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Teens - Start Smoking Now & Make Millions!!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Teens - Start Smoking Now & Make Millions!!!!

Teens - Start Smoking Now & Make Millions!!!!

people it's me King human listen up all
right i'll use 16 year olds out there i
want you to start smoking when you grab
this start smoking cigarettes now and
you can be rich and i'll tell you why i
have to grab my notes here um i went on
the internet and I found some figures on
how much the average person spends on
cigarettes over the course of their
lifetime so you want to get on this now
you want to get in on this early so you
can really benefit from smoking
cigarettes here's what I want you to do
start smoking at the age of 16 and at
the end of your 16th year you will have
spent fifteen hundred and fifty dollars
on cigarettes now factoring in about a
five percent increase in the price of
tobacco in over a year we extrapolate
that at the end of your 30th year of
smoking cigarettes you will have spent
fifty 1766 dollars going even further at
the end of your 65th year of smoking
cigarettes you will have spent three
million seven hundred and twenty one
thousand nine hundred and sixteen
dollars now that doesn't count all the
other expenses involved including doctor
bills lost work etc so really great get
on board now it's really a great idea or
what you could do instead of spending
money on that crap and making tobacco
companies rich to slowly kill you you
could act like you were addicted to
cigarettes and you can act like you were
smoker and every time you needed a new
pack of cigarettes you put that four
bucks in a jar and by the time you're 18
what I want you to do you never touch
that jar of money at least the pack of
cigarettes a day that's four dollars a
increase that amount five percent per
year and put that four dollars in the
jar every single day day in and day out
till you get to be 18 now you're 18 open
up a trading account with one of the
online stokbrokers like TD Ameritrade
or Schwab or any of those guys and
invest that money into a good
dividend-paying stok a good steady Eddy
that will pay you a decent dividend
don't swing for the fences don't go for
a glamorous tik stok or any of these
weird things get yourself a good steady
utility stok something that's always
going to be there and something that's
going to be steady paying and instead of
when they start paying you those
dividend checks instead of taking those
checks reinvest that into getting more
stoks now that doesn't mean when you're
18 you stop putting money in the
cigarette jar you don't you keep putting
four dollars in that cigarette jar every
day and you reinvest that money into
buying other stoks more stoks by the
time you're my age and again you
reinvest those dividends that those
stoks are paying you by the time you're
my age you'll be able to retire on the
beach in Tahiti in style and live the
life trust me everything you want in
life you will be able to have just by
doing what I told you now it's going to
be harder than hell to stik to this
plan and it amazes me because it's going
to take you so much discipline to do
that to put money in four dollars in a
jar every single day like you were
addicted to cigarettes to not reach in
and grab that money to buy yourself a
new ipod or a car or whatever it's going
to take the most amount of discipline
but yet if you were smoking and you were
addicted to cigarettes you would find
that four dollars every single day I
guarantee you and you wouldn't worry
about where the money was
it would be naturally it's going to make
these guys in tobacco rich these big
tobacco corporations rich but once it's
out of your hands you don't even think
about it so you know that's the way the
jar has to be you put the money in once
it's in there think of it as gone
forever until you get to be 18 years old
then you invest and you start investing
in your future a future of life not a
future of death which is what tobacco is
going to give you so there you have it
that's my plan for you guys you know
it's tough yes but the time is going to
go by whether you do this or not you
know I guarantee you one day you're
going to wake up and you're going to be
55 years old like me and you're going to
go what the hell happened man if only I
had done that back in the day I would
have been so rich today well this is one
of those things this is one of those
things you can do today you've got to
start today especially if you're young
if you're not young it's not too late
now again remember the key to this is
compounding you have to reinvest your
dividends into buying more stok over
time and you have to keep putting money
in the jar and reinvesting in buying
more stok with the with the cigarette
money as well now if you don't
understand compounding and how that
works here's a little illustration for
you here's something you can do get
another jar and it's it'll be your penny
jar and what you're going to do is
you're going to put pennies in this jar
the first day put in one pity the second
day put in two pennies the third day you
put in three pennies the fourth day you
put in for pennies and so on how long do
you think it will take you before that
jar of pennies amounts to a million
dollars do the math it's going to knock
your socks off that's the power of
it's amazing it's going to knock you on
your on your ass this is how you can get
rich you have to have discipline you
have to have a plan and you have to
follow it through now don't smoke it's
stupid I have cigarettes to me are I see
somebody smoking and I see somebody that
hates themself there it's slow suicide
is what I what I think it is and
basically you're paying this tobacco
company to slowly kill you and you're
paying a millions of dollars for the
privilege of killing you it just
compounds me why people why would you do
it I mean this is what I don't get is
when you're a kid I don't know I've
never done this I've never tried
cigarettes but a lot of people try it
they want to be cool whatever the
whatever the mentality is they try it
and the first thing they try a cigarette
they cough the hack they puke they get
sick this is what I don't understand why
would you do it again you know it's it's
something that is not great the first
time you do it so why would you continue
to do that you really have to have a
mentality there to try and get beyond
that poison barrier and I don't get it I
don't get why people do it now of course
once you get past that sickness you're
addicted it's done deal the tobacco
companies have you by the short and
curlies and they letting go that's why
they want you kids to get started
smoking early as possible because you
can see if they're going to make three
million dollars proof for each
sixteen-year-old they get to start
smoking over that life span now
extrapolate that into how many smokers
there are and you can see how much money
these people make off of this poison
[ __ ] it's amazing that this is legal and
the only reason it's legal is because
the government makes money with it too
they get their tobacco stamp on it
the government's the Mafia they get a
percentage of the cut hey you want to
sell poison the kids okay as long as we
get our cut man amazes me it's such crap
that in this day and age we haven't
figured out what's the real story is
with tobacco it's so bad anyway all
right there it is I didn't want this to
become a lecture on on the evils of
tobacco I wanted this to be a lecture on
taking taking charge of your financial
future investing in your positive future
not your negative future tobacco's going
to bring you nothing but grief and cost
you nothing but money but if you take
that same amount of money and invest it
in your future you're going to have such
a great life believe me it's gonna be
fantastik Ferraris Tahiti lay on the
beach in Tahiti you have your coconut
Hut in Tahiti I mean just amazing things
everything you want in life tobacco
death when you do that people get mad
when this goes blank um what's even on
here oh I was researching okay there it
is that's my lecture people wow I'm
already over ten minutes on this and I
don't want to go over 10 minutes so
there you go booyakasha you know take
care of yourself do something good for
Humanity and don't freakin smoke you
idiot kids it's not cool it's stupid

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