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Targeting Interests for FB Dropshipping

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Finding Hidden Interests for Facebook Ads

In this video, the speaker is going to show how to find hidden interests on Facebook that are not visible in the suggestion box. By using the Facebook API, you can access a list of interests related to any specific keyword that can be used as a targeting interest in Facebook ads.

Steps to Find Hidden Interests:

1. Type in a keyword in the detailed targeting section of your ad set. For example, type beauty.

2. Facebook shows a list of interests. However, this list is limited, and there are other interests that you can target that are not visible here.

3. Use the Facebook Graph API to access the list of interests related to any specific keyword.

4. To access the list, you need an API access token from Facebook.

5. Go to your business manager and create an app to generate the token.

6. Go to the Facebook Graph API Explorer and select the app you want, select user token, and generate the access token.

7. Copy the access token and paste it into your Facebook Graph API link.

8. Select the interest you want to see by typing in the keyword.

9. You can choose how many interests you want to pull from Facebook. For example, you can choose 100 or 1000.

10. Facebook will show you a list of interests related to your keyword that are not usually available through Facebook.

Benefits of Using Hidden Interests:

1. You can target interests that your competitors may not be able to see.

2. You can find micro interests within your niche that are a lot less competitive and have a lower CPM.

3. You can find passionate audiences for lower-key brands in your niche that do not usually show up in the suggestions box.

By using the Facebook Graph API, you can find hidden interests that are not visible in the suggestion box. This tool is useful for finding micro interests within your niche that are a lot less competitive and have a lower CPM. It allows you to target interests that your competitors may not be able to see and find passionate audiences for lower-key brands in your niche.

Find Hidden Interests to Target (Facebook Ads Targeting Method for Shopify Dropshipping)

If you're running Facebook ads, you know how important interest targeting is to get great results. However, the sad truth is that Facebook ads are really great for interest targeting. Although it's not a complete loss, whenever you type an interest, a similar list appears every single time. As a result, the bit cost of CPM rates are really high sometimes. In this article, we will discuss how to beat this problem and find winning interest for your campaigns.

How to Find Winning Interest for Your Campaigns:

1. Create an App on Facebook:

First of all, you need to go to developers.facebook.com and create an app. You don't need to worry about coding; you just need to create an app for your business.

2. Generate an Access Token:

After creating an app, go to developers.facebook.com/explore and click on the app you just created. After that, Facebook will automatically generate an access token for your app.

3. Paste the Link:

Now, paste the link in order to find winning interest. You need to paste the keyword that you want to get interested in. For example, if you want to get a lot of interest about dogs, you can give the keyword as dogs.

4. Choose Hidden Interest:

After pasting the link, Facebook will show you a bunch of interest that you can use for your campaign. Choose hidden interest that is not present in Facebook ads manager.

5. Check Audience Size:

Make sure that the audience size is always above 500,000 or 1 million because the broader your audience is, the more your ad will perform great.

By following these simple steps, you can find hidden interest for your campaigns and save money on Facebook ads. Always remember to choose hidden interest that is not present in Facebook ads manager and check the audience size before running your ads. If you find this content valuable, don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful videos.

Facebook Ads Targeting 2022 | How To Pick Winning Interests

Title: How to Target the Right Audience for Your Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to see results from your Facebook ads? It might be because you're targeting the wrong audience. In this article, we'll show you how to find the right interests to target for your ads.

Targeting Interests on Facebook:

Most people assume that if they're targeting an interest like CrossFit, they're reaching people who are passionate about the sport. However, this isn't always the case. To see what interests Facebook has tagged you in, go to facebook.com/addpreferences/add_topics. You'll find that some interests don't apply to you at all, which means you're not actually targeting the right people.

Illustrating the Importance of Targeting:

To target the right audience, you need to focus on the people who are most passionate and spending money in your niche. For example, targeting Tiger Woods as an interest might seem like a good idea, but you'll actually be targeting people who aren't necessarily interested in golf. Instead, try targeting more specific interests like Colin Murakawa to reach true golfing enthusiasts.

The Only Enthusiasts Trick:

To increase the quality of your audience, try using the Only Enthusiasts Trick. This means targeting people who are most passionate about your product or niche. For example, if you're selling dog products, target people who are interested in dog behavior or dog training, not just people who love dogs.

Using Flex Targeting:

To further refine your audience, try using Flex Targeting. This means targeting people who have multiple interests that apply to your product or niche. For example, targeting people who are interested in dog walking, dog training, and dog behavior will give you a higher quality audience than just targeting one interest alone.

By targeting the right audience for your Facebook ads, you'll see better results and a higher return on investment. Remember to focus on the people who are most passionate and spending money in your niche, and use tools like Flex Targeting to refine your audience even further.

BEST Facebook Ads Interest Targeting For Shopify Dropshipping

- Discussing the best targeting for Facebook ads for e-commerce

Points to Keep in Mind:

- Different targeting strategies work for different industries and niches

- Testing is important, but don't overemphasize targeting

- Competitor targeting is efficient for testing products

Competitor Stacking:

- Targeting direct competitors and retailers

- Stacking multiple competitors in one interest set

- Split testing images, copy, and targeting sets

- Use competitor stacking for testing, then split test other strategies

Other Targeting Strategies:

- Flex targeting and single interest targeting also work well

- Choose a strategy and stick to it for testing, then split test others

- Lookalike audiences don't use interest targeting

- Testing is important for all aspects of an e-commerce business

- Competitor stacking is an efficient way to test product demand

- Choose a targeting strategy that works for your niche and product and stick to it for testing

BEST Interests For Facebook Ads Targeting - Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, we will be discussing the best interests to target for Facebook ads, specifically interest targeting. This is the most important aspect of Facebook ads, as it determines if you will reach the right audience. With Q4 approaching, it is important to know how to prepare for the main season when people start shopping for their loved ones.

Key Questions to Ask:

1. Who are the people you are targeting? Do they have the funds to afford the product?

2. Do the people you are targeting have a genuine interest in the product, or is it just a necessity?

Targeting Strategies:

1. Magazines related to the specific niche

2. Facebook community pages related to the specific niche

3. Celebrities in the specific niche

4. Stores in the specific niche

5. Products related to the product you are targeting

By dividing your specific interests into specific ad sets, you can ensure that you are reaching the right audience for your Facebook ads. This process may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple. With repetition, it becomes secondhand. By following this process, you can find success in the upcoming seasons.

BEST Targeting Methods With Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, Braden shares the best targeting methods to make 1,000 dollars a day or more with Shopify drop shipping. He recommends three targeting methods: single interest targeting, flex targeting, and stacking. Single interest targeting is the most popular method for beginners and works well for general products or products with a broad audience. Flex targeting is great for niche products and allows you to narrow down your audience using multiple interests. Stacking involves filling up the interest box with different interest types, such as competitors, magazines, or hobbies and activities. Braden suggests using competitor stacking as his favorite method for testing and scaling products. Split testing is also important to find the best interest type. Braden encourages viewers to leave comments and video ideas for future content.

Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy + How To Find HIDDEN Interests

Hi everyone, it's John, a Facebook ad strategist and social entrepreneur. In today's video, we will be discussing targeting on Facebook and the recommended number of interests to target when testing.

Categories of Targeting:

- Demographics: such as relationship status and parental status.

- Interests: hobbies and topics of interest.

- Behaviors: based on past actions on the platform, such as engaged shoppers or Android phone users.

Recommended Audience Size:

- For cold audiences, at least one million.

- For targeting specific regions or localities, at least the estimated audience size of that area.

- If the audience size is too small, it's better to go broad without detailed targeting options.

Limiting the Number of Targeting Options:

- To control variables and determine which interest gave the best results.

- Using Ad Targeting IO to find hidden interests not commonly used by advertisers.

- Greeting Card as an example of a hidden interest.

- Ad Targeting IO also offers page and audience analysis features.

Targeting on Facebook is crucial for effective advertising, and it's essential to limit the number of variables to determine which interest gives the best results. Ad Targeting IO is a useful tool for finding hidden interests, but it's also important to remember that paid tools offer more options and information. Stay tuned for the next video on how to spy on competitor ads.

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