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syncee dropshipping review

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Oberlo vs uDroppy vs Syncee vs ProductPro vs DSers 2023: Top Dropshippers Reviewed 🔶 E-CASH S2•E47

i want to quickly compare and contrast five high quality drop shipping services: oberlo, udroppy, sinky product pro and de-essers. don't go [Music] anywhere. [Music]. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome sweetie kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you already asked me, if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee, rt or vodka and let's roll in today's conversation. i want to compare and contrast. overload- you drop the sinky product, pro and de-essers. but before actually getting to the actual uh review, i want to quickly give you an overview about the drop shipping business. it's very important to understand that whatever drop shipping service you choose, you want to make sure that the service has high quality and high stok suppliers. you want to go for services that have a review, that they have a reviews of four stars and above. you want to ensure a good automatik order fulfillment features and please choose- always choose- services they have a free trial offer. it doesn't matter. the length of time doesn't matter whether it is 7 days, 14 days or 28 days or 30 days, doesn't really matter. you want to have an opportunity to test the products before buying it and make sure, also, that the service you choose has a support team. it's very important, whatever drop shipping service you you choose, to make sure that the products that go along with the service are also- they are- optimized. what do i mean by that? you want to make sure that you have products that are popular and have um that have recognizable labels, because this will keep customers from doubting the quality of your products and that will keep them actually from going to the competitor. make sure that you are also selling compact products, because you want to reduce, ultimately, shipping cost as well as avoiding risk when shipping right and please, you want to focus on products that are trendy, no outdated products, because the the excellence of service of a drop shipper is not going to offset the bad quality of your products. so you want to have a product that is a trendy, that is a high quality. okay, it's very important. and please, focus on a niche because you run a small drop shipping business. focusing on one market will help your storage brand awareness increase, which ultimately will create a reputation among customers, and that's what you want. you really want to keep the get the ball rolling um, create buzz around your products, have excellent service and have high quality products. let's now get into, uh, the actual review here. so let's start with syncing. zinke is a global b2b drop shipping platform designed to help retailers find the best products to sell in their online store. so pick what you want to sell, automate your product uploads, updates and order processes with syncing. the cool thing here is that we've seen in our research that sinky remains one of the top drop shipping tiknology partners of alibabacom. so the company offers the best b2b driveship solutions across millions- and i mean millions- of products from reputable vendors and a simple one-click ordering process. and that's pretty cool. and you some of the features that you will actually see with sync includes that you can find products and suppliers globally in a reputable and fast manner. they provide product and inventory management tools through their data feed manager. you can download and update products automatikally. you can, you can support finding products and vendors on sinky marketplace and you can search for products based on ai artificial intelligence. and you have integration with the multiple apps- sftp, dropbox, google drive, etc. what are the pros and cons here? the pros: useful automatik order feature. good customer support team and integrated many useful applications. the the cons: the interface is now user friendly. so sinki, if you're listening to us, please work on your interface. this is very important and the the main features that i want to say here is that you have millions of products from the united states, canada, the european union, australia and more, and there is no upfront investment in stok. you have automated product data uploads and updates, automated order processes, unique pricing settings, alibaba integration. this is very important. free support: we love the free support and you can actually enjoy the benefits of sinking, whether you are an experienced drop shipper or a newbie, because you have millions of winning and niche products to choose from. you have reliable, pre-vetted drive shipping suppliers and wholesalers. we have global and local suppliers with fast shipping. we love the fact that they use artificial intelligence extensively in searching for products. you have more than 500 categories and the. what we love also is the fact that you have a retailer supplier chat solution to make communication easier for both parties. if you want to reach out to sinky, you can do so via email- they have an in-app chat feature- or the website's live chat. you can also go to the help centers. for the help center for useful artikles and, in terms of pricing, sinky has a free plan that allows that really allows you to use up to 50 products and the paid plan starts at 29 per month with more advanced features. so we have here on the screen we can show you. we have the marketplace for retailers. you have 29 for basic, the pro 79 and the business 129, and then you have four suppliers. you have uh- zero dollars free for all and uh for you have also the data feed manager for retailers and you have a constellation of prices there. so you really want to use the sinky if you are interested in expanding your business model, your drop shipping business model. one thing i want to say is that sync is free to use up to 25 products for an unlimited time. if you want to manage more than 25 products in your online store, you need to subscribe to one of their- uh you know- paid plans and uh. their pricing is based on product number, not variant sku. so you want to use think if you want to have access to millions of products, hundreds of local and global suppliers, because one of zinke's main solution is the sinki marketplace. here you can use an intelligent product search, the ai driven search feature, to browse among millions of listed products. you also have direct contact with suppliers, so sync is built-in messenger helps you be in direct contact with your supplier partners and the the the thing, the great thing here is that the application is not only for finding new relationships, but also helping you. it helps you to maintain your partnerships in the long run. you also have always up-to-date product data. this is a good great thing if you are a newbie or experienced drop shipper you so you don't have to worry about out of date price or stok quantity information in your online store. you have customizable price settings, so you have the option to add a price margin to your chosen products in sinky based on the product catalogs you create for yourself. and we also love the fact that, if you want to use sinky, you might love the auto order solution. this is a bridge between- because, if you think about sync, it's really a bridge between retailers and suppliers in every way. the auto order is also an outstanding and useful option for because for suppliers and uh retailers. because, uh, you're able to actually fill orders uh automatikally and quickly. let's now tok about product pro. so product pro is a drop shipping service that is wonderful for drop shippers who want to work with uh us-based companies and lists with the asian suppliers. so if your focus is more on us-based companies, you want to go with product pro. in our research we have found that nearly 50 000 entrepreneurs appreciate the excellent quality of goods they can source from product pros large and diverse network of trusted suppliers, and we love the fact that product pro offers the products from a multitude of categories, including april jewelry, home goods, consumer electronics and more- okay, and here women.

HOW TO DROPSHIP VIA SYNCEE: How to Make Millions Dropshipping From Syncee Like a Pro 🔶 E-CASH S3•E37

let's quickly tok about how to drop ship piercing. don't go anywhere. you're going to love today's full tutorial, i guarantee it. [Music]. welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome circle show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or a tea or vodka and let's roll. [Applause]. in today's tutorial, i want to share with you how to drop ship viasinki. this is a full tutorial and first let me tok to you about the overview. let me give you an overview of sinki. so sync is basically a b2b platform for drop shippers, retailers and suppliers. okay, so this platform has a curated list of drop shipping products that allows you to sell in your store and you can actually make money real quick. and we love the fact that sinky works with the best suppliers. okay, so you have a marketplace for retailers. this is really great. you can find, sell and drop ship very easily. if you're looking for the right drop shipping products for your store instantly, sinky is one of the best places to go right now, and the thing is that you can actually explore drop shipping suppliers from the us, the european union, australia and all over the world. okay, and you also have alibabacom drop shipping. this is really good. you'll start real b2b alibabacom drop shipping viasinki. this is really great, and the sinki has been alibaba alibaba's partner for the last five years. okay, and what we love with sync is that you also have data feed manager for retailers. so sync it can be a data fit manager for retailers. this is basically. you can bring your own supplier. this is really good. so you upload and update products from product data feeds files into your online store. fantastik, and we're toking here about formats as a diverse as csv, xml, excel, json and txt. you also have a marketplace for suppliers on sinky. okay, you can build your own online retailer network. we love that. so if you're trying to broaden your business by supplying your products on sinking marketplace, this is kind of cool also, and so the whole thing is: if you want to dropship on sinki, you really want to have the right strategy. so you want to save time and money with the best drop shipping automation software, and which is what sync it really is. so, basically, you can find products you can sell, you can auto order. so the the basically if you browse and import your products. you can- actually you can- browse those. you can actually import those products to your store instantly, okay, so a customer purchases the products from your online store, so you have an auto order. so the the customer's order goes directly to your suppliers very, very, very easily and, in terms of shipping, the supplier will ships the order to your customer and you keep the profits. so you keep the profit from the retail price. so bottom line is: you want to grow your drop shipping business with zinke. there's no upfront cost. you have millions of products. you have a very curated suppliers from the united states, the european union and australia, among other places, and you have quick product upload. okay, and you can see on the screen here that there are. also, you have a diverse list of integrations- okay, so sync integrates with the top e-commerce platforms. so fantastik platform to start drop shipping on. now, first thing you need to do to sign up. so if you want to drop ship on syncing, you need to sign up. this is important. so you need to create an account, you need to add your store and so, once you add your store, you can manage products in. you can actually draw a product in with the help of sinky. okay, sinky works with five ecommerce platforms. so you have shopify, jump seller, we have shop renter, big commerce and we have acquaid, among others. so the they are constantly adding new platforms. okay, so to choose which one you're working on, please click on the add your store button. there you will see the list of supported e-commerce platforms. okay, so you need to add a store to use sync properly, but you can browse the products without a store. just want to mention that. and you can add your shop here or later in the my shops menu in syncing, so you can see on the screen the store possibilities. so, shopify store for this example, we are actually choosing a shopify store. you choose your account, you sync your store with syncing and you finalize storage setup. okay, so, basically, once you do this, well done, your online store has been successfully added to sinky. so from that on, you can manage products via syncing's application in the following stores. so, for our examples, we have the sweaty kiwis myshopifycom store. and to proceed with the setting up process, you want to click on the next button and at this time, sync. it will ask you what you want to do, so you you only have to pick one, okay. you can pick marketplace, alibaba or data feed manager. so this is basically how you're going to import products into your, into your store. so pick only one. so if you pick marketplace, that means you are looking for products and suppliers. if you pick alibaba, you would like to use alibaba product to drop ship on shopify or whatever marketplace you're selling on. and if you pick data fit manager, that's if you would like to use product data feed files. okay, so the choice is yours. and one thing i want to say here is that you need to understand that the sinki already has a curated list of suppliers that are waiting for you just to uh, to, to actually interview them or to vet them and then to start buying from them. it's important to understand that sinki has done the, the pre-requested for you, but you also need to do your due diligence. you can't just rely on sync is a pre-validation- to say, okay, this, uh, this supplier is good for me. the suppliers on the platform, the suppliers are great, but the question is, are they good for you, for your partikular niche, for your partikular audience, for a partikular market? so you need to do extra diligence here. you need to do extra investigation here, not a lot of investigation, but you need to do a little bit of due diligence. [Music]. so, after registering, you need to add products. okay, this is important. so you need to add products. so you want to search products on the sinky marketplace? i'm sure when you're here- the first screenshot and the second screenshot- one thing you need to understand is that you can easily find products in the sinky marketplace and upload them. so, as a reminder, sinky provides a free starter plane to manage 25 items. okay, don't worry, there is no time limits and there is no free, there's no fee. actually, it's basically: uh, you, it's free for, it's free of charge unless you decide to subscribe to one of their plans. okay, and so there. now you want to search products. you want to click add to catalog. when you see a product you like- and, for example, we picked alibaba as a supplier source- you could also pick marketplace or datafit manager, as i said before, and start adding products to catalog. pick categories to find information about, check results based on your search. you have more results and products to catalog again and at the end, one thing you want to do is you want to see all products added to catalog. one thing you need to be very careful is that you can actually contact. you can actually contact the supplier if you want to, and once you're done with this phase, you want to click sync to upload products. so, basically, when you sync here, you, you are drawing, you are bringing the products into your partikular store. okay, remember that we basically pulled the product from alibaba and now we want to add it to our catalog so that we know exactly what kind of what kind of products we are thinking about. drop shipping. it's also important to understand that at this point, you can always contact the supplier if you want to, although there is a strategy you need to follow when contacting suppliers and you also need to unders. you need to constantly update your catalog. in other words, you can bring in more products or you can remove products.

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Syncee Dropshipping Tutorial For Beginners | 2022

hello everyone. this is Imran Ali here. welcome back to our Channel, and today we are going to tok about sinki Drop Shipping tutorial. so, as beginners, we should know that what is Big sinky, right? so actually, sinki is a global B2B, which is business to business Drop Shipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers find products to sell and supplies to work with. so what does it mean? that if you have any website and you don't have any products to sell, right, so what, you can do what you like. you can add their application, sync application, to your website and you can use their like. if someone selling, uh, like glasses, you can just choose that product and put them on your store. so how you can do that and what is syncy and all the other things. so for this method, for this like, obviously, uh, syncy should you use on their own store. but what I'm going to do, like you can see over here that no credit card required, 100, free and easy to start. so what I'm going to do, I'm going to start for free from here. click on it and it will take you right over here. so I'm just going to log in with my new account so once it's done, you can see that you have created your account over here, right, so you can see we need a store where we are going to put our products right. so what I'm going to use for this product, for this syncy Drop Shipping Store, I'm going with this Shopify, so I have my Shopify over here, as you can see, and what I'm going to do: I'm going to search sync key over here and so shop Shopify will open uh separate window for their Shopify App Store and where we can add that store. so how you can do that, obviously I'm just gonna search from over here, uh, syncy, and you can see we are at new store and here we are the first one: sinki Global Drop Shipping. click on it and add app, obviously. so I'm just gonna add app. I don't know why they are showing this, these both, I don't know why. but okay, just click on add app and it will ask for install app, obviously, wait for it. so now, as you can see, uh, it's showing that connected store. so this is my store and we need to go ahead and choose that from over here. connect store, add app and it will end up over here, the same one that we have already done. so we are just going with this again. next, we are glad you are here- all of that social media step by step. if you want to learn by step by step, you can do that or otherwise skip the guide. next, and here we are. so this is what we were looking for and this is the marketplace of sinki. so how you can search, uh, your product and your things. so, first of all, you can see we have so many categories over here. just leave that, I'm going to tell you everything. what kind of products are you looking for? is like you can select minimum, like maximum, three categories. if you want to select that, you can do that, like this, this and this, uh, you can see that. what Warehouse you are preferring? so Warehouse, like from where we are going to pick our products, right, so like United States, uh, China. so these are like most popular one in my opinion. so what countries do you prefer? so, obviously United States and China. again, obviously it will be very useful for me that I can provide them from their warehouse, right, so my location. you can just add that from here and get started. so here we are. you can see that on the left side we have dashboard, Marketplace, search, products and every single thing which you can. obviously you can see and understand what is going on over there. so if you want to search something, just click on over here and you will end up over here the search form over here, and it will show up over here. like, if I want to search like uh, any like from over here, if I want to go with the kitchen, and you can see, like at the bottom, we have so many products over here related to that item, uh, we have selected so what we can do. let's just suppose if I want to send this to my store, like on my Shopify store, I'm just going to click over here and like obviously learn from it, like, uh, shipping days and shipping costs, how it will cost, and what we can do, like add product to our cataclog. so once click on it and become seller with made error- this is from the Met error, this product. so got it and add catalog to my Shopify- this is my Shopify right name, that and how many margin you want above this product. so how, like, how much? this cost is around 3000 PKR- and retail price- retail price is this one. so related to that. you can just go ahead and select your category, set the margin and name and save it and it will end up over your Shopify products area, like over here. so if you click over here, this will end up over over here. and if someone order from your Shopify, so what would happen that, uh, it won't show up on like uh on your Shopify store. what would happen? that it will end up over here, manage order. so whatever uh related to our product, uh, like if I'm posting this one and if someone's going to buy that, their order will end up over here in managing order. so you should know that, otherwise don't get confused or whatever. so that's it. this is all you need to know about, like syncy, and you can have your analytiks over here- and different shops, Affiliates, and we have so many categories over here, you can see, you can just categorize the language, you can categorize the uh- supplier approval and there's a lot of things going on over here and you can see on the top that this is connected to our Shopify. this is our Shopify account. so that's it. this is all you need to know about sinki and you can use so many products from over here, like in Furniture. if you can see that, uh, we can scroll down over here. we have so many products over here which we can add to our Shopify store, so thank you for watching this video. I hope you understand how to create an account and how to use syncy drop shipping to your store. thank you for watching this video. I hope you like this video and please leave a like And subscribe bye.

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Syncee Dropshipping Tutorial For Shopify

hey there guys. my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to teach you how you can easily use zinke for your shopify store. when you're gonna enter and connect your sync with shopify, you will see this: well done, your online store has been successfully added to your sync key. from now you can manage the products. click next. now you need to choose a start plan. sync is free after use of 50 manageable products, without the time limitations. so that's pretty good. click next now. okay, main features. would you like to sync it? to help you do? if you're looking for product suppliers, click next and uh, now you would like to start. you can find suppliers or search products. i'm going to search a product and you can review, but you can do it later. and now you can search for products, but you can also find suppliers. here on the left side you can see the marketplace: alibaba, data feed manager, manage others and etc. so you can search for product right here. marketplace search products. and now here you can. what warehouse locations do you prefer? so let's say i know united states. you can really choose which one you want. then what countries do you prefer? so let's say united states, and i'm going to warehouses, united states, and right here you can also add my location. now you can also choose a fashion that you're interested in- electronics, my location, united states- and get started. so this is just my recommendation, what i like, and now i will just write here case and i'm going to like, click, click here this one, and what i can do is to see the ships 2 and add products to catalog and send my request. so this is pretty much it, how we can do it. so add new to catalog and that's what you can do. you can also easily find suppliers and yep, that's pretty much it. so you're gonna see also the plenty of suppliers that you can connect with, and that's pretty much it. you can also see my catalogs of your products, your suppliers. then you would see alibaba right here. you can search products right here in alibaba, and that's pretty much it. so how it works. if you can have any questions, guys, this is like the quick guide what you can do with syncing. i'm really happy to help you and if you want to have a more advanced tutorial on sinky, i can do it. so thank you very much, have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

Jump into Dropshipping with Shopify and Syncee | with Demo

hello everyone. welcome to the first live session of sinki in 2022. we can't wait to share exciting insider tips with you on how you can kickstart a dropshipping business on shopify, not to mention the importance of holding a complete live demo for you today on how to use sinky. exciting, isn't it? now, let's wait for a bit for others to have the time to join this webinar. all right, let's dive into today's webinar. i am barbara, marketing team leader at sinki, and let me welcome my colleague and friend, richard, who is the customer success team leader at simki. we are going to do our best today to help you start off with your dropshipping business. hello everyone, this is richard and i am really thrilled to see you all here. thank you, richard. first of all, um, let me quickly go through the outline of the live session. we are going to introduce simki share, applicable drop shipping tips for beginners. highlight the advantages of shopify. tell you about some insider tips on running a drop shipping store of shopify. furthermore, we are going to share for whom we see key and idea peak. then we are going to speak about how our application works and what are the benefits of it. then we are going to tell details about our our pricing plans and structures. and, last but not least, you can watch a live demo of the basics of shopify and how to use syncing. let's begin with the introduction to sim king. sinki is a global b2b dropshipping and persia platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. online store owners can find products to sell in their online store from reliable suppliers, welfare, fast shipping and where? from basically all over the world. so far, more than 65 000 merchants have joined our platform on the sinking marketplace. that is our huge product and supplier directory. online store owners can browse among more than 4 million high profit products. currently, more than 700 suppliers are available on our platform. our application offers highly customizable theater, product and pricing settings. we created a transparent platform where suppliers are not hidden. choose what you want to sell, automate your product uploads, updates and order synchronization. with sinky, we have the powerful tools to provide ready to sell products for big and small retail businesses without any inventory risk. where you can find us? um. today's webinar is about how to jump into drops- drop shipping- with shopify and sinky. however, it is best to mention the other e-commerce platforms as well where sim key is available. these are currently shopify, wix, squarespace, woocommerce, bigcommerce: ecwid, jam seller shop, renter, kiamo shops. richard, which platform would you choose if you were about to start an online store now? well, uh, it would be hard to choose because all of them are great, with their own um pros and cons, so all i can say is that any one of them would be a perfect choice for uh, for anyone. thank you. now let's see what drop shipping tips are worth hearing if you are new to this trading model. dropshipping is a trading model, a written fulfillment method for online merchants. with this method, retailers can start and manage their online store without having real physical inventory, without form upfront investment in product stok. they are having virtual stok and filling their online store with their suppliers product data. this stok is basically virtually unlimited. they can run their online store without constant low risk because of all these, and they have the ability to operate anywhere. as there is no warehouse, it is best to use a drop shipping application platform like sinky, because here you can not only find products and suppliers, but have the ability to add new products to your store anytime, in just a few clicks. you can grow at lea at a fast rate by selling more goods. thanks to sinky, you can also, you also don't have to worry about over selling, as the product data in your store will always be the most up-to-date. as you don't have to deal with logistiks, it will be incredibly easy to start and manage an online store. so, with dropshipping, you can have a convenient focus on store and marketing, and it will be easy to scale. richard, you basically speak with dozens of dropshipping store owners a day. what do you see? what do they enjoy the most about dropshipping? well, um, i believe that the most attractive thing about, uh, dropshipping is that you could start your own online store without having to keep stuck of the products that you wish to sell. and, of course, this way you can save a lot of money on warehousing, for example, and, of course, you can save a lot on a lot of headaches for yourself as well. yeah, i agree, thank you. okay. what is needed for the start to start an online store? you definitely need a winning product idea. you have to find a niche, research your market and, based on that, you can decide what will be worth selling. if someone is telling you that you can start a drop shipping business without any investment, do not believe them, please. yes, you don't have to spend money on product inventory, but there are fees to start and running store. there are legal fees, taxes, registration fees and you also have to spend money on marketing. make sure the suppliers you will get products from are real reliability- to be suppliers with their own product inventory who you can work with in the long run. build and plan your business strategy before opening an online store. if you don't know what you would like to represent with your business, you are not ready yet. it is also very important to choose the ecommerce platform that best suits your needs. if you are new to this world, shopify can be the best pick, as it is a user friendly, beginner, beginner-friendly, friendly platform. you will have to deal with official legal matters. you have to obtain required permits and pick a payment provider, just to mention a few. your online store has to be outstanding, to not be just one in a million, and you also need to have social media presence. um on all the important platforms. advertise constantly, manage marketing and or store related tasks. now let's see what advantages we are looking for, we are looking at, if we start our online store using shopify as our ecomas platform. first of all, what is shopify exactly? well, it is the worst number one most popular e-commerce platform. uh, you would have a low startup costs and an easy-to-use interface, because it is not a surprise that, uh, lots of business owners use shopify, for it is ease of use and well. you could have a store set up on your own without any coding experience and just in a couple of days time. it is a subscription-based software which allows anyone to set up an online store. it is cloud-based, so the store can be managed anywhere, uh, meaning that you could manage your shopify store on the go and, since they are providing the server for you, you do not need to set up any additional hardware hardware for your online store. you get the complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage your business. of course, they allow you to sell online and offline as well with their shopify point of sale solution. so if you have your own physical store, shopify has you covered with the customizable point of sale solutions. it is great for both new and growing stores as well. so if you are thinking of expanding your customer base by creating an online store for your business, then shopify got you covered on that as well. you would have a detailed admin, uh to understand how the store itself performs, so you will get access to cs reports as well as inventory tracking to help you plan the future of your business. it is very dropshipper friendly, meaning that many dropshippers use shopify for its customizability, and they offer a 14 day free trial period, so you would not have to pay upfront if you wish to try shopify out. the major reasons to love shopify: it is, uh, the most user and beginner-friendly e-commerce platform. it is easy to set up and well run an online store, so you would not need tiknical skills. and it is secure and reliable. so when work.

Spocket vs Importify vs Syncee vs Dropified vs Modalyst vs Dropship.me 2023 🔶 E-CASH S2•E76

let me quickly tok to you about sprockets versus importify versus sinky versus dropify, versus modellist versus dropship me. don't go anywhere. you're gonna love this compare and contrast. so [Music]: welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sweetie kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you already asked me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee, rt or vodka and let's roll in today's conversation. i really want to compare and contrast several players when it comes to drop shipping suppliers, and we have sprocket and portify, sinky, tropified, model list and dropship me. one thing that's very important: when we tok about dropshipping suppliers, what are we toking about? you have to understand, in the dropshipping business model, there are a few. there are things that are really important because the retailer, you don't need to stok any goods to start an e-commerce business. you are only responsible for taking orders from your customers and you have to act as a middleman between your customers and their respective product suppliers, right? so one thing you have to understand here is that whether you want to go for a sprocket in portify, sync, drop a file, modeless or dropship me, you need to have a constellation of criteria you need to pay attention to. in other words, the last thing i want you to have is to lose money or pick alphabet. you just pick the wrong dropship drop shipping supplier. nobody wants that. so here are seven criteria that we have extensively, extensively researched and that we have seen that always work. you have to. anytime you want to pick a drop shipping supplier, please pay attention to the original base. are you in the uk? are you in canada? are you in the us? are you in asia? do you want the dr? where do you want your drive shipping supplier to be located at? okay, how, where is uh, what is your their network in terms of distribution, in terms of shipping? very important. do they have a trial period? normally, shippers there believe that. let me just rephrase this: if a drop shipper is confident about its ability to deliver superior results, superior products, they should be giving you a trial period. in other words, they're not losing anything, right, if they're comfortable with uh, their products and their service, they don't lose anything by giving you two weeks. so it's important to see: if you have a drop ship, drop shipping supplier who gives you two weeks or one month drop here, that's fantastik. go ahead with that. do they have a supplier score card and prices? what kind of prices are? are they uh? are they exhibited? do they have reliable support? customer service- very important. do they have a supported 24- 7.. what kind of supports do they offer? is it phone? is it chat only? are you speaking to a robot? are you being taken care of by an algorithm or are you speaking to a live person? this is important, and also how. what are the integrations? integrations that we all know is very important. if you have a supplier that's not integrated with uh, the major e-commerce platforms, you are on your own. you are toast, so you don't want that. what about reporting and analytiks? pay attention to that too. and as the the last part is product quality and custom branding, okay. so even though you are selling products from other brands, you need to ensure that the unboxing experience matches your brain standards right? this is kind of important. so we we have actually focused on that topic on other shows, so i'm not going to go in detail here, but you have it here. you have it: regional base, trial period, supplier score card and prices, reliable support, integrations with other e-commerce platforms, reporting and analytiks, and product quality and custom branding. so now that you have the metrics upon which you can boot, you can actually build your analysis of the drop shipping supplier platform. let's get into the review here. let's first start with spocket. this bucket is pretty well known and so, in short, sprocket is really a drop shipping app that integrates with both shopify and woocommerce stores. okay, it's very fast, it's, it's very efficient and uh, with a few clicks of a button you can launch a drive shipping business selling products from suppliers located in both the united states, the, the united kingdom and the eu, and we've seen, based on our analysis, that you may also find a few merchants based in australia, at new zealand and south africa. okay, so this is uh. so sprockets is pretty good and, uh, you can choose from a variety of product categories on sprockets, everything from fashion and clothing to electronics and tik, home and garden, automotive, toys, gaming and computing, so you actually have the products around the whole gamut. and so to to use. to start using sprocket, it's very simple. you can directly integrate your shopify or woocommerce store to work with this splunket app, and to do this you need to link your store and you can take a tour around sprocket to sort of familiarize yourself with the features, with the settings and all that kind of good stuff. and then, once you have that, you need to find products to sell. this is where you have to let your creativity shine, let your business experience shine. right, you want to you. you can find goods using uh sprockets, various filters, including product categories, price location, and you also have sprockets- premium products- and once you have that, you can import products to you, to your store also. this is kind of cool, okay. so the what one thing i want to see here is that make sure that you do all these things in a seamless way, in other words, don't just start and then you, you, you stop and then you come back. no, if you can just block some time and just do everything at once, that is fantastik. and once you do that, you are ready to go. so let's tok about the pricing. how much does all of this cost? as you can see on the screen, sprocket has a four price categories. so you have the free, so you start getting sales- zero dollar a month. you have the starter, where you want to boost sales- 24 a month, and the great thing here is they have a 14-day trial. then you have the pro, where you can maximize sales for 49 a month, and, uh, the empire. this is where you are managing sales at scale for 99 a month. and, of course, all of those plans have all the paid plans, have the 14 day free trial. this is fantastik, all right. and one thing i also want to see very quickly here is that with us sprocket, you have a lot of pros and a few cons. what are the pros? your inventory automatikally updates. you can import the products with one click. your auto tracking can. you can monitor your auto tracking in real time. right, you have automated order fulfillment. it's very simple and you can automate the pricing process. what about the cons? the location of suppliers is limited, customs duty and taxes are not included and you cannot sell on some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, such as facebook shops, instagram, youtube, woocommerce, pinterest, all right. and you cannot customize your packaging and you cannot directly contact pocket suppliers. let me tok to you now about trap ship me. so dropshipping is another cool player here, because if you really think about running a successful, uh e-commerce store is uh kind of easy if you have the right tools right, and part of that tool, uh, the toolkit, is a plugin. you need to have the right plugin installed and drop shipping is fantastik. here's how it works: you install the free plugin so you can support woocommerce and ali dropship, you can import products in one click and you just enjoy your sale. one thing i want to say here is that, when it comes to benefits, drop shipping has a few benefits that are very, very, very worth mentioning. so with drop shipping, no product research is needed. you can save a ton of time on editing, you can start selling right after import. you can you have more conversions and repeat purchases and you have a better shopping shopping experience for your clients- it's important- and you have fewer disputes with selected supplie.