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The Best Way to Contact Me

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

The Best Way to Contact Me

what's up guys mark from D H in here
early morning but it's an amazing
morning to show you guys again the video
I posted before this right so it's an
amazing clear morning the video posted
before today was actually done yesterday
so I guess that's why you also see too
much anyway um this video it's just like
explain a couple things um I know a
couple of you guys might say I don't
respond to your messages a couple of you
guys might say I don't um and I know
that when we were in like when tha first
started we only had like 30 people
it was just physically possible it was
just easier to communicate with everyone
and that's just impossible at this point
not just because da Cheney has grown but
because the purpose of me putting out
all these videos is so that most of your
questions are answered um
and it's in public and I just cannot
physically speak to everyone right so
the easiest so I let me just explain
what we are the best ways to get in
contact with me if it's something very
important if it's something you want
answered quickly the best way would be
ma RC mark at DHA me calm I get over a
hundred messages a day on Facebook it is
impossible to weed through what messages
are valuable and not I like what
messages I should put more time on a
knot and Facebook is just filled with a
lot of noise so I generally don't I have
no systematik way of looking at my
facebook message that's just the point
if you post in a group I like tag me
that's a little better because generally
I can just answer the question move on
and it wouldn't be a back and forth
if you comment on the youtubes that your
videos on the videos on YouTube that is
also really good because I have a sister
I answer YouTube comments on a daily
basis twice a day but if you want
assistance quickly the best way to do
that extend me an email because sadly I
have a [ __ ] phone so I get the emails
on my phone jdl checks my email more
consistent leadership than two checks
Facebook if she cannot answer the
questions you'll let me know one I'll
answer it so yeah so that's the bottom
line so if you guys anyone Skype I do
not answer Skype as regularly as you
would think when I want to do a Skype
call I post in facebook groups and do a
call when I want to do a Skype call I
just that's how it happens right so it
does you guys who am I haven't answered
on Facebook well I take a very long time
to and then Facebook I apologize
that's not my intention but if I spend
all the answer in Facebook messages I
wouldn't get anything done so that's the
bottom line
all right love you guys I will make that
money please look in the description for
like free mastermind group free free
training and yeah I'm trying to get to
fight other subscribers hopefully you
guys help me out by subscribing have a
good one later