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the birmingham news classified ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

We are on this morning to do safeguarding and welfare visits linked to sex trafficking intelligence. The rest of us are at the front. Just had some concerns about the address mate, around prostitution and stuff like that. This is about a prostitution path, right? Oh, it is? I can see on the messages. You're under arrest for controlling prostitution. He's unlocked the phone, and we've gone straight to the messages. And they are absolutely, and I'm not going over the top of this, they are absolutely littered on a daily basis from now back to August with sexual services being organized, prices being organized. So it's £180 for one hour, you get kissing, massage, and sex in different positions. What's his role in this, do you think, at the minute from the evidence that you've seen? He's controlling her prostitution. He's the pimp. It's just complete control.

So, it's probably an interesting one. They're all going to his phone, so he'll be the one playing. Yeah, he's the person in control of the account on Viva Street, absolutely. The ads are made by this phone. It's his phone. He's placing the ads. Continues not relevant to what else you're going to sell if you're on a lawnmower. An offer there where you can get 50% off. So that's the person who's got a ring at Viva Street. Make sure you renew the ad before the weekend. It's interesting that Viva Street messaging him, trying to get him to place more ads, right? Yeah, absolutely. Well, the more money Viva Street makes, the better, isn't it? It is very common knowledge that now, if you need sexual services, Viva Street is the place that you will find it. You can arrange what you want, what kind you want, the girl to look like. It's like a takeaway menu. How big a part do Viva Street play in that market? Not massive. There isn't a job we haven't done. That's not very straight, really. Every single job is Viva Street.

Jim Cramer on eBay's sale of its classified ads business to Adevinta

Do we want to talk about the eBay deal this morning? I think we should. It's one of the larger deals we've seen. You know, a headline, by the way, $9.2 billion, but not necessarily the route that some had thought they would go in terms of the sale of the classified business of eBay. The stock is looking up and has had a great run already, of course benefiting from the pandemic. The platform is seeing traffic that it had not previously seen as more and more people shop from home.

The classified sale had been in the process for some time, and there had been a number of potential buyers. We thought the bids might come in the low $8 billion, but they got $9.2 billion. But it's more than that already because of the structure of the deal. And again, that's where I get back to something that I think is a bit of a surprise. There had been an expectation that eBay would potentially sell classifieds for cash and simplify the business in a significant way, which is what many of their shareholders, including Elliott, had been pushing for.

Instead, they go for a deal in which they will get $2.5 billion in cash and 44% ownership of Norway's Adevinta. Take a look at shares of Adevinta this morning because they are talking about estimated annual synergies of about $150 to $180 million, and that has captured the imagination of shareholders of that company. So the overall value of the deal has just gone up dramatically, and it would appear that perhaps eBay made the right choice here.

I'm told there was a private equity bid roughly in the $9 billion range. Naspers, a well-known company, was also in there, but there was a concern that eventually Naspers might compete with the core marketplace business of eBay. So they chose this more complex deal in which they will own 44% of Adevinta and potentially sell it down over time.

Jim, but it looks like, at least based on that move and that stock, perhaps the right deal because this is not a $9.2 billion deal anymore. It's closer to an $11 billion dollar deal.

That was a great deal. I always thought that business was worth more. I also thought, by the way, that StubHub was worth more, but with no games and no concerts, StubHub is curious. It's just a stub. They're lucky when they sold it when they did, they did well. The timing, David.

In the running, were there any SPACs in the running to get this? No. No, you know, I know another handful that are about to hit this market. I know.

Well, David, what do we do? What does it say? You can do the SPAC attack report today if you want, Jim. If you got them, it's incredible. It has generated an enormous amount of fees on the capital market side. City, Credit Suisse, a number of these banks are very active in this area, but everybody is, and everybody wants to do a SPAC. That said, this is not a company that was looking at rolling into a public entity. SPACs are another alternative to IPOs. But on this deal, Jim, back to eBay for a moment, you are left now with the core marketplace business with the new CEO, Jamie Iannone, who ran e-commerce at Walmart. And we'll see the stock has done extraordinarily well because they've seen already a significant increase in terms of traffic to the platform. I think he's looking for opportunities to sort of reimagine the company at this point, and there's a hope amongst their shareholders with StubHub out, with at least having monetized classifieds, that the focus on organic growth at the core marketplace will actually prove successful.

All right, so Carl, you look at eBay, you look at that chart, and you have to say to yourself, you know what? eBay, which has gone up huge and just ahead of this turned out to be valued much more highly than we thought it was. And I think that what you might see, I mean when you see something today about Amazon raising numbers, I mean maybe what's really happened is that there's a moment in capitalism. David's going to hate this, so maybe David can step off and make some calls. There's a moment in capitalism where we just decide, you know what? We undervalued these companies that took over the world. Amazon took it over, Microsoft took it over, and we just had them incorrectly valued. And that's really your hope. And eBay is a little bit more of a microcosm, but look at that. When Devin Wenig was running it, we thought it was worth like $25. It turned out to be worth a lot more. So the bulls have to hope, you know what? There's a revolution going on, and stocks were valued incorrectly, and now we have to change the way we view things.

Driving Classifieds

The world of publishing and media is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and innovations. In this article, we will explore some case studies of companies that have successfully embraced new technologies and strategies to stay ahead in the industry. From mobile platforms to targeted advertising, these companies have found creative ways to engage with their audience and drive revenue. Let's dive in and see what we can learn from their successes.

Case Study 1: Cars.com and the Mobile Revolution

- Cars.com has embraced the mobile revolution by making their platform easily accessible on mobile devices.

- They have seen a significant increase in page views from mobile users, with 10-15% of all views coming from mobile devices.

- They have developed apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, catering to the preferences of different users.

- Cars.com has also utilized QR codes and location-based services like Foursquare to enhance the user experience.

- They emphasize the importance of quick responses to inquiries and real-time communication with customers.

Case Study 2: Freedom Communications and the Power of Bundling

- Freedom Communications has successfully bundled mobile and texting services with print in categories like foreclosures and obituaries.

- This innovative approach has doubled their classified revenue over a year.

- By combining mobile and print, they have created a seamless experience for their customers and generated high interest in their offerings.

Case Study 3: Shakeys Pizza and the Effectiveness of SMS Campaigns

- Shakeys Pizza ran an opt-in SMS campaign offering a free pizza for a day.

- They sent out 9,800 texts and received over 1,000 redemptions, showcasing a response rate of over 10%.

- This demonstrates the power of targeted SMS campaigns and the effectiveness of offering valuable incentives to customers.

Case Study 4: Globricks and the Importance of Data Aggregation

- Globricks, a property aggregation site in Ireland, offers free listings and aggregates data from various sources.

- They provide home values and local community information, making it easier for users to find their dream property.

- Globricks also incorporates Google Street View, the first site in Ireland to do so, to enhance the user experience.

- By partnering with other online directories and property affiliates, they have expanded their reach and offered more value to their users.

Case Study 5: Times Union and the Success of Auto Advertising

- Times Union, a Hearst property, focused heavily on automotive advertising.

- They implemented various strategies, including run till it sells for dealers, lead generation, and behavioral targeting.

- By offering attractive pricing, trackable phone numbers, and utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, they have seen a significant increase in traffic and leads.

- Times Union emphasizes the importance of selling results rather than just products, and their current advertisers are spending more money with them.

These case studies highlight the importance of adapting to new technologies and strategies in the publishing and media industry. Companies that have embraced mobile platforms, bundled services, utilized targeted campaigns, and incorporated data aggregation have seen significant success in engaging with their audience and driving revenue. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for publishers and media companies to stay innovative and stay ahead of the curve.

Web Design Birmingham | Magin

Are you in need of a website? Whether it's your first one or you're looking for an upgrade, understanding the basics of web design is crucial. In this article, we'll cover the essentials of web design in just three minutes. A website is the core of your online marketing efforts, as it serves as a platform to turn visitors into customers. By improving your website, you can maximize conversion rates and avoid wasting money on ineffective marketing strategies. Many people claim to be web designers, but it takes more than basic coding knowledge to create a successful website. That's where we come in. Our web design process consists of seven phases that guarantee high-quality results. Let's dive in!

Phase 1: Analysis

Before diving into web design, it's important to gather information about your website's purpose, goals, and target audience. This initial analysis sets the foundation for the rest of the process.

Phase 2: Planning

A well-thought-out plan is essential for a successful website. During this phase, we define the site's structure, create a site map, and select the appropriate technologies to be used.

Phase 3: Design

In addition to wireframe models and visual style, we prioritize the usability of the user interface. Our goal is to provide the best possible user experience for your visitors.

Phase 4: Content

Choosing the right text, photos, and videos is crucial for engaging visitors and optimizing your website for search engines. We ensure that all content is tailored to both your audience and search engine algorithms.

Phase 5: Development

Using HTML, CSS, and other technologies, we bring your website to life. We also make sure that your website is accessible on mobile devices and test its compatibility with different browsers.

Phase 6: Testing

Before launching the website, we thoroughly test all technical features, including code and script compatibility. We also evaluate whether the website fulfills its intended purpose.

Phase 7: Deployment

After the website is launched, our job isn't done yet. We continuously monitor its performance, addressing any issues that may arise. We can also handle future maintenance and updates for you.

Web design is a complex process, but we believe it's the key to creating high-quality websites that effectively convert visitors into customers. Our passion for delivering exceptional results is shared by our satisfied customers. If you're looking for a web design partner who is serious about your success, get in touch with us today. We'll be more than happy to help you with what we do best.

Aaron's Estate Sales Birmingham Michigan

Welcome to Aaron's Estate Sales! We're a full-service estate liquidation company that specializes in on-site estate sales, buyouts, cleanouts, and antique evaluation. My name is Aaron Sapirski, and I started this company over six years ago. We do things quite differently from other companies in the area, and that has quickly allowed us to become one of the largest estate sale companies in Metro Detroit.

To us, there is nothing more important than upholding a quality of service second to none for our clients and customers. Most of the families we service are overwhelmed and have never used a service like ours before. So, how does it work?

## Introduction

- Aaron's Estate Sales: Your premier choice for estate liquidation services in Metro Detroit.

- Offering full-service estate sales, buyouts, cleanouts, and antique evaluation.

- Dedicated to providing a quality of service second to none.

- Overwhelmed? Let us handle the process for you.

## Consultation

- Schedule an initial consultation at your home to assess the situation.

- Our team will go over the process, cost, timing, and other details.

- Leave with a good understanding of how our service works.

## Estate Sale Process

- Our professional team comes into your home with all the necessary supplies.

- We bring in tables, display cases, jewelry cases, and materials to price and research your items.

- Every inch of your home is cleaned, organized, and professionally staged.

- Grouping like items together and checking electronics and small appliances for working conditions.

- Pricing every single item to maximize proceeds.

- Professional advertising to attract potential buyers.

## Advertising

- Professional photography to catalog items.

- Listings on major estate sale websites, our website, and local classified sites.

- Largest estate sale Facebook following in the region.

- Average of 7,000 to 10,000 online views per estate sale.

- Store-like setup with a clean and orderly display.

- Friendly staff members available to assist customers.

## Conclusion

At Aaron's Estate Sales, we take pride in handling your sale professionally, efficiently, and with the utmost respect. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients and always offer great estate sales to our shoppers. If you are in need of having an estate sale, please call 248-915-8888. Thank you!

Estate Agents - Does newspaper advertising work?

Newspaper advertising for state agencies is often seen as a waste of time and money. This is especially true when it comes to promoting properties, as online platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla have become the go-to for property searches. However, there is still value in utilizing newspapers for advertising, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of placing generic property grids, state agencies can benefit from writing articles about the local property market. These articles provide valuable content that attracts readers and establishes the agency as an expert in the field.

The Ineffectiveness of Traditional Newspaper Advertising:

- Placing property grids in newspapers is a waste of money.

- Rightmove and Zoopla have replaced newspapers as the primary platforms for property searches.

- Generic property grids do not stand out and fail to capture attention.

- Most newspaper adverts are the same, lacking creativity and uniqueness.

- Adding small icons or more wanted labels does not improve the effectiveness of the adverts.

Understanding the Appeal of Newspapers:

- Local newspapers have a significant readership, with 30 to 40 percent of households in a town receiving a copy.

- People read newspapers to stay updated on local news, such as crime, council activities, births, deaths, and marriages.

- Adverts for double glazing, jobs, plumbers, decorators, and second-hand cars are often ignored.

- Homeowners, however, are interested in the estate agency pages because they want to know the value of their own homes and look for similar properties.

The Power of Articles in Newspapers:

- Instead of traditional adverts, state agencies can write articles about the local property market.

- Editors are often willing to publish these articles for free, as they provide valuable content to their readers.

- These articles generate more interest and engagement compared to self-promotional adverts.

- Clients who write articles have experienced editors eagerly awaiting their submission each week.

- By focusing on the local property market, state agencies become more interesting and appealing to local readers.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Newspaper Articles:

- Publishing articles in newspapers costs nothing or very little.

- State agencies can save money by shifting their focus from traditional adverts to informative articles.

- The benefits of establishing the agency as an expert in the local property market outweigh the minimal cost of writing and submitting articles.

While newspaper advertising for state agencies may seem ineffective, there is still value in utilizing newspapers through informative articles. By providing valuable content about the local property market, state agencies can attract readers and establish themselves as experts in their field. This approach is more cost-effective and engaging than traditional property grids and can help agencies reach a wider audience.

Weekly site maintenance "Important" Thrifty Nickel - American Classifieds

Hey website owners, today we're going to discuss the weekly maintenance of your website. Let's dive right in!

- We'll walk you through the steps to maintain your website effectively.

- Weekly maintenance is crucial for keeping your website running smoothly.

1. Log in to your administration site:

- Visit your homepage and click the Log Out button.

- Then, click on the login button to access your administration site.

2. Navigate to the dashboard:

- After logging in, you'll be directed to your administration site.

- Click on any of the icons to reach the dashboard.

3. Add plugins:

- Scroll down and expand the menu to find the Add Plugins option.

- Click on it or use the Browse button to upload your plugin file.

4. Upload ads:

- Once you locate your file, such as Birmingham, click Upload.

- The upload process may take a few minutes, depending on your site's usage.

5. Set up the XML sitemap:

- Go to Settings and select XML Sitemap.

- Sitemaps are essential for search engine optimization.

- Click on the provided link to view your sitemap.

6. Rebuild the sitemap:

- If the sitemap doesn't update automatically, click on Rebuild the Sitemap.

- This ensures that all your ads and pages are properly indexed.

7. Get your digital edition online:

- Capture a screenshot of your digital edition.

- Save it as a JPEG file in your system.

8. Add the digital edition to your website:

- Go to the widgets section and locate the image widget.

- Click on the upside-down triangle to expand the menu.

- Use the Change Image option to upload your digital edition.

9. Customize the image:

- Provide a title related to your city and publication, e.g., 30 Nickel American Classifieds - Digital Edition.

- Paste the URL in the designated area.

- Resize the image to 200 pixels wide.

- Add a captivating caption to encourage users to click.

10. Save and check:

- Save your changes and go to your homepage.

- Make sure the digital edition is uploaded correctly.

- Weekly maintenance is vital for website upkeep.

- Don't hesitate to contact our team for any questions or assistance.

- Reach out to Travis at 850-737-1687 or Chip Cameron Briggs (phone number to be provided).

- Alternatively, you can contact David, our lead programmer, at the corporate office.

Stay tuned for more video tutorials to help you upgrade your website!

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