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Tax Ads: Pay Less, Save More

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Filing taxes is a dreaded task for most Americans, and it can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for non-rich individuals. However, companies like Roger Horton Tax Prep are here to help, promising to maximize deductions and keep individuals on the right side of the law. But is it really worth it?

Issues with Roger Horton Tax Prep:

1. Expensive Services: Roger Horton Tax Prep may not be cheap, and individuals may end up spending a significant amount of their hard-earned money on their services.

2. Pop-up Ads and Dark Patterns: Their website is filled with incessant pop-up ads, promoting the Horton Turbo Deluxe Sexy Magic Low-Calorie Edition filing option. The company also uses dark patterns, intentionally tricking users into spending more money or clicking on services they don't want.

3. Concealment of Free Filing Options: Over half of Americans qualify to file taxes online for free, yet the company actively hides this information from their website and search results. Even if individuals stumble upon the free option, the company may place arbitrary paywalls in the middle of the filing process.

4. Inaccurate Claims: Roger Horton Tax Prep claims to have an entire team dedicated to combing through returns and finding problems. In reality, their calculations are made instantaneously, and their services may not be worth the cost.

5. Complexity of Filing Process: Filing taxes should not be this complicated in the 21st century, but companies like Roger Horton Tax Prep may have a vested interest in keeping the process difficult, as they make millions of dollars by providing their services.

In conclusion, while companies like Roger Horton Tax Prep may promise to make filing taxes easier, they may end up costing individuals more money than they are worth. With free filing options available for over half of Americans, it may be more beneficial to research and file taxes independently or seek out free tax preparation services.

Tax Practice Radio Ads Winning Formula

How to Grow Your Tax Resolution Business with Radio Advertising

Radio advertising can be an effective way to grow your tax resolution business. In this article, we will discuss a 10-step winning formula to get on the radio and have the most effective response and the highest ROI.


1. Choose the Right Station:

- Look for stations that have other direct response marketers on them.

- Consider the demographics of the station, as the ideal tax resolution client usually skews a little older like from 39 to 60 years old.

- Look for conservative talk radio stations as the ideal clients are also business owners or 1099 folks.

2. Use Recognized Personality in your Ads:

- Use a recognized regional, local, or national personality in your ads.

- Having a personality who is nationally known or regionally known will make your phone ring 35% more than if somebody is non-recognized.

- Pick the right radio station that has loyal listeners.

Radio advertising can be a lucrative way to grow your tax resolution business. By following the two tips discussed in this article, you can increase your chances of having a successful radio advertising campaign. If you want to learn more about the business of tax resolution, check out the deep dive training called the Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice.

Why We Should Tax Digital Advertising With Paul Romer

The podcast “Capital Isn’t” explores the flaws and challenges of capitalism and the need for better solutions to benefit all people. One guest, Nobel Prize winner Paul Romer, proposes a tax on digital advertising as a way to combat the dangerous business model of digital monopolies. Romer likens digital advertising to pollution that erodes trust and causes harm in the economy. He suggests that a tax on revenue earned from digital advertising would incentivize firms to shift to other business models like subscription fees, promoting trust and comity. However, Romer acknowledges the risk of firms evading or gutting the regulation, citing the need for the government to be a trustworthy and vigilant watchdog. Additionally, Romer and the hosts discuss the challenges of aggressive antitrust measures and the potential for firms to capture or gut the regulatory apparatus. The conversation highlights the need for multiple solutions, including a tax on advertising and antitrust measures, to combat the negative effects of digital monopol

National Tax Campaign Ad | Ghana Revenue Authority

Taxation is a crucial aspect of any country's development, and it is our civic duty to contribute to our nation's growth. In this article, we will explore the importance of paying taxes and how it can contribute to the development of our country.

Benefits of Paying Taxes:

1. Development of Infrastructure: Taxes are used to fund various government projects, including the construction of roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. By paying taxes, we are contributing to the development of our country's infrastructure.

2. Social Welfare: Taxes are also used to provide social welfare programs such as healthcare, education, and housing for the less privileged in society. By paying taxes, we are helping to provide a safety net for those in need.

3. Economic Growth: Taxes are a significant source of revenue for the government, and they help to finance various economic development programs. By paying taxes, we are contributing to the growth of our country's economy.

4. Civic Duty: Paying taxes is a civic duty that all citizens must fulfill. By contributing to the government's revenue, we are fulfilling our duty as responsible citizens.

In conclusion, paying taxes is crucial for the development of our country. It helps to fund various government projects, provide social welfare programs, and promote economic growth. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to contribute to our nation's growth by paying our taxes on time. Let us all strive to fulfill our civic duty and contribute to the development of our country.

Meta Slams Apple on its Ad Policy

Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATC) feature has been causing significant changes in the advertising landscape since its announcement two years ago. This feature allows users to have control over their data and decide whether or not to allow applications to track them for advertising purposes. While it may seem simple, it has major implications for social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, as it makes their advertising less powerful and potentially leads to decreased revenue.

Impact of ATC on Facebook:

- Facebook has been impacted by ATC, leading to decreased advertising revenue.

- The latest string of changes related to Apple wanting a commission on boosts within Facebook and other platforms is not expected to have a material impact on Facebook or Instagram.

- Apple is not benefiting financially from these changes, and is instead focusing on its own advertising push.

- While the financial impact on Facebook is significant, it is not cut and dry, and the losses are piling up.

Apple's Advertising Juggernaut:

- Apple is building its own advertising juggernaut, with plans to push ads eventually to an ad-supported tier of TV Plus and other services like iTunes and Apple Music.

- The app store and Apple Maps are already receiving more advertisements, with the potential for more in the future.

- Apple is collecting data on users, but claims to be following the same protocols they require from developers.

While Apple's ATC feature has had significant impacts on social media platforms like Facebook, it has also led to Apple building its own advertising empire. It remains to be seen how this will impact the advertising landscape in the future and if Apple's methodology differs from other companies. However, it is clear that ATC has put control over user data back in the hands of the users, potentially leading to a more transparent and equitable advertising landscape.

Sam's Most Tax Deductible D&D Beyond Ad Yet! (Critical Role)

In this article, we will be discussing the new feature added by D&D Beyond, which allows users to show their support for the D&D Beyond presidential candidates and get a 25% discount on any full digital books in their cart. We will also be taking a look at Sam Riegel's skiing vacation and how he shot a video for D&D Beyond to make it tax-deductible.

New Feature Added by D&D Beyond:

- D&D Beyond has added a new feature that allows users to show their support for the D&D Beyond presidential candidates.

- The codes, I support Sam and I support Liam, provide a 25% discount on any full digital books in the user's cart.

- The codes do not apply to the legendary bundle and can only be used one at a time.

Sam Riegel's Skiing Vacation:

- Sam Riegel went on a skiing vacation with his family.

- He shot a video for D&D Beyond while skiing to make his vacation tax-deductible.

- The video will be used to promote D&D Beyond.

In conclusion, D&D Beyond has added a new feature that allows users to show their support for the D&D Beyond presidential candidates and get a discount on any full digital books in their cart. Sam Riegel also made his skiing vacation tax-deductible by shooting a video for D&D Beyond. Overall, D&D Beyond continues to provide innovative features for their users, and we look forward to seeing what they have in store next.

Minimizing the "Google Tax" | Google Ads Agency Interview

Over the past few years, the issue of the Google tax has been escalating at an alarming rate. Clients are experiencing issues with Google's mobile targeting, resulting in incorrect charges and incorrect lead generation. This article will explore ways to mitigate the Google attacks and address the frustrations that come with them.

Possible bullet points or numbered list:

- The Google tax issue: what is it and why is it a problem?

- Examples of Google tax cases: ip addresses, recordings, and leads.

- Google's response: why won't they refund clients?

- Mitigating the Google attacks: what can we do to help alleviate the issue?

- Managing client expectations: how to explain the Google tax to clients.

- The cost of doing business with Google: why it's important to factor in all costs, including potential losses.

- The pay per lead model: why it may not be the best option for Google ads.

- Revenue sharing and hybrid models: alternative approaches to pay per lead.

The Google tax is a frustrating issue that affects many clients who rely on Google ads for lead generation. While there may not be a foolproof solution to this problem, there are ways to mitigate its impact and manage client expectations. Whether it's through revenue sharing, hybrid models, or simply being transparent about the risks involved, it's important to approach the Google tax issue with a proactive and realistic mindset.

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