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The Beginners Guide To The Amazon Influencer Program

Published on: December 9 2022 by MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel

The Beginners Guide To The Amazon Influencer Program

The Beginners Guide To The Amazon Influencer Program

if you have a social media following or
a YouTube channel then the Amazon
influencer program is a great way for
you to monetize your audience and
potentially make over 100K per year by
promoting Amazon products here's how
as an aspiring Instagram or YouTube
influencer you may not have your own
branded website yet now if you promote a
wide variety of affiliate products
through your social media channels the
Amazon influencer program provides a
convenient location to Showcase all your
recommendations all in one place so for
example you can direct your followers to
a single page of every single product
you love on Amazon instead of linking to
every product individually and all your
posts or videos now if you're an
influencer with a decent size following
the Amazon influencer program allows you
to promote products to your social media
following and earn a commission for
every sale that you refer now this video
is going to outline the benefits of the
Amazon influencer program and how it
differs from the Amazon Associates
program so let's start with what is the
Amazon influencer program well the
Amazon influencer program is a program
that allows you to earn money promoting
the products that you love to your
followers on social media now as part of
the program you get your own custom page
on Amazon with an exclusive vanity URL
now whenever someone visits your page
and and makes a purchase you earn a
commission for the sale now you're a
custom storefront on amazon.com can be
customized and curated with all your
favorite products and services all in
one place which is a much more
convenient way to promote your affiliate
products on social media so for example
a common question that I'm asked is what
gear I use to film my YouTube videos but
sometimes I get asked this question
regardless of the topic of the video so
instead of manually linking up all my
equipment on every single video
regardless of relevance it's much easier
to just guide my subscribers to a
separate page of every tool that I use
and love now if you don't already have a
website then the Amazon influencer
program custom storefront is an easy way
to put up a great looking homepage on
amazon.com now because the Amazon
influencer program is an extension of
the existing Amazon Associates program
if you're already promoting Amazon
products you'll automatikally get access
to the new influencer tools once you
apply by the way if you want to learn
how to make money selling physical
products on your own website take my
free six day mini course link below now
is this program free well the Amazon
influencer program is 100 free to join
but you need to have enough followers to
qualify for the program however once
you're approved there are no monthly
fees and you can make a significant
amount of money promoting Amazon
products to your audience now how many
followers do you need to become an
influencer well in order to apply for
the Amazon influencer program you must
have either YouTube Instagram Twitter or
Facebook account with over 200 followers
however you are more likely to qualify
if you have at least a thousand
followers now it doesn't matter what
topics you cover on your channel and
influencers may partikipate in the
program across most categories except
for sex drugs guns and a variety of
other categories now basically if you
tok about anything sensitive you
probably won't get approved but once you
apply Amazon will look into the number
of followers you have along with other
engagement metrics determine if you are
a good fit now the approval process for
the program is more rigorous than the
regular Amazon Associates program and
it's hard to predict Amazon's exact
requirements but but anecdotally Amazon
carefully looks at the nature of your
content and the level of Engagement with
your followers so for example if you
have a hundred thousand followers on
Instagram but only 10 likes per post
then that's a huge red flag in their
docs Amazon states that they accept
micro influencers and Nano influencers
as long as you have an Engaged audience
however I've seen YouTube channels with
very few subscribers get accepted into
the program based on the high quality of
their videos alone so bottom line it's
impossible to know whether you'll get
accepted or not but it's still worth
applying in worst case scenario you just
apply again once again once your
following gets larger
now what is the difference between the
influencer program versus the Amazon
Associates program well the key
difference between both programs is the
ability to create a custom Amazon
storefront with your product
recommendations now the other big
difference is that Amazon influencers
can post review videos that may be
displayed on Amazon product listings now
if a shopper watches your video on a
product detail page you will receive an
affiliate Commission Now this in itself
is pretty amazing because all you got to
do is find a top selling product create
a video review and if anyone watches
your video before they buy you get a cut
of their entire shopping cart now Amazon
drives free traffic to your videos and
you make money without doing anything
and so for this feature alone the Amazon
influencer program is great but overall
if you have a website or Blog then the
Amazon influencer program is virtually
identikal to the regular Amazon
affiliate program in fact the influencer
program is specifically described by
Amazon as an extension of the Amazon
affiliate program
and as far as I can tell the commission
payouts are identikal as well now
getting to the Amazon influencer program
is more difficult and whereas Amazon
pretty much accepts anyone to the
associates program with a website the
Amazon influencer program is much more
exclusive you can only get into the
influencer program if you have a strong
established audience the other big
difference is that you may have access
to more exclusive Amazon bounties that
are unavailable to regular Amazon
associate members now what are Amazon
bounties Amazon bounties are special
offers and events for Amazon branded
products that you can promote to make
even more money online and unlike the
typical Amazon Associates affiliate link
which is paper action or paper sale you
can actually make money with Amazon
bounties on a fixed advertising basis or
a fixed cost per sale here are just some
examples of Amazon bounties right here
now based on this instead of earning a
fixed percentage you can make three
bucks for every customer you drive to
Amazon wardrobe or five bucks for every
audible free trial now typically Amazon
bounties only apply to Amazon branded
products and services which include
Amazon business accounts Amazon wardrobe
Amazon Kindle audible Amazon video and
Amazon Pantry basically the Amazon
Bounty program is an extra way to make
money promoting Amazon's products now if
you're large enough Amazon may even
reach out to you directly with exclusive
offers now how much money can an Amazon
influencer make well Amazon influencers
can make anywhere from a couple dollars
to over ten thousand dollars a month
promoting Amazon products online and the
larger you're following the more money
that you can make now the average Amazon
influencer commission is four percent of
a customer's entire order now even
though the commission rates are
relatively low Amazon will pay you a
commission based on the size of the
customer's entire shopping cart as
opposed to just the item you refer so
for example if if someone clicks on your
affiliate link for a microphone but ends
up buying a flat screen TV you get a cut
of both sales as long as they were made
within 24 hours now to illustrate your
potential earnings with some real
numbers the typical Amazon payout is
four percent on average in order to make
100K you have to refer 2.5 million in
sales now your commission from the
Amazon influencer program are paid out
about 60 days after each calendar month
from when you referred your sale you can
receive your funds by direct deposit
check or through an Amazon gift card and
depending on the payout type Amazon will
have a different payout minimum
now here's how you get started as an
Amazon influencer takes Five Steps step
one is to just go to the influencer
program page and apply the program you
can qualify for the program with a
social network of your choice however
you should apply with the social media
property where you have the largest
step two is you need to set up your
Amazon storefront select a vanity URL
and add a description and photos to
customize your page step 3 populate your
page with product recommendations use
idealist to add created product
recommendations and Amazon bounties to
your page
step four promote your storefront on
your channels refer your followers back
to a central location of all your Amazon
recommendations for easy access and then
step 5 track your earnings pay attention
to the products that sell the best on
your social media channels because
sometime in the future you may want a
private label or create your own
products for sale
now your Amazon influencer storefront is
an Amazon page with a custom URL where
you can direct your followers to
purchase the products that you love
here's an example of a typical Amazon
storefront and how it is used with
social media
Amy Fritz is an up-and-coming YouTuber
for decorating and antiques however she
doesn't have her own website for her
YouTube brand now in her videos she
often toks about and promotes a variety
of products however instead of linking
up a ton of products in her video
descriptions she simply uses her Amazon
influencer storefront link so this is
what our Amazon storefront page looks
like her storefront page is well
organized and covers a variety of
categories that she's spoken about in
her videos and in a way your Amazon
storefront can serve as a poor man's
e-commerce affiliate store now the
biggest Advantage I see with an Amazon
storefront URL is that you don't have to
disclose that you're an affiliate in the
social media description itself instead
when a subscriber clicks over to your
Amazon page the page itself contains the
disclosure now here's how to track your
commissions Amazon provides you with
detailed tracking reports that tell you
exactly what your followers purchased
with your links and this information is
valuable if you ever decide to sell your
own line of products so for example Amy
Fritz recommends a variety of Home Decor
products in her videos is of which she's
making about four percent per sale so
let's say she sells a thousand units of
these artificial latex tulips per month
these two sell for about 22 bucks a
piece and Amy makes a monthly Commission
of 22 times a thousand times 0.04 which
is about 880 not bad right but let's say
she decided to sell these tulips under
her own private label brand assuming a
30 net margin Amy could be making 22
times a thousand times point three or
sixty six hundred dollars a month this
is the true value of the Amazon
influencer program by leveraging
Amazon's vast Marketplace you can find
out which products are the most
attractive to your audience and then
launch your own brand now there's some
gotchas as an Amazon influencer there
are many rules that you must follow when
promoting your products on social media
and if you violate any of these rules
your account might get suspended here's
a list of the most important rules you
cannot sell sexually explicit items or
have any explicit content on your site
you can't make any false claims about
the products you're selling you can't
use Amazon reviews as your own on your
social media posts you can't offer
incentives to purchase an Amazon product
you can't use paid placements for your
affiliate products you cannot click on
your own links and make purchases on
now in addition to these rules there are
many more specific rules to the Amazon
Associates program that you should
probably review their guidelines change
from time to time and it's very easy to
get banned if you don't follow them to
the letter
now fortunately the chances of violating
the rules is greatly mitigated by just
steering all your followers to your
Amazon store Page Amazon will take care
of all the disclosures on the page
itself and the pricing will always be
now the million dollar question is
should you join the Amazon influencers
program now the main value of the
influencers program is that the addition
of having your own custom storefront URL
on Amazon in addition you can post video
reviews on Amazon products and make
money on autopilot now the influencers
who make the most money with this are
ones who put out regular live
presentations on Amazon and you can
think of these live presentations as an
Amazon version of QVC
now if you don't have time to put up a
polished website of your own or if you
love reviewing Amazon products the
Amazon influencer program is a great way
to establish a web presence for free in
addition you'll have access to exclusive
Amazon bounties and other offers which
may not be available to regular Amazon
associate members
all right so now that you understand how
to promote Amazon products as an
affiliate the next step is to find your
winners select the exact same or similar
products under your own brand and then
keep all the profit you could be
potentially earning 60 percent instead
of four percent so watch this video to
learn exactly how to do that

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