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textra apk no ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

It's time to talk about the best messaging apps that you can download on your android device. Whether you have a Pixel or Samsung, it's pretty much the same thing. These apps will be linked down in the description so you can download them from the Google Play Store.

Best Messaging Apps:

1. Google Messages: By far, one of the best messaging apps, it comes pre-installed with almost every android phone out there. It has basic features like texting and attaching files, but the best improvements are in the whole ecosystem behind texting. Google allows us to react to messages and do many other things within Google Messages. It's calm, customizable, and has a bunch of features that make it the best messaging app for Android.

2. Signal: From a security standpoint, Signal is a specific application that people love. It's a secure messaging app that keeps everything private and encrypted. You can have disappearing messages, group chats, and free voice or video calls.

3. SMS Organizer: Made by Microsoft, it is a great messaging app that allows for clutter-free organization of your messages. It has automatic reminders, backup and restore messages, copy and paste one-time passcodes, and dark theme.

These are some of the best messaging apps you can download on your android phone. If you have any other questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe.

Best Texting Apps for Android 2022 | Top Android Apps

If you've only been using the messaging software that came pre-installed on your Android smartphone, it may be time to upgrade. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 best texting apps for Androids that are equipped with customizable features, message prioritizing, fast replies, stunning graphics, and integration with similar apps.

Best Texting Apps for Android:

1. WhatsApp: This may be the best-secured texting app and there are various reasons for its popularity. WhatsApp is a globally popular messaging program that enables text chat, phone, video, and picture messaging.

2. Google Messages: The official Google SMS application is largely regarded as a decent free alternative for Android users. You may even text using the app's webpage on your computer.

3. Pulse SMS: For the most part, Pulse SMS behaves similarly to a conventional SMS application. However, it enables dual SIM gadgets, blacklisting telephone numbers, and message backup among other features.

4. Facebook Messenger: This could be the greatest texting software for Android, especially with its exceptional performance and features. Facebook Messenger is a beautiful application that enables users to communicate messages, audio recordings, images, and share locations.

5. Textra SMS: If you enjoy personalization, you will enjoy this program which lets you alter the backdrop icon alerts as well as the emoji and bubble styles. Additionally, it offers dark, light, and auto-night settings, a stop while sending feature, a multi-select photo album, contact customization, and a quick reply prompt.

6. Chomp SMS: Chomp SMS has had the chance to advance over time as a result of its longevity. App locking, timed message sending, the option to prioritize chats, and number blocking are all helpful tools it provides.

7. QKSMS: QKSMS is one of the easiest and quickest SMS applications with a slew of functions. Several of them have privacy-enhancing features like a reject list, Android work compatibility, and more.

8. Signal Private Messenger: Signal Private Messenger is a chat application similar to Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger with end-to-end encryption. It has long been a favorite of security-conscious individuals and it utilizes a phone number system.

9. Handset: Handset includes a slew of useful features like design support, group texting, spell correction, and password protection. It provides excellent security and has a variety of emojis and stickers.

10. Mood Messenger: Mood Messenger is a more recent addition to the Android messaging software selection. It is easy to use yet completely functional with features such as the ability to send GIFs and animated emoticons, location sharing, and quick reply possibilities.

These messaging applications described above are excellent in terms of features and functionalities. You could now choose any of these Android messaging software to take your texting experience to a whole new level.

What's So Great About Textra SMS?

Whenever someone recommends an app to me, the question I always ask is what's so great about that app? That question is the premise behind this new series on my channel. Every week, I'll choose an app, use it like crazy, and then break down what I liked and what I didn't like about it. This week, we're kicking things off with a highly recommended text messaging app called Textra.

What's So Great About Textra?

- Textra looks like just another pedestrian messaging app when you first launch it

- Responsive, speedy with a minimal design

- Major appeal: customization

- Change any aspect of how the app and your individual chats look and behave

- Light, dark and black themes, variety of bubble styles and colors, customizable emojis, preferred skin tone, change app icon color

- Customizable notifications, change heads up style, add useful buttons, change icon and sound

- Can customize each conversation individually

- Most customizable text messaging app used

Other Functional Features:

- Can schedule messages to be sent at a later date

- Send delay feature allows for grace period to cancel message or correct spelling errors

- Free version supported by ads, but still offers all features

- Pro version removes ads and supports developers for future updates

- Scheduled and delayed messages are two favorite features that should be in more apps

Textra is definitely worth checking out if you're bored with how the stock messaging app on your phone looks and want to try something new. However, be prepared to spend some time in the settings, as there's a lot to customize. The amount of control and attention to detail Textra offers is seriously impressive. If you really enjoy and plan on using it as your default messaging app, get the pro version to support the developers for future updates.

TOP 7 most secure messaging apps ✅ Stop giving your info out

Are you concerned about your privacy when sending sensitive personal information via text? Do you want to know which messaging app is the best at keeping your private information secure in 2021? In this article, we will share the top eight most secure messaging apps that protect your privacy and keep other entities from spying on you.

Why secure messaging is important:

Without encryption, your messages can be read by the company behind the messaging app and even third parties like governments who collect private data on their citizens. The best VPNs cannot protect your privacy if you use a messaging service that stores identifiable data about your conversations. Only encrypted messaging apps can keep your private conversations secure.

Features of the ideal messaging app:

The ideal messaging app should have end-to-end encryption, open source code, and should work across multiple platforms. It should also support different types of communication and be independent of big tech companies that have a monopoly on the way media is shared and gather information about you from multiple platforms.

Top eight most secure messaging apps:

1. Signal: The most encrypted messaging app of 2021 and totally free. It uses advanced encryption methods to ensure messages are kept private, and end-to-end encryption is the default setting. Signal is open source, and the company behind it is an independent non-profit organization. It works on all major platforms, and you can send texts, photos, videos, files, do video and voice calls, and join chat groups. The only downside is that sign-up isn't entirely anonymous.

2. Wickr Me Messenger: One of the most secure messaging apps of 2021, with free and paid plans. It has complex end-to-end encryption, open-source code, and a timer for deleting conversations and files you've shared. Other features include screenshot detection and keyboard blocking. The company behind it is an independent non-profit organization, and it's regularly audited for security.

3. Viber: A solid service with end-to-end encryption as default, a feature that uses color codes to show how secure your conversation is, and a popular self-destruct feature. It works on all major platforms and has no reported hacks or data breaches to date. The downside is that it's not open source and is owned by Rakuten, a large e-commerce company based in Japan.

4. Dust: Another one of the best encrypted messaging apps of 2021, with complex end-to-end encryption methods as the default setting. The company behind Dust is independently owned and operated, and the app can automatically erase messages after a set amount of time and notify you if a screenshot has been taken. The downside is that it only works on iOS and Android and doesn't support voice or video calls and messages.

5. WhatsApp: A highly popular free encrypted messaging app that has been using Signal's end-to-end encryption protocol since 2016. It works on four popular platforms and has so many users around the world. However, it's only half the way to true transparency as the apps themselves aren't open source. It's owned by Facebook and is famous for leaking huge amounts of private data from time to time.

6. iOS messaging app: A great secure messaging option for Apple users with free and automatic end-to-end encryption. However, it's not open source and is owned and developed by Apple.

7. Threema: No private details are required for sign-up, and end-to-end encryption is enabled by default. The apps are open source and independently audited regularly, and the company behind Threema is independent from any major corporations. The downside is that it's not free and only has about 8 million users today.

8. Telegram: A popular free messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption and some great features like self-destructing messages, bots to do tasks, and a cool photo and video editing tool. It works on mobile and can send texts, videos, files, voice messages, and do voice and video calls and join massive group chats. The downside is that end-to-end encryption isn't enabled by default, and the apps aren't entirely open source.

Secure messaging apps are important privacy tools that protect your private conversations from prying eyes. The top eight most secure messaging apps of 2021 are Signal, Wickr Me Messenger, Viber, Dust, WhatsApp, iOS messaging app, Threema, and Telegram. While these apps offer excellent privacy features, they don't offer absolute security, and if a person or a group has enough time and resources, there's always a workaround.

Block Ads From All Games - Android & IOS

In this video, Jimmy is going to show you a fast and easy way to remove ads from any of the games that you play on your Samsung Galaxy device. He emphasizes that it will be something that is extremely simple and easy that you might not just have it right on the top of your head that you're able to do.

The Trick:

- Get out of the game and close everything out.

- Pull down and turn off your mobile data.

- If you are also connected to a Wi-Fi signal, turn that off as well.

The Result:

You might possibly see a small little banner on the very bottom, but it will not really be intrusive as these ads taking you away from the gameplay.

Dunk Hit:

Jimmy demonstrates this trick using a game called Dunk Hit. He shows how the trick is a way to make you play the game and play and play and play, hopefully, maybe possibly get you even more interested in playing the game as you get even more hooked.

If you are interested in playing Dunk Hit ad-free, you can go into play store or search for Dunk Hit and then purchase the game. When you're all finished and you wanted to get right back up and being connected to the world, you can turn on your mobile data or turn on your Wi-Fi and then now you're right back over into there and being connected.

Textra SMS - Better Than Samsung Messages

TextDroid: The Customizable Text Messaging App

Are you tired of the limited customization options on your Samsung Galaxy's stock text messaging app? Look no further than TextDroid! With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on the Play Store, this app offers more benefits and abilities than the stock app.


- More customization options, including screen color, theme colors, and bubble colors

- Ability to use any keyboard you want

- Scheduled text messaging

- Customized notifications, including LED color, notification tone, and vibration pattern

- Send delay to prevent sending incorrect messages

- Pop-up view for quick responses

- Conversational screen with options to call or delete contacts

How to use:

- Download TextDroid from the Play Store

- Customize your settings to your liking

- Use the app as you would any other text messaging app

TextDroid is a great alternative to the stock text messaging app on Samsung Galaxy devices, offering more customization options and abilities. While it does contain ads and an in-app purchase option to remove them, the benefits of the app outweigh the minor inconvenience of ads. Give TextDroid a try and see for yourself why it's a popular choice among users.

5 reasons why you should choose Samsung messages over Google messages

For a long time, the author used Google Messages app until they decided to give Samsung Messages a chance. In this article, the author shares five features of Samsung Messages that make it stand out from Google Messages.

1. Scheduling messages:

Scheduling messages is important, especially for special occasions like birthdays. Samsung Messages allows scheduling messages for a specific date and time, ensuring that the message is sent on the day you want it to be sent.

2. Easy access to unread messages:

Samsung Messages allows users to easily see how many unread messages they have and access them with just a click.

3. Categorizing messages:

Users can categorize messages into different categories like family, work, and finance, making it easier to find specific messages.

4. Starred messages:

Users can star individual chats to keep important messages easily accessible.

5. Pinning chats:

Users can pin important conversations to the top, making them easily accessible and not overridden by new messages.

Samsung Messages offers a more mature and practical messaging experience than Google Messages, with features like scheduling messages, categorizing messages, and pinning chats. While Google Messages may have its own unique features, Samsung Messages has a lot to offer.

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