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The Fastest Way To Get Results With Dropshipping (For Beginners)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

The Fastest Way To Get Results With Dropshipping (For Beginners)

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The Fastest Way To Get Results With Dropshipping (For Beginners)

it's honestly one of the most fun
passive and easiest income streams that
you can leverage to make 5 10 15 20
grand a month what's going on everyone
Haydon here coming back at you with
another video and this one I'm gonna
dive into how anyone beginner
intermediate advanced can really start
crushing it quickly with dropshipping I
know I've been making a lot of different
videos I'm making sales how to get
things going but I want to actually make
one specific video that's dedicated to
how anyone can get started and get
results coming in as fast as possible
because at the end of the day that's all
that matters now the first thing you
should know is that Shopify drop
shipping is a front-end loaded business
model and what this means is you're
going to put in a lot of work in like
the first month two months three months
however long you make learning and
figuring stuff out but then it's super
passive right because all you're doing
is just driving traffic the Facebook
campaigns influencer post whatever
you're gonna line them up it's just
gonna be very easy very very minimal
amount of time required on the back end
but there are things you can do to cut
out all the front-end loaded work and
we'll get into those later in this video
but this is just gonna be dedicated how
anyone especially beginners young people
we're looking to get into shop buy
dropship in can actually get started and
get results quickly it's just a
no-bullshit video so let's jump in now
first things first if you want to get
things going fast you've got to put in
the work and make sure things go fast my
store that I started I got set up live
launched that domain emails everything
linked in three days three days right
nobody really beats that unless you're
really really good and my store was huge
to like I know I'm not gonna give
anything away behind 50 60 70 products a
full brand build five different you know
categories on the store built social
media like Instagram Facebook all those
different things and we actually build
the brand got everything launched and
lined up and organically boost it inside
of three days then from there it's
solely figuring out how to start
marketing your products get traffic and
get sales but for a beginner anyone
normal it's gonna take probably week and
you go through learn watch ton of videos
maybe go through a course get mentorship
on how to actually get everything going
and it's probably gonna take you a week
or two which is still fine that's quick
that's good now there are a ton of
different things you can do to cut out
all that front-end loaded work you get a
partner then you're sharing the workload
or if you have some capital to work with
go buy a store there's a ton of
different sites and market places where
you can buy stores whether they're
pre-built have nothing than just a blank
template with products and everything
set up you can get stores that already
have revenue you know whether you want
to store a thousand dollars a month or a
hundred orders or stores that are doing
two hundred thousand dollars a month
just depends on your budget right you
probably want to go drop 1.5 million
dollars on a pre-built Shopify store but
you can definitely go get something for
five hundred or thousand bucks you have
the money and to you it's worth it to
spend the money versus spending the time
but make sure you do your due diligence
and actually go look at the site before
you buy it if you decide to do that look
into the niche the product make sure
they did the research ask them questions
get on a call go through just analyze
everything before you drop money on
something like that but that's
definitely the best way to cut out all
the front-end loaded work just get
things going as fast as possible and
quite often these people actually going
to give you like a list of influencers
if they're already making sales maybe
give you some Facebook templates
whatever they've been doing to get those
results they have now if it already has
some cash flow coming in you can usually
get that from them no influencer ads on
Instagram like I've been toking about
in all my videos it's the fastest way by
far unless you're already a god with
Facebook Ads to scale the 100 to 300
ollars a day Facebook is what's gonna
allow you to scale past that so we'll
tok about senator pixel and all that in
other videos but you want to make sure
you have your Facebook pixel set up on
your store before you start driving
traffic with Instagram influencers
shoutout there's a ton of videos on that
on google you can go watch that figure
out for yourself very very easy but
influence your ads are by far gonna be
the fastest and most effective way for
you to very inexpensively as well learn
how to do this and then actually get
traffic and sales going and that traffic
you're gonna use with the Facebook pixel
to build look-alike audiences which I
said we'll tok about that in other
videos but influencer shoutouts are by
far gonna be the cheapest most effective
and fastest way stuff like Facebook guys
takes a few days you got to let the
campaigns run and get going and
everything influence our ads you'll know
within two hours if it's working or not
you get someone to post for 12 hours or
24 hours you're gonna know inside of
that time frame if it worked or if it
didn't work it's a hit or miss if you
want to learn how to contact them and
how I pick my pages I've toked about
that in other videos so you can just go
on my channel look at that but this
video specifically is how to actually
get started as fast as possible and I
cannot stress that enough get things
moving as quickly as possible build a
store get the products on get the domain
linked all the basics you need and start
driving traffic my store right now
versus when I created it it is 100%
different has a different template
different layout every single product
except for what is different the only
thing that's the same as the domain even
the logo is different so everything is
gonna change but you just want to get
into that
Faye's as fast as possible make the
mistakes go through get the results
coming in and figure out what works and
what doesn't but if you have any
questions with something specific you're
struggling on or want help with drop
comment below or hit me up on Instagram
I always reply and I hope this video
helps you be some insight on what my
opinions are for how a beginner can get
started as fast as possible Shopify drop
shipping you're getting a lot thrown at
you YouTube videos I don't know how much
content you're consuming about this but
just don't get overwhelmed with it it's
not that complicated focus on the main
core pieces that we've been toking
about like getting your site up you
don't even need to worry about email
marketing right off the bat you can set
up some sort of a plugin that's really
easy there's videos on that on YouTube
Google just little things like that get
everything in place just make sure the
site's live good to go you can order you
can you know do a test order on your
store but then get it going start doing
influencer shoutouts if you're good with
Facebook guys do that just test learn
fail and test more that's it that's all
I have to say I hope that this helped
you take care of

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