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The One Mindset Shift That Changed My Life As An Entrepreneur (FOREVER!)

Published on: December 9 2022 by MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel

The One Mindset Shift That Changed My Life As An Entrepreneur (FOREVER!)

The One Mindset Shift That Changed My Life As An Entrepreneur (FOREVER!)

in this video I'm going to share with
you the single most important lesson
that I've learned from running my two
seven figure businesses and raising a
family at the same time
now this is a lesson that has taken me
over 15 years to learn and truth be told
it's actually a lesson that I
continually struggle with but it has
made my life far more fulfilling this
one comes from the heart enjoy
so first off I want to thank everyone
for helping this channel reach a hundred
thousand subscribers it really means a
lot and I would not have been able to do
it without your help and to thank you
for your support I'm going to share with
you a collection of stories that have
allowed me to learn the single most
important lesson about entrepreneurship
I'm going to start from the very
when I was in high school I couldn't
wait to go off to college so I could
leave my parents and go out on my own I
desperately wanted freedom and at the
same time I hated how I had to be home
at 11 PM I hated how I had to tell my
parents where I was going every time I
stepped out
but now that I live 3000 miles away from
my parents I long for the days when I
could see them every day my dad passed
away 10 years ago and I miss him so much
when I was in college I wanted to
graduate as quickly as I could to get a
job and start making money to buy the
stuff that I wanted to buy and in fact I
wanted to skip school altogether and
start working right away after all why
sit in a classroom all day for four
years when I could be making money right
now and building my fortune
but when I finally started working nine
to five I longed for the Carefree days
of college when I could do whatever I
wanted to do
when my wife was pregnant with our first
child all I wanted was to start an
online business become a millionaire and
quit our jobs but now that I've
experienced how hectik running a
successful business can be I sometimes
long to work a day job again when I was
working full time my brain instantly
shut off when I wasn't in the office and
I never thought about work outside of
work but I think about my businesses all
the time and it rarely stops
when my handkerchief business was small
and only getting a couple of orders per
day I wanted to grow to a million dollar
business so that my wife and I would
never have to worry about money ever
but now that our businesses are
successful I sometimes long for the
simpler days when my wife and I would
stay up late chatting and packing orders
while watching TV at night
today our Ecommerce store generates
seven figures of Revenue and we have to
float large amounts of cash for
inventory deal with employees pay rent
on a warehouse we actually recently
bought an opportunity zone property and
now we have to learn all these new tax
laws hire an accountant Etc it's much
more complicated now and I often
reminisce about the good old days when
the business was so much simpler
when my daughter was born she was
colicky she cried constantly and drove
me insane and at the time I wish she
would grow up quickly and stop screaming
all the time so I could finally get some
sleep at night
when my kids became toddlers I couldn't
wait until they turned 13 so they could
stay at home by themselves and my wife
and I could finally go out on a date
night without spending 25 an hour for a
this is just an aside but it would kill
me that I would have to spend at least a
hundred bucks just to spend time with my
wife alone for just a couple of hours
but now that the oldest one is in high
school I long for the earlier days when
I could hold them both like footballs I
long for the days when they chose to
hang out with me over their friends and
I've got only four years left with my
daughter and six years with my son and
that kind of makes me sad
now here's one thing that I've come to
realize about business and life the
grass is always greener on the other
there are always problems with
everything that we do and every
situation has its own pros and cons and
there are always positives with
everything in life
problem is that we rarely focus on the
positives while we are experiencing them
unless we take a step back and
appreciate what we have in the moment
instead we often look back and reminisce
about the good old days now I'm at an
age now where my friends are getting old
and I've attended more funerals than I
care to share
during covid I lost a co-worker that I
literally saw every single day for 17
straight years
ten years ago I lost my dad who was a
major part of my life and someone who
helped shaped who I am today
my dad made so many sacrifices for me
and even came out of retirement to put
me through college
even though he used to make fun of me
all the time I loved his sense of humor
and how he pushed me to excel
now I've come to realize over the years
that there are many positives in my life
that I've overlooked but if they were
taken away from me I would be totally
and utterly devastated
now I say my wife every single day and
sometimes I take her for granted
I don't often think about her in this
context but if she was ever taken away
from me she would be all that I would
want back in my life and it's funny the
other day I woke up and I told her that
I loved her and that I appreciate her
just out of the blue and then she asked
me if I was feeling okay do you have a
fever Steve are you feeling ill clearly
I don't say these words often enough now
I often get frustrated with my kids and
tell them that they are the reason that
my hair is turning gray but if they were
ever taken away from me I would happily
deal with this frustration for the rest
of my life
now my YouTube channel hit 100K
subscribers last week but getting to
this point was a major slug I wanted to
give up at many points during my journey
because no one was watching my videos
and I felt like I was wasting my time
but I know that if I was still at my day
job I would long for the entrepreneurial
lifestyle even if I wasn't making a dime
sometimes I look in the mirror and I see
a middle-aged Chinese male with a Buddha
belly but if I was homeless and out on
the street I would do anything to have
food to get that Buddha belly back
the problem with being human is that
we're rarely happy with what we have we
look for new problems that need to be
solved and it's a never-ending cycle
when my business hits six figures I
wanted to hit seven figures now that my
YouTube channel is 100k Subs I want a
million Subs the cycle never ends and it
often makes us miserable but the journey
for constant growth is what makes us
stronger as humans as long as we don't
sacrifice what matters most now in my
case family is what matters to me and
having the free time to spend with the
people that I love
now growing as an individual whether it
be through business or life often sucks
so you have to pause to think about
what's great on a regular basis because
I can promise you that someone out there
longs to be just like you they long for
your loving family they long for your
business or your work related success
they long for the precious little
moments that you tend to ignore
now this is despite the fact that if
they were to ever become just like you
they would probably long for something
else so no matter where you are in life
and what your current situation is if
you're reading this or watching this on
your computer or smartphone it already
means that you are more fortunate than
most people in the world you have so
much to be thankful for and to
appreciate so instead of slogging away
at whatever you're doing and telling
yourself that your current situation
sucks or just isn't ideal take a step
back and show a little gratitude for
what you have
tell your wife or husband that you love
and appreciate them tell your kids the
same go through your phone and text
messages 10 random people per week that
you're thinking about them go camping in
the wilderness to appreciate the roof
that you have over your head go visit a
third world country to appreciate all
the amenities that you already have
because I can guarantee you that no
matter what problems that you have
there's someone out there in the world
that is worse off than you are
so be thankful for what you have and
divert some of that negative energy on
the positives in life because there's
just so much to appreciate
right now I am so appreciative to have
hit 100K Subs on YouTube thank you guys
for all of your support and I look
forward to making more videos in the
hope you enjoyed this video now if you
like what you saw there's actually a lot
more where that came from if you
subscribe to my channel below and if you
are interested in learning how to sell
physical products online then click over
here and take my free six day mini
course where I'll walk you through
everything that you need to know to get
started in e-commerce thanks for

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