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textile dropshipping service

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Surface Design: Grow Your Career With an E-Commerce Business Selling Fabric, Wallpaper & Home Decor

[Music]. hi, i'm erin kendall. i'm a self-taught surface pattern designer, cereal entrepreneur and a top seller on spoonflower. i want to start by telling you my story real quick because you might be able to relate to all or some parts of it. in 2011, i started out as a maker, a side hustle to my full-time corporate gig. i designed baby goods and handmade them with fabric that i had printed at spoonflower, but i never gained enough traction to be able to quit my job. when i had my babies, i struggled to juggle all of the physicalities of my business- the sewing, the packaging, getting to the post office. it was just so stressful. while i was on mat leave with my second babe, i found myself wandering down the path of surface pattern design, and, while i was making a little money from it, i was a long way off from being able to quit my job for good. however, i still had a pro membership with spoonflower from my days of making. it's a paid membership with lots of perks, including free worldwide shipping, and i realized i could leverage that membership to start a new business that required very little outlay of any sort. i decided to start a drop shipping business to supplement my surface design income. it wasn't long before i had the virtual doors open to my new online store and i was selling my designs on spoon flowers, fabrics, wallpapers, home decor items- and i was selling them through my own website and on etsy. i was selling directly to customers and without all the competition of the spoonflower marketplace. i didn't have to make anything, i didn't have to package anything and i didn't have to post anything. i just had to design and serve my customers and i could do it all on my own schedule, around my kids and from anywhere with an internet connection. 2020 was a huge year for me. essentially, my surface patent design career was generating enough income to allow me and my partner, daniel, to resign from our long-term corporate careers. this success was, in part, due to my drop shipping business and because drop shipping is low touch, that is, not very hands-on, i was still able to do my client work and keep creating and building my passive income streams. now i should point out that spoonflower doesn't formally offer drop shipping as a service, which is why i'm making this class. however, i was recently invited by spoonflower to write an artikle for their small business handbook to explain at a high level how i make dropshipping work. i created this class so i could dive deeper into explaining exactly how i did it and how you can, too. i'm drawing on my decades worth of e-commerce and customer service experience to teach you how the dropshipping business model works with spoonflower, specifically, what to consider when choosing an online platform or marketplace to sell through. ideas on how to choose which spoonflower products to sell, the different ways you can offer them to your customers and how to set your prices. strategies on how to stand out from the crowd that is your competition. and how to truly serve your customers and deal with those who may be unsatisfied. how to manage your time and operate your business as efficiently as possible while still providing customers with a personalized shopping experience. and i'll give you advice that'll help you to avoid making costly mistakes. to get you up and running quickly, i've created some handy class resources. in addition to these, i've put together some optional bonus resources which you can sign up for and unlock access to a centralized business resource section on my website. i've also teamed up with my friends at createc to give you access to some free product markup files that you can use to help promote your products, and i've thrown in a couple from my own store, the mock-up lab. rest assured, once you've completed this class, you'll be pumped full to the brim with information that will allow you to confidently launch and run your own store, and you'll be walking away with a blueprint to start your very own business. so what are you waiting for? hit play on the first lesson and let's get started.

What are the Most Reliable Shopify Dropshipping Supplier in 2021

Hello everybody, In this video, we're going to tok about the most popular supply platforms for dropshipping in 2021. Don't forget, as usual, if you like this video and would like to see more content related to dropshipping, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and give us the thumbs up. Let's face it, Drop shipping can be pretty scary. Out of all the supply options available, You have to pick just one merchant. hope you got the best price available, start making some investment in advertisements and waste your time on it, And, once you get the orders, hope that he doesn't screw up. The fact is that a lot of pro-dropshippers will tell you that before we got a steady, profitable business, we had to learn a lot of lessons about supply the hard way. While the zero risk scenario doesn't exist, The drop shipping model is now mature enough to give us an idea of what we can expect from the supply market. We chose six of what we consider to be the pro-dropshippers preferred supply options, including the best one. spoiler alert: It's by shop. Let's go Aliexpress. What is left to say about them? In many ways, there were a big contributor to the concept of dropshipping. when Aliexpress started, the site was full of weird English. The prices look too good to be true and fact is, most people were too scared to purchase from them. Once people realize that you could actually purchase from China and receive your products, a lot of people took this as an opportunity to use their localization, know how and start making a profit out of this product by giving them a professional and trustworthy looking website. They realized that we could actually add up for commission and make a profit out of those products. Just like that Dropshipping was born From those days. not many things have changed. Aliexpress is still a very dynamic market with many opportunities every day. it's compatible with plenty of third party platforms, some of them free. So all good, right?? The thing is that Aliexpresses is a B2C platform. first and foremost. We have a competitive price per unit, but we expect you to be aware that this price has a cost and this cost is waiting a lot. Now, when you're selling your fancy looking website and you promise super good conditions, of course,your client is not gonna be prepared for this reality. to solve this issue, It is absolutely essential that you tok with your merchant and tell them that you're doing dropshipping before doing anything with this product. Let them know your expectations with the products, with the shipping conditions If you can try to purchase beforehand so that you can test it out,and, of course, always make sure to check your negative reviews before you make any decision. Another problem is that Aliexpress is not a dropshipping platform per se, So that means that they don't have dedicated tools for the dropshipping practike. Unless you want to pay for a ready-made source from Ali dropship, which is something we don't recommend, You're probably gonna have to use one of the third party supply solutions available, such as Oberto, for example. otherwise, if you don't go this way, you'll probably have to do a lot of manual work, which is manageable as long as you have a few orders, but as soon as your business start making some profit, it's probably gonna become very difficult to handle. In our opinion, Aliexpress can be a good start option or reference, but as you go along, we strongly recommend you switch to a more dedicated supply solution for dropshipping. Speaking of Aliexpress, let's look at the other side of the coin and look at Alibaba. Alibaba is the whole sales face of the group. because of the nature of the website, their listing is much more open and it lets pretty much everybody communicate freely with the supplier with very little guidance, which can be a little bit complicated for newcomers. Alibaba is pretty popular with traditional retailers and it offers more professional options while usually giving you cheaper prices, especially if you purchase in large quantities. Bulk purchasers have specific importation needs And during the purchase process it is expected that a lot of negotiations will take place and that both sides understand international business fairly well. Because of that, the majority of dropshippers will prefer Aliexpress, since it's easier to purchase per unit in debt platform. That doesn't mean that such can be done on Alibaba, because some of the suppliers will be okay with the model. But overall, if you don't plan on purchasing in bulk, you might as well stay on Aliexpress or, even better, try to find a more appropriate supply solution, if you know what I mean, Myyshop. And one more thing: just like with Aliexpress, don't forget that Alibaba is not specifically designed for dropshipping, which means that you'll probably also gonna have to use another for party tool to synchronize your products and orders. CJ Dropshipping. let's face it, CJ Dropshipping is one of the most popular dropshipping clip. the company was founded by an Aliexpress seller that realized the potential of dropshipping as soon as he started getting so many orders from dropshippers, since one of the most common issues faced by dropshippers is long shipping times. they decided to focus all their efforts into creating a logistik network that would allow them to shape products from China to all over the world in very short time. This network is not only valid for China, but also applies to the many local warehouses solutions that we have all over the world, and it allows them to ship even faster. and all of these words fairly well for the most part. while most of their products from China will have a 10 to 15 days shipping time, Be aware that their processing time can take a little bit long,around 3 to 7 days. while their website is built like a B2C platform, most of the dropshippers will use CJ by contacting with supply team directly. In the sense, you can say that they're kind of like a centralized supply agent. Now, the communications with those agents usually work well, but a lot of the feedback that people have been having with the plotform is that usually the communication can be a little bit complicated, And we're not only toking about English level. Overall, They have a lot of clients and, of course, to give response to all of those clients, you have to prioritize them. That means that if you are at the beginner stage or that you haven't leverage a lot of sales already, you will probably have a harder time getting very attention. of course, I mentioned language problem and I think it applies to pretty much the entire user experience. You will see it from their website pages: a bit archaic in many ways. it will often be slow, poorly designed and the bugs are pretty common placed. let's just say that the tiknical side of things is not exactly your specialty. Having said that, there's a reason why CJ is so popular. their supply capabilities can be understated, So you should certainly have a look at their website. CJ can be a good option for those with specific shipping requirements and dropshippers with a bit more experince. DHgate- For disclaimer, DHgate is the parent company of Myyshop, and who doesn't love their parents? DHgate was the first Chinese cross-border B2B marketplace. After almost two decades, it remains a staple of of wholesale purchase for retailers all over the world. unlike Alibaba, the decided to split in two with Aliexpress, DHgate cultivatestheir B2C identity within their B2B platform. This means that it can be easier to find purchase for unit products inside their B2B platform. Their customer protection is very solid and is usually the main argument people give when choosing DHgate. over other platforms. you can expect millions of products from suppliers from all over China. all of them willin.

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella. i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses, and today i'm gonna be showing you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without shopify and with zero ads. so that means zero dollars that you guys can start this store with, and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project. i actually care about your pockets. a lot of gurus on youtube recommend using shopify, which i do not recommend, since they do have monthly fees. i don't recommend getting shopify or using shopify unless your business is already a six figure earning business. there are so many free website hosts out there that you guys can use for free, which i'm gonna be showing you guys how to utilize one of those today. so people do charge over thousands of dollars for courses, just like this one. so in exchange for this information today, i just ask that you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys. so why should you start a drop shipping store? is this the right business model for you? i recommend drop shipping for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front that you want to start a side hustle. and the great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. you can target the united states and be in a completely different country, and then you don't have to worry about inventory or shipping products yourself. in this video, you will learn how to find winning products to sell, to find your niche. you're going to learn how to create a free logo and name. i'm also going to show you guys how to set up a free online store- zero dollars monthly- that you guys can use. i'm also going to show you guys how to add the products to your online store, how to fulfill your drop shipping orders once an order is placed, how to market your online store for free- never buy ads, guys- and i'm also going to go over this one thing that a lot of people don't go over, which is kind of just the legal side of drop shipping and the tax basics of drop shipping, which it's not going to be advice. with that point, i'm just going to tell you guys what i personally did. nothing in this video is actual legal advice. this is just what i personally did. so let's find a product to sell and let's figure out what your niche is going to be. so i utilize a couple different ways and you guys can do this either on your cell phone, on your smartphone, or you guys can do this on your computer- it doesn't really matter- and when i'm researching products to sell, i use tik tok, i use aliexpress and alibaba to research, i use amazon just to see trending products and then i also use google. so you're gonna be using these four things today that you guys can all do from your laptop or phone. so what is drop shipping? i'm gonna tok about this quickly, just for beginners that are unsure about the drop shipping model. so a customer will place an order on your website, on your online store, in order for 200. obviously we don't work with these big numbers. typically they're smaller products, but this is just an example. so the customer places an order on your store for 200 and then you're going to go to your supplier. you're going to find this product online for cheaper, so you're going to charge 200 in your store for this product, but you found a supplier that has it for 150.. so you're going to place the order for your customer for 150. you're going to take their 200.. instead of you shipping the product, the supplier is going to ship the product and then the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so your store is just the middle man between the customer and the supplier and for doing this, you get to keep 50 profit of this sale. so if you guys are familiar with my channel, i always say it's 25 the product and 75 how you market it. so the questions to ask yourself is: how entertaining is this product? can you relate this product to your own life? what content can you actually create with this product and how much content can you create with this product? because the marketing side of it is more important than the product itself. so the top niche categories for 2022 and probably beyond 2022 is beauty, pets, tiknology, kids, gifts, photography and fitness. i'm going to show you guys a couple of examples and let's dive right into this tutorial and i'm going to show you guys how you guys can find products to sell in 2022. so i want you guys to go on to google and type in tiktok- trend discovery. we're going to search for that right now. so it's this one right here: trend discovery, hot content on tiktok. click on this. tiktok is definitely the most popular social media right now, meaning that there are people that are running ads on it. although we are not going to run ads on it because we don't have to, tiktok shows your videos without you having to pay for ads. that's the beauty of tiktok. so, but we're still going to use what people are running ads as, just as a reference to see. so i'm just going to click select, all here. i'm gonna select united states, because i personally target the united states when i was drop shipping, and then go ahead and just scroll down and we're gonna try to see and look for products and you guys can see a lot of these um, people, i think they're selling mostly digital products or apps. so you guys can get a lot of different ideas of things that people are selling on tik tok and what people are actually buying ads for, even though you're not going to buy ads. what's crazy is that all of these things- the people that they bought these ads- they didn't have to do this, because tiktok pushes out your content. if you have good content, it'll push it out. this is actually the type of product i recommended in one of my previous videos on my youtube channel. people really love anything that you can create content-wise, that's something satisfying and that also adds value, which is why i love this person's content, how they're promoting this product again. they could have did this without buying ads and could have made their business viral without buying ads, which is how i grew my business on tik tok. but you guys know that if you've watched my other videos, i don't recommend buying ads because it does harm your profit margin, and i tok about this more on my youtube channel if you guys want to get a reasoning of why i don't agree with buying ads. so i found this smart hula hoop on tiktok. it was a trending item, so i decided to look into this product and because this stuck out to me as a drop shipping product, i decided to base this video on this product today, just as an example to show you guys. now, obviously, with this kind of product, you do have to show your face because you're showing off a fitness type product. as you guys can see, there's so many products across tiktok that you guys can still sell without showing your face. if you guys are unfamiliar with my business, this is my e-commerce story body fold that i grew just from tiktok without paying for any ads, as you guys can see- the link is in my bio right here and you guys can see how i did my bio and everything. but you guys can see that i sell and i make sales. this one got one million views and i don't even show my face. now i do sell products that i ship myself, which i explain why i do that on my youtube channel. but i just want to show you guys an example that you guys can sell products online without showing your face. i hardly ever show mine- very rarely do i show mine like right here, but that's a very rare occurrence and my most viral videos don't include my face, and one niche that might work good for one person might be different for another. so the first thing that i do when i find a product that might be a potential product to sell is i google it. so i typed in hula hoop exercise to see what would come up, so you guys can see right away. this dh gate listing came up and if you guys are unfamiliar with dhgate, dhgate is very similar to aliexpress, so obviously

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How to Dropship Clothing Step by Step & 5 Profitable Dropshipping Clothes Tips

hey guys, welcome to eprolow. today's video is about how to drop ship clothing. drop shipping clothes, without a doubt, is one of the most profitable business ideas of making money at home. according to the statistiks offered by ibisworld, the revenue of the online clothing industry, including the dropshipping clothing stores, has reached 18.4 billion dollars in 2021.. also, running a drop shipping store is easy. the key is just to find a drop shipping supplier to help you start your drop shipping business with ease. we'll show you how to drop ship apparel step by step with a trustworthy drop shipping platform. then we'll show you a few beneficial tips to dropship a clothing line for boosting sales, making high profits. now let's start. as said before, a good drop shipping supplier is key to start dropshipping clothes. if you've searched that in google, you might find that there are a lot of dropship clothing vendors and it could be a challenge to pick one that suits your needs. we've also searched around for the best suppliers and written a detailed artikle for what they feature and provide to dropship apparel. you can check it out in the description below. among them, eeprolo stands out from other drop shipping suppliers for its convenience and efficiency, whether your drop shipping stores focus on in branded clothing, men's or women's clothing or private label clothing, it can help you earn above average profits. now let's see what you can benefit from april o for selling clothing online. first of all, it's a free drop shipping platform. once connected your store built in shopify, woocommerce or elsewhere to there, it helps manage your clothing drop shipping store from product sourcing, quality control, warehouse, product packing and shipping. it won't charge you a cent until a drop shipping order is placed. in that time, you just need to pay for the product you order and shipping at an affordable price. second, it features a large, diverse clothing with more than 12 categories. this includes t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and sweatshirts, blouses and shirts, sweaters, suits and sets, pants and so on. all of the clothes are offered from real and trusted supply chains. it's also embedded a search bar helping you find desired clothing to dropship. better still, aprilo's sourcing team is looking for new clothing products and other items to meet emerging trends and styles. third, no minimum order is required when you drop ship clothes. it has its own warehouse keeping all the clothing products. once an order is placed, it will directly ship the product from the warehouse to your customer. this helps you reduce the cost of inventory. fourth, fast worldwide shipping. eprolo has developed its own express shipping channel in the united states, united kingdom, australia, japan, eu countries and other countries. the clothing products can be delivered to your customers within five to eight days and all the packages are shipped under the name of your dropship clothing business store. last but not least, the print on demand service and the branding project. if you prefer, drop shipping custom apparel. these services can help design your own clothing brands with customized labels, hang tag packing bags, scotch tape and gift cards. after grasping what aprilo can do, next we'll show you how to start a drop shipping clothing business with eprolo. first, open any browser and go to eprolocom from the website. click sign up for free button to create an account. you can also use the link we drop down in the description to do that. then enter your email address and the password. confirm the password. enter the verification code, tik the box next to i have read and accepted the terms and conditions, and then click the sign up button. then it'll bring you to eprolo drop shipping platform home page. quickly browse through the on-screen tips and click the next button to continue now the first thing you should do is to connect your clothing store from the upper right corner of the screen. click connect new store button. here it gives you the options to connect your clothing store in shopify, woocommerce or shoplaza. let's take shopify as an example. choose shopify on the opening page. choose add app button. then log in to your shopify app store by entering the email account, type in the password and then hit log in button. once signed in, click install app to confirm connecting your clothing store to eprolo. just few seconds it'll bring you back to the aprilo dashboard. now you can start sourcing the clothing to dropship. to do that, click find product from the left sidebar. then click fashion and clothing. you can select a specific clothing category to check out the only t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc. you can also use the search bar and enter the keyword to find the needed boutique clothes to dropship. once you've found the clothing you need, click it to check out the clothing product details. then click here to choose the country you focus on, let's say america. choose the shipping method you prefer and click the ok button. then hit the add to import list. go back to the dashboard. click products to the left, then choose import list and the close you choose will appear there. under the product tab. you can change the title, the collection, etc. under the price tab you can change the sales price of the drop shipping clothing. it's already given you the product cost and shipping cost so that you can adjust the price to make more profits. all is up to you. you can then change the description under the description tab and switch the pictures under the images tab, as eprolo has already made appealing descriptions and images for its products, so you can also directly apply them to your apparel drop shipping store. when everything is ready, click push to store button to upload the clothing products to your drop shipping store. now it's done and it will be on sale in your store. you can just repeat the steps above to build your online clothing boutique. the next is to fulfill the clothing drop shipping order. when an order is placed, it will be synced to aprilo. you can check it by clicking orders and then eprolo orders from there. tik the box next to the apparel order, choose the shipping methods you prefer and hit the confirm button. your final step is to pay for the cost of the apparel and shipping. then eprolo will take care of the quality check, packing and delivery. you can then track the delivery status of your drop shipping clothes under the order processing tab. now that's all pretty easy, right when you drop ship apparel. making your own clothing brand is always a good idea to enhance your store reliability and promise sustainable orders. eprolo has issued a branding project for that. its lifetime branding membership plan only charges 19.90 and you can get a free discount under its black friday and cyber monday activity. you can check it out in the description below. to dropship clothing brand: all right, after knowing how to start drop shipping apparel, we'll tok about five beneficial tips for how to run a successful drop shipping store. the first tip: find a profitable and less competitive niche for clothing. you can choose to drop ship clothes with specific materials, patterns, styles, etc. or for certain occasions like weddings, casual sports parties and more. also, you need to do research for checking apparel cost and profit margin, market size and the competitors, shipping conditions and more. we have a dedicated artikle that can walk you through how to find a winning dropship product. the link is dropped down in the description below and you can check it out there. the second tip: identify your target audience. who do you want to drop ship clothes to? it could be women's clothing, men's apparel or kidswear. it could be a group of customers of certain ages, like buyers aged from 20 to 35 years old. the third tip: set a reasonable price strategy and profit margin. while doing that, calculate all costs that your drop shipping products may charge, like material costs, labor costs, shipping fees, processing fees, damage and returns. next colle.

How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

if you ever wanted to start your ecommerce business in the fashion niche, then do not go anywhere, because in this ultimate guide for beginners, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business and really make it in this wonderful and best-selling industry. don't go anywhere. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lyron from auto ds and in this video, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business, and a successful one at it. we're going to tap into how to start a drop shipping business into the close fashion niche, and then i'm also going to show you what are some of the best suppliers that you can work with to get the best clothes products for your store, and i'm also going to go over the best products that you can sell today in the clothes and fashion niche. so what are the best clothes that we can sell, since it's such a vast and general category? so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action and one second before that, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the world of dropshipping. having said that, let's go ahead and begin. how do we start drop shipping close? where do we start and how do we do it correctly to maintain and build a profitable drop shipping business? so, first things first, why even dropship close in the first place? well, first of all, you should always be selling in a niche that you are interested in. but having an interest in a certain niche is usually never enough. we have to make sure that there is a big market, a big demand for these products, before we tap into it and start researching for products. so how do we know if close is even a profitable category? how do we know that there is enough room for us in the market? this graph right here from common thread shows you the annual revenue in sales in the apparel market in billions. so, for example, last year, in 2021, the apparel market sold almost 370 billion dollars in revenue. in 2022, which is this year, it's forecasted to sell at 385 billion dollars, and next year it's going to continue growing to 397. and, of course, it will continue increasing year by year, just as we're used to in the e-commerce market. you also have good stats from other good sources, like statista, showing you how the clothes industry, how the fashion industry is increasing year by year. so of course there's room to jump in, and what better time than now? by the way, everything that i'm going over in this video, you can read about it in a full blog artikle, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so what are the steps to starting, creating, running and maintaining a successful and profitable close dropshipping business? these are the steps that we need to take. step number one: we need to identify a niche. so the clothes or the fashion industry is a very, very general niche. we're going to have to narrow that down and find some best sellers, some products that can sell today, that have high demand, which i will get to soon in this video. but step number one is identifying a niche. step number two: we need to choose clothing products to sell. since once we identified our niche in step number one, now we need to find which products we want to add from that niche to our dropshipping stores. step number three: we need to find a reliable drop shipping supplier. and it kind of comes with step number two: in order to find clothing products that you want to sell, you need to find suppliers who can actually sell them. so you, you tapped into your niche. you found whatever products you want to sell inside that niche. now we have to find suppliers that actually have those products that you can resell. step number four: we need to choose a selling platform, because up until now, we toked about products and how we're gonna get them and where we're gonna get them from, but now we need some place to sell it on, and that is what the selling channel is good for. step number five: we need to choose an automation software now that we need to start listing our products and actually create our online store. we also want to be able to scale our dropshipping business and not limit ourselves to a certain number of tasks per day, which will always limit us from growing and expanding our dropshipping empires. step number six: we're going to list our products now that we know what products we're going to sell and we have our drop shipping suppliers who can sell those products to us which we will sell to our end customers. and, of course, we have our selling channel, so we know what platform we're gonna use to sell these products on. now it's time to actually list those products. step number seven: we're going to learn how to market our clothing store, and that is because, now that we have our products listed on our stores, does anybody even know that our store exists? does anybody even know that we have products in our stores that are actually looking to buy? most likely, the answer to this question will be no. nobody knows that your store exists, although it does depend on what selling channel you are using. we're going to tok about all of that, but in any case, this is the part where we have to get our brands known and get traffic directly to our store so we can make those sales and profit. step number eight will be fulfilling our orders, because now we marketed our products, our stores exists. we did a great job on product research. now we're finally hitting those sales and we need to actually fulfill our orders. we got paid by our buyers on our online stores. now we're going to need to fulfill those orders and send those products to our buyers. step number nine: we're gonna learn how to provide excellent customer service, because, after we make orders on our stores, every now and then customers will reach out to us and either ask a simple question- maybe they'll want to return the product for a refund or replacement- or maybe they just want to reach out and ask something very simple, or maybe even ask for a promotion, because they want to buy from your store again. for whatever the reason, we want to provide the best customer service that we can, and that is what we're going to learn in step number nine. and then in step number 10, we're going to keep track and learn to analyze our stores so that we can continue making sales and profit and multiply our success and learn to scale. those are the 10 steps that we are going to go over in in this video and those are the steps that you need to take to run, build and maintain a high converting and successful drop shipping business in the close and fashion industry. so let's go ahead and begin with step number one, which is identify a niche. now, while close or fashion is the main general niche here, we're still going to need to narrow that down and find micro niches that are selling well inside this big, vast general niche. for example, you can look for things like women's dresses, winter gloves, gym wear and so forth. all of these are micro niches inside the fashion and clothes main general niche. now, the way to do that is with extensive product research and one of the best things about the drop shipping business model is that you can continue testing products over and over, and over and over and over and keep replacing the slow movers, replace them with new products that you want to test and, of course, multiply your success by adding more products that are similar to those that are selling for you. but in the beginning, before you start making sales, you can continue testing new products and replacing those slow movers because you're not investing in any inventory, which is one of the best things about the drop shipping business model. it's very easy to test the market and continue testing more and more until you start finding those that start selling for you. so first you want to identify a niche by going to suppliers websites, which i will go over soon, tapping into their clothes and fashion categories and going into

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