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tech ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Smart House {funny commersial}

please, Jess, I am jealous- smoothie making. smithy calendar: no meetings today. remember Sunday at 9:30: fire off. open door, door open. some sauce covers at the ante are open ball run voice command Oakland. or run voice command 0:04. repeat that? oh, I didn't understand. Oh, on the [Music]. [Music]: open door, door opens radio, playing radio and do lights. night zone, protein shake, making protein shake. but she was to New York loading New York set speed for 4: 60 [Music]. [Music] - yeah, I was, let's go. [Music] in closet getting along hard. summer of 69 69 475. you are breaking the world record. [Music] 75460, please. [Music] the sitting in a cave at accomplice. central ever suit it? Katanga, Nevada, do you tell it on door? Robin voice commands, Liam Otis on board and all the pieces.

5 Tech Ads of the 1980s - Part 1 (Retro Tech Series)

[Music]. why buy just a video game from a target or intelligent? invest in the wonder computer of the 1980s for under 300, the commodore vic 20. unlike games, that has a real computer keyboard. with the commodore vic-20, the whole family can learn computing at home, plays great games too, under 300. the wonder computer of the 1980s, the commodore vic-20 coming soon. commodore brings you gorf, the wonder arcade game and omega race in home versions. [Music]. say goodbye to typing mistakes, misspelled words, wasted time and paper. say hello to video writer, the first word processor for the home that helps you write better. it erases mistakes on screen before they appear on paper. do or undo. when you're proud of it, print it. video writer by magnavox. today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the information purification [Music] victims. [Music] shall tok [Music]. [Music]. on january 24th, apple computer will introduce macintosh and you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984. something's coming up the plumbing portal, his brother luigi, and lots of crazy creatures. and it's twice the fun when you play at once because you need all the help you can get mario. where are you? mario brothers knew from atari. [Music]. oh, welcome to the microsoft ms-dos 5 upgrade training. this is the first time ms-dos has been available as an upgrade. it's: [Music]. we're introducing something new. it's essential for all the many and the few it's in your store from microsoft fatsu. the ms 5 upgrade is a hit and no pc should be without it. no pc should be without it. [Music]. there are three key benefits to the ms-5 upgrade. okay, girls, shrink it down. it's late at night. you're feeling right working at your pc. yo, your face turns green because the word on the screen is: you're out of memory. oh no, give me five. give me five. give me five. give me five. upgrade to ms-dos: five. make dos applications come alive. can't you see? spring those k's that got to be free. give me five. any memory hogging beast, cause it frees 45k of memory at least, and that's why everyone who's in knows it's also the best boss to run with windows. give me five. you think ms-dos is a mystery. admitted, ms-dos 5 is easier. here's how we did it. we gave it a graphical shell. that's the tiket. it's lost with a prettier face. to copy files from drive to drive, just drag and drop. gimme five. wondering what command to use? select from our drop-down menus. the graphical shell. do tell. the mystery's gone. go on. plus online help, test, swapper editor and lots of features to help you do more. one command helps you take the heat when you really mess up on delete. [Music]. the ms5 upgrade is slick, even from the network. installs real quick, loads over any dos on anyone's pc. but now you may be wondering: how safe can it be? i'd ask that. yeah, so would i. i want to know more before i die. microsoft said here this rhyme will test the upgrade big time. [Music] hit. it ran the biggest beta test in pc history. hammered at it, yo. it ended most triumphantly. no pc should be without it. no pc should be without it. these ms-dos 5 upgrade tales begin and end with mega sales. here's the future. it's no dream. customers in a steady stream. dos has 60 million users waiting time for them all to be upgrading. everybody does now. everybody does now. ms-dos 5 sounds easy when you tell it. the only thing easier is when you sell it. it's gonna be a cash machine for you. upgrading is the natural thing to do. give me five, give me five, gimme five, give me five alone or as an add-on. this product is a hit. no pc should be without it. ms-5 upgrade. take that image further. it's like selling fries with every burger: ms5 upgrade with that. ms-dos 5 upgrade with that. no pc should be without it. no pc should be without it. should be without it. [Music] you.

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Funny Tech Ads

every day more photos had taken on the iPhone than any other phone. button Nokia. we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity. [Music]. every day, better photos are taken with Nokia Lumia that with any other mobile. [Music]. I am delighted we could share in the serenity and joy of this beautiful date as we come together to celebrate the commitment. would you mind moving your enormous phone- you mean the enormous ly awesome galaxy search. one-trick pony, aren't you a little young to have an iPhone? you want to go? I see copy BOTS autokorrect this. [Music]. is there enough with that Sarge karate? you think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they'd stop fighting all the time. [Music]. the windows phone, nokia lumia 920 and gadgets- reader's choice smartphone of the year. so, yes, will you go? hello, oh, very moment / young. Thank You, Vanya, I think you know you know, but did you go celebrate Cinnabon, now working on the move? goodbye laptop, hello new tablet. oh, here we go. everyone wants one. yes, my friends, it's thin, thinner than a pencil, oh, yeah, oh, it's like sooo yeah point. did I mention one of these is into space. hang on. Negative, Nancy, most of all the questions. but it's got everything you need. you don't need a keyboard. you touch the screen. Wow, yeah, wish this thing had a keyboard. I'm about as productive as a cat wearing mittens right now. time to get the beast. oh, I guess other this- yeah, just giving you a rest. been working it pretty hard. I'm not the battery. well, you don't see me getting caught my trousers down, not while I'm still lugging around this puppy. you again, just that cool. nobody has to know. I do love this thing is still light and you never notike it in your laptop bag. but wait a minute, what? what's that? and Nokia Lumia 2520? you say so? em, did I buy the wrong tablet? [Music]: small world. you come in mini - maybe we could read together. wata, is that halo? I did not see that coming. you have Outlook and pull office. wow, you are a real PC. let's just go back to reading. actually, don't read that. hi, Siri, what's the party for? I just got a keyboard. I'm a computer now, like you, so you have more power like an Intel Core i7 processor. like I said, I just got a keyboard, but you're running full office, not just the app version, right? I don't like where this is going. and what about a trackpad and external ports? maybe this party thing wasn't such a good idea. this kid's got great stuff. how many strikeouts this season? um, I gotta switch apps. hold on, what's his kids? er? a 173. how about against lefties? 288 going on. I can hear you, but the video stop. I just have to switch back. I think we gotta pull the trigger on this kid. all right, I'll go tok to his agent bo. how are we looking? um, I think he's in toks with another team. hi, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC. surprised you showed up alone. no security guard to protect you from the angry mob of Windows 8 users don't need of any more. Windows 10 comes out today. did I miss 9? or is that in the grave already with Clippy and the zoom? good one, but you won't be laughing soon. Windows 10 actually does a lot of stuff better than a Mac and in some places, feels more modern. can you say the same thing when Vista was released and, I think, Windows ME? I'll prove it to you. lots of people are happy that the start button is back, but the real game changer are the new tricks to manage multiple windows. you can get this improved view when you swipe three fingers up on the trackpad, click this task View button or hit the windows + tab keys. so you took expose and gave it a different name: revolutionary, yeah. well, where did you get the idea of split screen apps that's coming up in your iOS 9 and Mac OS, al-kafi, ton, whatever? yeah, what we're doing it better than you. anyway, you can still drag windows to the edges to snap them side by side- far easier than holding down a button. Mac, the system suggests app pairings and on a bigger screen you can even arrange for apps. my favorite trick is maneuvering them around by just holding down the windows key and tapping the arrows. wow, that keyboard shortcut looks great. actually, it would really speed things up for me. and wait till you see how helpful Cortana is on the desktop. what's the weather in Hong Kong? it's currently 82 and rainy, but she's really speedy at searching and launching apps and websites. and because she can access your calendar and email, she reminds you of things and feeds you the news you want. it's one of many things that makes even upgrading from Windows seven worth it. Siri, why don't you come to the Mac? but what about apps? that's when the operating systems really about are. you're still old and ugly. and what about PC virus software that's still popping up all over the place. sorry, did you say something I'm updating right now? our core apps, like photos, are okay, but aren't as good as Apple or Google's, and we've got all the traditional software, but finding a good third-party app for Twitter or photo editing isn't easy. you spend most of your time in the browser, though, so we have this new edge browser. it's fast and has some cool features, but, honestly, even I still use Chrome. Oh, does it work with my iPhone? and our Windows PC is still pretty crappy. yes, it works with your iPhone. all of Microsoft's big services are available for the iPhone or are coming soon. if you want to do Mac things, like it iMessage on your computer, you're at a look and you're right. Apple still makes better quality hardware and trackpads than most Windows PCs. but you know what. you can actually try Windows 10 on your Mac, and it works really well. I will try that. nice job PC. now, just try not to mess with things. for a while. maybe I won't make fun of you as much. oh, by the way, your fly's unzipped. Oh, Laura's holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa all over, but you're running full office, not just the app version, right? I don't like where this is going. [Music]. I missed it again. ready set. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music].

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Tech:Ads The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack

meet the nomadic backpack and the nomadic travel pack- the most functional backpacks ever? don't think so. keep watching. nomadic is a Kickstarter born company. last year, we launched the nomadic travel bag, which quickly became the most funded travel bag in kickstarter history. we deliver the travel bags as promised and have received hundreds of glowing reviews. travelers all over the world have loved their nomadic travel bags, but our backers kept asking: when are you going to make an everyday bag, or what about a bag for shorter trips? creating the most functional everyday bag was a daunting task. we knew you would interact with this bag every day, which meant we would have to think through every last inch, but we accepted the challenge and said: let's do it. so we set off to make the most functional backpack and travel pack ever. here's a quick view into how we tackle this feat. first, in order to understand what people carry every day, we surveyed you, our backers, and, with thousands of responses, we successfully highlighted the features that are most important for your everyday needs and travel needs. then we traveled halfway around the world and met with bag manufacturing experts. after a year of development and ten plus prototypes later, we are excited to announce two new bags: the nomadic backpack for everyday use and the nomadic travel pack for one to three days ago. first let's walk through the shared features on these bags and then later we'll discuss what make the backpack and travel pack different from each other. both the backpack and the travel pack are made with strong, waterproof zippers and tarpaulin material that will last forever. our unique strap design allows you to switch between briefcase and backpacks. simply tuck the straps behind the back panel and snap them down to carry like a briefcase when you need to look more professional or office drops out to carry like a backpack for other activities. the full perimeter zipper gives a wide, open view of the inside for better visibility and packing. additionally, our innovative zipper design gives access from all sides. both bags have over 20 pockets, each one designed with purpose. a quick access please. pocket for valuables, multiple mesh elastik pocket, RFID blocking and lockable security pocket, a removable hard protective shell for glasses, multiple meshes of your pockets, a notebook pocket and a hidden pocket for important items like cash or Passport. basically, whatever you're carrying, these bags have a spot for it. we've also included cord pass-through holes between all compartments to allow you to charge seamlessly on the move. our innovative water bottle pocket is magnetik. it snaps shut and looks sleek when it's not in use and expands. we need to space. these bags also stand up straight on their own, keeping everything right where you need it. next, we editor retractable key leash easily lock up with one hand, release the key and watch it effortlessly returned to its pocket in the bag to keep you visible in the dark. both bags have reflective ink on the front end. as you can see, the nomadic backpack and travel pack share these awesome features. so how are they different from each other? first, let's look at the nomadic backpack. perfect for everyday use, we have created three interchangeable velcro panels to help you pack for your life. now you get to decide what and how you carry. each nomadic backpack comes with the paper organizer, the tik pocket and the shoe or clothing pocket. and when you need to carry a bit more, our expansion system takes the bag from 20 to 24 litres. the laptop compartment is safely surrounded by foam and is designed to hold a 15 inch laptop comfortably. now for the nomadic travel pack. this is the perfect travel companion for those 1-2-3 day trips or for people who need to carry more every day. this bag includes a full perimeter expansion, increasing its volume from 20 to 30 liters. to help compartmentalize your packing, this bag includes a mesh dividing wall and a built in shoe or clothing department. the laptop and tablet compartment, open till a flash, makes TSA checkpoints a breeze. each travel pack includes a compression packing cube to help you pack even more. the packing cube has two compartments: aside for dirty clothes and aside for clean clothes. simply put in the gear you want to compress and then let them super do the work. we have spent countless hours perfecting these two bags and are so excited to share them with you. we are so confident in the product that if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, simply send it back and we'll refund you, no questions asked. there backs that can go anywhere and do anything. it can help you look professional or help you escape the demands of your profession. we can't wait to see how the pneumatik backpack and travel packs will you get more out of life and explore your world. [Music].

Big Tech's Big Ads

hey, babe, check this out, alexa, it's game day. streaming football on prime video, closing blinds, chilling rose, rose. well, it's an afternoon game. it's like she can read your mind. i love that we get to sleep ordering fresh mint mouthwash, extra strength. i'm thinking i should get a spray pan, you know, cause it's on wednesday. activating blender funerals on monday. [Music]. oh, what about the gold papa? can't you see that treasure all along? it was you love the eye patch, that's. when is the show open? march 8th, setting reminder to fake your own death on march 8th, not. uh, what the? when you have to do those love scenes with hot guys. is that fun or is that like the worst? it's the worst. [Music]. this bread is delicious. did you make it? yes, it's from my gammy's recipe. announcement. gammy is short, for she bought it at whole foods. announcement. colin left the oysters in the car for five hours. it's probably better, unless it can't read your mind. bad idea, what's the game? [Applause]. this is the dimension of imagination. [Music]. oh, [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music] to be curious. [Music] to be clueless. [Music] to wonder what that is, to wonder what to do. it's okay to ask. after all, it's not our questions that define us, it's what we do with the answers [Music], because the more we learn, the closer we get.

Commercials of the Dot Com Bubble | Late 90s/Early 2000s Internet and Tech Company Ads

the Sue's on there to type amazoncom, I could get my way to about two million five hundred thousand books over- sir mark, please, I can't look up- such as Mediterranean cooking, and I find 57 books on the subject. amazoncom gives such great discounts that even with the shipping, you come out of hood. I like not standing in line. instead of standing in line, I just sit here and punch one button and my books on the way. I found a whole range of books from fiction to nonfiction on contemporary American. all that. you just have such a great time. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. start your day with michaelscom, your home base for everything from fast searches to one-stop shopping. we got whatever it is in the world you want from the World Wide Web. Lykos, go get it. no short notike to play cards magazine. I think I'll go get a video on some chocolate ice cream. you're gonna go out for that. Cosmo calmness videos and ice cream. Koz mo calm, they'll be right over honey. they'll meet. Roger used to be we either had a blue-collar job or a white-collar job, but nowadays some of the highest paying jobs don't require a collar at all. the IT revolution will create over 1 million new jobs in the next year and tik skills can help you get with. everything they do is geared towards getting you certified. their training is fast, its flexible and it assures your success. you'll receive unparalleled quality and unequaled value. so cash in on today's new economy and improve your future. call 1-800 new skills for the tik skills learning center near you. my CD now is a wonderland of sound where Jefferson Airplane takes off on the hour, Tom Petty is there, Alice in Chains and the in-flight meal is always fishbone. and just when you think things are really getting out of whack, you look out and there you are- your own private Soundgarden CD. now is music your way, with more albums than any other music store, online or off. and now get up to 30% off storewide, plus free shipping. what's your CT mara? okay, Joey, maybe you just can't. we get an apartment together. okay, wwwfirsttubenet right, more closet. so what do you think? I think I just found a big one-bedroom with three closets in a deck. great, that was fast. now all you gotta do is tell my dad: find it, see it, rent it. part of the move. comm network, a TB worldcom. you know you'll get the latest PC and video games and great prices as soon as they're available. we'll let you know which ones are cool and which ones are lame. be the first to master the toughest new games. hello, no, I can't come in today. I have a really bad cold. always consult Phoebe will first for great prices and expert advice. EB will calm. we're inside your world. find the monster on our homepage for a hot deal. go online at work or all working at home. next time you're on the internet. go to the new Netscape comm. faster searches, instant messaging, a customized start page. the new, that's good. power, it's free. at Netscape comm, Pentium 3 processor owners, we designed a website just for you. Intel's web outfitter service- everything you need for a great Internet experience. rock with your favorite bands for live concert webcast. share family adventures, explore the tallest mountains in the world. live your life on the web to the fullest. intel's web outfitter service. get it now. three at intel calm: the biggest websites from amazoncom together and the biggest companies. the internet is revolutionising business, from egghead calm to ebay, from etrade to excite. some women are offended by being called babes. testosterone fell around here with a male sign. people come to our site because they're into video games, DVDs, movies. three cause of letter section: there are so many guys who write it to get a lot of sex questions. sling cars, science fiction, comic books- it's just pretty hard exploding chainsaw, match, funky monkey in a. all the stuff that guys are is a basic go to snowball calm for hundreds of the coolest sites by the internet generation. the corporate thing just didn't work for me. i mean that, just the politiks, but the whole backstabbing, water-cooler chitchat of a whelk garbage. so one day I'm online and I find beyondcom. before you know it, I got a home office and I'm living life on my own terms with beyondcom. I can stay at home and order all the software I need for my business and it can be downloaded or delivered in my door. I'm as free as I want to be. oh hi, I think it's a great arrangement. you can't sit around here playing on that computer all day. are any of us really here? you need to find a job and make some money. money one is money. you can find a job out there, yeah, but I can find thousands of jobs in here now. there's a fast, free, easy way to look for a job. it's got a job- calm. you can apply for 10 jobs in 10 seconds. got a job- calm. part-time, full-time in no time. [Music]. [Music] do you Yahoo? [Music] just know. [Music]: hello, mr lucky, I'm into Italian films. [Music] calm day pass to your name. 62 classic, of course by you must see me. September. no part of the Italian. Oh cuz they ban me that Gracia. download in seconds with Belsen catacomb high-speed Edition. it's always fast. I'm a student and I do a lot of research on the web, so what I wanted, what I really had to have, was a powerful desktop computer. then someone told me about Dell. I got on the Internet. Dell built a desktop just for me. this direct way actually cost less. okay, so I don't always use it for research. cool, discover the Dell Dimension XPS with the next generation Intel Pentium 3 processor at 500 megahertz for only $19.99. with applications optimized for the Pentium 3 processor, you get smoother, cooler, more realistik 3d graphics, adding great audio video and a big monitor, and you can get more lifelike games and a rich internet experience. the system also includes two new games, a fast, easy internet, set up with Kinect direct in twenty four-hour-a-day phone tik support. dimension with Intel Pentium 3 processor, 500 megahertz, just $19.99. I'd be lost without it, no doubt. [Music] be direct. yeah, gotta get a gift for a kid. you don't know what they're going cuz you're all old honey. give them flows online gift cards. it's just like when you send it by email. they spent it at some of the web, school, the stores and you come out hip and smoke. it's graduation day. what about this one? all right, can't find the right car for you. shot, he hits comm. what access to a half million used cars. VIX calm. lease or purchase. B Hicks calm or do side-by-side comparison? Viacom need to find the right local dealer. B Hicks calm. find the right car for you. v Hicks calm. roadmap to the automotive world. [Music]. I'll open on sick same groceries. no store web. BAM. you may never go to the grocery store again. I wanted to all assume Z Jasmine blossom position and I will print out today's moon sign. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. where will you find a world of ideas for your child? only it. eToys, from Barbie to Brio to swim ways. eToys, where great ideas come to you today. people sending video mail instead of email. this year, the internet. you allowed millions of businesses to make phone calls for free. one day, a business not on the internet will not be in business. virtually all Internet traffic travels across the systems of one company, Cisco Systems, empowering the internet generation. where are my socks? if I don't get those socks, I'm out of business. did you check all your stoks? there's no socks about stoks. check down by the dark. i'ma thought it's no sauce. I've checked every box. there's no bar full of that. forget about socks. I just saw it, folks. we got locked. we got props, not rocks, not walks my blocks. it just sucks. you know, got your clocks and supply chain problems. iBM has Internet Solutions. sure blame us, gods. [Music]. you've got this huge customer. they're so huge sometimes they don't even know when they've received a shipment. whose problem is this yours? that's why you ship you PS, because only ups total track capture signatures electronically. then you can use UPS online software to see your customers actual.