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text message ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

SMS Marketing Overview

- SMS marketing is a popular marketing strategy that uses text messages to promote products or services to customers

- It is an effective way to reach a large audience quickly and cost-effectively

How it works:

- Businesses can use SMS marketing platforms or SMS APIs to send text messages to customers

- Customers can opt-in to receive messages by providing their phone number

- Businesses can create targeted campaigns and send personalized messages to customers

SMS Platforms:

- Slicktext

- Simpletext

- Textmagic

- Clickatell

- Twilio

- Bluksms




- Android SMS

- CodeCanyon



- SMS marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach customers and promote their products or services

- By using SMS platforms or SMS APIs, businesses can create targeted campaigns and send personalized messages to customers

- The popularity of SMS marketing is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

How to do SMS Marketing | Top 10 Hacks & Strategies

In this video, I'm going to show you how to use SMS marketing, also known as text marketing or text message marketing, in your business. I'll give you some of my top hacks and strategies, as well as introduce you to a powerful tool I'm using and show you how to use it too.

- SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can transform the customer experience

- At least five billion people worldwide are able to send and receive text messages

- 95% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent

- SMS marketing averages around a 90% open rate and a 30% response rate

Using Text Magic:

- Use a dedicated text message marketing software like Text Magic

- Text Magic has over 25,000 active paying customers and an amazing 98.4% delivery rate

- Import a contact list to have people to send messages to

- Set up a bulk SMS campaign to send messages efficiently

- Use tags to customize and personalize messages

- Schedule messages for the best times to send them

- Set up automated SMS responders for customer service

- SMS marketing can be a highly effective and profitable tool for businesses

- Using a dedicated software like Text Magic can make SMS marketing easier and more efficient

- Personalizing messages and sending them at the right times can improve response rates and customer satisfaction

How To Create Facebook Messenger Ads [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Facebook Messenger Ads: A Powerful Marketing Tool

- 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month, sending 8 billion messages per day.

- Messenger ads offer a way to put your business in front of targeted eyeballs.

- Messenger marketing has 10 to 80 times better engagement rates than email and organic posts.

- Two ways to run Messenger ads: Messenger Inbox Placement and Messages Campaign.

- Messages Campaign allows people to engage with your business on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct.

- To set up Messages Campaign, go to business.facebook.com/ads manager and click Create.

- Select your ad type: Click to Message or Sponsored Message.

- Choose your ad creative and add your text for the CTA.

- Set up automated messages for your audience to receive when they click on your ad.

- Under the Start Conversations option, suggest questions or replies for your audience to choose from.

- Under the Generate Leads template, ask your audience questions and disqualify them if they're not a good fit.

- Messenger ads offer a high engagement rate and are an underutilized ad campaign.

From text messages to fraudulent ads, how scammers are draining bank accounts | 7.30

The scamming business has been thriving through COVID-19, and scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics to steal personal information and money. Cybercrime is a growing threat in Australia, with more than 35,000 reports of attempts to gain personal information since January. The economy suffered an estimated $33 billion in losses due to cybercrime last year. Scammers use various methods, including phishing, smishing, and fake ads, to deceive their victims.

Examples of Scams:

- Helen Kale, a small business owner in Melbourne, had $30,000 drained from her business account after clicking on a fake Bendigo Bank link in a Google ad.

- Cybersecurity expert David Lacy explains that scammers use third-party ad affiliates to manipulate or change ads after they pass through vetting processes.

- Criminals use the pandemic vaccine rollout as bait for phishing attempts.

- The one-stop wrought shop website was used to dupe dozens of Australians by a prolific scam operation. The group created false identities and promoted their exploits through self-made videos.

- Uni student Sarah Towers had $2,743 taken from her account through unauthorized transactions.

Prevention and Response:

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) prioritizes cybercrime as a crime priority and focuses on identity fraud and phishing attempts. The Commonwealth Bank reviews frauds and scams on a case-by-case basis and advises customers to report any unusual transactions immediately. The newly elected Labor government aims to crack down on cybercrime by introducing new industry codes for banks and telcos. Victims of scams should contact their bank and report the incident as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovering stolen money.

Scammers continue to deceive people and steal their personal information and money. Cybercrime is a growing threat, and prevention and response efforts need to be multi-pronged. It is essential to stay vigilant and cautious when conducting online transactions and to report any suspicious activity to authorities promptly.

How to use Text Messaging for Business (SMS Marketing)

Are you tired of complicated and expensive text messaging systems for your business? Look no further than TextMagic, the easy and efficient solution for all your text messaging needs. In this article, we'll dive into the features of TextMagic and show you how simple it is to set up and use.

- Text messaging is becoming increasingly important for businesses to communicate with customers

- However, setting up a text messaging system can be complicated and expensive

- TextMagic offers an easy and efficient solution for businesses to send text messages to customers

Examples of when to use TextMagic:

- Send reminders for appointments or meetings

- Announce sales, discounts, or special news

- Send automated reminders or autoresponders

Sending a text message:

- Import contacts with permission to receive text messages

- Choose from phone number, localized to recipient's area code

- Include message or use pre-made template with customizable tags

- Preview message and check cost before sending

Additional features of TextMagic:

- Live chat menu for managing conversations from desktop

- Create multiple contact groups

- Set up automation rules for autoresponders based on keywords

- TextMagic offers an easy and efficient solution for businesses to communicate with customers through text messaging

- With features like live chat, contact groups, and automation rules, businesses can streamline their communication processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Blank Canvas | Audio Story | HOOKED

In this conversation between Josh and Penny, they discuss the possibility of Josh posing nude for Penny's art class in exchange for quick cash. While Penny initially tries to dissuade Josh from participating, he ultimately decides to do it. However, their conversation also brings up some unresolved tensions from their past relationship.


- Penny asks Josh if he knows anyone who needs quick cash.

- Josh offers to do it himself and asks what he has to do.

- Penny explains that it's for nude modeling for her art class.

- Josh initially agrees but then becomes nervous.

- Penny offers to lend him money instead.

- Josh insists on going through with it and assures Penny that he's doing it because he wants to.

- They briefly discuss their past relationship and Josh jokes about being glad that Penny dumped him.

In the end, Josh decides to pose nude for Penny's art class. While their conversation initially brings up some awkwardness and unresolved tension, they are able to move past it and come to an agreement.

Google pressures Apple to fix Android texting

Google's Push for Apple to Adopt RCS Messaging: The Green Bubble Debate

Google has launched a campaign urging Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) on their iPhones. The tech giant has pointed out the limitations of Apple's messaging system, including low-resolution multimedia messages, broken group chats, no typing indicators or red receipts, and no ability to send messages over Wi-Fi or with end-to-end encryption. This article will explore Google's efforts to get RCS more widely adopted and the ongoing debate surrounding green bubbles.

Google's RCS Campaign:

Despite a chaotic instant messaging strategy, Google has been trying to get RCS more widely adopted for a while now. However, the company has faced reluctance from carriers and ignorance from Apple. As a result, Google has been the sole torchbearer in this regard. Google has even implemented the service from their servers and implemented features like end-to-end encryption on their own.

Green Bubble Debate:

Google's campaign highlights the substandard green bubble experience of iPhone users. The green bubble refers to SMS/MMS messages that are not sent through Apple's iMessage platform. The debate centers around iPhone users' negative perception of green bubbles, which are seen as inferior to blue iMessage bubbles. A study has shown that the preference for blue bubbles is so strong that it can negatively impact one's dating prospects.

Discussion Points:

- How many iPhone users have experienced negative feedback due to green bubbles?

- Is the green bubble debate a result of Androidification?

- Why do some people prefer blue bubbles over green ones?

- How can Apple improve its messaging system to compete with RCS?

- Is the preference for blue bubbles a shallow factor in dating prospects?

Google's push for Apple to adopt RCS messaging highlights the limitations of Apple's messaging system. The ongoing green bubble debate reveals the strong preference for blue iMessage bubbles and the negative perception of green bubbles. While there is no clear solution to this debate, it is clear that Google's efforts to promote RCS messaging will continue.

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