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The BEST Side Hustle for Women To START NOW + (How To Start!)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

The BEST Side Hustle for Women To START NOW + (How To Start!)

The BEST Side Hustle for Women To START NOW + (How To Start!)

hey everybody and business family my
name is Isabella I am the owner of two
six figure earning online businesses and
this side hustle today is gonna be for
the ladies I found a side hustle that
women especially can start taking
advantage of right now now men could
tiknically do this side hustle as well
but this side hustle I feel women can
take more advantage of and make more
money and all you really need for this
side hustle is your phone having a
laptop would be helpful but it is not
100 necessary for this side hustle you
guys already know I'm committed to 100
free education and people charge
thousands of dollars for the information
that I give you guys for free all I ask
in return is that you smash that like
button for the YouTube algorithm And
subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can
continue to make videos just like this
remember if you guys have any questions
throughout this video you can leave a
comment down in the comment section and
I try to respond to all of my comments
we live in a new world where you can
indeed make make money from your phone
and generations before us never had
these kinds of opportunities that we
have today to make money online not only
is this side hustle awesome because you
can start doing this with zero dollars
and no money at all for this side hustle
you do not have to show your face at all
if you'd like to show your face I
believe it would definitely be an
advantage to you but you 100 do not have
to but this is something that my friends
started doing and she's already made
thousands of dollars doing this if I had
to rate this side hustle on a scale from
really easy to really hard I would
honestly rate this to be beginner
friendly and more on the easier side
than the more difficult side so if you
are looking for a side hustle to start
with no money no experience and
absolutely no college degree this is it
and this side hustle is something known
ugc stands for user generated content
it's made a thousand dollars in ugc
orders on Fiverr in two days I make
anywhere from about twelve to fifteen
thousand dollars a month doing ugc I
made eight thousand dollars in my first
month as a UTC Creator I've made a
little over two thousand dollars in my
first month as a UTC Creator and you can
get paid just for taking short videos of
products for Brands now before you think
you have to show your face for this sort
of thing or you have to be some sort of
influencer that is 100 false brands are
looking for smaller accounts and just
your average people to create content we
live in a different time now brands do
not care about working with influencers
like they used to want to and there's
actually this new wave of content
creation where it doesn't even matter
how many followers you have brands are
wanting to pay you just for creating
videos for them this is because a lot of
people know that influencers just do it
for the money it's very on authentik and
influencers charge a lot of money
sometimes tens of thousands of dollars
so they are willing to pay smaller
creators to create create content for
them this usually includes getting free
products as well so that's an awesome
perk too
some Brands will pay you to take
pictures of their products others will
pay you to take videos of their products
or some Brands will even send you free
items so not only can you get so many
free things in your life from this but
you can also make money just for making
videos of products I feel like women
have a huge advantage to this side
hustle just because there's so many
different things women can Market online
and create videos for it for Brands now
men of course can do this side hustle
too but I feel like the ladies have more
leverage with the side hustle which is
why I wanted to introduce it to you guys
today my friend that has already made
thousands of dollars doing this side
hustle she doesn't even post the videos
that she makes the brand just wants her
to send the videos directly from her
after she creates them to them so it's
not really even about even posting
content so how can you really get
started doing this side hustle so the
first thing I would do is jump on your
phone and download tiktok if you have
not already create a tiktok account
even if you or don't like tiktok just
trust me then you're gonna find things
in your house that you can take videos
of or review so when you're making your
tiktok account make sure that in the
title of your tiktok account you put
ugc Creator this is going to put you on
the search and this is what my sister
actually did to get her profile on the
search so when Brands were looking up
ugc creators that's how they actually
found her was through tiktok so
ladies I know there is something around
your house whether it's a hair mask or a
makeup product anything in your house
that you can use to create any sort of
content with I know you have something
and for example like a lipstik you
would think that this lipstik for
example you would have to show your face
or your lips to share this lipstik and
that's not always true you could create
awesome videos with a lipstik like this
by showing swatches on your arms or by
doing different things or just showing
the lipstik at different angles now I
do have videos on my YouTube channel
sharing how to create viral tiktoks
because if you start posting these tik
toks of random products around your
house you start reviewing different
things I personally would just get them
posted on tiktok because with tik
tok you never know who's going to see
it if you're new to tiktok you have an
equal chance of going viral and you
never know what video you might make
that goes viral and another brand will
see that and say wow they're creating
viral content let's pay them for content
it and sometimes like I said you don't
even have to post it so that's
completely up to you and what you
negotiate with with the brand now if you
do create a tiktok account and you
want to start posting reviews or
products and things like that to become
marketable just make sure that you're
not posting things that look unclean or
unprofessional on that tiktok account
if you need to make a new tiktok
account in order to create this clean
feed then by all means definitely do
that because if I was a brand for
example and I saw you made a really
great video but then I went to your
profile it looked a little like
unprofessional like you lived in a dirty
environment things like that I
personally would be turned off so just
like don't post too much try to keep a
clean professional
um Vibe on your tiktok account so you
can either allow the brands to find you
while growing a following and remember
guys you can still get paid for tik
tok views and tiktok live streams so
why not if you want to grow a tiktok
account just reviewing different
products you don't have to show her your
face even for that you know why not if
you have some extra time on your hands
and that's something that you can start
with doing the zero dollars if you want
to learn more about this side hustle in
depth I have a free step-by-step course
video on my YouTube channel that you can
go and watch to get more of an in-depth
understanding and instruction of how to
start this side hustle a lot of Brands
don't understand how to create content
especially in the vertikal short form
content that we see on tiktok now if
you're not sure how to create videos
just get on your phone log into tik
tok search on tiktok products I love
or just hashtag products you can see
what videos do really well and like I
said all you really need is your phone
in order to do this and you can edit
everything on your phone I personally
love to use the app called inshot to
edit videos because it's an iPhone app
that you can use I believe they have
them on other devices too that app can
help you to edit videos so you can take
videos with your regular video camera on
your phone and then you can edit the
videos using that app and I personally
love that app now if Brands aren't
finding you how can you go out and find
so it's actually really easy because
nowadays they have apps that can connect
you with Brands so here are 12 platforms
you can sign up with and these platforms
will help gain you new opportunities and
connect you with the brands another way
you can reach out to Brands is simply
just by emailing them and what you can
do with your emails to make them Stand
Out is to include a Media Kit in my free
course video I do include a free
template and I show you guys how to
create a portfolio and remember you
don't have to work with anybody or have
experience to do this and in your
portfolio you're going to put those
example videos that you made for the the
products around your house to show the
brands what you can do now me personally
if I wanted to take this side hustle
seriously I would also create an
Instagram for this side hustle so if I
wanted to reach out to a brand via
Instagram I would be able to do that and
I would make sure that I have ugc
content creator in my bio or in my title
on Instagram too because that's another
place where Brands can find you there's
so many opportunities available just
when you open up your phone and we live
in a generation now where we can take
advantage of these opportunities like no
other generation before us could you
guys are like my family and I try to put
out new content as soon as I know about
it and know that it works and that you
can actually make money from it and just
remember if you are feeling like you are
inadequate or that you can't do
something I believe that God has given
us everything we need to succeed so if
you're feeling down or you feel like
you're not enough or you feel like you
don't have enough knowledge to do
something or you don't know how to do
something just realize that you can do
it and I know you're in the right place
because you're watching this video right
now and you're learning so never say you
can't do something because you can
always learn to do it and even if you
don't see results right away just know
nothing happens overnight and nothing
that's worth it in life is easy if you
guys want more side hustles like this
definitely comment down below I try to
respond to all my comments too if this
video helped you to learn something new
today make sure you guys smash that like
button for the YouTube algorithm And
subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can
continue to make videos just like this
if you haven't already make sure you
guys are following me on Instagram at
batty and biz for more business
inspiration and update dates also be
careful because there are fake accounts
pretending to be me in my comment
section and on Instagram remember that I
do not sell any programs or courses I
will never message you first so please I
don't want to see anybody getting
scammed thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see you guys in my
next YouTube video bye everyone more
videos just like this on my YouTube
channel to keep on learning wishing you
guys all the best

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