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The easy ways to convert FSBOs in 2022 | How to convert For Sales By Owners into Clients

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

The easy ways to convert FSBOs in 2022 | How to convert For Sales By Owners into Clients

The easy ways to convert FSBOs in 2022 | How to convert For Sales By Owners into Clients

how would you like to work with
homeowners that are wanting to sell
today not tomorrow not next week not
next month not next year today well if
you think about it you have that
opportunity every single day by
targeting for sale by owners aka fsbos
these homeowners have that need today
because they're actively selling their
home so today i want to share with you
the secrets to actually convert fsbos
into listings but first welcome to my
channel my name is jaime resendez and i
help real estate professionals
exponentially grow their business
through actionable content first things
first have a mindset of service now i
know that's a little bit hokey and i'd
kick my own butt if i heard this type of
advice but it's so true but the reason
that i start here of having a mindset of
service because we need to believe that
we need to believe that we're actively
helping an individual we're actively
helping a homeowner that wants to sell
their home for the top dollar and as
quickly as possible because the moment
that we focus on them that we make it
all about them is the moment that we
eliminate false beliefs we eliminate the
false beliefs that i'm not worthy that i
can't do it that they won't want to work
with me that i'm going to get rejected
we eliminate all of that if we make it
about them
genuinely now again i'll be first to
admit it i used to think that this
mindset stuff was just a bunch of crap
that it was just a bunch of theory
abstract stuff that couldn't be applied
however as i started improving my
mindset as i started improving myself
more than anything i started to see
things differently i stopped putting
these limited beliefs and these barriers
all throughout my career so now
although i still to a certain extent how
some limiting beliefs have some barriers
that i'm working through now i'm at
least more open to trying now once you
address the elephant in the room of your
mindset now we move on to where to
actually find these fsbos where do we
find these opportunities of for sale by
owners and that's very simple just go
online there's a ton of third-party
websites that have these listings
available to you these websites give you
the address of the home and give you the
contact information of these homeowners
so it couldn't be simpler but let's
admit it bispo's suck at marketing their
homes they just do their idea of
marketing their home is going to home
depot and buying a for sale by owner
sign and then putting that in their yard
so there are some homes that you're only
going to find by driving around now i
don't suggest doing that all of the time
especially the way that gas prices have
gone however keep your eyes open because
there's a lot of for sale by owner signs
out there you just have to be aware of
them but if you're looking for a service
provider you that gives you this
information all in a central location i
want you to check out my friends at red
x and if you want to check them out and
save 150 on the setup feed then make
sure you click on the link down below
because that's going to help you out and
also help out the channel so now you
have the mindset that you need to be
able to reach out to fsbos and you have
a place to go to find the fsbos now we
need to understand who we're
communicating with what's the mind of a
fsbo because generally the fsbo avatar
or the fsbo persona is somebody that is
very mindful of money they're going out
to market on their own not because they
want to but because they want to save
money by not paying a real estate
commission and generally if fsbo is an
independent person somebody that thinks
that they can handle the transaction on
their own and in many cases they can
however they just don't see that value
in us and generally that physical avatar
is somebody that stereotypes us real
estate agents as individuals that can't
be trusted as people that charge too
much and are in a profession that's
super easy now of course we know that
that's not true however we need to
understand what are those fsbos thinking
and for the most part these are the
three things that they're thinking and
how we convert these actual individuals
is by going to step number four and
offer instant wins when you reach out to
these fsbos you want to give them
something valuable something that's
going to give them an instant win don't
brag about how many homes you sold don't
brag about how many buyers you have in
the area because chances are that's
actually not even true just get to the
point and offer something of value and
these offers don't have to be
complicated they just need to offer that
instant win as an example you can say
this can i share with you the checklist
i use to qualify buyers with my clients
if they say yes well the response is
awesome what's the best email to use to
send it to may i host a mega open house
to drive 20 buyers minimum to your house
this saturday and if they ask what's the
catch well the response is simple one
buyer's gonna buy your home so
congratulations you got the home sold
but i'm after the 19 other home buyers
that didn't buy your home now another
offer that works incredibly well is by
offering a marketing kit may i share my
fsbo marketing kit that gives you all of
the websites fsbos need to be on and if
they say yes the response is pretty
simple once again great what's the best
email to send it to now here's the
important thing at no point did you
offer to sell the home because once they
see how much value you're bringing to
them there's going to be a point where
they get frustrated and stop trying to
sell their house on their own so you're
going to be the real estate agent that
they go with by default because you've
already helped them out so much and just
think of the alternative what's the
other strategy that you're being taught
right now well the moment that you see a
fsbo you call them and you offer to list
their home or you offer to have a buyer
come through even though you don't have
a buyer there's so many different ways
to get in front of them and try to
pressure them into signing a listing
agreement and with homeowners having
more and more information at their
disposal the less and less that they're
going to be open to that strategy so
here moving forward we need to work
things radically different in order to
stand out now we've already covered the
mindset that we need to have we know
where these fsbos are and we already
have the mindset of the fsbo and also
have what we need to offer those fsbos
but the most important thing is actually
step number five which is following up
because this is where all of your hard
work is going to pay off this is where
you're actually going to start making
some money because as you continue to
follow up with this fsbo day after day
week after week every day that they're
on the market you're operating more as a
team and they just don't realize it the
first week on the market there's a lot
of high hopes with that home seller
there's a lot of high hopes with that
fist bill so they're not going to likely
list with you because they're in high
spirits and want to see this through now
that second week on the market reality
starts knocking by this point they're
starting to get fed up with all these
real estate agents calling they're
starting to get fed up with all of these
people calling to come and see the home
yet they can't show proves that they can
actually purchase that home so they're
starting to get a bit more agitated and
some frustration starts kicking in and
by the third week on the market they are
much more receptive at this point
reality has fully hit them and they need
to start looking at some second options
and all the way through you've been
checking in you've been following up
you've been providing value to these
homeowners so by the time they're ready
to raise that white flag who are they
gonna call

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