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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Start a T-shirt business in 20 Mins : Printify And Shopify Tutorial

one. another way to start a t-shirt business with no inventory, no t-shirt blanks to buy, no screen printing, no DTG machine, no vinyl cutter to buy, and everything gets shipped out for you and you don't have to do a thing. well, the answers coming right up in this video right now. what's up, guys? Gary a janae- and I know I said a mouthful in that intro, but this is the real deal here. this is print on demand like you've never seen it before. a new take on print on demand. I want to introduce to you Prince a Phi. okay, alright, printer, fine now. I mentioned it once before, but this one is a formal introduction. okay, print a Phi is a print on demand service, but it's a little bit different in that it's not just one service in one place that you buy and they ship everything out- actually gives you a choice of different print providers so you can choose which one is best for your business. you can choose based on blank. you can choose based on pricing. you can choose based on production time. some of them have a short production time, some of them have a time that's a little bit longer. they're all short production times, but some is just a little bit longer and they're all in different locations. so if you're in a certain part of the US and you want to choose a provider that's close to you, you can do that also. if you're in the UK, there's a provider in Great Britain, okay. so if you want to do stuff in Europe, you have that choice. and not only do you get the choice of different t-shirts, they have so many of the awesome products to choose from. let's take a look. all right, guys, you can see right here their clothings. you have t-shirts, men's t-shirts, from all different types of vendors. you have women's clothing, women's t-shirts, okay, from all different type of vendors. and in both of these you don't just have tea, you have hoodies and all that good stuff. you even have sublimation. you can do all over printing. I mean it's crazy. you also have bags and accessories- little tote bags, carry bags, knapsacks, I mean- and you can do printing. everything that I'm showing you. you can do printing, even accessories, okay, jewelry. I mean it's crazy. and not only that, you can also do art and wall decor. all these you can hang on your walls. you can do posters, pictures. you can do clocks- so many different things, including shower curtains, bath mats- I mean a microfiber duvets- I mean mugs- and there's one thing right here you can also do, which is yoga mats. where are those yoga mats right here in accessories? your yoga mat is crazy. and this is just a few of the things you can do at prenta: fie. alright, guys, that was awesome. another great thing about prenta is your ability to integrate with the biggest e-commerce platforms on the planet. that's right: Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce, which is WordPress, which is the biggest website creation platform on the planet. okay, all that sounds good, but let's take a look under the hood. all right, this is printf I. this is what you're gonna see when you first get here, and let me go ahead and login. alright, now, once you get in, you can see that you can go right over here to the left and you can choose what you want to print on the print providers, the brand's, your favorites, new arrivals, and you can see all the good stuff that, well, this is just means that you can print on. it's really, really simple. also, you can print on canvas: sneakers- oh man, I didn't show that- and flip-flop. I mean, this place is awesome. it just goes on and on and on and that's pretty much it. it's so simple. alright, so now we're gonna sign up for an account. I mean, it's just like any online. so let's show you how it's done. just go right up here to the top and hit sign up. or, if you already limbo, hit login. but we're gonna hit sign up. right, you want to enter your email? continue, you gonna make a password for this bad boy. I am NOT a robot, I am a man. okay, create an account. and that's some of the policies. of course, I accept. damn, nope. now what is your store name? okay, so we're just gonna call uh store the UH. call it. see, sure, help, disk store. why the hell not? alright, so now you're gonna add in your address: okay, let's go saved successfully. that's how easy it is. now, boom, let's start. easy, was that? so let's go in and let's create a product. let's make a t-shirt, alright. so we're in the back end of prenta file and this is the catalog page. alright, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a t-shirt. but I just want to go through a couple of things to give you an overview. first, alright, we're gonna take a t-shirt and we're gonna put it here on my Shopify store. this is a Shopify theme available, a t-shirt. hope. this calm, awesome thing. these are our t-shirts here and I'm gonna add a t-shirt. it's gonna come right here, okay, so this thing was available at t-shirt helpdesk: calm, awesome Shopify theme and this is the Shopify platform. now I'm showing you all these things because there's a few tricky little things that you have to keep in mind when doing this. okay, so let's get back and let's make our product. so I'm actually gonna make a women's product, so I'm gonna go down here to women's clothing and, of course, I'm gonna choose the Bella canvas. so right now, we have a woman's favorite tea and you can go down here. you can choose. this is a great thing. you can choose which provider you're gonna go with. they have one in Florida, Michigan, and one here in the UK, and told you about that before. so you can go by production time, you can go by geographic location. okay, they have one here in the UK. because, whatever you want to do right now, I'm just gonna go with Florida. all right, there we go, and you have your color and you have your artwork. the first thing that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna post our artwork, so we're gonna go right here, add your design. that's him off. work already here. but we're gonna do a new upload, choose file and you go in and you add your artwork. alright, so I added the love, peace and hair grease. so I'm gonna select that. and bam, look at that. and a great thing about this: you can go right here. you can go up and down and choose how big you want your artwork. I'm just gonna move this one up. I want it a little bit higher, okay, now we're gonna go in. we're gonna go up right here. we're gonna add our colors. there's a lot of colors in that, so I'm only gonna do black and white, alright. so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go right here and click and get rid of everything, okay, and now I'm gonna go and I'm gonna choose. I'm gonna click on white and I'm gonna click on black because that's all I want. I don't want any of the other stuff, okay, and it comes in these colors. but if I didn't want one of these sizes, I can click and say: you know, I don't want to X or I don't want small, but all these are fine, safe and like that. we're gonna save and continue. look at that. we have our shirt, all right, looking beautiful, and I'm going to continue again, and we're just gonna call this one: love, peace and hair grease tea. and right here is your description. it's already done for you. but if you wanted to go in and change and add some stuff, you can go right ahead. so we're just gonna leave that and press continue. and right here is where the money is made, okay, so you can go right in here and you can add the price. now you're gonna see right here that this is your costs that you're gonna pay, and this, right here, is the cost that you're gonna charge, and any difference is your profit. so if we go right here, we're gonna put $24.99, o99, okay, and you see a profit right there- ten bucks, alright, so I'm just going to copy that, put that in for all the sizes and there you go, continue. okay, we just did the pricing. before we connect the store, let's get into how you actually collect money. all right. now, after all of that is done, you need a way to collect your money. so let me show you how to set up the payment system. all right, so you simply go up to the green round little button up here- it's gonna be whatever initials you put in and then you're gonna click on that and it's gonna give you a drop-down and you simply want to go to payment. all right,

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

what are the biggest problems facing print-on-demand sellers in the year 2022? it's not the continuation of the rising facebook ad costs or even the big mystery around why some people get banned from running facebook ads. it's also not the continuation of the increases to fees on etsy. it's also not the inability by some to actually get approved to sell products on merch by amazon. in fact, the biggest problem facing print-on-demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular youtube channel. in 2019, i made this video here, where i started to tok about not selling t-shirts. in 2020, i made this video here, where i continued to make that point. and in 2021, i continued with more videos trying to tell people not to sell shirt. on those videos, i got comments like these: it's not about the t-shirt or whatever you're selling. people buy your stuff because they like your design. if they like your design, they'll spend that money. or this one guy who failed with shopify and printful is all over youtube toking about nothing. or even this one here for every here is how to make money video. there is a don't do this or you will lose money video and people wonder why everyone is so indecisive and, honestly, the majority of the people that made comments like that likely closed their print-on-demand store a long time ago because it probably didn't work out. there was, however, a lot of really positive comments on those videos that i just referenced, so before you comment on this one, please watch the whole video so that way you can understand exactly what i am trying to say. so now, in 2022, i am still going, and over the last few months inside of my print on demand facebook group, i've been giving tips and keeping people updated as i've scaled one of my newest stores to over six figures in sales. now i certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but what i do try to do is share some of the most up-to-date information about what's working right now with print on demand. a lot of the other channels out there just sort of recycle content about things that they did back in 2017, trying to convince you that those things still work today. now here's the basic premise of what i do with my print-on-demand stores. the first is i need to choose a great niche. this is what gets people interested. secondly, i choose high profit products and then i make a great design, and the key here is: i really do recommend shopify and i recommend people to go all in on paid traffic, whether it's with an instagram ad or a facebook ad. to me, that is the quickest way to make real money with print on demand in the year 2022, and i know there are other ways to sell print on demand products and i'm sure there are people out there that do very well. i will even address some of those other methods in this video today and tok about why i think, as beginners out there, you might not have as much success with those methods. now, before you say what some of the other people on some of those other videos said, keep in mind i started my first print on demand store in 2016.. i eventually had some success with t-shirts in 2017.. i had a store where i was selling shirts. i was using facebook ads, i was using instagram influencers and i was growing my own social media pages to make my sales. i eventually ended up selling that store on something called the shopify store exchange. this is a website where you can list stores for sale. shopify handles the entire transaction to make sure that both sides cannot get ripped off. basically, what i'm saying is: i've had success with shirts. however, it was a long time ago and then something happened. not only were facebook ad costs continuing to rise, but tons of different print on demand companies started to innovate and they started to offer some much cooler product, and when i say cooler, i mean things that customers were going to get much more excited about. i also mean products that were going to make a lot more profit margins for me on my store. now i've been making print-on-demand content and posting about my journey for a while, and i dug up some of these old posts. this one here was made back in 2018, when i started selling hooded blankets from a print-on-demand company called wc fulfillment. over the years, even throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021, and even now, i've continued to try to sell a lot more unique products that make me a lot more profits on my stores. i'm toking about things like car seat covers from the pillow profits print on demand company. toking about all over print hoodies or other oliver printed apparel from companies like printfy or subliminator. toking about print-on-demand jewelry from a print-on-demand company called shine on, and so many more. if you want to check out some of the other videos on my channel, i show some of these awesome products all the time. so this takes us to today, where i'm still making videos like this, and there will definitely be people out there that don't want to hear it. they want to continue to try and sell t-shirts on etsy or on shopify or wherever, and ultimately those people can do what they want. but for those that are interested in learning some things that might be a little bit different than what you're used to hearing, definitely stik around, because in this video i'm going to be breaking down a whole bunch of things that can help you to be successful with some of these higher profit products. so i'm not sure if i actually said this earlier, but my name is joe robert. i make videos here on my channel to help you start grower scale your print on demand store on shopify. if you want to access my free course, there's over 20 step-by-step videos that will help you to get started to actually build your store and get started with facebook and instagram ads. check the link down in the description. you can also check out the pod ninjas facebook group. there's over 50 000 store members inside of that group. there's a link for that as well down in the description. now, the first reason to not sell shirts in the year 2022 is the saturation, no matter what platform you are selling on, whether it is shopify, amazon, etsy, redbubble or anywhere else- they are all saturated. now, this book here was written by someone named dan kennedy, and he is a marketing genius. he toks about a concept called a red ocean, and this, right here, is a red ocean: tons of different sellers, tons of sharks eating all of the fish, causing the water to be red. if you're starting an etsy store in 2022, you're instantly putting yourself in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of other sellers, and if you're doing t-shirts or even mugs, it's likely that your designs look exactly like everybody else's. that's because with those products, it's pretty difficult to make your stuff actually stand out. in this book, he also toks about a concept called a blue ocean, which is an ocean that doesn't have a lot of sharks in it. there's not a lot of blood in the water, which means there is less competition. this to me, in the year 2022, means building your own website where you are actually off on your own and you're not competing with everybody else on a platform for limited amounts of organic traffic. what i would say to do from there is to build your own communities on social media and go all in on driving paid traffic to your store. some of the biggest print on demand stores out there are doing just that, and one of the keys to actually succeeding with that method is choosing better products, things that make you more profits, and avoiding things like a t-shirt or a mug. now let's break this down. earlier, i mentioned that facebook ad costs have been rising. this certainly doesn't mean that we cannot use them. it just means that we need to do things a little bit differently than we did back in 2017.. it means we just have to adapt and choose new products and get out of our comfort zone and get away from some of the things that we are so used to seeing when it comes to print on demand product. take a look at this study here it shows on aver.

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How to Start a T-shirt Dropshipping Business for Free in 2022 | Step by Step Tutorial

hello, my loves and welcome. welcome back to another video here today. so in today's video, i'm going to be toking about how you can start your own merch of print or demand business dropshipping with literally no money. okay, so you don't have to spend a single cent with the strategy that i'm going to be sharing with you guys today. so this is one of my friends, for example, that i currently sell in my boutique, because i target a lot of mamas and mamapreneurs. so you can see right here, this didn't take me a lot of time to put together. okay, now i do have a designer that puts together my designs, but i actually did this one myself. okay, so it's just to show you, guys, that anyone can do this. you can literally go out there and start creating your own designs, okay, putting it out there, selling it to the world and making a killing, and this doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, okay, so, without any time wasting, let's just dive right into my computer screen and i'll show you guys, step by step, how the strategy works, okay, okay, so in order to get started, of course we need to come up with a few designs. so, prior to even doing this, guys, you need to first of all decide on what type of t-shirts you want to sell. okay, there's a bunch of different niches out there, but i always say: stik to your passions and something that you currently enjoy yourself and also make sure that it's an evergreen niche. so it has to be something that you can sell all year round. so, for example, something like christmas t-shirts or christmas jumps, um jumpers or christmas sweatshirts are only going to sell in the christmas period. so you're really limiting yourself because you're going for a more of a seasonal niche. so try and go for an evergreen age, something that people are likely to buy all year round. okay, so what you want to do, guys, when you go to canvacom, is go to the template section and then you will find this t-shirt option here. okay, so canva has made it very, very easy for anyone to come on here and use one of their pre-made templates and go out there and reuse it. okay, so you can just select t-shirt here. so you can see there's so many cool designs here already pre-made on canva that you can go out there and use. okay, so you can go and pick any of those templates. but what i always recommend you do is obviously make sure you go and edit the colors, edit the fonts, you know, play with it a little bit. um, you know you don't want it to just be as exact as it is here on camera, because think about the number of people that use canva. right, you want your designs to be unique. you don't want your designs to be like everybody else's. okay, so i like to come on here to just give me some ideas and some inspirations. now i do have a designer that actually designs my t-shirt prints for me, because i just i'll rather just leave that to someone else, because i am not a designer. but if you're really on a tight budget and you're looking to get started, then you can come on here on canva and, just, you know, pick a design of your choice. so let's just look for something to use as an example here. um, okay, let's just go with this one. i quite like that and i'm just gonna go on here and click to customize this template. okay, now that's going to allow me to go on and actually change the name, change the font, change the colors, just do as i please. um, so let me just say i wanted to go with something you can even see here on the left hand side here, there's even more templates here. so actually i'll go with this one, let's go with this one, and then you can now put and, you know, change the text whatever you want to call it. so let's just say i wanted to call that um. let's just say let's just do something like mama and proud or something like that. you know, oh, am i doing a dollar sign, not dollar sign, mama and proud. so i'm just gonna reduce that text size so it fits in there. let's see, just plain. so, guys, what you're literally doing here is just playing with this fonts, playing with the text, playing with the images. you can even remove these um things if you don't want them, but i'm just going to leave it there just for the sake of this demonstration, okay, so once you've created your designs, you want to head over to wwwprintcoolcom? guys, i'll have links below to all of those and platforms. okay, you want to go to printfulcom? and then you want to go to product templates? okay, awesome. so in the product template section, you just want to go on there and create new so you can see some designs. say, i've actually got my daughter's birthday coming up, guys, and i actually came on here and created some designs for her birthday, and if i get those designs before this video is out, i'm going to show you guys a snippet of what they look like. okay, so now let's just say you wanted to create a new design, you just want to go to create- um, you know, product template here, okay, and then you can see, here there's so many different products that you can sell. guys, you don't have to buy no inventory, you don't have to touch no inventory. this items will get shipped out to your customers only after your customers have purchased from you. so you don't have to buy this in bulk and then hope that they sell. you have men's clothing, women's clothing, let's just do women's clothing. let's do t-shirts- okay, you can also do sweatshirts, hoodies and all that good stuff. so, right, i'm in the united kingdom, so it's bringing up the products that can be shipped to the united kingdom even quicker. if you're in the united states, it's probably going to bring up different templates that are available in the united states. okay, so they try to literally connect you with the closest factory to where you are located. so shipping times are not that long. you can see here it's telling me this one's gonna take three to ten days, seven to ten days, seven to ten days. so what i'm gonna do, guys, i'm just gonna go on and actually just create a design. so if i just select this one, okay, and then what i'm gonna do now is i'm gonna go to the section where it says design and then i'm just gonna upload this file that i just literally created. boom, and that's it. you can see right here now, because this is a black t-shirt, of course, and the font i used was black. it's not really gonna blend properly, so i'm gonna go for more of a brighter color t-shirt so we can do white, for example, and you can see it's actually more visible on the white now. and there's other colors here. this is actually pink, um, which is, oh, this is actually quite good for the summer. right now there's um header move, um, that's actually quite good as well. so you can also go on canva and change. you know, create me. i like to do like two versions. i like to create a version with a darker color and then another version with- maybe you know- the font: um, mama and proud will be white instead of black, so the white one can blend in the back in the darker t-shirts and the black color can blend in the brighter color t-shirt if that makes sense, okay. so once you've put that there, you just want to hit on continue and just move on to the next step. just go next step, okay, and then i'm just gonna save the product template. so now we have a design, we have literally a t-shirt, guys, ready to sell. you can do this on a hoodie, on a cap. just go, guys, go to the library and find any products that you want to add your designs to. okay, so you can see. the next step here is saying you should add to the store or you can edit the design if you find out that there's something that's not quite right. so now you have different ways to sell your products. okay, if i go to add to store, you can see i already have some stores connected here on my printful account already. so i have an etsy account, i have a woocommerce account, i have a factory merch shopify account. now, if you are doing this brand new and you don't already have a website, then there's going to be instructions that um actually show you how to go on and connect your website to the printful account, okay. so if i just go um to my shopify account. you want to select the sizes? i'm ju.

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I Tried Dropshipping With Print On Demand - Shopify Dropshipping

yo guys, what's going on? welcome to a new video. have you guys ever heard of print on demand? i'm sure most of you have, but for those of you that haven't and you're wondering, what print on demand is? you find like a blank t-shirt or something. it can be like a canvas or whatever. there are different products you can do and then you design something in photoshop or whatever, or you get like someone to design it and you use that picture, you put it on the t-shirt or whatever and you list it on your site, you market it and when people purchase, just automatikally goes to the fulfillment company. they print the design on the t-shirt, for example, and they ship it out. you never touch the products. so it's pretty much like drop shipping, except that the products not pre-made. you have to design it first. but other than that it's pretty similar. so i was thinking of doing this and i've never actually done it. so i thought why not do it on a video, just to like show you guys how it goes? and uh, yeah, so that's what we're doing in today's video, let's go straight into it. all right. so for product research, i don't know what we're going to do because i've never done print on demand before. so this is my first idea: just searching on dropbox by seeing if i can find some print-on-demand stuff. it's not ideal because people aren't going to like write that as print on demand, obviously. so i don't know. let's, let's just search for print and let's see if anything comes up. let's actually filter out the likes, just so we can see stuff that's actually like sold in the past. let's do 200.. okay, i found like a psychedelic t-shirt. let's see what. this is. all right, it looks interesting. i do see why people buy this. oh, 60. okay, it's pretty expensive, but all right, that's one product. let's see if we can find something else. there's some actual ads from like printify, which is what we're going to be using, but that's not what we're looking for. we're looking for some competitors. all right, another hoodie. this is definitely interesting. it's got 2k likes. fresh hoods is the page. let's see what the price is. i assume it's like 60. oh, this is the same size actually. so these guys are actually like selling. pretty well, they've got a sale so you can buy like two hoodies for 99, but i don't know, i don't feel like selling hoodies. let's try switching up the filters, just like sure. okay, so we got some nice. this is a way better keyword. i'm finding a whole lot of t-shirts. whoa, what is this? 200k likes almost in this photo. that's insane. this one's got 109k. all right, so these are the few designs that i found. so we got the delorean. this is the way. this is probably like a star wars thing. i've never seen star wars, but i assume it's star wars. let's see how much they're selling for 27. that's pretty, actually affordable. okay, so it's like a custom thing. you can design what it looks like. so let's see what we can do. alright, so no matter what you do it, the price stays the same. so that's good. so that means it's not too expensive. all right, that's pretty advanced. i don't feel like doing that. but let's see this. show me your kitties. 3k likes, no shop, now button. so this is like a boosted post. actually, it's not even like an ad: 24 bucks. and yeah, the site is nothing special at all. there's no description or anything. they just have like an as seen on and like a fake sale going on. so wait, it's not even on sale. what's this counter for? all right, whatever, i don't know. this one's interesting for sure. then we have this carousel ad. i didn't know this was a carousel and this looks like something our people would be into. definitely interesting. let's see how much they're selling for all right, i don't know what currency this is, so, and it's like a different language as well. yeah, we're gonna skip this. this one's funny. so it says: don't worry, i've had both my shots. let's click on shop now. these are so cheap, wow, wow. so they have a bunch of different designs, but it's too cheap. i i would actually increase the price myself. so they just have like a sizing chart. they're trying to upsell you in like different designs. and, yeah, the product page is pretty simple, nothing special. so they do charge for shipping. so let's see how much that is, wow, okay. so they charge 10 for shipping all the way up to like 20, which is crazy. i've never seen this high of a shipping cost for one t-shirt. but, okay, that explains lower prices. so i'm liking this one. i feel like i'm gonna go with this one, but let's see if we have something else. this one's interesting, but i feel like it's in custom design as well, so i don't feel like doing that. 26, okay, not too expensive. and then this one's crazy: it's got 227 000 likes. the page is called american strong. i don't know what this design means. if you guys know, let me know in the comments. i'd love to know. but yeah, there's something for like 26. it's not customizable or anything, so this is a great design as well. it could be a bit saturated though. 220 000 likes- i feel like everyone's already seen it, but this one's also insane. 153 000 likes. stay strapped or get clapped. george washington- all right, and yeah, pretty simple description, as with like called print and the man stuff: 26. it's the same page. man, these guys are killing it. this store has so many like, insanely liked photos, so i don't know what they're doing. they must be doing something very good, they're definitely doing something right. yeah, now that we've seen a bunch of designs, we kind of have a few options. i could design them myself and try to recreate something or like think of something new. i was thinking about going to fiverr or something, but i mean i could do this myself pretty much, so i'm just gonna do it myself in photoshop and then we'll go into building a store and stuff. so, yeah, see you guys soon. two days later, yo guys, it's been like two days since you last saw me. something came up and i wasn't able to finish everything that day. so here i am, i've made the design. so here's how it looks like. i just did it in photoshop. it's super simple, nothing crazy. i pretty much just copied their design and, you know, changed it up a bit. i also set up the site. it's nothing special. i just have like a photo here, the design and the shirt here and then the footer and that's it. so literally nothing special. don't ask about the name. i just found like a random french word, changed it up a bit, then added tease to the end. here's the product page. it's also nothing special because there's nothing crazy i can really put in the description, because you know the products very self-explanatory. you have like the sizing chart and call to action and the default like description that comes with it. so yeah, that's pretty much it, and i've set up the product and everything in printf i. so if you guys don't know what printf is, it's an app. it's pretty much like oberlo for print on demand. so it like connects you with a bunch of different like print-on-demand suppliers and it connects into your store and then all you have to do is like upload the design, set it up on the shirt and that's pretty much it like. it covers everything. the supplier takes care of the delivery and you just have to pay for it and you know, that's pretty much it. so it's a super easy way to get into print on demand. and what i did is i just went here, found like a design i liked, clicked on start designing, then i clicked to add your design, my device, i uploaded the design and then i just set it up so it like looks good. it's really simple. you just have to make sure it's like the correct sizing. so it says the recommended resolution is this and, yeah, you can add different colors if you want. i've added like four colors and yeah, so, other than that, just click save product, set up the prices and it's all good to go. so if you guys are getting into print on demand, prince5 is amazing. i'll have a link in the description if you guys want to check it out. now that we have the site and products set up, all we need to do is pretty much just set up the ads and i know i mentioned i was banned on facebook in the last video.


hi everyone. its Mike, with launch of startups and in today's video, I want to teach you how to start a six-figure clothing line. the reason why I chose clothing line is because I want to show you guys that it's not about finding a or reinventing the wheel, it's finding. it's looking what works and then tweaking it so that you can be profitably, you can find a good product. okay, so, with t-shirts or clothing lines, I feel like there being a new company or new brands being made every day and a lot of them are actually successful. a company that if you're actually into, if you watch YouTube videos and you are into fitness, it is something like alpha, so alpha, we athletiks. if you follow him on, if you follow Christian on YouTube- I've seen some of his videos- is that he's created this brand for his clothing line and he does really well. you know, probably sales from millions, millions of dollars worth, because he does these certain launches and just kind of figures out what his demographic of customers who want. well, what I want you guys to know is that he didn't. he didn't then you know, the sweater or the t-shirts or anything like that, but he created a brand that were a niche that was being underserved in the market. okay, and he does fairly well. so it's fairly easy to create a six-figure company from a clothing line if you know how to market it and you know how to find a demographic that's being underserved. so I mean, like, let's take a look at his hoodies- there's not a specific design to it. he doesn't have, he doesn't flash a certain logo or anything like that, it's just the name and actually, if you read the comments and in his YouTube videos or like Instagram posts or anything, people want the clothing line that has no brands. I mean, that's the thing right now is people like to wear clothing that doesn't have any brands, but you know he's can still sell it for fifty two dollars and the brand is located back here. so when my hoods down, you can't even see the brand. but he's been able to create a brand around alpha Lee and athletiks and you know these styles could be easily found on Alibaba. so that's one thing that I want you guys to really focus on and really think about is what you don't need to come up with these really cool designs of t-shirts or anything like that, but I mean when he first started- yes, like, if you wanted, like I know I use live fit apparel, so they're there more so on the fitness online. but in terms of designs, so let's take a look at men's t-shirts so you can see, like, look at their designs. you know cool designs and they hit the demographic of that California skater that also likes to work out and that's the demographic that they found. and these guys are also a multi-million dollar company. so if these guys are multi-million dollar companies, you guys can create an easy six-figure income from creating a clothing line. if you can find a demographic or a market that's being underserved, okay. so if you, if you do the hard part of finding that market and find branding it in a way that reaches us specifically to that demographic, then you can do well. and what I want you guys to do is actually go on printful. so I've toked about this before. they they take your products or they have these certain products right here that are like pillows, hats, wall, are all over t-shirts and what they do is you choose whatever t-shirt you want to sell and then they actually you upload your design. so if you wanted to go like on, you know, lift it and you created this specific design right here- nothing, stuff, twenty-four dollars and then you upload it here and you actually attach it to your Shopify. so they integrate really well with the way the Shopify that now you could put that design on this t-shirt and, yes, the price is fairly high because these are print on demand services. so for nine dollars and selling it for twenty four dollars a pop, it's not bad. okay, that's not bad. but later, once you get enough sales and you feel like you can order that bulk order to get a cheaper price, then you can go to Alibaba. okay, but doing it this way you will not have any upfront costs. okay, so this will help you build some upfront cost prior to actually ordering that bolt case or that bulk, the bulk orders from Alibaba to get a cheaper price. so you can see here is that they have t-shirts, hats. you could develop that whole brand, a whole logo and all that specifically for all these products. I mean they got socks, they got leggings for women, they have all over printing tanks, pillows. you could develop this whole brand, okay. so the cool thing about that- I you know like this, like I said, they integrate well with all these types of platforms, Shopify specifically- you can go down here to what I love about them is their branding services. okay, so they include a branding stiker free on all your packages. so as long as you upload a logo for your products, they can slap that on to the box and they have no idea that it actually came from printful. okay, they also offer inside shirt labels. so inside this shirt will say your logo. again, they have no idea that it's coming from printful and they think that it's coming directly from you and they. what's what I love about this, compared to drop shipping, is that you, you can offer next day, you can offer standard delivery. you know, three to five business days. when you dude drop shipping, sometimes their products will come from, you know, within a month and that can really aggravate your customers. so, especially during the holidays, everyone's trying to get it before Christmas and if you have a drop shipping site and they don't order by December 1st, good luck getting their product and look how much of the sale you're gonna miss from this. you know, after December 1st, first, leading up to Christmas, you're gonna lose a lot of sales. so these are just other branding services that they offer. they are, you know, this is. this is what they can actually have- return addresses they can put when I love. another thing I love for 75 cents is these packings that you could put so you could put like a 20% off your next order. so it's like these really unique branding services that you cannot do when you're doing drop shipping. okay. so this is a great way to get started. if you have no up for, if you don't have money to fork over that bulk order purchase from Alibaba- okay. so if you go to Alibaba and then you type in t-shirts and what I like to do always check these three trader shirts- gold supplier and assess supplier- these are the more well, the more legitimise legit suppliers that Alibaba has actually checked out or you know, like assessed, or their gold supplier, because they sold a certain amount and there's there's just a little bit more of an assurance when searching for a supplier, as long as you check these three and then you're not worrying about unbranded supply or anything like that, okay. so look at this. you find when you're looking for a supplier after you feel like there's a good demand based on you doing it through printful. you take a look at their transactions. these guys are doing 80 thousand dollars in the last six months. maybe you can find something bigger than that, like these guys are doing it- five hundred dollars. and then you their t-shirt manufacturer companies and they can make these t-shirts that originally were there for, you know, eight dollars. I believe that you can get it for as cheap as five dollars a pop and then sell it for $25 or upwards, and then now you get five times the amount of what you are paying it for. okay, so that's, and this is a great way, and this is the little trick that I want to show you guys- is the difference with everyone else trying to create a clothing, clothing line or any anything that comes with dropshipping, is that they they don't know how to have the pictures. they don't know how to create pictures for their clothing line. so this is a little hack, a little trick that I found. okay, nobody really knows about this. it's called place it, place it, dotnet, okay, so you know, place it down it and you can click up he.

How To Make A Shopify Store For Your T-Shirt Business In 10 Minutes (Printful Print On Demand)

what's going on, guys? in this video, i will show you how to make a shopify store for your print-on-demand t-shirt business. let's not waste any time and get right into it. alright, guys? so making a shopify store is something that is super easy to do, but a lot of people are having trouble with this, so i'm gonna simplify it in this video. so shopify is by far the best and easiest way to make an online store. the first thing you're going to do is go on shopifycom and sign up for a monthly plan. their plans cost around 30 a month. all right, guys. so after you register for a shopify plan, the next step is to buy a domain name. you're going to go on this main shopify page right here, and you're gonna click on where it says domains. you're gonna click buy new domain and right here, you're gonna type in the name of the domain that you want to buy. so we're gonna do surfingmergecom and, as you guys can see, the domain is gonna cost 14 a year. so after the domain is purchased, it's going to be automatikally linked to the website. if you guys don't buy your own domain name, shopify is going to assign a domain with a myshopifycom at the end, and you guys don't want to use that. you will not get any sales like that after the domain is purchased. the next step is to get a shopify theme. we're going to click on themes. we're going to scroll down. we're going gonna hit explore free themes. we're gonna scroll down again and we're gonna click venture, click, add theme to library. the theme is now added. let's click customize and right here is our empty shopify store. all right, guys. the next step is to get all of our website assets, such as pictures and logos for this website. instead of using a logo, we're going to use a custom font. so we're going to go into google, type in surfing font and download this font right here in photoshop. we're going to make this file with the clear background and save it as a png file. the next thing we're going to do is get pictures for our website. we're going to go on istokphotocom- since this shopify store is going to be a surfing t-shirt store, we're going to type in surfing. let's go ahead and do that, hit search and right here you guys will get thousands of different surfing pictures. we're going to find one that we like and use that for our website. so this one right here looks pretty good. let's click on it. so this picture right here looks perfect. it's gonna cost you around twelve dollars to purchase. now the next thing we're going to do is go on a website called playsetcom. with this website, we can make professional looking pictures without using professional photographers. this website has tens of thousands of different pictures and video mockups, so let's click this one right here. so the way place it works is that you will select the color of the t-shirt. let's do this color right here, and after this, we're going to upload the design. let's raise it just a little bit, hit crop and now we have a professional looking picture with our design. we're gonna hit download and we're done. so we're going to put all of our t-shirt designs and website pictures into one folder and let's take a look at them real quick. here. we're gonna use this picture for our banner. so here are the pictures right here, so everything looks perfect. so the next thing we have to do is make our collections pages. we're going to go back to our main shopify page. we're going to click on products, we're going to click on collections and we're going to click create collection. you're going to make a collections page for each type of product that you have. so, for example, if you have t-shirts, you will make a collection for t-shirts. if you have hoodies, you will make a collections page for hoodies. if you have tank tops, you will have a collections page for tank tops. so let's make our first collections page. you guys can make a description if you want. we're going to upload an image for the men's collections page. click add image and make sure under collection type you're going to select manual, click save and our men's t-shirt collection is created. next we're going to the women's t-shirts. again, click create collection. we're going to type in women's t-shirts. click manual, add image and hit save. next we're going to make our tank top collection. click create collection and type in tank tops. add our picture, hit manual and click save. click back. now we're going to make our hoodies collection. click create collection. hoodies manual. add image, upload the image, hit save. and now let's add one more collection for accessories: hit create collection type in accessories manual. and for this one we're not going to upload an image right now, we'll just click save. okay, perfect. now we're going to click on online store and we're going to start designing our store. click on customize. we're going to start with our header: click header. we're going to upload our logo and here's our logo right here: click select. now we're going to add our menus. here we're going to click edit menu. we're going to click add menu item. we're going to name it men's t-shirts and for link we're going to add our men's t-shirts collections page. hit add. now we're going to add women's t-shirts: link collections women's t-shirts: click add, add menu item. we're gonna add hoodies: link collections hoodies add. add menu item. let's do tank tops: link collection tank tops add. and let's add the final one: accessories- add menu item. accessories- link collections accessories- add. our accessories- page. click add. right here, if you guys want, you can click on these dots and you can move things around. now we're done, hit save. let's go back to our online store. let's go back to customize and here you guys see all the menu items that we just added. now, if you guys want, you can add an announcement bar. let's click show announcement and let's type in free shipping on all us orders and here you guys can see the announcement bar popped up. now let's go back and let's add our picture slides: click slideshow. all right, guys, now we're going to add our slide pictures. we're going to click on the first slide. we're going to select image. we're going to select our main surfing image, click select and here you guys see it right here. now for heading we can type 10 off. for button label we're going to type all men's t-shirts use promo code summer 10.. i will show you guys how to make a promo code a little bit later. whenever somebody presses here, we want to direct them straight to the men's t-shirt collection page. so we're going to click here. we're going to click collections and we're going to select men's t-shirts, click save and we're done. now let's move on to the next slide. go back, select the second slide, select the image. let's select this girl right here, click select. now for heading let's type woman's t-shirts and again, when someone clicks here, we want them to go straight to the woman's t-shirt collections page. so let's click right here, select collections and select women's t-shirts, click save. now let's make the third slide. click slide, select image. let's select this image right here. and for heading we'll type in t-shirts for everyone and we'll leave this empty for now. save, all right, and right here you guys can see what we just made. so everything looks good now. next let's add our collections list: click collection. click select collection. we're gonna add men's shirts. click select, edit collection, go back. let's do the second collection. let's do woman shirts: click select. let's go back. third collection: let's do tank tops- select and let's add one more. let's add collection and select hoodies. click select and we're done. click save. now let's do this. let's take our feature collection. let's click on these dots right here and let's move it up. let's move right here. let's make our feature collections and men's t-shirts. let's click over here. let's click change. change collection- men's t-shirt: click select and click save. all of the men's t-shirts are going to show up right here now. the next thing you guys are going to do is click on apps. you're going to click s.