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target audience instagram ads

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Have you ever felt like you're not targeting the right audience for your Instagram ads? If your return on spend is slow, it could be because of issues and missing parts in your targeting. As an ad manager or business owner, it's your responsibility to train the algorithms in the right way. In this article, we'll discuss how to leverage Instagram ads and understand the training process.


- Campaign goals: Engagement, traffic, video views, conversions, catalog sales.

- Ad creative: Visuals, ad copy, landing page.

- Target audience: Specific niche, product name, distinguished feature or benefit, where the product can be used.


- Analyzing inputs

- Collecting data

- Adapting based on metadata


- Customers and sales


- Start with the right inputs, such as selecting the correct campaign objective and using specific keywords in ad inputs.

- Be specific with visuals and broad with targeting.

- Use clear niche, product name, distinguished feature or benefit, and use case for the product.

- Research customers and pain points to create compelling ad copies and creatives that are clear to algorithms and persuasive for customers.

To target the right audience for your Instagram ads, it's crucial to train the algorithms in the right way. By using the correct inputs, being specific with visuals and broad with targeting, and creating compelling ad copies and creatives, you can increase sales and improve your return on spend. Remember to research your customers and pain points to create effective ads.

The BEST Instagram Advertising Strategy for 2022: Cheap & it WORKS!

Instagram has gone through major changes recently, and in order to run successful ads on the platform in 2022, businesses need a new strategy. The head of Instagram has stated that the focus is now on video, specifically Reels. This article offers the single best Instagram ad strategy for businesses looking to leverage this new format. The strategy involves creating two levels of Reels ads: a magnet ad and an offer they can't refuse ad.

Level 1: The Magnet Ad

- A short Reel clip related to your business niche that informs or inspires viewers on that topic

- The goal is to attract the right people who would be your perfect customers and repel the wrong ones

- The clip should be vertical, no longer than 30 seconds, and feature you speaking directly to the camera with enthusiasm and energy

- Use copyright-free music if desired and upload the video into the Facebook Ads Manager

- Target people based on interests or a lookalike audience of previous buyers, with a minimum audience size of 500,000 people

- Start with a budget of $5/day and test multiple reels with different angles or hooks to see which perform best

Level 2: The Offer They Can't Refuse Ad

- Create one clear, irresistible offer designed to get a new customer in the door for the first time (e.g. free consultation call, free trial, discount, lead magnet)

- Make a Reel-style ad that's crystal clear about the offer, the benefits, and how to claim it (e.g. click the link at the bottom of the screen)

- Target people who watched your Level 1 magnet ad for at least 3 seconds with a Facebook custom audience

- Set a retention period of 30 days to give ample time for repeat views and interactions

Optional Level 2 Reel Ads:

- The Hot Take Ad: Talk about a belief or opinion that your best customers would likely agree with

- The Humble Brag: Feature a clip of you speaking from a stage, being interviewed as an expert, or a video testimonial from a past customer

- The Coffee Date: Ask for a small commitment to meet you somewhere off of Instagram, such as your website or blog

By using this new Reels ad placement in a smart sequence that mimics the way people might naturally find you online, businesses can quickly move people from never having heard of them before to being ready to make a purchase. With a simple version to start and a more advanced version to build up to, this strategy can help businesses scale their offers and get more love from the Instagram algorithm for profitable ads.

I Found the BEST Way to Run Instagram Ads in 2023

Are you tired of running Instagram ads that don't get results? It's time to try a better strategy that will save you money and get you long-term profitable results. The key is to play into human psychology and buying behavior, and that's where the omnipresent reels strategy comes in.

Phase one involves creating a magnet ad that attracts your ideal customers without even mentioning your business or paid services. This ad should be closely related to your business niche and deliver a quick tip or piece of advice that inspires or informs. Use the engagement objective and set the budget around $10 to start building your custom audience.

Phase two involves creating ten different reels ads that satisfy specific objectives, such as delivering more value, giving advice, painting a mental picture of what's possible, offering a hot take, providing proof of results, and making a small ask before a bigger one. The final ad should offer an irresistible free trial, discount, or lead magnet that gets new customers in the door.

Run these ads under the awareness objective and target people who viewed at least three seconds of your magnet ad. Use manual placements and select only Instagram and Facebook reels. Each ad should be in its own ad set, and set the frequency cap to one impression every five days to ensure your audience sees two ads per day.

By following this strategy, you can spend only $20 per day or $600 per month and see dramatic results. Don't just throw out a single ad and hope it hits; use the omnipresent reels strategy to stand out from the sea of mediocre Instagram advertisers.

How to INCREASE ENGAGEMENT with Instagram Ads | Instagram Advertising Tutorial for Beginners

Instagram Ads: A Powerful Tool for Boosting Engagement

Instagram ads have become the most effective way to increase engagement with your target audience. With just a little bit of budget, you can get more likes, comments, shares, and saves, all of which are essential for growing your account. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to create a well-optimized Instagram ad that will increase your engagement and bring new followers to your account.

Why Run an Instagram Engagement Ad?

Running an Instagram engagement ad will help you get in front of your target audience and encourage them to engage with your content. By putting some budget behind your content, you can blast past the algorithm and get right in front of your target audience. The algorithm becomes less of a factor, and it relies more on how you target and the creative you put out there. The goal is to convert those who engage with your content into followers and, later on, into buyers.

Creating an Ad Set:

To create an ad set, you need to create a campaign first. The campaign objective we will be using is engagement. The ad set is the people you are targeting and how much you will spend to reach them. In this example, we are targeting newly engaged women aged 19 and above. To get to this audience, we will use the detailed targeting feature in Facebook's ad manager. We will also save this audience for later use.

Creating an Ad:

Once we have created the ad set, we can create the ad itself. The ad is the creative that you put out there, and it should reflect your brand and the message you want to convey. You can use different ad formats, such as single images, videos, carousel, and stories. In this example, we will be using a single image ad. We will choose the image that best represents our brand and write a caption that encourages engagement.

Instagram ads are a powerful tool that can help you increase engagement with your target audience. By following the steps we have outlined in this article, you can create a well-optimized Instagram ad that will get you in front of your target audience, encourage engagement, and bring new followers to your account. Remember to be intentional with your targeting and creative, and you will see great results.

This New Instagram Ads Feature Will Increase Your Sales By Over 50% | Instagram Ads 2022

This New Instagram Ads Update is a Game Changer

- The new Instagram ads update is going to increase sales by over 35 percent

- This update is still new, and it is quite effective

- It only works when you run your Instagram adverts through the ads manager, not when you use the Boost post option

Advantages of the Update:

- This update enhances the ads experience and is fully optimized

- It allows you to use an image as your ad but converts it into a reel, giving people a new and different experience of your ad

- Instagram can also make your single image become a 3D animation

- It allows you to use music on your ad, with all the songs being royalty-free

How to Use the Update:

- Select Instagram as the placement for your ad

- Select the Facebook and Instagram pages for the ad

- Use a clear and crisp image that explains what you're selling

- Use the headline effectively, as it will appear at the top of the ad

- Use the primary text to provide necessary information about the product

- Turn on the Advantage Creative option to optimize the ad fully

- Select a music track or allow Instagram to add an automatic track to your ad

- This update is a game-changer for businesses on Instagram

- It enhances the ads experience, increases engagement, and ultimately drives sales

- Try this feature and see the amazing results for your business.

The BEST Way To Advertise On Instagram In 2022 (SECRET)

Creating Effective Instagram Ads: The Three Key Factors to Consider

Instagram has undergone significant changes in recent months, and to create successful, high-converting, and profitable ads, there are three things you need to know.

1. Use the Right Ad Format:

Instagram now prioritizes video over photos, and the most effective ad format is the Instagram Reel. This short-form vertical video, similar to TikTok, is getting better results than any other type of Instagram ad. If you select the wrong ad format or use the default settings, no matter how creative or funny your ad is, it won't work.

2. Script Your Ad with PASO:

To hook your audience from the start, keep them engaged throughout the ad, and get them to take action, script your ad using the PASO formula. PASO stands for Pain, Agitate, Solution, and Outcome. This formula focuses on customer problems, agitates them, and presents your solution as the answer to their needs.

3. Use Sequencing:

Sequencing is an advertising strategy that guides the customer through a series of sequential steps, building trust and leading them to take action. This strategy has been proven to increase ad consumption by 87% and overall conversion by 56% or more.

To create effective Instagram ads, use the right ad format, script your ad with PASO, and use sequencing. Prioritize clarity over creativity and make sure your ad provides value to your target audience. With these key factors in mind, you can create ads that drive conversions and grow your business.

Target Rich People using ads on FB & IG | Buyers | Facebook Ads Targeting | Best targeting for 2022

- Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I teach you how to dominate and monetize social media

- I focus on African entrepreneurship, business growth, and social media marketing

Targeting Rich People on Facebook and Instagram:

- Create an ad with the goal of targeting rich people who will buy your products and services

- Use detailed targeting with interests related to luxury goods, expensive taste, high net worth individuals, frequent travelers, and engaged shoppers

- Narrow the audience further by defining or narrowing the audience to engaged shoppers

- Choose placements such as Facebook and Instagram feeds, Explore, and Reels for optimal results

- By targeting rich people on social media, you can increase your chances of making sales and growing your business

- Remember to use detailed targeting and choose the right placements for your ad to maximize its effectiveness.

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