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Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Facebook ad success has become a crucial aspect of digital marketing. However, with the recent changes in the iOS14 update, Facebook ads have been greatly affected, causing marketers to reconsider their strategies. In this definitive guide, we will take you through the essential steps to achieve success with Facebook ads after the iOS14 update.

Step 1: Understanding the iOS14 Update

- What is the iOS14 update?

- How has it affected Facebook ads?

- What are the new limitations?

Step 2: Adapting to the Changes

- How can you prepare your ads for the iOS14 update?

- What are the best practices for ad creation?

- How can you optimize your targeting?

Step 3: Measuring Success

- What are the new metrics for measuring ad success?

- How can you analyze your data effectively?

- What are the key indicators of success?

Step 4: Maximizing Results

- What are the best strategies for increasing engagement?

- How can you improve your conversion rates?

- What are the latest trends in Facebook advertising?

With the iOS14 update, Facebook ads have undergone significant changes, making it necessary for marketers to adapt their strategies. By following the steps outlined in this definitive guide, you can achieve success with Facebook ads and continue to reach your target audience effectively. Remember to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes to ensure continued success in your digital marketing efforts.

Welcome to the definitive guide to success after iOS 14. If you're struggling with ads dying quickly, worried about attribution or measurement, and want scalable results, then this guide is everything you need to know.

Point #1 - Creative Testing:

- Ads do the targeting in every optimized CPM environment.

- Your creative and copy do all the targeting work.

- Broad targeting allows ads to conduct the customer journey for you.

- Dynamic Creative is an essential tool for creating validated ads that work.

- Dynamic Creative allows Facebook to optimize towards what people want to see.

Point #2 - Measuring for Incremental Lift:

- Attribution is a lie.

- Focusing on incremental lift and investing more with your partner is the key to success.

- Interest groups and retargeting are a liability.

- Broad audiences are the most effective way to reach customers.

- Quality and quantity of customer journeys are crucial for optimizing conversion rates and improving customer service.

Success after iOS 14 requires a shift in focus from the outdated concept of attribution and the use of narrow audiences to a more comprehensive approach that prioritizes customer experience and a partnership with Facebook. By utilizing broad targeting, dynamic creative, and measuring for incremental lift, businesses can achieve scalable and sustainable results.

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