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The Facebook-GIF Deal: A $400m Game Changer

Published on: November 17 2023 by TechAltar

The Facebook-GIF Deal: A $400m Game Changer

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Acquisition of Giphy by Facebook
  3. Giphy: The Market Leader in GIFs
  4. Integration of Giphy into Social Media and Messaging Platforms
  5. The Giphy SDK vs API: Two Integration Options
  6. The Benefits and Risks of Using the Giphy SDK
    • Pros
    • Cons
  7. The Benefits and Risks of Using the Giphy API
    • Pros
    • Cons
  8. App Integration Approaches of Major Platforms
    • Signal and Telegram
    • Slack
    • Flexi
    • Twitter, Tech Talk, and Snapchat
  9. Facebook's Power and Potential Abuses
  10. Trust Issues and the Need for Regulation
  11. The API Economy: Understanding the Role of APIs
  12. Expanding Knowledge on APIs with Skillshare
  13. Conclusion

The Acquisition of Giphy by Facebook

In a move that has the potential to reshape the digital landscape, Facebook recently acquired Giphy, the leading search engine and provider of GIFs, for approximately 400 million US dollars. This acquisition is being hailed as one of Facebook's most brilliant moves since acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp. However, there are concerns about how this acquisition gives Facebook even more power, allowing them to infiltrate their competitors and track user data more extensively than ever before.

Giphy: The Market Leader in GIFs Giphy has become synonymous with GIFs, with its platform being built into almost every social media and messaging platform worldwide. Whether it's Twitter, Signal, Slack, or even your mobile keyboard, Giphy is there, providing a vast library of looping videos to express yourself. This market dominance has positioned Giphy as the go-to source for GIFs, leaving its competitors far behind. The recent acquisition by Facebook has only solidified Giphy's position as the undisputed leader in the GIF industry.

Integration of Giphy into Social Media and Messaging Platforms For social media and messaging apps, integrating Giphy is a no-brainer. Rather than creating and managing their own libraries of GIFs, developers can simply plug Giphy into their apps, allowing users to easily access and share GIFs. Two integration options are available: the Giphy SDK (Software Development Kit) and the Giphy API (Application Programming Interface). While the SDK offers a streamlined and automated solution, the API allows for more customization and control over the integration process.

The Giphy SDK vs API: Two Integration Options The Giphy SDK provides developers with a prepackaged software solution that can be easily implemented into their apps. With the SDK, developers gain access to a standard interface that includes GIFs, animated text, stickers, emojis, and analytics. This black box solution automatically optimizes GIFs for bandwidth and screen size, and updates itself with new features seamlessly. However, using the SDK means entrusting Giphy with control over the user experience, including sponsored GIFs and user tracking.

On the other hand, the Giphy API offers developers more control and customization. Instead of relying on a prebuilt solution, developers can request GIFs directly from Giphy whenever needed. This allows them to build and maintain their own user interface, handle resizing, manage analytics, and retain more control over user privacy. While implementing the API requires more manual work, it also offers a more secure and independent integration option.

The Benefits and Risks of Using the Giphy SDK


  • Streamlined and automated integration process.
  • Access to a vast library of GIFs, stickers, and emojis.
  • Smart resizing for optimized bandwidth and screen size.
  • Seamless updates and new feature additions.
  • Analytics to measure user engagement.


  • Less control over user experience and the display of sponsored GIFs.
  • User tracking, including device IDs, can compromise privacy.
  • Updates can alter the experience without the developer's knowledge.

The Benefits and Risks of Using the Giphy API


  • Greater customization and control over the integration.
  • Ability to build a unique user interface and search experience.
  • More privacy-focused as the developer can avoid sending user data with requests.
  • Reduced reliance on Giphy for updates and alterations.


  • Manual implementation and maintenance.
  • Requires additional development resources.
  • Lack of automated optimization for bandwidth and screen size.

App Integration Approaches of Major Platforms

Several major platforms have integrated Giphy into their apps, each taking a different approach to ensure a balance between user experience, privacy, and control. Privacy-focused messengers like Signal and Telegram have opted for the API integration, prioritizing user privacy by minimizing the data shared with Giphy. Slack, as a work tool, also maintains the API integration. However, Flexi, a mobile keyboard app, embraces the Giphy SDK to provide a seamless, automated GIF experience, albeit rejecting the option to update dynamically.

In contrast, Facebook's biggest competitors, including Twitter, Tech Talk, and Snapchat, have remained silent about their Giphy integration. Speculation suggests that they may either have less private integrations or potential plans to remove Giphy entirely. Regardless, the acquisition gives Facebook unprecedented access to not only user data but also the ability to inject sponsored GIFs and influence their competitors' platforms.

Facebook's Power and Potential Abuses

With the acquisition of Giphy, Facebook has gained significant power in the domain of GIFs. They now have the potential to abuse this power in various ways. They could manipulate competing platforms by cutting off Giphy access or flooding their Gif feeds with sponsored content, all while keeping Instagram and WhatsApp clean. Additionally, Facebook could limit the use of the Giphy API, making the SDK mandatory for integration. The analytics obtained through the SDK could also be used to spy on users and potentially connect their social media profiles to their Facebook accounts. The implications are vast and worrisome, making it crucial for regulators to step in or the industry to develop alternative gift suppliers.

Trust Issues and the Need for Regulation

Given Facebook's track record of breaking promises regarding user data and platform integration, there is little trust in their statements about the Giphy acquisition. Instead of relying on Facebook's goodwill, it is essential for regulators to intervene on antitrust grounds. Alternatively, the industry could come together to develop alternative gif suppliers, effectively cutting out Giphy, and limiting Facebook's influence. The level of power Facebook now holds demands scrutiny and safeguards to prevent its potential abuse.

The API Economy: Understanding the Role of APIs

Giphy is just one example of the thousands of companies that operate within the API economy. APIs are essential building blocks that allow developers to integrate various functionalities into their applications effortlessly. From Google Maps for navigation to Stripe for payments, APIs streamline app development by providing access to prebuilt services. Understanding APIs is crucial for comprehending the modern web and how apps interact with each other. Skillshare offers beginner-friendly courses that delve into APIs and their usage, equipping aspiring developers with the knowledge and skills to harness their potential.

Expanding Knowledge on APIs with Skillshare

Whether you're a developer looking to expand your API knowledge or someone curious about the inner workings of the web, Skillshare offers a wealth of courses to cater to your interests. From understanding and implementing different Facebook APIs to leveraging Twilio's messaging capabilities, Skillshare covers a wide range of API-related topics. Additionally, Skillshare offers courses in graphic design, photography, music production, and more. Take advantage of a free two-month trial of Skillshare Premium by clicking the link in the description.


The acquisition of Giphy by Facebook has far-reaching implications for the digital landscape. With a dominant market position in GIFs, Facebook gains the ability to track user data, influence competitor platforms, and potentially abuse their power. The integration of Giphy into various social media and messaging apps comes with both benefits and risks, depending on the chosen integration method. The API economy, of which Giphy is a part, shapes the modern web and demands a deeper understanding of the role APIs play. As the industry grapples with Facebook's escalating power, efforts to regulate and develop alternative gift suppliers may arise. Trust must be earned and safeguarded in an environment where data is a valuable commodity.

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