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THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! (Depression Thing)

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! (Depression Thing)

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! (Depression Thing)

people King human here and man um first
video in a while I just had to make this
video to say thank you thank you so much
everybody that made a comment to me a
positive comments and the emails wished
me well try to get me out of my
depression I got really it was just
overwhelming how tight really wasn't
expecting anything like that and it was
just so cool to see it and it just felt
really good and I wanted to say I
appreciate each and every one of you
that did that because it really did mean
a lot to me still does I'm not totally
out of my funk I'm a lot better you know
thanks to many of you guys I mean some
of the emails were just remarkable and I
was amazed also to see how many people
share this depression thing and man and
it's tough it's a really
so anyway I just wanted to say thanks to
each and every one of you I would list
you all by name you know who you are i'm
afraid if i do that i'm going to leave
somebody out and be a total [ __ ] heel so
i don't want to do that I mean you know
who you are and if there's ever anything
I can do to return the favor just drop
me a line you know um I'm gonna try and
get myself out of it you know I just
wanna you know you just wanna snap out
of it but it's not easy it's not that
easy a thing to do you just can't will
yourself to be happy you know that's
it's a brain thing a chemical thing
anyway I'm better I'm getting on it and
at least I'm starting to make videos
again you know hopefully it will make
two of them tonight maybe that will even
help I don't know some of you guys had
some really cool suggestions I'm going
to take your advice the most common one
was you know find yourself a girl well
I'm gonna try that maybe I'll even video
the process of it I'm gonna try and join
one of those online dating services
although that's probably not going to
help me too much because pretty much
anybody that uses a computer can
actually see so that's gonna just grew
me up really bad failing that I'm going
to go hang out in front of the center
for the blind and hopefully I can find
some blind chick that you know
and hopefully she'll be deaf tube then
then I got a chance lined and if I got a
chance and she's gonna have to have low
standards on top of that so it's kind of
a pretty narrow demographic I can go
after and you know what this brings up
another thing why doesn't YouTube have a
dating section in there I mean you know
it's a natural it's a natural jeez they
should have a section you know available
guys available girls and where everybody
could put their video man they would
blow all these other channels out of the
water I mean it's just a natural thing I
don't know why any of these YouTube
geniuses haven't thought of it yet but
you know what do I know I'm just an
idiot so anyway I wanted to say thanks
large you know I all joking aside all
joking aside it really meant a lot to me
and I do appreciate what else I don't
know what else I hope you guys had a
good labor day you know took some time
out for yourself
and i'll be toking at you youtubers
thanks again you guys rock the casbah

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