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The 3 Best Habits of Successful People

Published on: December 2 2022 by Dylan Sigley

The 3 Best Habits of Successful People

The above is a brief introduction to The 3 Best Habits of Successful People.

Let's move on to the first section of The 3 Best Habits of Successful People!

The 3 Best Habits of Successful People

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00:00:00 00:00:04 Hey Drop servicers! Welcome back to another video today I want to share with
00:00:04 00:00:08 you the three habits that a lot of successful people have and how you can
00:00:08 00:00:12 use these in your own life so you can become more successful and actually
00:00:12 00:00:15 get the results you want and if you haven't subscribed yet what are you
00:00:15 00:00:19 waiting for smash that subscribe button if you're looking to build an online
00:00:19 00:00:21 business that helps you live a life of freedom
00:00:33 00:00:35 okay so let's get straight into it
00:00:35 00:00:39 firstly never stop learning right we all know the world is a rapidly changing
00:00:39 00:00:44 place and current events are accelerating these changes it's not
00:00:44 00:00:48 enough now to do well in school get degrees and climb the corporate ladder
00:00:48 00:00:53 unless you continue to learn grow and adapt by learning new skills and ways of
00:00:53 00:00:58 working you will be left behind and won't reach your full potential so this
00:00:58 00:01:03 is especially true as an entrepreneur regardless of what type of business you
00:01:03 00:01:08 run you'll be responsible for several different roles especially in the early
00:01:08 00:01:11 stages unless you've raised a lot of money or
00:01:11 00:01:16 have substantial personal funds to rely on you're going to need at least a basic
00:01:16 00:01:22 knowledge of all areas of your business that could be marketing sales strategy
00:01:22 00:01:26 finance, tik or distribution you can always find a few minutes to put aside
00:01:26 00:01:32 each day to learn something new make it a priority to read a new book listen to
00:01:32 00:01:37 a podcast or watch a youtube video there is so much opportunity to learn things
00:01:37 00:01:41 out there for free you'd be silly not to take a right so this doesn't just apply
00:01:41 00:01:45 the business learning new things will make your life more interesting at the
00:01:45 00:01:49 end of the day and fulfilling right and make you a more curious person and make
00:01:49 00:01:53 engaging with people on different topics easier if you stop learning you stop
00:01:53 00:01:58 growing so make it a new habit in your daily life put aside 15 minutes each day
00:01:58 00:02:01 in your calendar to learn something new starting right now
00:02:01 00:02:06 the secant Heather is doing things more efficiently or automating things always
00:02:06 00:02:12 ask yourself how can I save time by automating things automating tasks frees
00:02:12 00:02:14 up your time sometimes hours a day so that you can
00:02:14 00:02:18 focus on more important tasks that are going to help scale your business or
00:02:18 00:02:23 achieve whatever goals you have the sooner you can automate tasks the faster
00:02:23 00:02:27 you're going to be able to grow your business but what even is automation
00:02:27 00:02:31 isn't automation just for the big guys out there Automation means taking any
00:02:31 00:02:36 business processes and making it automatik instead of requiring the
00:02:36 00:02:40 repetitive human labor as simple as that the automation can be as simple or
00:02:40 00:02:45 complex as you can afford the end result though is more efficiency I'll tok you
00:02:45 00:02:50 through some examples surely but first let's check out how to figure out if you
00:02:50 00:02:54 should automate something you want to look for three things as you check your
00:02:54 00:02:59 business automation candidates so how long does the task take to do most
00:02:59 00:03:03 repetitive tasks that you do on a regular basis can usually be automated
00:03:03 00:03:06 even if only partially if you're spending a lot of time replying to
00:03:06 00:03:11 emails about setting up sales calls you can automate that right next how much
00:03:11 00:03:16 energy does he use up if the task is repetitive it can be a drain on your
00:03:16 00:03:21 energy as an entrepreneur you should be focusing your time on the big picture
00:03:21 00:03:25 stuff like strategy and planning and a good way to tell is if you find yourself
00:03:25 00:03:30 all he's putting off it's a task you want to automate is it actually possible
00:03:30 00:03:34 to automate the thing as well right so one of the most important things is if
00:03:34 00:03:39 you can figure out if the task can be automated for example is there software
00:03:39 00:03:44 or service available to automate the task now for some examples of where a
00:03:44 00:03:48 lot of people see quick wins with the automation in their businesses
00:03:48 00:03:52 email sending out emails to your customers or clients one by one can be
00:03:52 00:03:57 time-consuming and tedious right it takes time it can be very distracting
00:03:57 00:04:01 during your work day and the best way to solve this is using automation email
00:04:01 00:04:05 software's right so one of the main concerns people raised around in that
00:04:05 00:04:09 automation is they don't make your email communication impersonal and this is a
00:04:09 00:04:13 serious concern and building your brand however it's incredibly easy to include
00:04:13 00:04:18 personal information in each email you can create an excel sheet with your
00:04:18 00:04:22 clients information such as their first name and then upload it into your email
00:04:22 00:04:27 automation software this will ensure your emails have that personal touch
00:04:27 00:04:31 without the actual personal touch so check that out right you've just given
00:04:31 00:04:36 yourself an extra couple of hours to spend on the more exciting parts of your
00:04:36 00:04:40 business by automating those simple emails so automate your customer service
00:04:40 00:04:44 is the next thing automating customer service is just another way to free up
00:04:44 00:04:48 your time and make it easy for your customers to get the answers they need
00:04:48 00:04:54 as quickly as they need and this can be done by seeing up an automated phone
00:04:54 00:04:59 system so installing a website chat bar or even just regularly updating your
00:04:59 00:05:04 websites frequently asked questions section not only will the save you time
00:05:04 00:05:07 and money Berthe done correctly it will increase
00:05:07 00:05:12 your customer satisfaction levels especially if they can get their answers
00:05:12 00:05:17 to questions sooner rather than later and then you have automation for hiring
00:05:17 00:05:22 recruiting hiring and onboarding staff can sometimes be a long and irritating
00:05:22 00:05:26 process so automating it can help alleviate some of the pain that goes
00:05:26 00:05:30 along with it this is a really good example of where you might automate some
00:05:30 00:05:35 parts and still be active in other parts so automation doesn't have to be all or
00:05:35 00:05:37 nothing right you can post jobs and up work and
00:05:37 00:05:42 include a series of questions for candidates to help you thin out the
00:05:42 00:05:47 number of applications or whose recruitment and candidate management
00:05:47 00:05:52 software like zip recruiter to automate the process so customer relationship
00:05:52 00:05:56 management software is another way of automating if you're dealing with tons
00:05:56 00:06:01 of customers you might choose to use a CRM tool keep track of leads notes
00:06:01 00:06:05 insights and relationships between customer data can be a big task and
00:06:05 00:06:11 difficult to do alone as you scale so a good CRM system can keep you organized
00:06:11 00:06:16 and on track so using CRM to automate follow-ups and generate proactive
00:06:16 00:06:20 communication is going to save you heaps of time and keep your prospects and
00:06:20 00:06:24 clients engaged so that's automation hopefully now you
00:06:24 00:06:29 can see a few small simple ways to help a big impact on your bottom line
00:06:29 00:06:33 and thirdly you want to focus on cultivating discipline legendary
00:06:33 00:06:37 investor Warren Buffett is quoted as saying we don't have to be smarter than
00:06:37 00:06:39 the rest we have to be more disciplined than the
00:06:39 00:06:44 rest and let's be honest for most of us procrastination is a daily struggle but
00:06:44 00:06:49 it doesn't have to be self-discipline like everything else is a practike it's
00:06:49 00:06:54 something you can learn over time and masters so what even is self-discipline
00:06:54 00:06:59 right it's basically the ability to do what you should be doing it means
00:06:59 00:07:04 putting off your immediate wants in favor of your long term success for
00:07:04 00:07:09 example let's say you want to get fit it takes self-discipline to get up every
00:07:09 00:07:14 morning at 6 a.m. and go to the gym for the long-term health benefit of being
00:07:14 00:07:17 healthy in business this could mean not going out and buying
00:07:17 00:07:22 a new car after closing a big sale but reinvesting the proceeds to help grow
00:07:22 00:07:26 your business so how can you build self-discipline know where you struggle
00:07:26 00:07:31 start by writing down all of the things you usually do in a workday what tasks
00:07:31 00:07:34 on that list are you least excited about for example
00:07:34 00:07:38 you might see that you put off doing sales calls being aware of where you
00:07:38 00:07:43 struggle to be disciplined is key to working on it know when your most
00:07:43 00:07:47 productive if you tend to get most of your work done in the mornings but
00:07:47 00:07:51 during this time you also find yourself being distracted with other tasks for
00:07:51 00:07:56 example toking to coworkers then prioritize this time for work
00:07:56 00:08:00 shedule meetings for the afternoon and tell your co-workers on slack or Skype
00:08:00 00:08:04 that this is you're in the zone time have clear goals right this is another
00:08:04 00:08:09 one this is an interesting one as well write your goals down research says that
00:08:09 00:08:13 you'll be 42 percent more likely to achieve what you see that to do just by
00:08:13 00:08:17 writing it down this is because you've got a visual cue to keep you accountable
00:08:17 00:08:22 and start small and start now pick a few small habits to focus on each week
00:08:22 00:08:27 there's no right time and week one you might start your sales calls one hour
00:08:27 00:08:31 earlier and by week five you're doing them four hours earlier at for example
00:08:31 00:08:36 so also get a mint or mentors offer their outside perspective that you can
00:08:36 00:08:40 sometimes lose track of when you're starting out on your own they are great
00:08:40 00:08:44 ways to discuss your challenges and problems and focus more on learning from
00:08:44 00:08:48 experience people who have done it before so you also want to measure your
00:08:48 00:08:52 progress you can only improve what you determine what success looks like so you
00:08:52 00:08:56 can measure it right break down your goals into smaller ones and track the
00:08:56 00:09:01 progress next take care of yourself self-discipline is worth very little if
00:09:01 00:09:05 you're not looking after yourself make sure you eat well get exercise and take
00:09:05 00:09:10 time off to spend time with your friends and family then also reward yourself if
00:09:10 00:09:15 you achieve one of your goals record yourself it's a proven way to keep on
00:09:15 00:09:19 track also just as importantly don't be hard on yourself when you don't meet
00:09:19 00:09:23 your goals right away failure is inevitable it's how you deal with it
00:09:23 00:09:28 that's important learn from it and move on fail fast forward and remember
00:09:28 00:09:33 self-discipline is a practike it takes time to cultivate but keep at it you're
00:09:33 00:09:36 not going to be perfect every day but don't stop moving forward so my one big
00:09:36 00:09:41 thing I want you to give from this video is that it can be really hard to find an
00:09:41 00:09:45 edge in the highly competitive world of business so if you want their age their
00:09:45 00:09:50 advantage follow these three habits of successful people never stop learning
00:09:50 00:09:55 automate what you can and cultivate self-discipline because even these three
00:09:55 00:10:00 simple things result in a 1% increase in productivity or revenue even if they
00:10:00 00:10:04 only result in that it can be enough to see you apart from your competitors and
00:10:04 00:10:08 see you up for long term success so that's the video hopefully today you
00:10:08 00:10:11 actually learn something you can implement in your business and once
00:10:11 00:10:16 again like subscribe notification bell and comment below any questions you have
00:10:16 00:10:21 and I'll answer you in the upcoming video but until next time
00:10:24 00:10:26 you

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