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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



p ball King human here hey oh man okay I
just wanted to make a quick video oh
crap pardon me I just want to make a
quick video to say we've had some major
videos come out in the past week and I
think there's one that stands head and
shoulders above the rest ya gotta see it
and it wins my award for the best video
of the week of the month I mean this
thing rocks first we had the the student
on campus that got tasered yeah yeah
yeah get the [ __ ] out of here then we
had the Chris Crocker thing yeah yeah
yeah get the [ __ ] out of here but the
one that rocks and rises above all the
rest and just is wicked cool is the
video of the little kid at Disneyland
that goes up and kicks goofy and the
balls and starts running and goofy
starts chasing after him I mean the
goofy catches this guy this little kid
he's gonna kick this little kids ass I
mean goofy running after this little kid
in Disneyland gonna kick this look at
this it's such a crack-up and the kid
runs around a garbage can and just out
out dodges goofy and goofy runs past
this mom and on the street and
Disneyland and mom grabs goofy by the
shoulder and spins him around and goofy
looks at her and she pushes him any
goofy falls on his ass and then that's
the end of the video but it was enough I
mean that video is so much cooler than
Chris Crocker or can
god damn taser boy and all the oj
simpson [ __ ] that video listen I
don't know who made that video you
people that want to see it you're going
to have to go find it on your own
because I don't know where the hell it
is anymore there's probably a million
people that have posted it but if you're
the original person that shot that video
you contact me all cydia prize man that
thing rocked you get my award for the
coolest freakin video of the moment so
you just won the King humans coolest
freakin video at the moment if you can
prove to me you got the original you
were the original person that shot the
goofy video contact me I'll send you
something in the mail cuz that was cool
I love just thinking about it that was a
great video that kid rock's and goofy
rocks for trying to kick a kid's ass the
mom rocks for push and goofy down the
thing just winds on so many freaking
levels it's just priceless I just love
that [ __ ] all right people I hope you
can find that video cuz it's a crack-up
and King human out of here be cool

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