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Swift Kar98 Ads Build

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to another video on our channel, where today we'll be discussing the best car 98k quickscoping class for modern warfare. This gun is incredibly fun to use, with a one-shot kill and super-fast fire rate. We've got some outrageous clips to show you in just a moment, but first, make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications for more videos. Let's jump straight into it!

Class Set-Up:

- Primary Weapon: Car 98k

- Secondary Weapon: Uzi

- Perks: Quick Fix, Overkill, Battle Hardened

- Lethal: Semtex

- Tactical: Stim

- Attachments: Attack Laser, Sniper Scope, FTAC Sport Comb, Stipple Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand

The attack laser increases ADS speed, aiming stability, and aim walking steadiness. We opt for the sniper scope to use the gun as a sniper and get quickscoping kills. The FTAC Sport Comb and Stipple Grip Tape increase ADS speed and sprint fire speed, while Sleight of Hand quickens reload time.

Overall, the Car 98k quickscoping class is an excellent option for modern warfare, with a fast fire rate and one-shot kills. Make sure to try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for more videos like this. Have a great day!

The "KAR 98K" Is So FAST! The Best Kar 98K Quickscoping Class Setup MW!

- Welcome back to another video on the channel

- Today we're going to take a look at the best Car 98k quick scoping class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right now

- This class is so quick and probably one of the quickest snipers or marksman rifles in the game

Class Overview:

- Barrel: Seaguard Custom 21.2 inch

- Laser: Tac Laser

- Optic: Sniper Scope

- Stock: FTAC Sport Comb

- Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Class Breakdown:

- The Seaguard Custom 21.2 inch barrel is the shortest barrel available, but it reduces hit markers and maintains good ADS speed

- The Tac Laser increases ADS speed, aiming stability, and aim walk steadiness

- The Sniper Scope is preferred for quick scoping and gives the feeling of hitting sniper quickscopes

- The FTAC Sport Comb boosts ADS speed and only slightly reduces aim stability

- The Stippled Grip Tape increases ADS speed and sprint to fire speed, crucial for quick scoping and mobility

Comparison to Warzone:

- The quick scoping class is significantly quicker and has better ADS speed than a Warzone class

- Mobility doesn't take a huge hit with this class, making it great for moving around the map

- This class is easily the best Car 98k quick scoping class in the game

- It's fast, accurate, and perfect for mobility on the map

- Make sure to try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

*FASTEST ADS* "KAR98K" Quickscoping Class Setup in COD Vanguard

In this article, Blink talks about his quick scoping class setup for the Car 98 sniper rifle in Vanguard. He also mentions his favorite sniper rifle and invites viewers to play with him on Twitch.

Blink introduces himself and his video, asking viewers to like, comment, and subscribe. He also asks which sniper rifle viewers like the best from Vanguard.

Quick Scoping Class Setup:

- Outbreak muzzle

- 520 millimeter rapid for aim down sight speed

- No optic (main optic is good enough)

- Short stock for ADS speed

- Flashlight for revealing enemy nameplates or pistol grip for faster spring to fire speed

- Three round mag for quicker reload time, but 20 round mag recommended for respawn

- Lengthen ammo type for bullet velocity

- Fabric grip for ADS speed

- Fleet for movement speed and weapon swap quickness

- Deep breath for longer hold breath duration

Blink ends the video by thanking viewers and inviting them to his Twitch stream. He also hints at future updates to his class setup and promises a video if anything changes.

Additional Content:

The video includes clips of Blink playing Search and Destroy, with some funny moments and accusations of hacking from other players.

the .5 Second ADS Kar98 in Warzone!! (Fastest Kar98 Setup)

In this article, we follow John, also known as Spears, on his journey to find the best Car 98k setup for Warzone. He shares his personal preference for speed, and how he optimizes his attachments to achieve quick aim and shoot speed. John provides a detailed list of his attachments, including the monolithic suppressor, the Syngard Arms Custom27 6 inch barrel, the tac laser, and the sniper scope. He also gives his recommendation for the stippled grip tape over any other stock attachment. Throughout the article, John engages in casual banter with his friend Paul, discussing topics such as remote control helicopters, building-sized centipedes, and the existence of mermaids and Nessie. Despite some setbacks in the game, John showcases his sniping skills and ends with a satisfying victory.

The QUICKSCOPE 1 SHOT KAR98K is INSANE in Warzone!🔥 (Best Kar98k Class Setup Warzone)

Best Khan AK Class Setup in Warzone

Welcome back to another video on the channel. Today, we will be discussing the best Khan AK class setup in Warzone.

Class Setup:

- Primary Weapon: PPS8 with the color ppsh

- Perks: Serpentine, Overkill, Combat Scout

- Lethal: Throwing knife

- Tactical: Stim

- First Attachment: Singard Custom 27.6 inch

- Second Attachment: Attack Laser

- Third Attachment: Sniper Scope

- Fourth Attachment: FD CAC Sport Chrome

- Fifth Attachment: Stippled Grip Tape


- Hit scan

- Fast ADS time

- One-shot kill

- Increased damage range

- Increased bullet velocity

- Increased aim and stability

- Increased aim walk steadiness

- Increased sprint and fire time


- The gameplay is not the best due to limited time to play the game

- The player has difficulty getting full kills on opponents

- Bouncing Betty's are prevalent and cause difficulty

- The Khan AK class setup is effective in gameplay

Although the gameplay may not be the best, the Khan AK class setup is effective in Warzone. The class setup offers increased damage range, bullet velocity, and aim stability. It is also fast for ADS and a one-shot kill. This class setup is recommended for Warzone players.


In today's video, the focus is on the best Car 98 setup in Warzone. There are many different variants of the Car that can be run, but this setup is the favorite as it is fast, has range, and is an all-around good sniper. The video includes two high kill gameplays and if you enjoy the content, make sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications for more.

The class setup includes the Monolithic Suppressor, ZenGuard Custom 21.2 Barrel, Attack Laser Sniper Scope, and the FTAC Sport Comb. If interested, the gameplay can be watched live on Twitch.

During the video, the player encounters several challenges and enemies, but ultimately prevails. They use various tactics and strategies to take down the opposition.

Some of the phrases used in the video include what is going on guys, let's get into the class setup, and if you guys are interested. These idioms and colloquialisms add a casual and friendly tone to the content.

In conclusion, the video showcases the best Car 98 setup in Warzone and includes high kill gameplays and various tactics to defeat enemies. The player's class setup includes the Monolithic Suppressor, ZenGuard Custom 21.2 Barrel, Attack Laser Sniper Scope, and the FTAC Sport Comb. The video uses idioms and colloquialisms to add a friendly tone to the content.

the FASTEST ADS KAR98 is AMAZING on REBIRTH ISLAND!! 🔥(Best Kar98 Class Setup)

In this video, we will be using the quickscope car 98 in the blixen. We will show you the class setups and how to use the blinky to improve your gameplay.

Bullet points/Numbered List:

- We will showcase the quickscope car 98 in the blixen.

- We will provide class setups to improve your gameplay.

- We will demonstrate the use of the blinky in quickscoping.

- We hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

Main Body:

No one would want to smoke me now, I'm just saying. Because you guys don't know the players that I do. What happened? All I'm saying is you guys don't know like the NFL like I do. I doubt it. It's like how Q and you guys are in the NBA. That's how I know the NFL. So, I doubt it. I'm not saying that you guys don't know anything. I'm not saying that, but I don't know if you guys know as much as me. Yeah, like I know football in and out like you know it's just this like how you guys with basketball heavy. That's me and that like football. Oh my god, you're so ass. Thank you, Colton. Once in a self over here, I think I'm going in. Any in behind you, find anybody, I'm trying to ping him again. I'll call you a demon sleeping. I'm gonna call Moneyboss.

I'm not gonna lie; don't wipe if you can control it. I know that one, you couldn't control, but if it doesn't on me, I got you. I'll try out this game; it's all right. I have these, and if you ever see it again, I'll never go half these with you on anything. Oh, they got the whole team landing up in there. There's mad men on me. I don't know where they are. My fault, I like it. Do you know this good night? All right, welcome to 360. I'm a Gerber baby massive Gerber baby after that. You're a man, me yeah, because the Ethan bro. It's so catchy, Gerber baby bro. Oh, this game is so thick. Jeez, enemies.

These lobs are so nice. Thanks, bro, I do. This guy goes to my death company like dick like bro don't tell me something I already know. Yeah, I got yo this is my video yo I might need mewhat am I doing? You not know how to shut the up, Aiden? Holy, I just said it like three times, like just a second ago. Okay, now I need comps. I'm gonna put the whole team above prison that arrests. Oh my god, is the I'm talking about brother so dick. Every time, every time, bro, they're so ass. Everyone at the stack, I'm just trying to get a video so I don't I need to like sweat my balls off. I know I'm going to try to, but I'm going to get at least a 25. I know like 20, you know.

To me, someone on the roof, if you're up there, that on youtube. I mean if I room if I'm really really locked, I could probably at least 15 every game. I want to say 20 because some lobbies are just absolutely sweaty and like it's not easy bro, it's not easy. Oh, he's so lucky. Oh, the buy station. Oh, youtube my 20, oh it's like I'm smoothing like that my house. Imagine always coming okay. Come on, so here's above, oh here's my 25 yay. Must be in front of me most likely. Oh, they're coughing. I jumped off, ggs.

In conclusion, using the quickscope car 98 in the blixen with the blinky can improve your gameplay. We hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more content. Thank you and have a good day!

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