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The Best FREE Facebook Ads Tool for Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

The Best FREE Facebook Ads Tool for Shopify Dropshipping

The Best FREE Facebook Ads Tool for Shopify Dropshipping

if your ad sets aren't spending there's
probably two main points of failure you
need to address as soon as possible I
want to show you guys is even as the
platform becomes more competitive
especially in times like right now Black
Friday there's a way to overtake the
competition and get those high quality
spots on to the news feed in those high
quality audiences so this is actually
the store that had the issues with the
ads delivering it's been allocated not
spending so as you can see here I was
doing some data collection started
scaling really just testing consistency
prospecting page phase and then right
here is when my head account got
incorrectly disabled it's still driving
revenue because I had Google with
targeting ads set up on the 14th that
account got Rhian abled still wasn't
spending I think it only spent like one
hundred and two hundred dollars to stay
and got like one sale will actually pull
my edit con here in a second and take a
look at the actual results same issue
the next day I only spent like $200 my
budget was around fifteen hundred to two
thousand dollars and then finally I
figured out what the issue was and it's
starting to spend again very profitably
so I'll show you the actual return on
adspend for the past few days and show
you what I did to correct this issue of
my ads on spending and ultimately what
I'm gonna teach you in this video can be
used as a strategy to overtake
competition optimize your ads and really
drive as much profitability as possible
so let's hop into that account so here's
the ad account
filtered today so I had as you guys saw
fifteen hundred and twenty four dollars
in revenue so far but about my amount
spent so the actual return I had spent
his 3.17 Facebook is head doing a
horrible job tracking them as of lately
hopefully this update that they just
released with automatik advanced
matching should help it out but it's
performing really well a three point one
seven return has been it was very
profitable and my breakeven is about one
point three six and I'm gonna show you
exactly how
I'm getting these results by outfitting
my competition ensuring my audiences
aren't overlapping and ensuring that my
audiences aren't saturated so I want to
show you guys the most important tool
that you could actually use and it's
completely free there's all these tools
out there that you pay X amount of
dollars for per month to find products
and whatnot but what a lot of people are
missing out on are the tools that are
provided completely free that give you
complete insight into the depths of the
Facebook advertising platform so I want
to show you guys delivery view and this
is a what they call a one shooter so
this kind of takes you through
everything about delivery view I'm gonna
link this down in the description
definitely go read through it I'm gonna
give you an overview as I explain stuff
in this video but this is very important
to go and learn about your bid
strategies auction competition audience
saturation and auction overlap and they
clearly state this is gonna show you how
to see how your ad set is performing
over time analyze the key factors that's
affecting delivery and ultimately it's
gonna show you how to understand
important aspects that you can use to
quickly assess and improve your ad
results so if you're not finding success
or you want to increase your success
delivery view is how you do it and it's
completely free it is a little bit
advanced but even if you're a big
beginner and immediate you should start
learning it as soon as possible so I'm
gonna take you right in to the delivery
of you and show you what this is all
about so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
I'm gonna filter this I'm gonna go to
lifetime and then I'm gonna go into like
what I've spent the most on so this one
and then I've spent the most on this so
if you hover over delivery so you need
to have the delivery tab active if you
hover over delivery if your ad set has
at least 500 impressions in the last
seven days not including today you will
see this tooltip show up and you'll see
this button called see delivery insights
so go ahead and click on that I'm gonna
make myself a bit smaller here so you
guys can see more of this screen but
this is delivery insights and this is
one of the most powerful tools you can
use and if you're not using you're
missing out on additional income so here
we have a
spent tab cost per result results in
impressions and you can actually sort by
the last 28 days so what the top tabs
are gonna show you is the number up here
is the last active day so yesterday the
November 19th was the last active day
you need to remember it's not gonna show
you the current days results up here so
this actually did not perform well
yesterday so my cost per result was 142
dollars for this ad set and so I want to
analyze what is going on and we can sort
through the tabs here and you'll see
some different filters being applied to
the graph so let's start with the amount
spent so down here we have audience
saturation activity history auction
overlap and auction competition audience
a aeration is when the same people in an
audience are seeing your ad repeatedly
instead of your ad being shown to new
people in the audience and if you want
to learn more about this you can hover
over the audience saturation tab and
also go back to the the one shooter and
really get an in-depth dive into what
audience saturation is all about so
let's take a look here so this was the
day that my addict and I was disabled
and I'm not gonna use this day
necessarily to to analyze because it was
disabled but what I want to look at is
my first time impression ratio so this
is gonna show me really if my audience
is becoming saturated the lower this
percentage gets the more saturated my
audience's so let's take a look here
this was a date was renamed and when I
looked at this you know this brought
concern to me because it did drop it was
a fifty seven point five percent the
this appeared as though my audience was
become very saturated but then I gave it
another day and I realized you know it
was just Facebook kickin back to the
gear and there's really no correlation
to the amount spent and my audience
saturation so this really isn't the
issue because as you see is spent twenty
dollars and it had a fifty seven point
five first time impression ratio and
then this day it spent three and had
eighty seven point three so there's no
correlation here so this isn't my
problem let's go ahead and take a look
at auction overlap also I mentioned
activity history just kind of shows you
what I was doing with the
the ad set any changes I made so this is
nice to keep track of it and I'll
explain some of these changes here in a
second oxygen overlap is when you have
an audience inside of an ad set let's
send campaign a and you have another
audience inside of a head set and
campaign B and those two audiences share
a lot of the same people so when it
comes time to bid for that spot on the
Facebook advertising platform they're
actually competing with themselves and
that is what auction overlap is so
auction overlap is should explain yes so
what happens when your ad set targets
part of the same audience as a different
ad set in your account when this happens
we remove your less competitive ad from
the auction so what will happen is that
less competitive ad set will actually
not spend because the better ad set in
your count is spending on those same
people so to overcome this I'll just
tell you how to overcome this and I
believe it actually tells you in here
too you just want to duplicate those two
audiences and let them work together as
a team it's very straightforward just
remove one of them add it to the other
one and you're good to go so what I
notiked with this auction competition
tab is as my edit count got disabled it
was a relatively low amount of
competition and so when my edit count
got disabled and got rien abled I think
Facebook viuda is there was like an
issue with my ads like they just weren't
performing it looks like I had I had cut
off a lot of the that ad spend allocated
so on Facebook size it was like I was
punishing their system for doing a bad
job so what I think happened here if you
see this negative 25% auction
competition it should have been easy for
me right I think Facebook was looking at
it as oh he cut our budgets we don't
want to spend much we're not getting
results we have to be very hyper focused
on who we deliver this to and what I
needed to tell Facebook was no I want
you to spend here's here's as much money
as you need to start spending and by
using an automatik bid it wouldn't do
that so what I did here is if you can
see I set a $50 bid cap so this was like
2 or 3 X my my target cost per purchase
and as you see it started to spend again
so I think
at account got disabled Facebook just
looked at it as when it got renamed that
it had been punished in a weird way I
think it's just an 8 some type of bug in
Facebook's platform and so basically it
just needed a kick in the butt to start
spending again what I want to show you
guys is even as the platform becomes
more competitive especially in times
like right now with Black Friday there's
a way to overtake the competition and
get those high quality spots on the
newsfeed and those high quality
audiences so what I'm gonna do here is
I'm gonna take you into the ad account
and show you how to set up a manual bid
and in what scenarios you want to do
this so if you're using CBO you're gonna
want to do this at the campaign level if
you're using ad set budget optimization
you're gonna do this at the ad set level
so I'm using CBO so here's my campaign
just to edit on the campaign come down
to campaign bid strategy and this is
where it's at so lowest cost is
essentially automatik bidding the
Facebook takes into account your budget
you're determined optimization event
goal and other factors and bids for you
so if something's too high they'll say
okay we'll skip this something's you
know a good opportunity they'll bid on
cost cap is gonna get you here I can
show you I'll click on it and this is
gonna aim to get you a very consistent
cost per purchase I know this sounds
good but let's say your average cost per
purchase is like $30 if you put 5
Facebook isn't gonna be able to get you
those $5 average cost per purchases so
they're just not gonna spend and so
putting a really low cost catch sounds
like an amazing idea but it doesn't work
like you would think it would it's just
not gonna spend if it can't achieve it
so putting a really low cost cap is not
gonna work I see this being really
beneficial at super-high budgets at very
loose in leaning average cost per
purchases so this one isn't too useful
and until you're at a huge point of
scale and I personally don't use it too
often but that's what it does let's go
into other options in bid cap so bid cap
is what I use I'm gonna show you what
that one last target cost this is gonna
let you see how much you can spend and
still achieve an average cost per
purchase or
your optimization goal is so this one's
a little bit different this is seeing
how much you can spend per day and still
average this amount so a target cost
it's only gonna spend if you can achieve
that cost per purchase so once again if
you go too low it's it's not gonna do
much but here we have big cat and this
is where you can outbid your competition
so big cap tells Facebook okay if I put
fifty dollars you guys are welcome to
bid $50 for a spine and news feed if
you're very confident that someone is
going to purchase so let's say the
average bid on something is like three
dollars for that as by if you have a
fifty dollar bid cat you're gonna get a
ton of you're gonna win a lot of action
auctions you're gonna win a lot of
auctions so if your ads aren't spending
and it's due to competition or if you're
just in a very competitive niche and you
wanna you want to get the best quality
audiences best quality news news feed
delivery locations you can up your bid
caps like three to five times your
target cost per purchase and start
winning those and it will spend it's
kind of like opening up the floodgates
and giving Facebook the green light to
just spend your money and get the things
wrong again so this is a great way to
really kick facebook into gear if
they're not delivering as much as you
want to so what I personally did was i
upped everything to fifty dollars let it
run for two to three days once it was
spending again I then dropped it back
down to the lowest cost get the most
results for your budget this is honestly
the way to go 95 percent of time but if
you are in that competitive niche if
your ad account isn't spending up your
bid cap and open the floodgates let
Facebook start spending so the delivery
insights tool is incredibly powerful it
is honestly the most powerful Facebook
advertising tool that I've ever come
across it shows you exactly what is
going on with your ads what is going on
with the competition what is going on
with your audiences and it tells you
exactly what you need to do to optimize
your ads so if something's not working
for you before shutting it off and
saying it's not gonna work
jump into delivery insights and see why
it's not working
fix it and then watch the results start
to pour in
you guys you need to learn about the
delivery insights you need to learn
about the different strategies the
different bid strategies and how to fix
these these points of failure and that's
when you're gonna start to see major
success with Facebook advertising so I
hope this helped you out I know this
this tool was a lifesaver for me it
taught me so much about the platform and
how to fix and improve my ads so I think
it can do the same for you if you take
the time to learn it if you found value
in this video make sure to drop a like
if you haven't already also leave me a
comment if you have any questions make
sure to leave it I will answer it
otherwise if you don't have any comments
in mind just leave the words let's spend
in the comments it'll help my channel
out through the engagement that you're
providing thank you guys so much for
watching I'll see you in the next video
Dylan out

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