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tallahassee help wanted ads

Published on: August 20 2023 by pipiads

Responding to a report of a fish hook stuck in someone's finger, we arrived on scene to find a 19-year-old male who had passed out. The hook was lodged in his thumb, but there was no bleeding. After assessing the situation, we decided to cut the bait and alleviate his discomfort. However, he expressed a desire to numb the area or go to sleep to avoid feeling the pain. Despite his hesitation, he ultimately chose to go to the hospital to have the hook removed.


- Fishing Hook Incident:

- 19-year-old male with a fish hook stuck in his finger

- Techniques involving string to remove the hook

- Decision to go to the hospital due to potential pain

- Structure Fire:

- Sprinkler system going off, causing water damage

- Pot catching fire on the stove, extinguished quickly

- No injuries, just water damage

- Motor Vehicle Accident:

- Hit-and-run incident involving an unresponsive patient

- Search for the driver who fled the scene

- Driver and passengers checked for injuries, one transported

- Duplex Fire:

- Reports of people trapped inside

- Search of both apartments, everyone accounted for

- Fire extinguished, no injuries

- Vehicle Fire:

- People reported trapped inside a fully engulfed vehicle

- Small fire under the hood worsened by the use of Fix A Flat

- No injuries, fire extinguished

- House Fire:

- Possibly a vacant house fully involved in flames

- Owner present, no injuries reported

- Investigation into the cause of the fire

In these various emergency situations, our team responded swiftly and effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of those involved. From removing a fish hook to extinguishing fires and attending to motor vehicle accidents, our dedication to protecting and assisting the community remains steadfast.

Startup Week Tallahassee '22: Fireside chat wtih JH Creative

Apologies for the technical difficulties, oh my gosh, I know, like the dual screen, too. See, the hair is going to make rotoscoping the background out, interesting, just saying. All right, hi everyone, thank you so much. We had some technical difficulties, but thank you for joining us today. This is a hybrid event and um, virtually, first virtual-only broadcast from the Challenger Center in Tallahassee. This is part of my live series hosted by JH creative and friends, and I'm so happy to have Diana here with me today. She is one, she has one of many talents. Like she has diversified talented individual here and um, I wanted her to tell me her story of how she ended up in Tallahassee. And every time I talk to her, it's always interesting. She works for GitHub, she works remotely full time, and she didn't start in, I mean, she pretty much started in her career in Tech. But I'm obviously going to ask her more questions to dive in. So, um, thank you for joining us today. Yeah, thank you for having me, Julia. Soum, first off, tell me about where you're from originally and then how you started in your career. Yeah, certainly. So, I am originally from the middle of nowhere, Georgia. And whenever I say the middle of nowhere, it is about as middle of nowhere as you can get without being in the Midwest somewhere. It's about an hour and a half from Jacksonville, hour and a half from Savannah, Megan, and Valdosta. So like, literally, if you want to go anywhere, it's an hour. Um, so that's where I started, and I ended up after graduating high school. I ended up going to a local community college where I got an Associates in physics because in the beginning, I wanted to go into either Aviation through like being a pilot or Aviation through something along the lines of aerospace engineering. And as I kind of started going through that path, I really liked physics. And once I got my associates, I decided, hey, let's pursue a bachelor's. So I went to Valdosta where I started with a BS in physics and was like, okay, this is maybe a bit much. Took a break, went into the workforce for a bit, and was like, I'm not driving with this. I worked in a call center for a while, and I was like, it's okay, but not really my vibe. And that's whenever friends were like, hey, you've been kind of passionate about tech, but I never really thought of it as a career path. So at that point, I was like, okay, let's try that. So I went into, went back to VSU for a computer science degree. And while doing that, I also ended up getting a job working at VSU as a student intern in the IT Department. And that kind of started my pathway into Tech. And now over the past eight years, I've worked in companies ranging from ISPs to financial service providers to retail automation and database as a service. And now finally here at GitHub. And you actually like something brought you to Tallahassee, so was it was that part of your career path? This is something that you kind of wanted to do, like I want to go to a bigger town, is that why? To an extent, yes. Uh, what ended up happening was I had a break in jobs while I was in Valdosta, and I was job hunting. And I was originally looking out west, so kind of the Seattle Portland area. And then I just started to say, oh, Tallahassee's close, let's check there. And then I ended up getting a job at a company called Reliance Solutions. They actually just got bought out recently by a company, I believe it's Accumura. And that was my first job in Tallahassee. And at first, I actually commuted for like the first month of that job. And then once I was able to, I ended up moving to Tallahassee and have been here now for about four years. That's so awesome. And how we met was through Dummy Station. Yes, I don't think I would have met you otherwise because we're remote. Like I run my business remotely, and you're an employee. One question just because you brought it up, like for anyone who's considering it because there's a big demand for people in the tech world. Obviously, these bigger tech companies are laying off people, but the smaller tech companies are hiring. There's so many in Tallahassee that are trying to hire, but I think obviously there's a gap because people need to get qualified or be qualified. And there's just like, there's a huge demand for it, and there's a big learning curve. What would you recommend for people to get started if they didn't have a tech background or were considering it even though they're from a completely different field? Yeah, certainly. So, to basically parrot a lot of the former speakers in the events this week, you can basically sum up most of their speeches with just do it. Yes, pretty much, that is basically it. And really, if it can be something as simple as you taking an online hackathon class or you going into a simple Udemy course in a language you're interested in and just by simply doing things like that. For me, I'm not a programmer. So, I work as a customer reliability engineer, which means I work with some of the largest customers at GitHub, and it's more of a technical support role. So if you're interested in something like a technical support role, whenever you encounter a problem, play around with it, explore it, try to dig down into the why that happened, not the how can I fix it. Yeah, so be more investigative in your analysis of issues that you come across, and that can kind of get you into that mindset of how can I solve this problem without only trying to solve the problem because a lot of technical support is also understanding why something happened. So that then you can both prevent it from happening in the future and then also just get a better understanding of issues that can occur. So did you take courses online or did you pretty much learn while you worked for some of these companies? And I know you worked for other companies in town too. Yes, um, it's pretty much been mostly on the job. My first actual non-student tech position was at a small ISP up in Valdosta. And that's where I basically found my passion for networking. Networking is the kind of cornerstone of my background. It's the thing I'm most passionate about. And it's also just such a broad topic because you can have things from your Enterprise networks, your data center networks, to massive optical networks, which can get ridiculously complicated. Where basically it's all about shoving as much data as you can through a single piece of glass. And that's its own field. That basically is a hybrid field of you get into physics, you get into engineering, you get into data science on how to properly keep the encoding of the data intact through the course of the fiber. So things like IT, it's not just one broad field. It's a lot of individual, really broad fields. So you kind of can go this shotgun approach where you look at everything, or you go more of a narrow focus and you say, I want to do programming, I want to do systems administration, I want to do networking. And you really just kind of choose what area you're interested in and then start learning that direction. Yeah, so like my big change in the way that I went to learning is I had a roommate who also worked with me at the ISP in Valdosta. And we ended up going on Craigslist, finding a bunch of used Cisco equipment. We bought a lot of used Cisco equipment, and then we just set up a home lab. And that's how we learned so much more about networking than we could learn from just the job because we were then able to configure setups that customers had, configure theoretical setups that we thought might work, test them out, figure out why or why if they wouldn't work, and just better improve our overall understanding. That's so fascinating. And then like, I know you also worked for Kikoda at one point too. Yes, and that was probably a smaller company at the time, and they've grown. Yes, uh, whenever I worked at Kikoda, I think we had just over 25 people. Yeah, I know recently they just moved into their fantastic new space. Uh, it's over at Summit Park, yes, yeah, over at Summit Park. And if you ever go to a Nat 20 event, they occasionally hold those at Kikoda, and it's a wonderful building. It's beautiful in there. And I think they were featured in the Inc 5000 recently. Yes, so they're like one of the best tech companies in town. Definitely go check them out. And they're so generous with their space

Key & Peele - Black Republicans

Hello and welcome to the fifth annual meeting of the Tallahassee Black Republicans. I'm really upset about the fact that last November Barack Obama was re-elected president and the black vote went almost entirely to him. Obviously, we're not getting our message out. The Republican Party should be the only home for black votes. People think that black voters are all the same, but we're not. Black Republicans are a diverse group of people.

Now, let me introduce tonight's speaker, Mr. Douglas Jackson. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm pissed. The liberal media thinks that Republicanism is not for black people. But what about fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and a limited government? We come in all different shapes and sizes. Who here would like to speak about the diversity amongst black Republicans?

Now, let me introduce our special guest, Arthur Washington, all the way from Orlando. Thank you for being here, Brother Arthur. However, I am pissed. Democrats think they have the right to all the black people, but that is not the case. We are not a monolith. Democrats may be cool, but they ain't practical. Republicans are practical, and black people are practical too. Black Republicans are pretty cool, not to mention very diverse.

Excuse me, gentlemen, someone's white wife is here to pick them up. Was her name Emily? Oh great, that's her.

Live PD: Quite the Shortcut... (Season 4) | A&E

In this article, we will discuss a police chase that took place in a neighborhood. The officers were assisting other units in finding a stolen car, which potentially involved a kidnapping. We will explore the events that unfolded during the pursuit and the challenges the officers faced.

1. Assisting Northside units in locating a stolen car with a possible kidnapping:

- Trying to find a car listed as stolen with a passenger possibly attempting to escape.

- Saturation of the area to initiate a stop on the vehicle.

- The urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action.

2. The chase begins:

- Losing sight of the suspect in a neighborhood.

- The possibility of the suspect being aware that they are being pursued.

- Utilizing knowledge of hotspots to increase the chances of finding the suspect.

3. Spotting the suspect:

- Identifying the suspect's vehicle as a Ford.

- Confirming the suspect's presence in the car.

- Pursuing the suspect on Chapel Drive.

4. Update during the pursuit:

- The suspect cutting through a construction site.

- Continuation of the pursuit on Kansas Street.

- Heading towards Tharp Street in California.

5. Challenges and obstacles faced:

- Difficulty in determining if a passenger is present due to dark window tint.

- Alerting fellow officers to be cautious of debris on the road.

- The suspect dragging their tailgate.

6. The suspect's attempt to evade capture:

- The suspect going through two fences.

- The officers unable to follow the suspect on foot.

- The suspect's unpredictable actions and evasion tactics.

7. Assessing the situation:

- The officers' expectations of a potential foot chase.

- The suspect's surprising decision to continue driving.

- The path taken by the suspect through various obstacles and fences.

8. Losing sight of the suspect:

- The officers' disappointment in not being able to apprehend the suspect.

- The delay in coordinating with other units and saturating the neighborhood.

- The importance of air support in such situations.

Despite their best efforts, the officers were unable to apprehend the suspect in the stolen car. The chase involved navigating through various obstacles, but the suspect managed to escape. The importance of coordination and quick response time in such situations was highlighted. The article sheds light on the challenges faced by law enforcement officers during high-speed pursuits.

Top 10 Hidden Places to Visit in Tallahassee, Florida | USA - English

Have you ever wondered about the hidden gems and secret spots in Florida? From historic landmarks to unique architectural designs, this article will take you on a journey to discover ten fascinating places in the Sunshine State. Join us as we explore these hidden treasures and uncover the stories they hold.

1. Music Number One: Lich Gate on High Road

- Located near the main campus of Florida State University, this hidden three-acre green space takes you back in time.

- Nestled between student apartment complexes, it offers a serene escape from the bustling city.

2. Lewis Springhouse

- Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Lewis Springhouse is one of only two pod-shaped houses in Florida.

- This private residential home showcases the genius of the famous architect and is a sight to behold.

3. 911 Whale Sculptures

- Bill Brinson, deeply affected by the tragic events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, created these sculptures as a reflection of his emotions.

- The sculptures serve as a powerful reminder of the world's current state and the need for peace.

4. Verdura Plantation

- Once a grand antebellum plantation, Verdura Plantation was known for its early plantation style.

- With its impressive mansion and vast land, it offers a glimpse into Florida's rich history.

5. The Philips Mausoleum

- Located in the historic Oakland Cemetery, this onion-domed mausoleum is a fascinating structure.

- Its unique design and storied past make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

6. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

- The magnets at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory generate fields stronger than those found in nature.

- This scientific marvel utilizes superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen.

7. Bill's Trail Little Lending Library

- Hikers exploring the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park will stumble upon Bill's Trail and its hidden lending library.

- This delightful surprise adds a touch of charm to the trail, allowing visitors to borrow and share books.

8. Lake Jackson Eco Passage

- Lake Jackson is renowned internationally for its sport fishing and trophy largemouth bass.

- The eco passage provides a unique opportunity to explore the lake's shallow waters and enjoy nature's beauty.

9. George Firestone Building

- The George Firestone Building holds a historic past and has sat empty for years.

- Its faded grandeur offers a glimpse into Tallahassee's architectural heritage.

10. Ghost Roads of Falls Chase

- Driving along Mahan Oregon Buck Lake Road, you'll encounter turn lanes and sidewalks that abruptly end.

- These ghost roads near Falls Chase Village Center leave a sense of mystery and intrigue.

In conclusion, Florida holds many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From architectural wonders to serene green spaces, these ten places offer a glimpse into the state's rich history and unique charm. Next time you visit Florida, make sure to explore beyond the tourist attractions and uncover these hidden gems.

10/4/21 - 411 on Doing Business in Tallahassee

Good morning everyone! My name is Lola Day Homes and I will be moderating this discussion on the 4 1 1 on doing business here in Tallahassee. Before we start, I would like to thank our partners for this year's Med Week. Without further ado, let's get started!

- Thanking partners for Med Week

- Expressing gratitude to participants

- Encouraging questions from participants

Introducing Panelists:

- Karen Gibson, Associate Director of Procurement Services at Florida State University (FSU)

- Sheryl Sumner, Purchasing Coordinator at Florida A&M University (FAMU)

- Shelly Kelly, Purchasing Director at Leon County

Karen Gibson:

- Background on FSU

- Centralized purchasing environment

- Overview of goods and services purchased

- Supplier diversity initiative

- Procurement regulations and requirements

- Utilization of electronic bidding system (Spearmart)

- Registration process for suppliers

- Contact information for buying staff

Sheryl Sumner:

- Welcoming suppliers to do business with FAMU

- Supplier application and registration process

- Construction projects handled through facilities and construction area

- Requirements for bids and quotes

- Contractual process

- Importance of contacting departments for potential business opportunities

- Reminder to suppliers to wait for purchase orders

Shelly Kelly:

- Excitement about new suppliers and vendors

- Overview of goods and services purchased by Leon County

- Centralized purchasing with exceptions for quotes

- Different types of competitive solicitations

- Introduction to the Procure Now system

- Importance of registering and setting up commodity codes

- Benefits of attending pre-bids and subcontracting opportunities

- Thanking panelists for their introductions

- Encouraging participants to reach out to panelists with further questions

- Expressing excitement for the rest of Med Week workshops

Best Real Estate Companies In Tallahassee To Invest In 2021 - Real Estate Market 2021 Must Watch!

Welcome to Lion's Share Investment Management, your new favorite real estate company. We are here to provide you with the freedom of working with experienced professionals in the rental market. Our team is dedicated to helping real estate investors, property owners, and local residents in Florida achieve their personal goals.

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For property owners, we offer a full-service property management solution. We handle everything from applications, rent collections, to maintenance of the property. Our team will prepare the space for new tenants, advertise the property, and screen potential tenants through background and credit checks. We also conduct regular inspections to ensure your property is maintained appropriately.

For tenants, we understand that finding the perfect rental space can be overwhelming. Our experienced professionals at Lion's Share listen to your goals and help clarify your requirements before showing any rental homes. Whether you need a space near schools or work, we have the tools and experience to assist you. We provide lease agreements and explain the rules of the rental space before you move in. Additionally, our team is available 24/7 to handle emergencies in a timely manner.

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