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The 7 YouTube mistakes cost real estate agents THOUSANDS every single month!

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

The 7 YouTube mistakes cost real estate agents THOUSANDS every single month!

The 7 YouTube mistakes cost real estate agents THOUSANDS every single month!

these seven mistakes cost you thousands
of dollars in GCI every single month if
you're a real estate agent on YouTube
and you're making these mistakes know
that there's a better way so make sure
to stay to the end because if you do the
last mistake chances are your channel
will die mistake number one is
inconsistency if you show up to your
YouTube channel AKA your audience fairly
inconsistently don't count on having an
audience much longer showing up one week
on a random Monday and then again in
three weeks on a random Thursday that
inconsistency that's gonna cost you so
one of the best things for you if you're
battling with that right now is
scheduling a date and a time that you're
gonna publish come heck or high water
get yourself into a rhythm that you can
actually commit to take one of my
YouTube channels as an example the date
of this recording is October 16th but on
this channel I'm ready to go up to late
December and there's about five more
videos getting edited right now that are
going to go on that same queue mistake
number two is creating videos nobody
cares about if you're going to use
YouTube For Real Estate lead generation
you have to answer the questions that
are being asked creating videos for our
own desires in a party of one isn't
gonna move the needle for you so let's
create videos that buyers and sellers
are going to find beneficial as an
example there's a lot of people
relocating right now and they need a lot
of coaching a lot of mentorship and a
lot of guidance on how to do that so if
you can help somebody navigate the move
from one state to another state in video
format on YouTube You're Going to win so
the best thing that you can do right now
to insulate yourself from making this
mistake is by having three distinct
pillars AKA types of content that you're
gonna record as an example you can
create City videos where you cover
everything about the city such as the
top neighborhoods the cost of living
things like that the second type of
content is having real estate education
videos the third type of content is your
sharing real estate current events so
you're essentially sharing the current
news about real estate now there's many
other types of content that you can
create but these are just a fast way to
get started the third mistake that cost
you thousands upon thousands of dollars
in GCI is not having a call to action
you might have gotten the video perfect
and I mean you have a perfect thumbnail
a perfect title a perfect description
and people watch the entire thing
but there is no Kata action we think
it's obvious that the next step for them
is to call us however the viewer doesn't
feel the same way now don't mishear me
they might love to work with you however
if you don't give them that call to
action to actually reach out to you or
to click on the link down below so they
can connect with you they're not gonna
do it not having a call to action is
essentially you educating your ideal
client your viewer that's right in your
backyard and they going and taking that
information and working with another
real estate agent you did the hard work
you created the video you put yourself
on the line however somebody else reap
the reward now it's important to make a
distinction here I'm not saying be
overly obvious with a call to action and
be so gimmicky and just such a pain with
it but just have a call to action
inviting people to connect with you and
the best way to do this is by actually
provide something of value in exchange
for their information offer some sort of
calculator a cheat sheet a list of homes
something that you toked about within
the video that makes sense for them to
click on the link down below or they'll
email you in exchange for whatever it is
that you're offering now I do want to
take a brief moment and welcome you to
my YouTube channel my name is Jaime
Resendez and I help real estate
professionals exponentially grow their
business through actionable content and
I'm on a mission to reduce the over 80
percent failure rate for real estate
agents so if you can hit that subscribe
button turn on the notification Bell
it's going to really help us out now
this following mistake is one that I
know way too well I know it very
personally I would call myself a PhD in
this mistake actually and that is not
Outsourcing quick enough if your primary
role is to be a real estate professional
that means that your commission is going
to pay for the rent or the mortgage or
the car payment or for the tuition if
that's you then you need to take that
responsibility a little bit more
seriously and here's what that means
you're using YouTube as a way to reach
more buyers and more sellers I have to
strongly ask you to consider Outsourcing
your thumbnail design and your editing
those two things if you can Outsource
them now even before you see a lead from
YouTube just go on faith that it's going
to happen if you can Outsource now
you're going to get to that lead a lot
quicker that took me years to learn and
I mean years to learn where I didn't
have the blueprint I still had
reservations of paying somebody 30 40 50
100 to edit my videos but here's the
thing even if I went to school and
really learned everything that I
possibly could about thumbnail design
about editing I'm still not going to be
as strong in editing or design as the
actual professionals because my role is
a real estate professional first which
is the same as you so by not Outsourcing
I'm investing two three four additional
hours into YouTube editing rather than
being out there aspecting and the fifth
mistake that as a real estate agent you
should not make here on YouTube is
ignoring analytiks YouTube gives you
every piece of data that you could
imagine which is what we should use to
better our videos we know exactly how
many people are clicking on our
thumbnails we know exactly where the
viewers are actually dropping off and
leaving our videos we have all of that
information in front of us and this too
is a big mistake that I fell into very
early on I thought me simply putting out
the video was good enough and the views
were going to come if somebody didn't
like the video then they can go f off
but that's not the case if somebody
isn't watching the video or staying to
the end there's something in there that
we can learn we can take that as
feedback because the more people watch
the more people we get to help and the
next mistake to avoid is overlooking the
conversion strategy you're creating a
ton of videos here on YouTube and you're
waiting for the algorithm to pick them
up that's fine that's okay however what
if we used those same videos and we
actively push them to our database what
if we emailed our database every single
week or every single month however often
you email your database with our content
what if we sent text to the leads that
ignored us what if we created a video on
the buying process or the selling
process and sent that as a reinforcement
to all of the prospects that we have in
our database what if we actually
leverage the powerful format of video
and we push that as a conversion
strategy the video is already there and
yes we can wait for YouTube to pick it
up in the algorithm and in a way we
actually want that however we understand
that YouTube is a tough road to hoe so
we can use the videos that we create as
a conversion strategy it's a way to
actually amplify our conversions now the
seventh mistake that we as real estate
agents must avoid at all cost is not
adapting folks YouTube changes daily and
if you're not adapting you are going to
die well maybe not you directly but your
channel is going to die and in a way I'm
a bit ashamed to admit this but that's
something that happened to this very
Channel because I neglected it for so
long I was not adapting on this channel
and also the other channels that I was
managing at the time and creating
content for actively at the time I'd
secure the top spot on every single
category however I got a little
comfortable and I started ignoring that
so I wasn't adapting and very soon other
creators filled up that void that I had
left so don't let that be you

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