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The Easiest FREE Way To Create Professional Email Signatures

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

The Easiest FREE Way To Create Professional Email Signatures

The Easiest FREE Way To Create Professional Email Signatures

hey Italia me what they go Real Estate
Advisors welcome back to the channel if
you're new here hit that subscribe
button so you don't miss another video
so we've covered email signatures in the
past the importance and how to create
email signatures email signatures that
convert into leads and email signatures
that dis look straight-up professional
so this isn't a new topic for the
channel but what is new is another
method to create professional email
signatures that you don't have to pay a
third party to create now this is the
simplest way that I have found to create
a very professional and very real estate
oriented email signature so I wanted to
share it share it with you today so if
you go to box brownie com /members email
that signature and this will be in the
description below so you just need to
click through it and it'll it'll take
you to this website but you're gonna
need to create an an account the account
is free box brownie has different
different options I'll open let you
check that out what they actually do but
what I'm really interested in this video
is about the email signature so box
brownie provides this service for free
you yes you do need to create the you do
need to create a profile but again it
costs nothing as you can see here I owe
nothing I owe nothing nor have I am put
money into this account so with that
being said we're gonna go really quickly
through the through the profile so you
see exactly what we're looking at and
then we're gonna say this signature so
you so you're gonna send some how easy
it is now I always say that it's a very
quick video or we're gonna try to be
brief so
sign my promise so let's just jump in
real quick all right so we're gonna go
signature - it's a different style
actually no this is my let's see what
this does
are we go soon for one and my primary
color is nighttime
there we go my name team name echo
agent number tagline I don't have one
echo name now this is one that I would
play around with as you see here the
team name populates up here and then the
company name is going to populate right
here so if you have a team name
you do need a police in the state of
Texas you do need to have your brokers
name name displayed somewhere so since
this is your email signature either
included in your actual email signature
or leave a space when you're uploading
it to your Outlook or out uploading it
to your CRM or Gmail whatever account
you're gonna upload this to just be
cognizant of that so this is mine does
not look exactly like this the team name
I actually ended up the leading but the
rest of it this is what you're gonna
want to play around with and then the
and just for the sake of time because I
do want to be respectful email website
mobile app link so if you have a app
that's where you would put it then
facebook.com this is actually the reason
that I wanted to create one through here
and full disclosure I know you've seen
other videos where i share the fiber
strategy the wise stamp strategy the
I shouldn't say strategy the method and
then the method where I actually create
my own email signature I am doing
neither even though I have paid fiber I
haven't used why stamp yet for the email
signature portion and I have created my
own my own email signatures but I
scrapped those other methods and it have
actually used this ones just to try it
out so far so good it um it's not
affecting my deliverability the links
seem to be working and as far as being
received by the audience or the people
that I email so far so good
so I'm just gonna go through this so you
see what you're not able to see it right
now but when I scroll up you're gonna
see what it looks like which is pretty
sharp okay so if you go up here this is
what its gonna look like now if you
upload a logo on this one I uploaded my
my image so I uploaded a head shot here
and they would show right in through
here so again it is super simple if I
actually had if I wanted to make this
five more minutes then I would I would
go ahead and get all the links and
everything else like that but I'm not
gonna I'm not gonna do that to you and
the two custom URLs here this is where I
put my I ABS and the consumer notike so
the I ABS will go here and the consumer
notike and then I don't have a promo
strip but you can absolutely do that as
well and getting again it's super simple
so all you need to do is go to save
signature and it's going to populate it
up here copy it you've copied it to the
clipboard and now you have it in your
clipboard so you go over to outlook and
go to your settings and then just paste
or you can go over to your gmail good
then go to your settings and paste as
well and then your CRM same thing
applies and that's it again it's a very
simple link and it's box brownie comm
slash members email slash email -
signature and it will be in the
description below and it produces
something very very professional very
very cool so that's it again
I have scrapped the other methods of
doing it so if this is something that
appeals to you I would suggest you give
it a shot
nothing beats free in my mind and it
doesn't look free at all it just it
presents quite well now this is a
straight template that you can't really
deviate too much from it but a way to
get around that is when you paste it
over to your Gmail or Outlook or CRM you
can add things to the top or add things
to the bottom however you choose to do
that so that's it if there's any
questions please feel free to reach out
and I'll see you in the next video
hey thanks so much for watching feel
free to check out some of the other
videos in this channel also don't forget
to subscribe and hit
the notification bell so you don't miss
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