم ‬ ‫ دقيقة‬ ‫هل تقصدين هذه؟‬ ‫ماذا فعلت؟‬ ‫هذه أرض الحلوى، ‬ ‫حيث يمكنك أن تأكلي كل شيء‬ ‫ماذا تقصد بكل شيء؟‬ ‫أقصد كل شيء‬ ‫يدي‬ ‫لذيذة ‬ ‫ينبغي أن تجربيها‬ ‫حقًا؟‬ ‫وأهلاً بكم في Brawl tok‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫تعرفوا على ماندي وتشيستر‬ ‫بطلان جديدان ‬ ‫ لموسم أرض الحلوى‬ ‫ماندي, بطلة Brawl Pass, تشغل منصب‬ ‫رئيس تنفيذي لأرض الحلوى في Starr Park‬ ‫وتبدو لطيفة، لكن ذلك مجرد ‬ ‫ قناع للعملاء‬ ‫عندما تكون بمفردها, ‬ ‫تتصرف بغرابة دومًا،‬ ‫إما لأن تشيستر يزعجها،‬ ‫أو لأن العملاء ‬ ‫ يستمرون في التصرف كدأب. العملاء‬ ‫ماندي, قناصة ‬ ‫ تطلق على أبعد مدى في اللعبة،‬ ‫لكن هذا يحدث فقط عندما تثبت في مكانها ‬ ‫ وتشحن شريط المدى الخاص بها‬ ‫أما إذا تحركت، فسيعود هجومها ‬ ‫ إلى المدى العادي لفئة القناص‬ ‫وبالحديث عن المدى البعيد،‬ ‫يطلق زخم ماندي ‬ ‫ شعاعًا من السكر‬ ‫يمكن أن يصل حرفيًا ‬ ‫ إلى نهاية الخريطة‬ ‫يستغرق الشحن بعض الوقت،‬ ‫لذلك يظل أمام الخصم ‬ ‫ بعض الوقت للركض،‬ ‫ولكن إذا لم يفعل ذلك، ‬ ‫ فسيتم تدميره‬ ‫إنها بطلة هذا الموسم من Brawl Pass ‬ ‫ ويزداد غضبها‬ ‫مع مظهر ماندي ماجما‬ ‫وبدلًا من إطلاق أشعة السكر، ‬ ‫ تطلق حممًا‬ ‫في هذا التحديث، ستحصل على مظهر ‬ ‫ آخر, يعرف باسم ماندي, مغنية المهرجانات‬ ‫سيكلف هذا 29 جوهرة‬ ‫ستصدر ماندي وموسم أرض الحلوى‬ ‫في Brawl Pass, وكل مظاهرها في يناير‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫الآن انتظروا قليلاً، لأن هذه ‬ ‫اللحظة ستكون أسـ‬ ‫انتظروا ‬ ‫- طورة‬ ‫تشيستر ‬ ‫بطل أسطوري‬ ‫ماندي. لديها علاقة حب وكراهية‬ ‫ويغلب عليها طابع الكراهية مع تشيستر، ‬ ‫. لكن هناك سبب وجيه لذلك‬ ‫تشيستر مخادع, فوضوي ‬ ‫ ومزعج للغاية‬ ‫إنه الشخص الذي لن يتوقف عن ‬ ‫ عمل مقالب في الجميع‬ ‫يجد الأمر مضحكًا، لكن فقط لأن تلك ‬ ‫طريقته في إبداء المودة‬ ‫هجومه الرئيسي عبارة عن ‬ ‫ سلسلة من القذائف‬ ‫تتبع دائمًا المنطق نفسه‬ ‫لذلك يطلق الهجوم الأول ‬ ‫ قذيفة واحدة‬ ‫ويطلق الهجوم الثاني ثلاث قذائف، ‬ ‫أما الثالث، فيطلق خمس قذائف‬ ‫وتستمر على هذا النمط‬ ‫لا يهم مقدار الذخيرة المتبقية،‬ ‫إذ يمكن استخدامها لصالحكم ‬ ‫إذا تتبعتم هجماتكم‬ ‫تشيستر أيضًا أول بطل. لديه ‬ ‫ زخم عشوائي. هذه حقيقة‬ ‫يمتلك خمسة أنواع ‬ ‫ من الزخم في المجمل‬ ‫ولن تعرفوا أي زخم ‬ ‫سيتوفر لكم،‬ ‫حتى تشحنوه ‬ ‫وتنظروا إلى أيقونة الزخم‬ ‫غير معقول، ‬ ‫, لكن من السهل جدًا حفظها‬ ‫أنواع الزخم لديه ‬ ‫ إلقاء قنبلة،‬ ‫وإبطاء الأعداء في منطقة معينة، ‬ ‫ ووضع السم للأعداء في مخروط،‬ ‫ومعافاة نفسه، ‬ ‫ وشن هجوم صاعق مباشر‬ ‫لذلك ستعرفون أي زخم ‬ ‫يوجد في جعبتكم،‬ ‫لكن سيتعين على الخصم ‬ ‫أن يخمن‬ ‫يأتي مع تشيستر أيضًا مظهر‬ ‫بسعر 29 جوهرة. اسمه، تشيستر الشرير‬ ‫قد يبدو أقل مرحًا قليلاً، ‬ ‫ لكنه يتصرف بنفس العشوائية‬ ‫وإذا كان لديكم ‬ ‫بطل أسطوري, على الأقل بالفعل،‬ ‫فستتمكنون من بدء فتحه‬ ‫بمجرد توفره ‬ ‫ في مسار Starr الجديد‬ ‫سنشرح ذلك تفصيلاً ‬ ‫لاحقًا في هذا الفيديو‬ ‫لذا تابعونا حتى النهاية‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫في موسم أرض الحلوى،‬ ‫ستحصلون أيضًا على نيتا الدب الهلامي،‬ ‫مظهر Brawl Pass من المستوى الأول‬ ‫والذي قد يكون المفضل لديّ ‬ ‫ لأنه في كل مرة تستخدم الزخم،‬ ‫تستدعي الدب الهلامي بروس ‬ ‫ بلون مختلف‬ ‫سيصبح آش البنياتا ‬ ‫ مظهر دوري القوة‬ ‫إنه ملون وغاضب ‬ ‫ ولديه درع من الشيكولاتة‬ ‫يصبح باز, سيدة ديناصورات جميلة ‬ ‫ باسم بازيت‬ ‫وتستخدم الآن ماكارون اليويو ‬ ‫ لجذب نفسها إلى هدفها‬ ‫ثم هناك داريل الكاب كيك‬ ‫إنه يتدحرج على الأرض، تمامًا, مثلما ‬ ‫ تُسقط كاب كيك على الأرض‬ ‫وتذكروا، سيظهر تشيستر لأول مرة ‬ ‫ في ديسمبر, يوم التحديث‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫بالمناسبة، خلال أسبوع سنحتفل ‬ ‫ بالعام الرابع على Brawl Stars‬ ‫تهانينا للجميع ‬ ‫ - تعرفون ماذا يعني هذا، أليس كذلك؟‬ ‫حان وقت المجانيات‬ ‫من 12 ديسمبر إلى 26 ديسمبر،‬ ‫ستحصلون على عنصر مجاني كل يوم، ‬ ‫بما في ذلك نقاط القوة والنقود،‬ ‫والجواهر. ومظهر مجاني شيلي الكلاسيكية‬ ‫قد يتعرف عليها من لعبوا ‬ ‫الإصدار التجريبي من Brawl Stars،‬ ‫لكنها ليست مربعة ‬ ‫كما في السابق‬ ‫نقدم أيضًا هذا العام عناصر جديدة ‬ ‫ تعرف باسم أرصدة الألوان والأرصدة‬ ‫سنشرح ذلك لاحقًا‬ ‫كما تعلمون, تعني سنوية Brawl Stars‬ ‫أيضًا احتفالات نهاية العام‬ ‫لذا فإن كثير من مظاهر احتفالات‬ ‫نهاية العام القديمة ستعود‬ ‫تابعوا المتجر ‬ ‫حتى لا يفوتكم شيء‬ ‫هل كانت هذه الهدية هنا من قبل؟ ‬ ‫ - لا داعي للقلق بشأن ذلك‬ ‫إنها تقول: «من ريان إلى مديري ‬ ‫ مجتمع اللعبة المفضلين لديّ»‬ ‫يا له من شخص رائع‬ ‫هاهاها‬ ‫هذه الهدية ملعونة‬ ‫ويؤدي فتحها إلى إطلاق‬ ‫ احتفالات نهاية العام المظلمة‬ ‫الآن فسدت كل مظاهر احتفالات‬ ‫نهاية العام الجديدة‬ ‫كان ذلك محبطًا‬ ‫نعم، ربما يجب أن نتوقف عن ‬ ‫ دعوة ذلك الرجل‬ ‫سنكون هذا العام أكثر ظلمة قليلاً ‬ ‫في مظاهر احتفالات نهاية العام‬ ‫لذلك نقدم لكم ‬ ‫احتفالات نهاية العام المظلمة‬ ‫لدينا سام الييتي‬ ‫إنه يتحول إلى ‬ ‫ ذلك الوحش الثلجي الشهير‬ ‫ويصبح شعره أغزر قليلاً‬ ‫يصبح آش كرامبوس ‬ ‫ هدية احتفالات نهاية العام الشريرة،‬ ‫ويتغير هجومه ‬ ‫ بناءً على مدى غضبه‬ ‫وأخيرًا، ‬ ‫ أمبر, ملكة الجليد القوية‬ ‫التي تحرق بطريقة ما الزيت بالثلج‬ ‫لكنها تبدو جميلة, وساحرة‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫«عثرت على إشارة»‬ ‫«أمر ملائم»‬ ‫«انتظر, وجدت شيئًا آخر»‬ ‫الآن يمكننا تقديم جراي بشكل مناسب‬ ‫بجانب لولا، جراي, البطل الثاني ‬ ‫من ثلاثي بروليوود‬ ‫لولا, نجمة مسلسلات تلفزيونية، ‬ ‫ وتتسم بأنها درامية للغاية‬ ‫لكن جراي يصنع أفلامًا صامتة, وفنية ‬ ‫ خارج إطار صناعة الأفلام التجارية‬ ‫عندما يؤديان عرضًا معًا، تريد لولا ‬ ‫ دائمًا خطف الأضواء‬ ‫في هجومه الرئيسي يقذف حبالاً ‬ ‫ من أصابعه. بفضل قوى عقله،‬ ‫وهو أول بطل. لديه بوابات‬ ‫يمكن لجراي إنشاء بوابتين ‬ ‫ ونقل الأبطال بشكل فوري عبر الخريطة‬ ‫تظهر البوابة الأولى دائمًا ‬ ‫ أينما وُجد جراي‬ ‫وبالنسبة إلى الثانية، يرميها ‬ ‫ في نطاق زخمه‬ ‫يمكن لجراي وحلفائه ‬ ‫ استخدام البوابة،‬ ‫لذا احرصوا على عدم إرسال ‬ ‫زملائكم إلى مكان سيء‬ ‫والمفاجأة، يمكنكم الحصول على جراي ‬ ‫ مجانًا بإكمال إحدى المهام‬ ‫وهذا سهل للغاية‬ ‫ستتوفر المهمة بالفعل ‬ ‫ عند وصول التحديث،‬ ‫وستستمر لمدة شهر تقريبًا،‬ ‫لذا احرصوا على إكمالها ‬ ‫ قبل فوات الأوان‬ ‫إذا لم تكملوها ‬ ‫ خلال الوقت المحدد،‬ ‫فأمامكم خيارا: الحصول عليه من ‬ ‫مسار Starr أو شرائه من المتجر‬ ‫سيتوفر أيضًا في يوم التحديث ‬ ‫ جراي مرتديًا زي هارب،‬ ‫في مظهر جراي الهارب، ‬ ‫ مقابل 29 جوهرة‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫قبل أن نشرح ما ‬ ‫ سيحدث للصناديق،‬ ‫لدينا المزيد من المظاهر للإعلان عنها‬ ‫يعود موضوع آركيد العام المقبل ‬ ‫ مع مظهر جديد لإيف‬ ‫سوف تصبح راكبة دراجات فضائية ‬ ‫. إنها إيف بايكو‬ ‫يحصل جريف أخيرًا على مظهر آخر، ‬ ‫ جريف النتيجة العليا‬ ‫يصبح رأسه لعبة فيديو‬ ‫للاحتفال بأبطال العالم، ‬ ‫ نحصل على جاس بطل العالم،‬ ‫الذي سيحمل ألوان ‬ ‫ بطل العالم لهذا العام وشعاره،‬ ‫وهو ما لا نعرفه حتى الآن، لأننا ‬ ‫ نسجل قبل النهائيات‬ ‫لذا, تهانينا لـ‬ ‫ZETA DIVISION ZERO‬ ‫وأخيرًا، في الفالانتاين، ‬ ‫ سام الدبدوب - مظهر آخر, سعره 29 جوهرة‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫حسنًا،, حان الوقت‬ ‫في هذا الإعلان الضخم،‬ ‫ينضم إلينا ‬ ‫ جارنا الودود فرانك‬ ‫لكننا سنسمح لك فقط ‬ ‫ بقول ما تريد, يا فرانك‬ ‫إذا تحليت بروح التحديث‬ ‫كفى, يا داني ‬ ‫ لا تجعلني أفعل هذا مرة أخرى‬ ‫«BRAWL tok»‬ ‫أولاً سنقوم بإزالة الصناديق‬ ‫في التحديث القادم‬ ‫نعم، كل الصناديق من اللعبة‬ ‫لم تعد هناك احتمالات، ‬ ‫ ولا مكافآت عشوائية،‬ ‫ولا تخمين ‬ ‫ قبل فتح الأبطال‬ ‫يوم التحديث ستفتح كل المكافآت السابقة، ‬ ‫ولكن سيتم تحصيل المكافآت‬ ‫غير المطالب بها تلقائيًا‬ ‫هذا ينطبق على مواسم Brawl Pass ‬ ‫السابقة والحالية، ومسار الكؤوس،‬ ‫وحتى بعض الصناديق التي لم يُطالب بها ‬ ‫قبل Brawl Pass‬ ‫إذا كان لا يزال لديك بعض منها، ‬ ‫ لأي سبب من الأسباب‬ ‫لذا, إذا كنت تريد فتحها بنفسك،‬ ‫فعليك أن تفعل ذلك قبل ‬ ‫ وصول التحديث‬ ‫سيتم استبدال المكافآت، ‬ ‫سواء في Brawl Pass, ومسار الكؤوس،‬ ‫بمكافآت حتمية مختلفة،‬ ‫بعضها جديد في اللعبة‬ ‫ستعرفون دائمًا ما ستحصلون عليه ‬ ‫بالضبط‬ ‫نجري هذا التغيير ‬ ‫ لبضعة أسباب،‬ ‫أبرزها الابتعاد عن الاحتمالات ‬ ‫ والصدف،‬ ‫مما سيجعل الأمور أكثر إنصافًا ‬ ‫ وقابلية للتوقع‬ ‫ويمنحكم أيضًا أهدافًا واضحة ومثيرة ‬ ‫في كل مرة تلعبون اللعبة‬ ‫بدلاً من فتح الأبطال من الصناديق،‬ ‫قدمنا مسارًا جديدًا للمكافآت ‬ ‫ يعرف باسم مسار Starr‬ ‫تتقدمون في مسار Starr من خلال ‬ ‫جمع عملة جديدة, تعرف باسم الأرصدة‬ ‫يمكن ربح الأرصدة من ‬ ‫Brawl Pass ومسار الكؤوس،‬ ‫وأحيانًا من ‬ ‫ التحديات والمهام‬ ‫يمكن أيضًا شراؤها ‬ ‫ من العروض الخاصة في المتجر‬ ‫تتطلب فئات ندرة الأبطال المختلفة ‬ ‫ كميات مختلفة من الأرصدة للفتح‬ ‫لكل خطوة على مسار Starr، ‬ ‫ توجد ندرة محددة مسبقًا‬ ‫لفتح البطل التالي‬ ‫بصفتك لاعبًا جديدًا، ستقوم بفتح ‬ ‫ أبطال معينين أولاً،‬ ‫ولك.

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