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The $22,486,540 eCommerce Mistake (Learn From It)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

The $22,486,540 eCommerce Mistake (Learn From It)

The above is a brief introduction to The $22,486,540 eCommerce Mistake (Learn From It).

Let's move on to the first section of The $22,486,540 eCommerce Mistake (Learn From It)!

The $22,486,540 eCommerce Mistake (Learn From It)

all right we are pulling out both of the
cars we got a fun little new one that I
teased up on the Instagram story I'll
show you guys that here momentarily and
then we will get into the topic of the
video here in a moment we're headed up
to Starbucks right now me my buddy Abdul
I'll show you guys this fun little car
we just snagged last night check this
the twenty 2.4 million dollar ecommerce
mistake I wouldn't really call it a
mistake who is familiar with sunny Co
you guys might have seen in the title
earth um not actually probably just in
the thumbnail with that infamous red
bikini yes there is a reason I'm
bringing it up now I'm gonna be showing
you a couple different things inside
here for those you who do not know what
this is not too too long ago a regular
dropship I'm going to assume they're
drop shipping maybe a little bit
print-on-demand just a regular little
ecommerce store absolutely blew up like
insanely blew up over this bikini I
think that we're doing it in summertime
and they basically said repost this on
social media of you wearing it and or
not of them wearing it of you know
reposting that post and they immediately
get a free bikini however this is the
catch they just have to cover shipping
and handling
now the bikini itself was I believe
$64.99 she's pretty pricey another brand
in it well but this just blew up they
said it was a 24-hour thing and if you
look at this right here an artikle by
Teen Vogue sunny coat clothing ships
viral read pamela swimsuit which like
the main one they were selling and so
back in man i believe this was in 2017
so not really two longer like a year ago
anyone who reposted it within the first
24 hours got one for free but this
absolutely blew up it went viral and
they had three hundred and forty six
thousand people do this you do the math
on that three hundred forty six thousand
times $64.99 purse whim suit that's
about twenty two point four eight
million or whatever you guys saw the
exact number in the title which is just
mind-boggling and they had a lot of
issues actually sunny KO came into so
much negative press which overall
attention is attention okay and
obviously while it was negative in the
beginning they did the right thing they
flipped it around but you got to think
about it no matter what you do
attention will be negative let me give
you an example if you don't believe me
justin bieber and the Kardashians five
years ago they were hated right now
they're loved it's really as simple as
that you might not like them i don't
care but that's just how the public
views it it's always transition people
like Tai Lopez I guarantee you he's
getting he's getting way less hate right
now he's more accepting there's a lot of
different reasons for that but you know
when you're really pushing up into that
attention you get a lot of flack and a
lot of negativity so tying that into
sunny coat clothing would you just don't
believe a regular store I can show you
it here I think they were just you know
very focused on the whole swimsuit end
of things you know they have shirts and
skirts and all that different type of
stuff but they absolutely exploded like
size-wise all the sales that were
getting again 350,000 give or take
orders is absolutely unreal that's a ton
of ton of you know people ordering that
product and just blowing it up so as you
can see here it's just a very regular
site nothing's actually really all that
special about it you know it says the
famous red one-piece bathing suit
they're kind of playing into all that
attention that they got so they actually
ended up dealing if you guys want to go
read this artikle there's a lot of other
ones like it you guys can check it out
they had to cap it so in the post I'll
actually scroll down and find it here
where is it down here I believe they've
posted it somewhere anyways they
basically simply said that they reserve
the right to cap it so if too many
people enter they're gonna be able to
cap the amount of orders that can go out
and so that's what they had to do and
they actually got a lot of backlash from
people like complaining saying oh it's a
scam I was charged the $64.99
this right here basically saying that
they had the cap and people complaining
they're being charged too full $64.99
even after they regram dit i'm sure that
was an absolute nightmare of dealing
with all like the support of that you
know if they got blown up but either way
if you look at it now you know i don't
know what their sales are looking like
or the traffic but sunny Co itself is
now an established company you know they
flipped it from a negative to a positive
so what does this mean you know right
here what is this website with all sorts
different stuff they had a bunch of
styles you know I'm sure they had I
believe that so many influencers doing
this I bet they pay them to promote this
and it just sparked it was a train like
a complete chain reaction of just so
many people doing this and this
literally looks like I believe this is
their sites on eco clothing looks like
the most basic nothing special website
I've ever seen in my life and you know
even if you go over here to Google
you've got everything with you know it's
just all these posts here like literally
is this the one that they post
on Instagram I'm trying to find the
actual post to show to you guys
where they essentially said that it was
whatever the rules were
I know these these websites are always
extremely weird but anyways it was super
super crazy the whole thing I want to
kind of tie into this is a lot of what
we do in e-commerce is free plus
shipping to a degree do i do high-tik
products yes do you do that maybe I
don't know but free plus shipping it's
kind of gotten a negative vibe because
of things like this not necessarily its
negative but people are aware of it now
it still blows my mind to this day that
you can advertise a product is free with
the intention of covering shipping and
handling and people still believe it's
legitimately fully free that makes no
logical sense humans are stupid a lot of
people are stupid because of that so you
should just you know have a common sense
but I guess it is misleading them in
certain ways so the reason this is
actually has a lot of different things
you can learn from is because first of
all understanding the giveaway power
they could have marketed that as a
regular product they we're making profit
off just the shipping I'm sure they
charge whatever was ten dollars for
shipping their margin was built into
that it's the whole business model so
it's genius but the way that they were
able to give that perceived as a
giveaway that's big okay first of all
because that's the way we regularly
market products as if it's just a
regular discount or a sale or a special
offer it doesn't get absolutely unreal
viral traction like that so you have to
think about it so what you can kind of
apply in this is if you're wanted
wanting to do anything free plus
shipping related or some sort of massive
sale discount anything like that you
have to make sure it's position
correctly now do you have to utilize you
know Instagram giveaway getting people
to repost for something you could it's
just gonna be absolutely unreal how
difficult it will be to make that happen
which is why I give them a lot of credit
for this and the number that you guys
see in the thumbnail on the title of
that 22 million all idea was take three
hundred forty six thousand which was the
amount of shares and tags in an
individual post by people which you know
each one who does that ends up getting
that deal and then the $64 that it was
okay so the reason actually put that
there I'm sure probably wasn't quite
that much I don't really know but a lot
of people did get charged that number
and they had to refund that as you see
they said
essentially said that they were
promising to send all the promotion
partikipants their bathing suits and
refund the ones who had to pay which was
actually a lot like I personally know
people who did this ended up paying
getting a refund it took like two months
so it's really kind of crazy to see all
of that I'm gonna find the actual post
here but as you can see yes I got my
bathing suit for free this one said yeah
just in case y'all were wondering the
hashtag Sonny Cobain suit was not a scam
it was a big thing so they got that
awareness so I don't really know what
they've done with their brand sense like
I don't know if you guys have heard of
it at all but it's kind of crazy to put
that together and see like what they
didn't try to learn from it because you
know I look at everything in the econ
space I'm like alright they did this
successfully Sonny Co made money okay no
matter how much they had a refund their
margins were built in and the attention
they got from that definitely sparked a
lot of other business so inside of that
econ store whether it was other products
or not doesn't really matter I guarantee
you they're making money so very very
interesting to see that I'm trying to
figure out exactly what I can implement
off of that so the overall thing that I
got which is what I just shared few guys
is attempting to do free plus shipping
and a little bit of a different
structure maybe try and make it seem
special you could attempt to do I've
never personally had a bunch of success
with trying to do like giveaways for
free plus shipping I've done giveaways
and run ads to it for like a big bundle
deal box like a hundred dollars you know
worth the value or this and that and
they just have to tag 3 friends things
like that can get momentum but nothing
like this so it just goes to show the
power of virality what people can do how
much money you can make is literally
crazy so let me pull up the actual
Instagram post and this is their website
I'm gonna pull the Instagram post where
they kind of promoted this real quick
alright so here it is right here as you
can see Sharon is carrying everyone that
repost some tags this for the next 24
hours will receive a free Pamela of its
what's called sunny suit offer ballot in
the u.s. Pro - blah blah blah must pay
shipping and handling so they were very
upfront about kind of the entry point
who could actually qualify what you had
to do and even in the ad copy here that
you still have to pay shipping and
handling so a very basic looking post
right nothing too crazy but it blew up
and look at their Instagram right now
this is their freaking Instagram half a
million followers they're following one
I mean
one of their other probably their sunny
ambassadors account but absolutely crazy
amount of social proof that they have
all these girls in their bikinis all
their different designs look at me with
the straight face and tell me they're
not making money off of that that is
social proof that is attention
absolutely unreal they even have a story
post up so really really cool to see
what you can do with the Internet I love
learning from the sin yeah their
mistakes okay I if I was them I would
not have expected it to blow up like
that so understanding the cap I think
that the way that they handled it was
good they just probably should have done
it sooner I remember this happening I'm
like holy crap everybody is bagging on
this company but now I'm gonna assume
that was not on purpose because you know
a lot of things in these days in the
internet are kind of played out for
marketing and attention purposes which
makes sense but they were getting bashed
left and right by everyone I toked to
so it's kind of crazy to think about
that but now you guys know the infamous
red swimsuit I'm sure you guys were
already familiar with it but that's a
little bit more of a breakdown on what
they did it really was simple it just
caught a ton of viral traction I don't
remember if they were paying influencers
to immediately get that traction to it
or how it really took off but definitely
fun to study and observe some of this
stuff especially you guys didn't know
about it
hopefully that's interesting to you I
know you know companies like this it's
really always fun to look at that you
know cause see what they're doing model
after and I'm sure they're a bunch of
like similar brands trying to pop up
right after and you know take their
piece of that market share so if you
guys have any questions anything you
want to know on top of this you know I
just did a lot of research on this I've
seen it and it popped back up into my
mind when I was thinking about some new
free plus shipping structure offers they
were trying to run with some of our
brands not our stores our brands so
always curious about that stuff you guys
have any questions or anything you want
to know where any videos you want to see
made be sure to drop it in the comments
down below and with that being said if
you enjoyed this one make sure to drop a
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master 2.0 I will leave it as one of the
top links down below that's where we
absolutely use all these high income
marketing skills to explode our EECOM
store even if you had something exactly
like sunny Co similar products you can
do the same thing just a different
strategy and actually do it in a little
bit more of a better more consistent way
so be sure to check that out and I'll be
seeing you guys tomorrow in the next
video peace

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