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The 11 YouTube Videos that Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads FAST!

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

The 11 YouTube Videos that Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads FAST!

The 11 YouTube Videos that Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads FAST!

if you're creating YouTube videos
consistently and are not generating real
estate leads consistently then it's your
fault now let me explain one of the
reasons that you're not generating real
estate leads is because of the topic
selection what videos are you actually
recording so today we're going to focus
on the videos that you should be
creating so you can start generating
those leads at scale now make sure to
stay to the end because the video that
we cover at the end is going to allow
you to create all of the other videos 10
times faster alright so let's dig in the
first video to make is things to know
before moving to city now of course the
word city is just a placeholder for your
city wherever you happen to live
wherever you happen to work so if you
live in Dallas Orlando Los Angeles
Denver whatever that is that's what
you're going to replace it with now this
video works incredibly well for us is
because we're capturing people's
attention before they actually move into
this city because in the viewer's eyes
they're thinking toking there's
something that this real estate agent
knows that I need to be aware of before
moving so they're inclined to watch and
the second video to create to generate
leads fast is how to buy a house in city
now again we're replacing the word City
so if you live in the city of Dallas as
an example how to buy a house in Dallas
now here's a dirty little secret because
you might be thinking what's the
difference between buying a house in
Dallas and in Houston for intensive
purposes there isn't any now yes of
course there are some nuances here and
there but for all intents and purposes
if you're buying in the same state the
process is pretty much the same and even
if you were creating a national video
the process is going to be very similar
the reason that you're creating this
video is because you want to make
YouTube more local to your Market you
want people to watch because you're
working there and again in the eyes of
the viewer they're thinking well what is
the difference between buying a house in
Dallas or in Austin or in Houston or
heck in any other state now before I
forget I want to welcome you to my
YouTube channel my name is Jaime
resendis I help real estate
professionals exponentially grow their
business through actionable content and
I'm on a mission to reduce the over 80
percent failure rate for real estate
agents so if you can hit that like
button and the Subscribe button it's
gonna really help me out now the third
video to make is the cost of living
video the reason we're making this
partikular video is because if somebody
is looking at the cost of living in a
certain place well they're a little bit
more serious about moving to that place
the viewers that are watching those
videos are getting serious they're
putting pen to paper they're making some
calculations should I stay where I'm at
or is this other place this other City
this Tampa this Orlando this New York
City this Nashville this Dallas this Los
Angeles it works on any city is that
better for my family and for you as a
real estate agent slash Video Creator
it's so simple to deploy it's one of the
simplest videos that you can create
because you can create it like that the
next video is a top suburbs video this
works best if you live in a metropolitan
area so if you live in Atlanta as an
example whether suburbs around Atlanta
that you can feature so you can give The
Insider perspective to those people that
have no idea about the cities around
Atlanta and allow them to trust you and
allow them to reach out to you if they
are looking to purchase around Atlanta
now I understand that not everybody
lives in a big metropolitan area however
this type of video still works so
instead of You featuring the top suburbs
now you're featuring the top
neighborhoods so there it doesn't matter
if you have other suburbs or surrounding
cities around the big metropolitan area
now you're just featuring the city that
you happen to live in now the fifth
video to make is how to select the best
real estate agent now the reason that
this video works so well is because
think about it from the viewer
perspective if somebody is searching for
question is to ask a real estate agent
or how to actually select or find a real
estate agent what are they in the
process of doing well they're in the
process of a real estate transaction or
preparing for a real estate transaction
now here's the beauty of this when the
viewers reach out to you even if you are
not able to help them directly because
they're from another city or another
state well we can get referral fees so
you can connect that viewer with another
real estate agent and collect that
referral number six the property tour
videos if you're not doing property tour
videos right now then you're missing the
boat property tour videos are the
easiest way to create a YouTube video
you don't even have to be in camera you
can be behind the camera a hundred
percent of the time and it's one of the
best ways for people to find you because
you're going to get a ton more views
than your other educational videos that
we've been discussing so whether it's
your personal listing or if you have
written permission to record another
listing we have to get those videos out
there number seven I call this one the
disguise real estate market update video
you might be doing a real estate market
update video right now and I'm gonna
guess that you're not getting that many
views and I absolutely know that you're
not getting that many people reaching
out to you and the reason being is
because you're speaking the realtor
language you're not speaking the
consumer language you're not speaking to
the actual client you're just speaking
amongst your peers your clients don't
care what the real estate market was
doing January of 2021 they don't give a
flip they care if now is the time to buy
so the reason that I call this the
disguise real estate market update video
is because at the end of the day the
video that we're gonna create will be
about the real estate market however
we're not gonna title it that we're
actually going to title it is now the
right time to buy and you can do that
video with pretty much the same title
we're gonna need to switch up a few
things here and there over and over over
and over again number eight the
affordable suburbs video with this type
of video You're featuring the city's AKA
suburbs that are most affordable AKA are
less expensive than the others now
remember even if you don't live in a
metropolitan area that has a bunch of
suburbs you can break this down as
opposed to Satan suburbs we're saying
neighborhoods so you just hop onto the
MLS and find those suburbs slash cities
or neighborhoods to find the least
expensive ones number nine the new
construction communities now this is
actually my favorite type of video
because of how quickly it actually works
when there's a new build community
outside of the Builder who else is
marketing that community and given that
it's new there's nobody else covering it
from the past so the moment that a new
build community goes up you can
instantly feature that and you're gonna
rank very highly not only in video but
also in the Google Search now this
strategy alone is how my real estate
team is generating a ton of free real
estate leads every single day through
the combination of YouTube and a
combination of strategically placed
websites but I digress number 10 the
pros and cons video every single city
has the pros and every single city has
the cons so it's your responsibility as
a real estate professional to feature
them which is a great way to build
Authority and build trust with your
audience because if you're willing to
share the cons the downsides to the city
and not painted just so perfect as
everybody else does you're going to get
that Outreach and let's think about it
it's fair to the viewer it's fair to the
client they need to know what the
downsides are from an Insider's
perspective now I promised you that I
was going to share with you the video
that's going to allow you to create all
of the other videos that we just
discussed 10 times faster and that video
is the everything you need to know about
City so if you're in Nashville the
everything you need to know about
Nashville if you're in Dallas everything
you need to know about Dallas if you're
in Sacramento everything you need to
know about Sacramento this video is the
one that takes you the longest think of
it like writing an entire book you want
to feature everything you possibly can
that's important to you and your clients
about the city now the reason that I
want this partikular video to go to the
top AKA be your first video that you
record is because you can leverage it
across all of your marketing you can
leverage that video for your email
marketing for your cold calling for your
Facebook ads your Google ads your
everything this is a very powerful video
on its own this video is very powerful
for your real estate lead generation
strategy from a YouTube perspective from
a video marketing perspective is because
once you create this video you have all
of the content that you need to create
all of the other ones that we just
thank you

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