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Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

- Facebook Ads have become a popular tool for businesses to reach their target audience and increase sales.

- However, not everyone understands how they work and how to use them effectively.

- In this definitive guide, we will break down the basics of Facebook Ads and provide tips for successful campaigns.

Section 1: Understanding Facebook Ads

- What are Facebook Ads?

- How do they differ from boosted posts?

- How do Facebook Ads appear to users?

- What targeting options are available?

Section 2: Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign

- Setting campaign objectives

- Choosing the right ad format

- Creating ad content that resonates with your audience

- Setting a budget and bidding strategy

- Launching and monitoring your campaign

Section 3: Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

- Analyzing campaign performance

- Making data-driven decisions

- A/B testing ad variations

- Adjusting targeting and bidding strategies

Section 4: Advanced Facebook Ads Techniques

- Custom audiences and lookalike audiences

- Retargeting ads to website visitors

- Using Facebook Pixel to track conversions

- Using Facebook Ads for lead generation

- Facebook Ads can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

- Understanding the basics, creating effective campaigns, and optimizing performance can lead to success.

- By implementing the tips outlined in this guide, businesses can reach their target audience and see a return on their investment.


Welcome to the definitive guide to how Facebook ads actually work. In this guide, we will dive deep into the workings of Facebook ads, including how post IDs function, how Facebook measures everything that happens within a post ID and the web page being promoted, and how that translates into targeting. We will also cover dynamic ads and why they are essential for success.

Post IDs:

- Every time you make an ad, Facebook assigns it a post ID, which is essentially a web page on Facebook's site.

- Facebook measures the click-through rate, bounce rate, engagement rate, and other metrics for each post ID.

- Facebook uses this data to determine who to show the content to and how often.

Facebook News Feed:

- The Facebook News Feed is a collection of all the post IDs on Facebook.

- Facebook measures how people interact with post IDs to determine who to show them to.

- Facebook uses this information to choose who to show your content to.


- Facebook chooses who to show your content to based on how people have responded to similar content in the past.

- Detailed targeting can be a liability to Facebook's business model and may result in higher CPMs.

- Ads that work well with broad targeting tend to have lower CPMs and greater incremental lift.

- Understanding how Facebook ads work is essential for success in the digital advertising space.

- By focusing on creating content that people want to see and engaging positively with, you can see lower CPMs and greater incremental lift.

- Broad targeting tends to work better than detailed targeting, and every ad makes its own lookalike audience.

- Ultimately, sustainable and scalable success comes from creating content that aligns with Facebook's business model and delivers a positive user experience.

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