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The Entire Business Has Changed...

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

The Entire Business Has Changed...

The above is a brief introduction to The Entire Business Has Changed....

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The Entire Business Has Changed...

i i can't really just wrap my head
around why people are still doing it
this way so
in this video i'm gonna explain how you
can drop ship successfully
sustainably and without having to start
with a hundred thousand dollars two
hundred thousand dollars which is
typically what you'd have to do to break
into the e-commerce space if you want to
order even just a little bit of
you would need a huge amount of startup
capital so in this video i'm going to
show you how to avoid that and do what's
called drop shipping
the right way i've been in this industry
for over five years i currently have
brands that hold inventory
and i have ones that are still drop
shipping based because it doesn't make
sense to order inventory
but there's a huge huge problem with how
most people approach
drop shipping which is where you hold no
inventory the biggest issues typically
relate to product quality and packaging
and the suppliers taking
a month and a half to ship out orders
because you're not in control of it so
i'm going to show you how to avoid that
and if you haven't already checked it
out as of
our last video the beta program for the
performance drop shipping program is
closing in just a few days so
make sure to check that out this program
is not officially launching yet this is
just the beta group
we're going to have a small amount of
people go through this first to see what
kind of results that they're bringing
as well as get a ton of feedback on new
content and examples that we should put
in there so
if you want to check out that program
it's heavily discounted because we
appreciate all the feedback that you
guys are going to be giving us
so make sure to check that out we give
you all of our industry connections on
how you can drop ship
very very successfully things like our
suppliers so you can have a
sub two week shipping time and be in
like that five to ten day shipping
without having to buy inventory which is
pretty crazy along with a bunch of other
stuff facebook ad training tiktok ad
training all this cool stuff so
make sure to check that out i just
wanted to mention that here because it's
going to be closing soon
now what we're going to tok about
inside of here might be
uh some people might not like it because
a lot of people don't like to confront
the reality of a situation
and don't get me wrong standard drop
shipping i run up a store which is the
typical phrase in the industry yeah
i ran up the store we did 600 000 in a
and then within the next month your
payment processor
goes down your facebook ad account goes
down everything crashes
that's what typically happens when
someone dropships and doesn't do what
i'm about to show you so if you're
excited for this video make sure to
smash a quick like down below it's free
and it helps this video reach more
who definitely will need this help as
well because this stuff just there's so
many issues with dropshipping okay so
stop stop stop stop doing this please
number one the blurry supplier photo and
these are just like
simple things that you can do but people
trust me people do not do this
in the e-commerce space i see it
hundreds of times over okay it takes
no effort at all to order the product
now here's what i always recommend
people do i recommend this to students
inside of our programs
order the product off from your store
don't just say hey
supplier can you send this to me and the
reason you want to do this you're
inputting yourself in your system as
a customer and this is super important
you're not getting any bias there's not
any special treatment and it's very
important as a business owner
to know exactly what's going on from a
experience perspective so for an example
let's say i owned a gym i don't that'd
be pretty cool
but if i did i would put on a fake
mustache assume even if i owned a gym
the employees would not know who i am
get a haircut put on a fake mustache and
walk in there pretending you want a gym
see how they sell you see how the front
desk people react to you see what kind
of tour they bring you around the gym
you need to understand that experience
because it's very important to have a
good one
so it's not hard to order from your own
store at full price if you really want
to you can refund yourself
later if you care that much but the
important piece here is obviously the
customer experience but you also
get to verify the product quality you
get to
test the shipping times which is also a
huge huge component
and you can get custom content with the
product in hand so
one of the huge issues stemming from
dropshipping the reason people think
the industry is saturated drop shipping
is just a business model it's impossible
for it to be saturated a product could
be considered saturated
but saturation means marketing right
everybody's doing the same thing and
with drop shipping
everybody's going on aliexpress they
google aliexpress they find their
product and maybe that's where they're
sourcing from i hope not
but that's where they take their
pictures from and it's usually a
slightly blurry photo
that 16 other people are trying to run
the most basic facebook ads with
with no effort so when you get yourself
a little bit of information on
you go through even just one two three
or four courses like some very simple
you learn how to do some basic marketing
you order the product
and you take custom content so you have
your own pictures and videos
you just beat out probably 92 percent of
the industry right there
just from something so simple you just
just just completely jumped yourself
past everyone else right about 95
of ecommerce stores are closed or paused
within a 90-day timeframe
so now if you're at that 92-93 now
you're only competing with the other
half of the people
who are going to fail so now you should
have to get good at what you're doing
and that
you just jumped the gun so much you got
right to the front of the line
so that's why this is really important
to number one avoid this blurry supplier
it's kind of more like the mental style
of marketing people think that they can
just slap it together
run a five dollar facebook ad and trust
me this stuff used to work
it used to work four years ago five
years ago you could do
basically anything you wanted but the
industry's changed and that's very
simple it will continue to change
and that's super fun like that's the fun
part you get to constantly learn and try
new things and
you know we're using tiktok ads as a
platform that's great we've been doing a
bunch of cool training for that
inside the performance dropshipping
program and there's more to come for
you know facebook's obviously the
dominant platform i've spent a little
over 10 million dollars
there so that's where i'm not only most
familiar but i understand pretty much
every single situation so tiktok is
just the newer platform which is super
fun you know it's something we haven't
been able to spend as much money because
we haven't been doing it as long and you
know it's really fun to learn new
platforms so
that's number one the supplier photo
just kind of you know that whole mindset
basic content that you ripped from
someone else it doesn't have to be off
an allen express post all right
number two the i don't give a blank
about shipping time
this if this doesn't sum up dropshippers
in a nutshell
honestly i don't know what does and i've
seen this not for myself not from a
couple of my friends
um who have kind of you know progressed
in the industry but i've seen this from
hundreds and hundreds of students plus
everybody else who asks
questions on social media like you know
one of the most basic things when
someone dms me on instagram and ask for
help i always do my best to be inside of
there and reply to people
um you know one of the things i always
ask just
my list of initial questions because
they'll say oh my ads aren't converting
very well why is that and i'm like well
i need a lot of information so i ask you
a bunch of questions and one of those is
what's your shipping time what does your
customer order process look like
and most people don't know an exact
shipping time they'll say you know it's
about like two to four weeks i'm like
dude that if you don't know where it's
at in that range unless you're
specifying based on a country that's a
so a lot of people don't care because
they don't think about it because
drop shipping is typically considered in
the industry
faster make money online quick get rich
quick it's like really dumb
and so a lot of people jump in and they
don't consider that they just look at
the product cost what they can sell it
for and then they try to run ads
right they're not actually building
anything and they're not paying
attention to things like this so
this can partly be solved by ordering
your own product so you know exactly how
long the shipping time really is
because it will probably happen where
your supplier is going to lie to you a
little bit
let's say it's 20 day shipping they're
probably going to say oh yeah you know
it's around two weeks
14 days it's a little bit of a white lie
and the problem is not that the shipping
time is 20 days which is that's pushing
the problem is now you might tell your
customers it's 14 days
and if you haven't verified and you
don't know what it actually is and then
you're telling your customers it's that
and then it's not that that's going to
create the biggest issue and you'll see
inside the performance dropshipping
program if you choose to join the beta
or whenever it launches it'll just be
more expensive when it launches by the
way because it'll have all the content
in there
but you'll see inside of there one of
the most important things we do is
setting expectations with our customers
i do that in every single one of my
businesses there is nobody who can ever
do anything
from me whether i'm involved or not like
one of my e-commerce brands to our
advertising agency
to software companies i've been a part
of to the program like this there's
nothing i do where i don't very
specifically and clearly outline
exactly what's about to happen because
if you don't do that you will always run
into issues and i learned that five
years ago when i was drop shipping
so people are usually going to be okay
with the 15 day shipping time
but they're not gonna be okay with that
if you don't tell them it's gonna be 15
and especially if you tell them it's
going to be nine days and then it's not
so that's where the issues come in
there's a lot of other stuff we do with
certain emails and text message
marketing and stuff to make sure that
customers are happy
but that's kind of some of the basics
behind the i don't give a blank about
shipping times okay
you cannot sustain a business that has
four week shipping time
that's pretty much impossible and the
problem is this is where most
dropshippers get into a pickle
because the average drops for sources
off aliexpress
even if they're using a drop shipping
agent or any other platform it might be
three weeks
the problem with that is it's not a
consistent three weeks
for example an example right now chinese
new year what happens if you're sourcing
off aliexpress and let's say you somehow
have two weeks shipping time
that's great 14 days until chinese new
year hits
that's a 30-day delay plus usually a
one-week buffer period
so now you're going from two weeks plus
four plus one
what does that equal seven also i don't
know if you guys can hear this in the
microphone i'm gonna take a video for
you it is
raining outside and there's crazy
tropical rain just absolutely smashing
into the window so
it's pretty cool but anyways the reason
why you can't sustain that perfectly
with a super long shipping time
is super simple these are three of the
reasons number one payment processing
okay because if customers are upset and
they're charging back
but not only charging back even if
they're just requesting a refund
that's red flags for your payment
processor first of all if you go above a
one percent chargeback rate you're
pretty much done okay depending on your
that's usually the the choppy at the
neck threshold okay
number two is a feedback score this is
newer this is the last 18 months on
facebook they introduced the feedback
which is where your customers can now
leave feedback about
how it was engaging with your ad so if
they didn't have a good experience
they're obviously going to rate it
poorly which can cause your entire ad
account to go down
even your business manager number three
and arguably the most important because
there's always solutions to this like
inside of the program
the performance dropship program i give
you the suppliers to use so there's no
i give you the resource that i will
absolutely never share anywhere ever
when it comes to fixing the feedback
score and making sure you never have ad
account issues
and even if you do i show you how to
instantly have unlimited amounts of new
ad accounts set up
no matter what so you can always run
facebook ads plus i tok about the
payment processors different banks you
can use and stuff like that so
those there's always a little solution
the one thing you can't really fix if
you screwed up
customer perception so that's why it's
super important to know your own
shipping times to know your customer
and to know everything about that it
truly is important and that's why you
should put attention on it
it's really not that hard a lot of
people just don't do it they just won't
do it and that's because they follow the
effort model they literally just try to
do things super simple and that's why
i'm saying and that's why i titled the
please stop doing this because it is
literally effing
ridiculous it makes no sense you can
make a lot of money
really fast but then over time all the
chargebacks are going to pile up they're
going to pull it out of your bank you're
just going to have issues it is
never going to work and that is exactly
why we're building the performance
dropshipping program i plan on bringing
other people in there to teach different
who are experts in their field i'll
never teach something i don't consider
myself very very good at
having made a lot of money in it you
know so that's why i just kind of stik
to the one thing
but there's nothing wrong with drop
shipping there is something drastikally
wrong with how probably 95 percent of
people approach it maybe more
that's i mean it's a huge huge issue in
the industry drop shippers and it gets a
lot of negative connotation when
drop shipping is really just a way of
entering the e-commerce space it's just
a business model and there's millions of
businesses that do it even ones that are
not e-commerce related
drop shipping just means no inventory
right it could mean you're outsourcing
work it could mean anything
so inside of this program we give you
guys every single industry connection
you're going to need
along with all the training and live
examples and again that beta group is
closing soon it's pretty simple
if you're serious about e-commerce you
want to make it work you want to see
exactly how we do it not only for myself
but exactly what we're doing for each of
our clients inside the advertising
this is where i share it all and this is
where i'm giving you all of the
that's the thing i usually make like one
new e-commerce program every year
toking about different things
we've had e-commerce programs shopify
store building programs a facebook ad
this is everything and the industry
connections we tok about how to sustain
drop shipping
but also how to transition out of that
into a brand if you want
and i give you literally the phone
number and the emails
for the suppliers that you can use to
both start as well as to scale and
there's a big difference there
when you're first starting you can't
just use any supplier you can't use any
drop shipping agent because
they might have order minimum so some of
the ones that i work with have a 50
order a day minimum
now i've spoken with them and they'll
let you guys in for 20 to 30 orders a
day so
there's a lot of easy access points that
we're giving you inside of this program
from industry connections that i've
and i've been screwed out of millions of
dollars i'm not even exaggerating when i
say that
millions of dollars from suppliers in
the u.s not even toking about the
issues we've had from people overseas
i've been to china i've met up with
suppliers and manufacturers and seen
their process
the supplier world is very murky and
that's why i'm super glad i can actually
give you guys
the connections that we use ourselves so
super excited for that make sure to
check out the program if e-commerce is
not for you that's totally fine
play around watch some youtube videos
figure out if it is for you before you
just know that that beta group is going
to be closing soon and when we do launch
in maybe a month or two whenever we add
new content in
it will be more expensive once it's
complete so super excited to hear the
feedback as you guys go through there
and hear some of the results that are
produced because of it
if you have any questions about this
video specifically and how you should be
to say the least
altering your drop shipping method make
sure to leave it in the comment
section down below i'd be more than
happy to help you out if you got any
value at all in a video make sure to
drop a like again it's absolutely free
and it helps us reach
more people so that they can get the
help that they need all right i
appreciate you for stiking through the
hope to see in the next one peace

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